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    How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously

    Stress is one of the most powerful enemies you must fight because it can harm your physical and mental health. Many people fall victim to high level of stress caused by various factors such as work, relationship, finance, etc. Stress should not be kept or underestimated because when it is piled up, it will be harder to manage. 

    How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously

    Managing stress with more conscious

    Stress is sometimes inevitable because we all are human who are going to everyday life and all its issues. However, stress can be managed so that it won’t affect your life badly. By managing stress properly, it is possible for you to achieve holistic health. And these are several tips for you to manage your stress more consciously:

    Keep your body in motion

    Your body needs to stay active to be able to regulate hormone properly. Keep in mind that stress can cause hormonal imbalance. You can use physical exercise as a way to decompress negative feelings. When you keep your body in motion, it will produce endorphins, hormones responsible for improving mood and relieving pain. At the same time, staying active allows your body to suppress the production of cortisol, known as bad hormone that can be triggered by stress. 

    Consider keeping a journal

    If you think you have many ups and downs with your moods while you don’t know the main culprit of it, you can try keeping a journal. You can write anything to help you keep track of yourself. Also, you can pour all emotions and feelings through words you write in the journal. Many people experience significant improvement from it. However, it is important that you not only write things that caused your stress but also things that make you feel grateful everyday. 

    Connect with people

    When you pile up your stress and keep it to yourself, it can be harmful and damaging to yourself. It is important to have people or at least someone you can trust to reach out to. This way, you can prevent yourself from drowning into your negative emotions. Even if you don’t want to talk about what caused your stress, you can simple interact with people such as friends or families to lift up your mood. 

    Do not be afraid to say no 

    Some stressors might be inevitable but there are some of them that you can prevent. You have to learn your limit and boundary. Do not let other people take control of your life and cause you even more stress. Learn to say no and remove anything that can cause you stress. Do not take more than what you can actually handle because every individual has limit. 

    Try relaxing activities

    There are many activities you can try to alleviate your stress. For example, you can try meditation, yoga, or reading books. You don’t have to do it vigorously like oblige yourself to finish one book in a day. Read and do other relaxing activities for 30 or 40 minutes a day and see if it can help you manage your stress better. 

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    Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu

    The start of summer usually remarks the beginning of most popular season to get a tattoo, and that’s exactly what happened in Canggu, Bali. Under the bright sun, clear sky, and idyllic vibe, tattoo sounds very appealing. It looks gorgeous on our exposed skin and our intuition said that tattoo heals faster when we’re not covered up. Summer in Bali seems like a perfect time to flaunt our gorgeous figure in cool outfits and show off a new tattoo! 

    As good as it sounds, however, getting a tattoo in a tropical island with gorgeous beaches lining up the shores has its drawback. You gonna need to devote a great amount of time taking care of your tattoo and sacrifice some lovely things. Here, we’ve covered every important things you need to know if you decide to get tattooed in Canggu, Bali

    Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu

    Do the Aftercare

    Let’s start from the obvious. After getting your tattoo done, your tattoo artist Bali would give you recommendation of ointments to take care of the tattoo. You can purchase the ointments/ creams from the studio or choose one of your preference. Follow the artists’ guidance and repeat the after care process for 3 to 5 times a day. 

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    Limit Sun Exposure

    Now, we are talking about the sacrifice. What is tropical holiday without sunbathe and walking under the glory of the sun? On a side note, it’s hard to avoid the sunlight when you are in Bali unless you decide to be a devoted villa hermit. If you decide to catch some sun, make sure you apply high SPF lotion especially in the tattooed area. 

    Resist the Temptation of Swimming Altogether

    Person swimming in the pool
    If you have a fresh tattoo, don’t do this

    Nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool or splashing the waves on a hot summer. Yet, this is another sacrifice you need to make. Getting a gorgeous tattoo in Canggu means you need to forsaken swimming altogether. For at least two weeks, you need to resist the temptation of soaking in the water. Pools are chemically treated which is bad for fresh inks. Lakes and ocean are not even better—they host billions of bacterias and impurities that potentially cause serious infection. 

    Surfing After Getting Tattoo Canggu: Disaster 

    Canggu has some of the best beach for surfing—and pretty famous for it! We are talking about the Echo beach, Batu Bolong Beach, and Berawa Beach, with waves for all levels and and less crowds. You need to remember, however, that surfing is basically a double kill for someone who just get tattooed. The combination of sun exposure and ocean water are a sure recipe for disaster. 

    Shop for Unscented Soap in in Canggu to Protect the Tattoo

    Thanks to the progress of all-natural move, it’s easy to find local, organic unscented soap in Canggu to take care of your new tattoo. Choose one that contain moisturising natural oils base like coconut, almond, or olive oils. Your usual chemical soaps would be too harsh for a fresh tattoo and tend to result in scabbing. 

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    How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?

    After quite some creative process time, you finally laid your choice on a specific tattoo design. You have a deep thought about the design. The tattoo surely represent your mind and personality in the inside. You have search the right studio tattoo in Bali and the right artist whose expertise match with your design. The last thing you need to do now is making the appointment and sit on that chair.

    However, there’s one thing you might haven’t think yet. How much time you need to spent to get your dream tattoo? This is especially important as you are going to pay the tattoo artist per hour spent working on the tattoo. A lot of factor—including the artists experience and working speed—affect the duration. It could be the style of the tattoo, the amount of intricate details on the designs, the amount of colour, tattoo placement on the body, and your own skin type. In this article, we are going to have rough estimation of time needed to create a tattoo. Stay tune and find the estimation for your dream tattoo!

    Tattoo Time Estimation on Bali Tattoo Studio

    How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?

    Tiny Tattoo

    This cute little tattoo rise as a huge trend in tattoo industry. Most of tiny tattoos made with simple monochrome lines, though some are coloured. Due to its simplicity, tiny tattoos only require just one time visit to complete. It takes only about 15 to 30 minutes—experts could even execute a single star tattoos on just 5 minutes. However, expect to pay for an hour of session, except the artists give you a special discount. 

    A Small Quote

    Calligraphy and lettering is a special art. It needs a steady hands and strong control to perform homogenous letters. Lettering tattoos might seems simple, but it actually involve lot of small details. Letter style, size, colours, placement, and length of the quote play a huge part when it come to lettering tattoo. It consist of delicate lines bending and crossing each other. Not all studio tattoo in Bali can perform a decent lettering quotes. A simple lettering consist of one to two words could take 45 mins to 1 hour to finish. Longer quotes like biblical paragraph could take 2 hours+ to have done. 

    Medium Sized Black Grey Tattoo

    Black and grey tattoo is one of the most requested style in many Bali tattoo studio! Medium sized tattoo is measured by approximately 6sq inch, and usually take 1-1,5 hours to finish. If you add one or two colour to the tattoo, the time could double up to 2.5 hours. This tattoo would be finished quicker if requested in popular, easy-access part of the body like the sleeve, arm, thigh, sternum, and shoulder. Expect to have longer session if you did it in more challenging part of the bodies. 

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    Full Sleeve Tattoos

    The sleeve has large “canvas” to fill. A modern simple line art tattoo sleeve could take 1 to two hours without colour. With lots of colour, layers, and detail, a single sleeve tattoos could have taken 6-8 hours, which usually is divided in two sittings. 

    Full Back Tattoos

    A full back tattoo usually takes on new school, realism, traditional, or neo traditional style. Most full back tattoo incorporate lots of intricate details, inter-tangled designs, or colours. A full back tattoos usually take a multiple visit to the Bali tattoo studio. It takes none less than 10 hours to finish. 

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    When Chartering the Surf Boat, Know These 6 Things First!

    Chartering a boat and heading to remote islands while spending more times on the deck with your refreshing drinks and delicious foods may are the dream of many. Who wouldn’t wish about that? And how about getting the surfboard and jump onto the water with the surf team members that are knowing well when the best wind is kicking in or know the best surf spots base on your surfing ability?

    Things to consider before chartering the surf boat

    But before you are doing all of that, you need to know some important things when you are picking the best surf boat charter to choose and that’s why I am here to help.

    1. The surf boat design

    There are many best surf charters providers to choose and so do the boats. The thing is, some are in a small size of boat that can even make you move comfortable inside the boat while doing anything you want while the others have even build a boat that are enough for more people than you think.

    You have to pay attention to how the boat is designed in term of size as well as the concept. If you are thinking that you will need the authentic surf boat experience, then surely you won’t choose the modern and contemporary boat design but the traditional one.

    Make sure that the surf boat is also can really helpful in getting or storing all of your surf equipment or when it will need to be repaired in case something came up.

    2. Passengers or the crowd: How many other surfers will joining in on the boat?

    Big surf boat can also means that it will accommodate more people on board. The thing is, your surf adventure may are bothered by the others. I am afraid that the more people are on the boat, the less tranquility you will experience.

    Sea adventure should be as peaceful as you have been imagined in your mind, am I right in this?

    But in the other hands, the less people or surfers are joining in, mostly means that the more you will pay for the surf boat charter. I have no idea in which option you will end up, but hopefully what you have been decided is the the best.

    I am sorry to tell you this, but honestly, it is the sad fact you have to realise, isn’t it?

    3. The surf crew, guides or instructors on the boat

    When you are chartering the surf boat, don’t you think that the boat should have also been provided with those people who are also have been experienced and professional in surfing.

    You have to considering this thing to anticipate in case there will be the evacuation plan needed for someone who got injured while surfing or some other things to happen out of everybody’s control.

    If there won’t be any single crew that is also the surfers, then the surf boat charter is only a name and no more special than that.

    Thinking about this, don’t you think that you will also need someone to ask and share the surfing experiences and knowledge rather than the crew that will only know how to apply the wax on your surfboard?

    4. Where the surf boat charter will take you? Know the spots and the destinations!

    Before you are planning and picking the surf charters to book, it is also important to know where the boat will take you especially the surf spots you are going to visit and ride the waves.

    It is to ensure that you will also look for more references about the surf spots so you will know what you will bring right after starting your adventure from home and to make you ready of what you are possible to experience at the spot.

    Some surf spots have more big waves and breaks than you think and that will really need more energy and your body should really fit while the others are pretty much peaceful with only some small waves in every certain minutes.

    Knowing the destinations is also important that can eve help you to decide which items to bring. For example, if the surf boat you are chartering is going to visit some remote islands, you may will consider what to do and bring to make your time at the island more unforgettable and safer.

    5. The surf boat charter itinerary

    What i have just explained on the fourth point on above is actually part of the surf boat’s itinerary. And knowing that the surf spots and the destinations are so important, then I decided to included them in separated point.

    For the itinerary itself, some of the professional and favourable surf boat charters you will find on internet have their own itineraries. It is important to know that you are not only going to surf all day long in various spots and at the end of the day, you will be tired and go to bed. Nope. You are not really want to pay for that.

    Moreover, you may are spending as much time you have in the seawater as humanly possible, but I think it is almost possible to spend your whole day say it for 8 hours in the water without being back to the boat. You will not only make your skin wrinkled, but you will die freezing because of hypothermia.

    While you are getting back to the boat, for certain hour, there must be something to do to make your surf trip even more better and unforgettable than just resting, right? That’s where the surf boat operator will need to know things that can lives up your surfing days.

    6. Know how long you will be on the surf boat

    We have to realise that surf boat charter somehow has been a travel package as well. In general, there are 3 common concepts to run for this kind of business. Those are, scheduled or regular package, charter the boat and you can then decide what you are going to do about it, and the last one is the “open boat” concept that is likely similar to the floating accommodation.

    For the last option, the boat will mostly peacefully anchoring near the surf spots and you can wish more than that.

    But, if you are referring the surf boat as the second concept, then you are free to go anywhere. Far different with the fixed scheduled concept that all the things, spots and destinations have been defined by the operator and you will only need to be no the boat while enjoy all the possible things you have been prepared by the boat crew.

    I hope I don’t miss any other essential things you have to know when you are ready to pick and book the surf boat operator to spend the luxury holidays on the peaceful nights and days at the sea. Share this post to let the others know of what you have just read.

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    You Should NEVER Take Your Bali Photoshoot Moment at the Crowd Spots!

    I think I’ve had a wrong decision for writing this. But frankly, most of the tourist spots that I have been visited in Bali aren’t really recommended as the photoshoot spots. And again, I can be wrong about that but there are some conditions or circumstances where they are really not the place you have to visit.

    Photoshoot itself is mostly the special moment for you to take pictures. It can’t be as simple as taking your selfie with your own iPhone but it is referring to your Bali photoshoot taken by the professional photographer you have hired before.

    Taking images at tourist spots can be the popular thing to do for many of us. But when its come to your special moment, it can be the thing you should have been avoided.

    You will never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded anymore. Why?

    The first reason why you should never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded destination is you will spend more of your times. Taking picture itself can be challenging. People may are walking here and there that can be the distraction for the photographer. Image can also be included with people that you won’t them inside the frame where this could leads you to use the extra service for editing and surely there will be money to spend.

    Some people or clients are requiring the images will be as natural as they are, and there should never be the editing process after taking them.

    If you are insisting to take pictures of your special moment at the popular spots, finding the right time and composition can really hard even though you can always try to come earlier before the others. But this may cause the natural lighting for your photoshoot won’t be as maximum as it should.

    Next issue you have to know where the photoshoot can be hard to be taken place at tourist spot is some people aren’t getting comfortable by shooting their self at outdoor with the crowd. It will really need to hire a professional photographer that will encourage you to do some poses as if you are used to be a model of magazine.

    This may sounds weird or funny to telling you that, but we have known that photographer will need you to be so as if you are the professional ones, but you are actually not.

    Even if the photographer won’t be directed to do some weird poses, some people may also feeling shy for wearing the special clothes for the photoshoot. And when you are taking those images in tourist spot in Bali, I think there won’t be any chance for the other people not to make you as their point of view. Just imagine when the pictures taken at the beach by wearing the bride’s and groom’s clothes, you should be deal with your own mental when people are looking at you.

    I don’t try to make this up, but that issue can be happen to some people and even yourself.

    I am sure that all of those issues will be done correctly with some practical ways you have in mind and I will encourage you to do anything possible to get rid of all the issues. But if you can’t really deal with them, you’d better ask the photographer to find somewhere else where you can freely and comfortably when the photoshoot sessions are taken place.

    Anyway, while the image of yours will be taken by the hired photographer, you should also prepare to be fine when people are taking your images by other people as well and they may also secretly uploaded them all in their social media accounts without your permission. That’s the risk when taking your special moment at the crowd and you can’t really hope that the popular spots will be as quiet as you need.

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