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Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park


Padar Island is a small island off the coast of India With its amazing natural environment, Labuan Bajo is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s top islands. The list of things to say about Flores Island’s beauty is infinite. With its amazing natural landscape, this island is one of the greatest tourist locations when sailing Komodo tours. Padar is a small island in Komodo National Park, but it is the park’s third-largest island, and it was once home to the giant dragons that gave the reserve its name. This island is one of the greatest in the Komodo National Park area, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

Location & Topography of Padar Island

Padar Island is the Komodo National Park’s third-largest island. Padar Island, in comparison to Rinca Island, is less well-known. This island, nevertheless, remains a really unusual Indonesian island.

The island’s morphology is rugged, with deep-sea volcanic mountains and hills that face deep sea bays. Padar has a dry environment, and the island is cover in bushes and grassland trees, producing attractive savannah hill conditions.

There is also beach sand that is gray and pink in color. Don’t miss out on the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the sea around the island while you’re here.

This beautiful island is only a short distance from Rinca Island. The Leech Strait is the sole thing that separates Padar and Rinca Island.

The current in the Leech Strait is extremely powerful. To get to Padar from Labuan Bajo, tourists either rent a boat or use a speed boat.

Exploring Padar

If you only have a short time on Padar Island, it will be unsatisfying. To be satisfied while going on Padar island tour, travelers should plan on spending 3 to 4 days there.

To visit this island as a tourist, you must have extra energy and physical preparedness.

We are quite fortunate because, despite its location within the Komodo Island National Park, our island is devoid of Komodo dragons.

As a result, travel can trip without fear. The breathtaking view of the landscape of the green hills is the main attraction on this island.

Once again, this advice and travels to the lovely Island necessitate not just a strong physique, but also the best mental preparation possible.

What is the reason for this? You’ll have to travel a long distance to the peak of Padar Island. Uphill trekking with a 45-degree slope will be completed.

There are no stairs with safety ropes that can be utilized to reach the top of the Gili Padar hill.

As a result, hikers must use extreme caution when traversing this path. Furthermore, the route is slick, rocky, and even dirty.

If you wear improper shoes, your chances of slipping increase even more.

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