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    Actively Preparing Your Business For Difficult Seasons

    Diverse people working at an office
    Diverse people working at an office

    Running a small business in such complex, competitive environments requires you to know how to prepare it for difficult seasons. It means, your small business should be flexible and adaptive year-round. It’s vital for small business owners and leaders to build forward momentum that happens year-round to be able to remain steadfast and growing. 

    The key of building flexible and adaptive small business

    To build a small business that is flexible and adaptive year-round, you need to own quality leadership which makes you brave to take it step further. You need to have willingness, ability, and confidence to not only prepare your small business for but also learn from difficult experiences. You need to build strategic approach that can help you navigate your business smoothly in a year. 

    Have a strategic mindset

    It’s important for your small business to be nimble to react responsively to changing customer and industry demands. And you need to approach it by navigating the future with strategic mindset. You might be interested to implement a one-size-fits-all approach but that likely comes with limited results. For larger businesses, it’s possible to simply copy, tweak a little, and implement. It may result positively because they have established and greater resources. 

    Meanwhile, small businesses cannot afford those resources and reach. For small businesses, the process may take longer time before they get the path toward solid footing as well as sustained growth and scalability. Throughout the process, small businesses need to build reflexive adaptability to market changes and also inherent unpredictability of customer base. 

    Have a nimble mindset

    For small business owners, it’s essential to take time and energy to adapt to company’s identity, structure and industry. In this case, a nimble mindset is also needed to allow for reflexive adjustments. This way, it will be easier for small businesses to find success in any challenging situations. When you have nimble mindset, you will be able to build more agility to adjust marketing budget for slower seasons.

    Maximize opportunity that arise

    To create an adaptive company and culture, you need to know how to maximize opportunities when they arise. With more strategic thinking, you will be unburdened by constrictive strategic planning. It allows you to be more creative with your way of thinking. It allows you to maximize what you have so you can find even the smallest opportunity during difficult seasons. 

    Grow proactive mindset

    In order to grow a more adaptive and flexible business, you need to grow a proactive mindset as well. It means, you are not just waiting on the opportunity to come or waiting until something bad hits your business. You can create different scenarios and plan for the solutions instead. This way, you already have a plan to remain steady when difficult situations hit you. 

    By having proactive mindset, you know how to map out scenarios based on your advanced analysis. Thus, you are able to set strategies reflective of the best-case scenarios. Throughout the process, you need to proactively monitor the progress and results. 

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    8 Killer Strategies for Villa Owners to Tackle the Low Season

    8 Killer Strategies for Villa Owners to Tackle the Low Season

    While Bali enjoys the tropical weather all year long, this island do have its rainy season and it’s usually the quietest month on the island. From February to May, the island get a bit wet and there are not a lot of tourists around. Well, except those who doesn’t mind getting wet or those who are already staying in Bali for works. Owner of villas in Seminyak, however, may experience stress during the off-season. It could seem impossible to try to book a space when it seems like no one is interested. Be at ease! Let’s dissect this little monster and figure out how you can get bookings throughout your slowest seasons.

    Enlist Your Seminyak Villas to More Vacation Rental Platform

    It’s time to diversify and post your property on additional short-term rental websites if you are solely using Airbnb. I advise signing up with VRBO after Airbnb. You can try Indonesian local travel platform like Traveloka, tiket.com, reddoorz, or the worldwide one like VRBO, Hotels.com, Booking.com, or FlipKey.

    Reduced Rate per Night

    Reduced Rate per Night

    Although many of us don’t like to hear it, it must be said. Try out various price ranges until you discover one that works. Going 25–50% off your typical pricing is advised. Calculate your results and aim to at least break even. In this situation, having a break-even rental is preferable to having an empty one because Instagram and word-of-mouth are excellent marketing vehicles. Make sure to include the word “Discount” in the title of your offering because it will draw more attention.

    Lowering the Minimum Night Policy

    A wonderful strategy to encourage visitors to remain for even a single night or two is to reduce your minimum stay while raising the costs. By doing this, it attracts tourists who want to take weekend getaways or last-minute vacations.

    Reach Out the Repeat Guests

    Depending on their experiences, whether they are first-time or returning visitors, your guests can be one of your biggest marketing tools. They function similarly to an investment that yields a favorable return; the greater the investment, the greater the return.

    Give your visitors a cause to take a vacation, and more crucially, a reason to remain at your vacation rental. Include family-friendly nearby activities like hiking and pumpkin picking. Additionally, if you are in a place with few things to do, make sure to direct them to the best local eateries, movie theaters, shopping malls, bowling alleys, etc.

    More Vacation Rental Insights:

    The Ultimate Guide to Build A Sustainable Villa in Ubud Bali

    Research Any Interesting Local Events Around Your Villas in Seminyak

    Some local events in Bali sometimes goes unnoticed by the worldwide radar. Discover the area’s events and festivals, then plan activities or provide a special treat for your vacation rental guests to look forward to during the shoulder seasons. For example, you can cover the Kite Festival in Sanur, temple celebration in Seminyak, or art festivals that’s sometimes being held in Seminyak Village. By covering interesting events around Seminyak, travelers would be interested to look for some villas in Seminyak to stay during the event. 

    Launch A Special Campaign to Boost Bookings

    If you have any suggestions for a campaign to encourage off-season reservations. Great, then! Consider unconventional or distinctive concepts that could result in numerous pages of press coverage.

    Contest-based campaigns are the most frequently successful ones. Having said that, advise against merely giving away goods on social media or through a third party. Make sure your goals are crystal clear as well. Establish your KPIs and make sure the campaign is improved to guarantee that you achieve them.

    Freshen Up Your Villa

    Freshen Up Your Villa

    Simple follow-up methods to any of these other suggestions include rearranging your real estate photos or taking brand-new ones. Choose a unique image for your listing’s cover, decide what makes you stand out from the competitors, and emphasize it there. Add “Discount” to your listing title and any other features that set you apart from the competition.

    More Vacation Rental Insights:

    5 Ideas of Stunning Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    Offers Some Complimentary Service

    You might want to include some extras that might be valuable to any potential visitors. Several ideas are:

    • transport to the airport
    • Free breakfast and refreshments
    • Tickets to an occasion
    • gift certificates for a nearby eatery

    Although it might not be expensive to you, it may matter to visitors who are evaluating your hotel against those of your rivals. They will think that their stay is worthwhile in light of all the extra amenities.

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    How To Conduct A Successful Remote Recruitment

    Remote work has already been adopted nowadays especially since the global pandemic hit. Some companies also start to implement hybrid work-model in which some employees work from home and some work at the office. Just like remote work, work hiring or recruitment has become a common thin in business industry as well. Hiring people through virtual process is no longer a rare thing to choose by employers. However, is it as effective as on-site recruitment

    Benefits of remote hiring

    Remote hiring is considered beneficial for employers because they now can find many talents without any geographic limitation. They can find the best candidates from any cities, states, and countries. It’s also beneficial for prospective employees because they have a choice of working remotely while owning their dream job. However, remote hiring also carries its own challenges since it affects the position being filled, workplace safety, corporate reputation, and customers trust.

    Successful remote hiring

    Remote hiring is considered beneficial also because it tends to take less time than regular recruitment process. So here are some strategies to consider to conduct successful remote recruitment:

    Optimize your HR team

    Make sure that your work team know that remote hiring is here to stay. Encourage them to assess the effectiveness of hiring process. HR workflow does matter for hiring process so identifying potential gaps that can put companies at hiring disadvantages is necessary. Any risk should be mitigated through the right hiring system. Prioritize candidates who are a good fit for your organization’s culture even though they won’t be seeing each other in person. 

    Do your due diligence on new hires

    You are not able to see the candidates in person so it may put you in disadvantages. However, you can do your diligence to know more about your new hires. Have an identity verification alongside background screening. It’s vital to have a background check that based on the name and demographic details provided. This kind of identification and screening is important to ensure their results are accurate and complete since virtual is more prone to data falsification.

    Understand the laws

    The regulations may have evolved and impacted the hiring process. Make sure you understand the updated laws so you conduct hiring process without making any violations to the law. Identity verification programs are important but you have to take specific privacy and biometric collection laws into account. By taking the regulations into account, you will conduct hiring process that complies with applicable laws while also treating candidates fairly.

    Reset and modernize your hiring processes

    Remote hiring may not be new in business industry. However, you may have to reset and modernize your hiring processes. Remote hiring is beneficial because it opens door to more candidates from all over the world. However, it’s a must to always complies to the regulations and laws to every process especially identity verification and background screenings. This way, you can conduct recruitment process that is based on authenticity, safety, and trust. It’s something that’s fair for both you and candidates. 

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    Understanding Teak Wood: Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages for Wooden Houses

    The “queen of woods” title refers to teak wood. So, it is not strange that this kind of wood is frequently utilized as a building material for wooden houses. This wood was selected for more reasons than just its amazing durability. However, it can also improve the social standing of the home’s owner. People who own teak wood homes are seen as being in stable financial situations. Because teak wood is famous for being expensive. Additionally, it turns out that teak wood was chosen for building houses on the grounds that it was thought to have an effect on the home’s owner.

    Understanding Teak Wood: Types, Advantages, and Disadvantages for Wooden Houses

    Golden Teak

    The variety of teak that is most frequently grown is called gold teak.  This is due to the golden teak tree’s ability to grow and live more quickly than other varieties of teak. Usually perfect for use in the construction of aesthetic homes or villas. Golden teak may be harvested and used to make industrial wood or furniture in just 6 to 14 years.  The darker skin and visible pores of gold teak are its main distinctive features.

    Advantages of Golden Teak:

    • The tree is stronger as it gets older.
    • Growth in size
    • The stem is easy to form and is straight.
    • Twigs can be utilized as supplementary wood because they are straight and strong.
    • The cost of wood is lower than that of other kinds of teak.
    • There is no need to search for suppliers because they are everywhere.

    Disadvantages of Golden Teak:

    • The base is frequently hollow, therefore cutting it often results in less-than-ideal outcomes because it does not reach the bottom.
    • If it has been harvested, the wood is weak and sensitive to dampness.
    • There is a lot of water present.

    Perhutani Teak

    The teak that has been directly treated by the Department of Forestry is known as TPK or Perhutani teak wood. Because of this, the breed is unique. This species needs special handling because it develops more slowly and requires more care.

    To become an adult tree, Perhutani teak requires 20 years of growth. Perhutani teak is not cut down at random. Each procedure needs to be approved by the department in order to guarantee that the wood meets standards.

    Advantages of Perhutani Teak:

    • The wood grain is really tight.
    • Perhutani teak is more durable and strong than other varieties of teak.
    • Because the color is 3D, it appears more vibrant and textured.
    • The log has a sizable diameter.
    • A straight log that is simple to cut
    • The quality is superior due to careful selection.
    • Roots and stems contain natural oils.

    Disadvantages of Perhutani Teak:

    • The cost of Perhutani teak is significantly more than the norm for other types of wood because of its carefully maintained cultivation and processing.

    Rakyat Teak

    the kind of this teak is characterized by its bending stem and large pores. Rakyat teak takes longer to grow than golden teak. Only when the wood is between the ages of 14 and 26 can it be ready to be harvested and used to make furniture. People’s teak has deep pores because of the slow rate of growth. Rakyat teak differs from Perhutani teak and gold teak in that it contains less sapwood.

    Advantages of rakyat teak:

    • The pricing of Rakyat Teak is less expensive than that of Gold Teak and Perhutani Teak.
    • Fell wood may be found almost anywhere.

    Disadvantages of rakyat teak:

    • The quantity of water and sap is fairly high
    • Pale wood is less attractive.
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    How To Avoid Product Launch Failure

    One of the most challenging parts of running a business is when you have to launch a new product. It takes time to work on new, groundbreaking product. It may take months before you get to finally launch it. And there’s still a chance for it to be a failure. In fact, it’s more likely that your product launch will be failed than success. Around 300,000 new products are being launched each year and over 90 percent of them fail. Introducing new product is not that simple because it takes time and money. 

    Product launch

    Mistakes to avoid for successful product launch

    For big companies, product launch failure might not be a big deal. However, small businesses can’t afford it. It’s possible for you to have a successful product lunch and avoid becoming one of those 90 percent of product launch failure.  Here are most common mistakes to avoid for successful new product launch:

    Skip the process of validating product idea

    Before you actually experience failure with your product launch, there are warning signs you can actually notice. If you haven’t validated your product idea, it’s the first sign of failure. You need to evaluate whether the product fill a need in the market. Hence, validate your idea through Google Trends, competitors reviews, consumer feedback, etc. 

    Forget production and fulfillment logistics

    Another sign of product launch failure is you haven’t thought about production and fulfillment. Even if you have already had an excellent prototype, your new product will be a failure if you haven’t figured out about the production and fulfillment logistics. What will happen if your product launch successful? Will you be able to fulfill orders? What if you get overwhelmed and disappoint customers because of poor production and fulfillment plan?

    Don’t have marketing plan

    If you plan on launching new product without knowing how to market it then it is bound to failure. When you create new product to launch, make sure that you also make plan on how to generate demand. Hence, you know how to allocate sufficient costs to promote it. 

    Don’t believe in your own product and its value

    If you don’t believe your product launch will be successful then you are more likely to fail. You have to believe in your product and its value. You also have to get others on board. Make sure that everyone included customers, employees, company, and yourself also concentrate on the benefits of the products. The process is challenging since you may also encounter skeptical customers. Hence, keep your energy positive and stay passionate. 

    Successful product launch

    To ensure that your new product launch will be successful, you need to define your target market so you know who will buy your new products. It’s also important to create compelling value proposition. The first one you have to ask is yourself, on why customers would buy your new product. Also, make sure to price your product correctly and make thorough consideration. It’s also vital to measure your own success so you know the progress or how to improve. 

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    The Greatest Interior Decorators That Offer Design Services in Bali

    When it comes to interior design, there is truly nowhere better than Bali. Whether you are outfitting your house or creating your dream home from the ground up. Before we even get to the dizzying array of large, airy rental villas waiting to be furnished and transformed into dreamy abodes. You can shop gorgeous homewares made by local artisans who have perfected their craft over generations here on the island that fit with your design services in Bali. Fabulous furniture made from breathtaking indigenous materials is also available.

    design services Bali

    But where should you begin your journey into house decorating? Designing and decorating your home is a very difficult undertaking, from choosing the ideal fabrics, tiles, and ceramics to choosing the proper materials that not only look gorgeous but will last in Bali’s tropical climate as well.

    Fortunately, you may find interior designers in Bali that can meticulously curate and appear instagrammable. Therefore, we have selected the top interior designers, stylists, and architects to assist you in creating the ideal interiors for your home or commercial project.

    The Greatest Interior Decorators That Offer Design Services in Bali

    Pyramid Shape Roof

    Balinese-style homes typically feature a pyramid-shaped roof (popularly called limasan). The pyramid’s roof has a slope that varies from 35 to 60 degrees. To achieve a more minimalist roof shape, you may really also do without this feature. Instead, other areas of the house must best showcase the characteristics of Bali.

    Natural Stone Element on Building Structure

    Building structures that use Balinese architectural styles frequently have natural stone elements. Natural stone is used because it looks exotic and because it is good at absorbing heat, keeping the interior of the house cool. Because it is inexpensive, simple to obtain, and can be arranged to one’s preference, this particular andesite stone is most frequently used to improve the Balinese feel.

    Furnished with Wood and Rattan Furniture

    A Balinese home’s architectural design is incomplete without traditional wood and rattan furniture. To ensure that your furniture will last for years of use, choose pieces constructed of high-quality wood and rattan. Furniture made of wood or rattan can be simply maintained by wiping it down frequently and cleaning it with specialized cleaning solutions. When placing wooden or rattan furniture in the outdoor area of the home, the maintenance procedure even needs to be done with special care.

    Design services Bali

    Tropical Plant Decoration

    Many tropical plants are related to nuances of Balinese culture. Maintaining these various plants is necessary to improve the appearance of a home in the Balinese style. Frangipani trees, Balinese bananas, Balinese pandanus, and lotus are a few plants you should prepare. Carefully tend to the plant to ensure its success and to prevent the appearance of an untidy yard.

    Having a Big Yard

    The reasonably large yard area is one of the Balinese architectural design elements in tropical residences. A wide yard will increase air circulation inside the house, making it feel cooler. Those of you who enjoy gardening will benefit from having a big yard. Make sure to routinely clean the yard to keep it from becoming overwhelmed with dirt and dust.

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    Google Reviews To Optimize Your Small Business

    The first thing most people do when seeking products or services of a business is by looking them up on Google. The majority of customers check on Google reviews online before deciding to make transactions or not. They are diligently looking up the reviews even before visiting a business. The reasons is that they want to check out the experiences the others have had with the company. That is why it is important for your small business to have positive Google reviews.

    Optimizing your small business with Google reviews

    Google reviews are very important for today’s business. You need to put effort to optimize them. The majority of customers look at the reviews and rating on Google before deciding to commit to a brand or company. If they are not what they expect, potential customers will look for another company. 

    Understand what are Google reviews

    To put it simply, Google reviews are kind of testimonies the customers leave on the Google platform to let others know about their experience after buying certain product, using particular service, or working with certain company. Google reviews are widely read and very accessible to everyone. And to leave reviews on Google, you just need to have Google account, which is free to create. 

    Set up Google Business account

    You can optimize your business through Google reviews by setting up Google Business account first. You create your Business Profile on Google to let people find you and leave reviews. Make sure to create Business Profile that look credible by attaching interesting photos and clear description of your business. 

    Actively seek reviews from customers

    Most people tend to eager to leave reviews if they have negative experience. Hence, provide excellent customer service to make customers happy. Encourage them to share their experience and leave positive reviews on Google. Never buy reviews because Google most likely will find out then get you penalized and pushed down in rankings.

    Help customers leave reviews

    Some of your customers might not leave reviews on Google because they don’t want to but because they don’t know how to. Hence, help them to do it by giving clear explanation.

    Thank customers for leaving reviews

    It’s good to respond to your customer’s reviews. Always thank your customers for leaving positive reviews. Respond in an open manner if customers leave negative reviews. Try to find the problems so you know how to solve it and improve . 

    The importance of Google reviews

    Google reviews pretty much raise the profile of your business online. If your business have good reviews, the chances are high for the people to visit your website. They are also beneficial to optimize search engine optimization. With good reviews, your website will be ranked higher, making it more popular. The star ratings will appear under your company name in your Google Business Profile. If you have high ratings, it will automatically boost your profile. Google reviews also provide you valuable feedback from your customers so you know how to improve. With good reviews, you gain more trust. 

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    Behind the Sleepy Sanur: A Guide for Exciting Things in Sanur

    Sanur is a sleepy little seaside town in Bali. It is serene and suitable for an older audience. It’s a terrific spot to go if you want a calm setting away from the party, traffic, and crowds. Additionally, visiting in July, you might see the world kite festival. You will love spending days here; either just lounging in your Sanur villa Bali, walking around the town, or hopping into adventurous watersports.

    Wake Up Early and Watch the Sunrise at Sanur’s Beaches!

    The cool morning air, singing birds, fisherman wading out on the coral, Mount Agung in the background, and the whole sunrise spectacle here are magical. One of the nicest things to do in Sanur is unquestionably watching the sunrise on the beach! It is a fantastic way to begin the day. Stay at a beachfront or seaside villa in Sanur to enjoy the magical sunrise in Bali. 

    Try the Watersport in Sanur

    The most well-known beach in this small town is Sanur Beach, hence it is at the top of our list of things to do in Sanur. It’s quiet and tranquil with few people around. Also available are water sports. You can try banana boating, kite surfing, and many other adrenalin-inducing sports!

    Got A Weekend to Spare? Hop A Boat to Nusa Penida

    Visit the three Nusa Islands to admire their beauty by taking an island-hopping vacation. To get to Nusa Penida, there are typically boats from Sanur, so purchase your tickets there. The contrasts of the blue water and the green trees make it an excellent location to take in the landscape. Additionally, snorkeling at dive locations allows you to take in the abundant marine life.

    Stay in Sanur During the Kite Festival

    See giant kites flown in the sky during the International Kite Festival. It’s usually held every July, so if you are traveling during that month, check out the schedules in Sanur. From June to August, you could witness some kites flying, too. It’s a message to the Hindu Gods that hopefully, crops and harvests are abundant.

    Finding the Best Villa in Sanur Bali for Long Term Stay

    Sanur is one of the oldest beach towns in Bali and finding a villa there won’t be so hard. Mind you, however, some of the building and architecture in Sanur is a bit old. Some of the most luxurious resorts in Sanur also have architecture from the ’80-’90s, but they are kept in high-quality maintenance. Sanur is highly recommended as a base during your Bali stay, due to its closer proximity to reach the southern (Nusa Dua, Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu) and northern (Ubud, Amed, Karangasem) part of Bali. You can also hop into a boat to Nusa Penida anytime you want. So here are our recommendations on luxurious villas in Sanur Bali for a long-term stay on the island. 

    Here is our recommendation of some of the best villas in Sanur, Bali. 

    Two Bedroom Lumbung Villa Sanur

    The two-bedroom Lumbung villa Sanur is the most recent addition to luxurious villas in Bali. Lumbung is the traditional storage house for paddies in Bali and Java. Build in lumbung style, this unique Sanur villa portrays the charm of traditional Bali mixed with modern comfort. This villa is in a prime location and has all the contemporary conveniences required for a relaxing stay in Bali.

    A Wonderful Residence with Shared Pool 

    This lovely, eight-room villa with private pool in a peaceful area of Sanur, serves as the expat’s home away from home in Bali. This is one of the luxury villas in Sanur Bali that was built with a long-term stay and communal living in mind. The gorgeous property stands out from others in Bali because it has a sizable open yard. The majority of accommodations in Bali try to cram as many rooms as they can into a small area, but this one provides its guests with a tranquil garden oasis. The rooms were roomy and has a wonderful porch out front with two chairs, a table, and a drying rack. Each room has a queen bed, a desk space, a small kitchen with a refrigerator, and a fully furnished bathroom.

    Three Bedroom Villa Sanur Near the Sindhu Beach

    This three-bedroom villa is in trendy, up-to-date Sanur and provides excellent value for the money. It’s the ideal villa for a small family or group of friends because it can sleep up to 6 people.

    It is also well situated in the quiet nook of Sanur, just a short distance from the peaceful Sindhu beach and the bustling streets of Sanur and all of its stores, restaurants, and bars. The living area is large and completely exposed to the property’s tropical garden. Additionally, the house has a fantastic kitchen that is fully furnished.

    The two main bedrooms each contain a king-size bed and an en-suite bathroom, while the other bedroom features twin beds that would be perfect for kids. All the rooms are semi-furnished, waiting for your personal touch. 

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    What To Consider When Choosing  Business Partner

    Running a business with a partner can be a great idea since you have someone to rely on other than yourself. However, it doesn’t mean that you have less responsibility to run your business properly. The purpose of having a business partner is to set you both up for success even though it is not as simple as it sounds. It is important that you choose the right business partner that will be good both for you and your business. 

    Key takeways on finding the right business partner

    Finding the right business partner is like looking for soulmate. However, you should not just look for them blindly without having anything on your checklist. If you know who or what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to find the right person. And here are key takeways on finding the right business partner:

    Split things evenly

    When you decide on having a business partner, make sure that both of you have skin in the game. Some people make mistake of putting in their money 100 percent then give up their business partner 50 percent. Chance is, you will not pay you back the money. Hence, it is best to set the rule from the beginning, in which you and your business partner agree to put in the same portion into the business you are going to run together. It can help avoid unnecessary problems in the future. 

    Search for resilient partner

    As you may have known that running a business is not something to take lightly. There are always risks, and even if you manage to minimize them, there are always chance of failure. Make sure that the business partner you choose have that resiliency in them, making them willing to pull their weight. This way, they will take the good and the bad. If they are resilient, they tend to easy to pivot when situations become difficult. 

    Find partner who is discipline in taking care of themselves

    You want a partner who are healthy both mentally and physically. You also want a business partner who know how to take care of themselves well. Keep in mind that running a business can be draining and exhausting. Make sure your partner can withstand all difficult times mentally and physically. Their ability to take care of their mental and physical health shows their discipline and endurance. 

    Align on your morals and work ethics

    Find business partner who has similar determination, resourcefulness, and strength to get through the bad and the good. Find someone who is willing to help you and your business grow. Find a partner who is committed to be there. 

    Look for partner who complement you

    Having a business partner who has similarities with you in all aspects is not always good thing. It’s more recommended to find a partner who can complement you, be the strength of your weakness and vice versa. For example, you are good at managing team and branding but not good at operation. Thus, find someone who is best at that. 

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    How to Grow Your Luxury Villa Rental Brand in Bali

    How to Grow Your Luxury Villa Rental Brand in Bali

    Have you always wanted to own your own vacation rental company? Or are you hoping to make improvements to the one you already have in 2021? Having a luxury vacation rental in Bali is different from having a regular villa rental. There are certain values that gives your property that luxurious feel—from elegant designs of the villa to the opulent service you might offer. Growing a brand of luxurious vacation house needs a lot of work—and here’s the strategy. 

    The Key of Luxury Villa Rental in Bali: Rarity and Scarcity

    In order for the luxury vacation rental marketing plan to be successful, rarity and scarcity must be effectively managed, particularly when it comes to distribution and yield management. A luxury vacation home’s worth is determined by its appropriate ratio of rarity and scarcity. This requires tact to handle. The relationship between distribution, occupancy, and yield management is quite delicate.

    Provide A High-Quality Welcoming Basket

    Start by giving the guest a warm welcome message, and include a guide with recommendations for restaurants and things to do in the area. Nine out of 10 times, guests staying at short-term rentals want to experience life as a local. This is the initial way to let guest experience the luxury in your Bali villa rental.

    Who doesn’t love a nice welcome present? This is the part where you can get creative. You might want to leave your guests a local specialty like a bottle of wine, some snacks, or even a little souvenir to remind them of their wonderful stay at your property. It’s a small gesture, but it will make a massive difference to your guests and might even help you to get that 5-star review.

    Invest in A Smart Home Technology

    One thing that instantly lift up the feel of a house in this modern era is smart home technology. You haven’t yet gotten on the smart home bandwagon. We think it’s about time you did! Every owner of a holiday rental MUST have smart home technology in 2021. They not only increase the value of your property, which is greatly valued by your visitors, but they also safeguard it, which makes running a vacation rental business much simpler.

    Making life easier for your visitors is as easy as installing smart locks. They are transforming how landlords and property managers maintain the satisfaction of their visitors. Nobody has to be concerned about key loss ever again. Our visitors only need to look at their phones and enter the supplied key when using smart locks. It really is that simple!

    Make Sure to Provide Ample of Outdoor Area in Your Vacation Home

    Make Sure to Provide Ample of Outdoor Area in Your Vacation Home

    Know what people truly look for when they are vacationing in Bali? It’s the tropical sun! Give your guests space to enjoy the outdoor in ultimate privacy. It’s the beautiful backyard and vast pool area that set a luxury rental apart from the regular ones. Guests are looking for luxury villa rental in Bali with private pool, so make sure to highlight that. 

    Create a little oasis in your backyard that guests will love and never want to leave. Make sure to get some high-quality outdoor furniture that offers enough space for everyone to sit or lay by the pool. You also want to provide nice pool towels and consider having an outdoor kitchen area where they can grill food without leaving the relaxing space you have created. 

    Complete the House with Luxury Items

    When we’re on vacation, don’t we all prefer to indulge in a little extra luxury? A small additional investment in a few upscale facilities for your visitors will go a long way. We don’t want you to go broke, but you might consider to provide a Nespresso coffee machine or a high-end blenders. 

    Provide A Babysitting Service On-Demand

    Especially for families with younger children, finding out about available childcare options in the area will help all aspects of the vacation go more smoothly. Let guests once again feel the luxury service that come in your villa rental with on-demand baby sitters or information about daycare that can allow guests to go out for the evening with confidence.

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    A Different Strategy to Market Your Luxury Bali Villas

    In luxury, marketing is first about communicating value, not generating direct sales. Travellers are seeking a form of social elevation in a luxury vacation home, and therefore, logically, the property must represent a social status that is higher than their own.

    This also explains the relationship between a luxury vacation home and its guest, which is that of dominance and respect. Every aspect of a luxury vacation rental’s marketing operation should be creating extreme value, so that the presumed price is always higher than the actual price itself. The better we are at communicating this, the more value we create, and therefore, more higher-margin bookings will be generated as a result.

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