How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously


Stress is one of the most powerful enemies you must fight because it can harm your physical and mental health. Many people fall victim to high level of stress caused by various factors such as work, relationship, finance, etc. Stress should not be kept or underestimated because when it is piled up, it will be harder to manage. 

How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously

Managing stress with more conscious

Stress is sometimes inevitable because we all are human who are going to everyday life and all its issues. However, stress can be managed so that it won’t affect your life badly. By managing stress properly, it is possible for you to achieve holistic health. And these are several tips for you to manage your stress more consciously:

Keep your body in motion

Your body needs to stay active to be able to regulate hormone properly. Keep in mind that stress can cause hormonal imbalance. You can use physical exercise as a way to decompress negative feelings. When you keep your body in motion, it will produce endorphins, hormones responsible for improving mood and relieving pain. At the same time, staying active allows your body to suppress the production of cortisol, known as bad hormone that can be triggered by stress. 

Consider keeping a journal

If you think you have many ups and downs with your moods while you don’t know the main culprit of it, you can try keeping a journal. You can write anything to help you keep track of yourself. Also, you can pour all emotions and feelings through words you write in the journal. Many people experience significant improvement from it. However, it is important that you not only write things that caused your stress but also things that make you feel grateful everyday. 

Connect with people

When you pile up your stress and keep it to yourself, it can be harmful and damaging to yourself. It is important to have people or at least someone you can trust to reach out to. This way, you can prevent yourself from drowning into your negative emotions. Even if you don’t want to talk about what caused your stress, you can simple interact with people such as friends or families to lift up your mood. 

Do not be afraid to say no 

Some stressors might be inevitable but there are some of them that you can prevent. You have to learn your limit and boundary. Do not let other people take control of your life and cause you even more stress. Learn to say no and remove anything that can cause you stress. Do not take more than what you can actually handle because every individual has limit. 

Try relaxing activities

There are many activities you can try to alleviate your stress. For example, you can try meditation, yoga, or reading books. You don’t have to do it vigorously like oblige yourself to finish one book in a day. Read and do other relaxing activities for 30 or 40 minutes a day and see if it can help you manage your stress better. 

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