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How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

Who doesn’t want to spend sunny vacation days in the beautiful Bali? The tropical weather, the stunning beaches, the rolling waves, and the postcard-perfect scenery from its every nooks and crannies makes this island so desirable for vacation. Especially if you take in the leisure days with the family. Choosing family villas in Bali is a smart choice. They come with a slew of advantages that hotel stays rarely do. Combining privacy with comforts and complete resources, villas allow families to spend precious together together while enjoying the conveniences of home.

However, these trips aren’t without glitches, and they require a little preparation and planning to pull off. Here are some helpful hacks and tips to make a better stay in multi-family vacation rental in Bali. 

Set Up the Budget

Are you going to rent a large, 6 bedrooms private villas in Seminyak for example, for extended family getaway? First thing up, set up your budget for the villa rental. Allowing all parties to participate in the vacation rental choosing process will ensure that everyone is happy with the price. There are plenty of Bali family villas budget to choose. Bigger is not always pricier!

Another option is for the trip planner to choose a location and then contact friends or family to see if they’d want to join in on the adventure. Because the organizer is shouldering the responsibility of planning in this scenario, they have a greater say in the arrangements.

Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

Not many of vacation rental property owners work full-time on their properties. So, the information you discover in a listing isn’t always accurate, up to date, or true to reality.

Property images, in particular, can be deceiving; for example, an oceanfront condo may contain beach photos that were not shot from the actual home, or a basement apartment may have a view of the entire house. You can identify such anomalies by reading reviews from previous visitors and contacting the property owner directly.

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Put Detailed Attention to the Sleeping Arrangements

You should also be on the lookout for “sleeps X people” numbers that don’t match the amount of bedrooms. If you’re not planning on cramming a couple of people onto a sleep sofa in the living room, these figures should be avoided.

Plan the Groceries

Plan the Groceries

The ability to cook your own food is one of the reason why families love to stay in a villa during their Bali holiday. Rather of eating out or being away from our holiday home, cooking saves you a lot of time and money. Keep the fridge stocked with snacks and drinks. Plan a grocery trip. This reduces the amount of stuff you have to bring, provides a wonderful respite on a road trip, and allows you to sample the local cuisine.

Select a Rental with Exciting Amenities

When planning a group trip, choosing a family-friendly vacation rental in Bali with a game room, swimming pool and/or hot tub, bikes, and other entertaining amenities is a great plus. Because entertainment is “built-in” to the setting, it means less packing and planning.

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Look for Vacation Rental in Bali with Family-Friendly Amenities

Find a house with a private pool. Swimming is a lot of fun for the kids, and it’s also a lot of fun for the adults of the family! Take a look for vacation rentals with a cinema room, which was a novel experience for everyone. Bunkbeds can be a life-saviour especially if the multi-family has lots of kids and teens. 

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