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    Before Taking Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: What to Know!

    Before Taking Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: What to Know!

    Have you ever had the curiosity of seeing how the life in underwater seems like? Maybe after spending your childhood watching Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and underwater documentaries on TV, you want to meet all the fishes and see all the colourful corals with your own eyes. After all, the real underwater world is really as—if not more—beautiful as it’s pictured in the shows. If you think it’s time to take scuba diving lessons for beginners and start your ocean adventure, maybe it is! 

    Underneath the surface, there is a whole new universe waiting for you. Even scientists haven’t fully explored it, and it’s awe-inspiring and thrilling. Scuba diving is a true privilege, and it has shown a lot of divers firsthand why we must conserve our oceans.

    Learning Scuba Diving for Beginners: Choosing Scuba School

    Want to say your first hello to Nemo? It’s time to get soaked. Dive facilities may be found all over the world. Popular holiday destination in the tropics like Bali have dozens reputable dive schools in every corner of the island. Aside from having wonderful landscape and vibrant lifestyle, this island sits right in the heart of coral triangle—which guarantee astonishing underwater life. This is great, because you can learn how to dive as you have your holiday. 

    Go to Their Dive Center Before Joining the School

    When choosing a diving school, we would advise going to the dive center first. Prices at any particular destination will not differ significantly, but the atmosphere will. Because you’re entrusting your life to someone else for the first few dives, you must be able to trust them. 

    Take A Look at Their Equipment

    The state of their equipment is also crucial. Your life literally depends on well-maintained equipment, so take a look. Is the neoprene ripped, the straps on the flippers missing, and the regulator tubes cracked? Instead, proceed to the next dive center. Find the best scuba diving school for beginners within your range of budget.

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    PADI or SSI?

    How’s Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Actually Like

    PADI and SSI are the most popular dive organizations, and they both cover the same fundamentals. Unless you intend to become pro, it makes little difference which one you choose, and availability varies widely by location. When choosing a dive center, seek for positive reviews. Ask to meet your instructor and trust your instincts – a reputable school will anticipate the various concerns and queries regarding to scuba diving for beginners and will respond appropriately. Patience is essential. If you’re being hassled, aren’t being taken seriously, or simply don’t like your instructor, you should leave.

    How’s Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Actually Like

    Most schools provide an exploration scuba course, which includes a basic theoretical introduction followed by two dives in the water. This is a fantastic method to practice scuba diving without having to think about the theory or physics, and you can simply get a sense for what it’s like underwater. Many dive shops will let you apply these dives toward your Open Water (OW) brevet, which is the first step in becoming a diver.

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    Is Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Expensive?

    To be honest, it isn’t the most inexpensive sport on the planet. Scuba equipment, whether rented or purchased, is essential and something you should not compromise on because your life depends on it. However, you don’t have to buy everything at once; you can buy individual pieces and rent the rest as your diving career progresses.

    The cost of scuba lessons for beginners in Bali can be just $299. That’s like only a half of your hotel price during your stay. However, it can cost much more in destinations like Australia or posh resorts. All of these schools will basically teach you the same things about diving, though. But as we previously stated, locate a decent dive center and an instructor you can trust.

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    How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

    How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

    Who doesn’t want to spend sunny vacation days in the beautiful Bali? The tropical weather, the stunning beaches, the rolling waves, and the postcard-perfect scenery from its every nooks and crannies makes this island so desirable for vacation. Especially if you take in the leisure days with the family. Choosing family villas in Bali is a smart choice. They come with a slew of advantages that hotel stays rarely do. Combining privacy with comforts and complete resources, villas allow families to spend precious together together while enjoying the conveniences of home.

    However, these trips aren’t without glitches, and they require a little preparation and planning to pull off. Here are some helpful hacks and tips to make a better stay in multi-family vacation rental in Bali. 

    Set Up the Budget

    Are you going to rent a large, 6 bedrooms private villas in Seminyak for example, for extended family getaway? First thing up, set up your budget for the villa rental. Allowing all parties to participate in the vacation rental choosing process will ensure that everyone is happy with the price. There are plenty of Bali family villas budget to choose. Bigger is not always pricier!

    Another option is for the trip planner to choose a location and then contact friends or family to see if they’d want to join in on the adventure. Because the organizer is shouldering the responsibility of planning in this scenario, they have a greater say in the arrangements.

    Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

    Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

    Not many of vacation rental property owners work full-time on their properties. So, the information you discover in a listing isn’t always accurate, up to date, or true to reality.

    Property images, in particular, can be deceiving; for example, an oceanfront condo may contain beach photos that were not shot from the actual home, or a basement apartment may have a view of the entire house. You can identify such anomalies by reading reviews from previous visitors and contacting the property owner directly.

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    Put Detailed Attention to the Sleeping Arrangements

    You should also be on the lookout for “sleeps X people” numbers that don’t match the amount of bedrooms. If you’re not planning on cramming a couple of people onto a sleep sofa in the living room, these figures should be avoided.

    Plan the Groceries

    Plan the Groceries

    The ability to cook your own food is one of the reason why families love to stay in a villa during their Bali holiday. Rather of eating out or being away from our holiday home, cooking saves you a lot of time and money. Keep the fridge stocked with snacks and drinks. Plan a grocery trip. This reduces the amount of stuff you have to bring, provides a wonderful respite on a road trip, and allows you to sample the local cuisine.

    Select a Rental with Exciting Amenities

    When planning a group trip, choosing a family-friendly vacation rental in Bali with a game room, swimming pool and/or hot tub, bikes, and other entertaining amenities is a great plus. Because entertainment is “built-in” to the setting, it means less packing and planning.

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    Look for Vacation Rental in Bali with Family-Friendly Amenities

    Find a house with a private pool. Swimming is a lot of fun for the kids, and it’s also a lot of fun for the adults of the family! Take a look for vacation rentals with a cinema room, which was a novel experience for everyone. Bunkbeds can be a life-saviour especially if the multi-family has lots of kids and teens. 

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    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Padar Island is a small island off the coast of India With its amazing natural environment, Labuan Bajo is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s top islands. The list of things to say about Flores Island’s beauty is infinite. With its amazing natural landscape, this island is one of the greatest tourist locations when sailing Komodo tours. Padar is a small island in Komodo National Park, but it is the park’s third-largest island, and it was once home to the giant dragons that gave the reserve its name. This island is one of the greatest in the Komodo National Park area, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Location & Topography of Padar Island

    Padar Island is the Komodo National Park’s third-largest island. Padar Island, in comparison to Rinca Island, is less well-known. This island, nevertheless, remains a really unusual Indonesian island.

    The island’s morphology is rugged, with deep-sea volcanic mountains and hills that face deep sea bays. Padar has a dry environment, and the island is cover in bushes and grassland trees, producing attractive savannah hill conditions.

    There is also beach sand that is gray and pink in color. Don’t miss out on the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the sea around the island while you’re here.

    This beautiful island is only a short distance from Rinca Island. The Leech Strait is the sole thing that separates Padar and Rinca Island.

    The current in the Leech Strait is extremely powerful. To get to Padar from Labuan Bajo, tourists either rent a boat or use a speed boat.

    Exploring Padar

    If you only have a short time on Padar Island, it will be unsatisfying. To be satisfied while going on Padar island tour, travelers should plan on spending 3 to 4 days there.

    To visit this island as a tourist, you must have extra energy and physical preparedness.

    We are quite fortunate because, despite its location within the Komodo Island National Park, our island is devoid of Komodo dragons.

    As a result, travel can trip without fear. The breathtaking view of the landscape of the green hills is the main attraction on this island.

    Once again, this advice and travels to the lovely Island necessitate not just a strong physique, but also the best mental preparation possible.

    What is the reason for this? You’ll have to travel a long distance to the peak of Padar Island. Uphill trekking with a 45-degree slope will be completed.

    There are no stairs with safety ropes that can be utilized to reach the top of the Gili Padar hill.

    As a result, hikers must use extreme caution when traversing this path. Furthermore, the route is slick, rocky, and even dirty.

    If you wear improper shoes, your chances of slipping increase even more.

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    Handling Money When Your Business Is Going Well

    Handling your finance while building your own business are challenging. In the beginning, you are struggling to even gain steady income. And when after few years your business taking off, you may be wondering what to do with all the money you have earned with all hard work. Every individual may have their own priorities so they use different approach when it comes to this situation. Some of them pay their debt right away while others try to jump up to meet new supply? Which is right and wrong?

    Basically, there is no really right or wrong in this case. The money you have earned is yours so you can literally do anything you want. However, it is common for business owners and entrepreneurs alike to feel responsible with their spending. They try harder to gain more income in hope of their savings to be overflowing in the next few years. However, it is not only the what really happens and some of them wondering why their savings are just stagnant after working like crazy. So what’s the wrong point here?

    Tips on handling your money when your business going well

    Let go of any guilt or shame just because you cannot handle a large influx of money well. You maybe wondering why you were so good at handling limited money during your struggling days back then. But when you gain an influx of money, you feel blank out of what to do. There is no shame on this because it is normal to experience. Let go of those feelings and focus more on objective things for your finance. The faster you process the excitement and panic of having a good influx, the quicker you find your financial stability.

    Make your own list

    Once you overcome your panic, start making a list of what you are earning and what you are spending. Print the documents if necessary so you can assess them better. Look at your bank statement and credit card statement and start the analysis. When taking notes of your income and spending, do not hurriedly make judgement of what you should and should not be spending money on anything in particular yet. 

    Make another list consists of your desires

    After listing your income and spending objectively, it is time for you to list all your desires. What considered desire is not only about buying new house, car, or high-end items. Your desire also include paying off your debt, building up retirement savings, savings for your kids’ education, or planning on a vacation. With this list, you know what your real goals are, so you don’t confuse anymore on where to channel your money.

    Consider a help from professionals

    If you still don’t really know how to handle your money even after mapping out everything, might as well consider a help from professionals. It can be overwhelming to be an entrepreneur with six-figures (or more) income. Make sure to choose the right financial team to help you save time in managing your money.

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    Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack

    Indonesia features some of the top diving spots in the world. Some are inaccessible by land, while others are located in isolated national parks and protected areas. A popular way to dive and explore these Bali dive destinations is on a Komodo diving liveaboard. Those on their first boat charter Bali should be aware that they will be shut off from land for the duration of the trip. Despite the fact that modern boats supply more than just basic necessities like electricity and food. ou’ll still need to bring certain everyday basics to be clean, healthy, and comfortable.

    Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack

    Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

    Diving Equipment

    Apart from tanks, liveaboards rarely supply diving equipment. Nonetheless, renting all of the equipment from your dive facility or dive operator can be readily arranged so that you don’t have to carry any. Many divers, on the other hand, prefer to use their own equipment. Private Bali liveaboard diving is indeed widely available and an opportunity for tourists to find and compare if you want to get diving equipment facilities.

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    Prepare 2 wetsuits

    Although some may argue that having only one dry wetsuit to put on is more convenient, there is no reason to have two. Check with your diving or tour operator for general weather and temperature information, and bring one wetsuit of appropriate thickness. Extra layers of thermal protection are also a good idea.

    Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

    Pack your clothes

    You don’t need to bring dozens of outfits with you. Bali liveaboard diving is supposed to be restful. While you will be meeting new people on the boat, it is acceptable to dress casually all of the time. You’ll only need a couple of pairs of slacks, t-shirts, your swimsuit, and a warm (fleece) jacket. It’s crucial to remember that, even if the dive sites are in tropical settings, numerous days of diving will cause your body temperature to drop, necessitating the use of a jacket.


    If you take medication, make sure you have it with you. When going to some countries, it’s a good idea to bring a copy of the prescription with you, both for resupply and in case the customs agents are curious. Because you will most likely undertake three to four dives each day while on a liveaboard, we strongly advise you to bring antibiotic ear drops. Any scuba diver can have an ear infection, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fantastic dives because of it.

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    What to Do Next Summer: Exploring the Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Curious Gentle Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Wondering what other exciting thing to do for your next summer holiday? Why don’t you try swimming with squadron of Manta Rays in Manta Point Nusa Penida, Bali! This area in Bali’s sister island Nusa Penida is globally renowned as one of the best place to see this majestic creature. Their sheer size invokes awe and their friendly nature makes diving with them very heartening. 

    Sunny Trip to Manta Point Nusa Penida Crossing Blue Waters

    Sits on the east side of Bali’s satellite island Nusa Penida, Manta Point is only a short boat trip away. From Sanur (Bali), a speed boat ride takes around 45 minutes, while from Lembongan and Nusa Penida, it takes about 20 minutes. Indonesia is home to some of the most spectacular manta ray colonies in the world. There is no better place to spend your time than diving in this Manta Point Bali, which is nestled in the most idyllic bay on the island. On any one day, there might be up to a dozen manta rays at this spot. It is common for mantas to either eat or be cleaned when you arrive here.

    Curious Gentle Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida

    What to Do Next Summer: Exploring the Manta Point Nusa Penida

    With wingspan up to seven meters, the Manta Rays earn their title as one of the giants of the ocean. The reef Manta Rays, the species that you’ll mostly see in Manta Point Nusa Penida, could grow to roughly about five meters or more from wing tip to wing tip. Their bigger cousin, the Oceanic Manta, could grow up to seven meters and swim with absolute grace. 

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    Watching the Manta Ray “Fly” in the Ocean

    It’s possible to observe these massive fish up close and personal during the Manta Ray dive or snorkel. The plankton that manta rays feed on is drawn to bright lights, which in turn attracts plankton. Using their jaws open, manta rays glide through the water, filtering plankton out of the ocean. It’s like watching a dance. It’s very uncommon for mantas to practically touch their observers as they smoothly swim, flip and somersault through light beams.

    What You Want to Know About Manta Ray 

    Indonesia is home to two harmless Manta species, although reef mantas are the more common. Non-migratory, reef manta communities consist of several individuals. They inhabit particular regions where they clean and eat, Reef mantas do not travel long distances in search of food. The reef manta rays that live in Nusa Penida are easy to discover. Most dive centers know where to find them! Divers may observe these magnificent rays eating in shallow cleaning stations at our Manta Point dive location. There are several instances where manta rays form “mating trains,” where many males follow a single female, imitating her every action. From time to time enormous manta rays pass by here as well, which is quite exciting!

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    Why This Manta Point Bali Become Famous for Manta Sighting

    Being a creature of habit, Manta Rays also have dedicated feeding stations where they go to eat. These manta rays in Bali began visiting the feeding stations in Nusa Penida to gorge on the plankton that had accumulated in the area. The Nusa Penida itself receive major ocean currents between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, bringing in rich-in-nutrient planktons that serves as dinner feast for the Mantas. The Mantas are coming here to eat the belly full! 

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    How to Create the Perfect Experience at Canggu Bali Villas

    Canggu used to be a spot that only locals, foreigners, and surfers knew about. That has certainly changed, and Canggu is now a popular Bali vacation destination. Canggu is still relatively a new place in Bali with little more than rice fields and a few surf guesthouses 3-5 years ago. Canggu has recently transformed into a lively and exciting blend of Ubud and Seminyak, with less art and temples. It’s a terrific destination for surfers and backpackers, as well as families and anyone looking for a good time and a good time. Canggu is a laid-back town with beaches, paddy farms, and a plethora of wonderful restaurants. Surf (or learn to surf), relax, eat well, do yoga, and be in lovely surroundings are all available here. But if you wonder where to spend a week of blissful vacation in this area, take a peek to our 5 villas recommendation in Canggu Bali.

    Spacious Canggu Bali Villas with Earthy Modern Design 

    Spacious Canggu Bali Villas with Earthy Modern Design

    This new, attractive home is situated in a quiet Berawa area. This elegant new property is located in Berawa Village’s tranquil area. This property is certainly everyone’s dream house, with three spacious and comfortable bedrooms and elegant en-suite bathrooms. It is spacious enough for travelling families or a group of friends. The 6 x 3 m swimming pool is perfect for taking multiple laps and escape from Bali’s heat. The three air conditioning unit make sure that you’ll never get the heatstroke. It is tastefully decorated with artistic furnishings and an atmosphere that encompasses all aspects of luxury and comfort. The modern design of this villa gives every nooks and cranny a perfect spot for social media snap.

    A Private House Loft for Two in Canggu 

    A Private House Loft for Two in Canggu

    This gorgeous, lovely villa canggu is situated in a peaceful Babakan area. This lovely eco-friendly cottage has one large, stylish, and comfortable bedroom as well as two bathrooms. It is semi-furnished, allowing the new owners to customize it to their own tastes and preferences.

    This house has two levels (loft), air conditioning, a living room, dining room, and kitchen, a 4×7 m swimming pool, smart storage, well water, power, a parking lot, a sundeck, complete plants and flowers for the yard, and built-in wardrobes in the bedrooms.

    A Traditional House with Authentic Indonesian Taste of Bygone Era

    A Traditional House with Authentic Indonesian Taste of Bygone Era

    This stunning traditional home is situated in a quiet Canggu area. The lovely Canggu Bali villas has 9 en-suite bedrooms with luxurious baths. It was constructed with elegance in mind, as evidenced by the excellent architecture, interior, and furnishings. You have supreme luxury and comfort at your disposal. Separate rooms for staff, comfortable air conditioning, a large living area, spacious dining area, modern kitchen, three swimming pools, gazebo, jacuzzi, separate storage room, water source from well, high speed internet available throughout the house, and a secure private parking area are all included in this property.

    Stunning Canggu Bali Villas with Art Deco Inspired Architecture

    Stunning Canggu Bali Villas with Art Deco Inspired Architecture

    With vertical front décor components, thick steel and large glass windows, this recently constructed mansion is a Metropolis inspired masterpiece. It is now designed as a three-bedroom, four-bedroom home with enough space in the garden area to accommodate a non-permanent room or two. With breathtaking views of the greenbelt and sunsets. This highly stylized property contains many elements of machine age glamour, such as a 170 m2 hand cut tiled terrace, a 20 m long lap pool with stunning silver tiles, and amazing layered Italian marble sinks and counters, as well as a custom constructed marble staircase. This Art Deco Style home’s furniture were specifically designed and lovingly built.

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    Beautiful Villa Surrounded by Lush Garden 

    Beautiful Villa Surrounded by Lush Garden

    This lovely, large villas Bali Canggu is located in a quiet Berawa area. You will love the lush garden that surround  the house with tropical plants and greeneries. This magnificent property has five huge, snug, and comfortable bedrooms, as well as six modern bathrooms with tubs. It is fully equipped and outfitted in superb taste, with high-end decor and furnishings that cater to your every need. This home has two levels, air conditioning, an open living area, an open dining area, a gorgeous 4×9 m swimming pool, a kitchen, a gazebo, storage, a water source, parking, and internet throughout.

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    Hanging Out with Gentlest Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Hanging Out with Gentlest Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida
    Image credit: instagram/ @indodivephotos

    Many underwater enthusiast said that human encounters with giant mantas are extremely rare. This is probably true in most places, but not on the Manta Point Nusa Penida. If you’re looking for the ideal location to photograph these gentle giants, this is the place to be. The Manta Point, located off the shore of Nusa Penida Island, Bali, is a cleaning station where mantas come to be cleaned by the resident reef fish. They are naturally inquisitive and enjoy taking bubble baths from the divers. Despite of their gigantic size, these majestic creatures are very gentle and gracious. An encounter with them can easily be the highlight of any diver, and the opportunity to hang out with them for few minutes should be treated with an utmost gratitude. 

    Of course, you don’t want to go home empty-handed after a spectacular meeting with Manta Rays. So here’s our tips to get a stunning photo of Manta Rays that will sweep everyone in awe. 

    Get Close on Cleaning Stations at Manta Point Nusa Penida

    The majority of manta encounters occur at cleaning stations, where mantas circle, hover, and even queue for their spa treatment. Take care not to get between the station and the open water, as this will give the mantas access to both. They frequently stay for the duration of the dive once they arrive. There are both cleaning stations and feeding grounds at Manta Point Nusa Penida, as well as deep walls and shallow plateau that makes the dives more interesting.

    Prepare the Best Equipments

    Before you get into the water, the most important tip for capturing large Mantas is: you need the right equipment. You can get very close to the mantas, so we would highly recommend a fisheye lens. Our recommendations are Nikon 10.5 DX fisheye for Nikon D800 to capture the whole body of Manta Ray. They are large and you want to photograph the whole body with its surrounding water to create an impressive shoot!

    Capturing Their Majestic Form

    Capturing Their Majestic Form
    Image credit: instagram/ @adolvo_diver

    Mantas have an elegant and unmistakable shape that looks great in photos — whether in color, silhouette, or monochrome — when their symmetry is captured. Manta looks great at every angle, but they are at its best when photographed from above or below. When shooting up, expose for the surface rather than the sun, as the trick is to only shoot when the manta is blocking the sun from your lens. Try to anticipate one and time your breathing so you don’t exhale right before it arrives. This prevents bubbles from appearing in your image.

    Taking Their Silhouettes

    Mantas feed on plankton and are thus rarely found in crystal-clear blue water. However, regardless of the conditions, you should plan to turn off the lights because mantas look fantastic as silhouettes. The technique is easy: Switch your strobes off, expose yourself to the surface and wait until a manta passes through the center of Snell’s window. It might be worth locking the camera’s focus because the rapid change in light levels caused by the manta blocking out the sun can sometimes confuse the autofocus. If the rays aren’t coming in close enough, find a colorful foreground subject, such as an anemone or soft coral, and use the manta’s silhouette as a background.

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    Get Ready in Your Position at Manta Point Nusa Penida

    When you first dive to Manta Point Nusa Penida, observe the surrounding and try to find the best spot to wait for the Manta. Be patient and allow the manta rays to come to you. Do not try to chase or come to them as you will scare these precious animals. The mantas will check all the divers around and don’t waste the energy that chases them. If you wait, you’re going to get a better shot. I like to position myself right above or just below the desired trail when I see a manta approaching me. Snapshots are in my opinion not as dramatic as I like to capture more animals to get more power into the shot. I also like to include the other divers’ bubbles. It makes for a much more interesting photo in my opinion. However, if you’re going for the bubble shot, make sure to clean them off your dome port before shooting.

    Are you ready to hang out with these majestic creature in Bali? 

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    Reasons to Hold Your Meetings in Nusa Dua Resorts

    Why Is It Beneficial to Hold a Business Meeting in Nusa Dua Resorts?

    We don’t see why business meetings have to be monotonous. Forget about having to attend boring, cookie-cutter business meetings where everyone appears stern and stiff. Consider holding a networking event or inviting investors to a business presentation at the Nusa Dua resorts the next time. Here’s how a beach resort can help you achieve your objectives.

    Conference Room with Full Facilities

    Conference Room with a Relaxing Beach Ambience

    If you are planning a medium to large-scale business event, you will undoubtedly require a conference room or meeting hall. You don’t have to worry about anything else because the resort will take care of all your meeting needs with an array of banquet facilities. They will make every effort to provide services and personalized attention, from catering to audio-visual equipment to pens for each attendant.

    World-Class Cuisine at Nusa Dua Resorts Will Win Investors Over

    Have you ever been invited to a business meeting and been let down by the quality of the food served? Not that it would have significantly lowered your opinion of the meeting host, but you would have left with a better impression if the food selection had been better. This is how the Nusa Dua resorts can help you improve your image. They provide the best culinary experiences to their guests, whether in the restaurant or the conference hall.

    Nusa Dua Resorts’ proximity to the airport

    The Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Resorts is located near the Ngurah Rai International Airport. It’s only 18 minutes away via the Bali Mandara Ocean Highway, which has no traffic on it. Your important guests will not have to deal with the traffic and road snarls that they would encounter if you held a conference in congested Kuta or Denpasar. This resort is ideally located to host conferences or business meetings for business people with high mobility.

    You don’t want your guests to be late for their flight!

    Impressive Luxury Rooms

    Conference Room with a Relaxing Beach Ambience

    You want your important clients and relationships to leave with a positive impression so that your company can build a smooth path forward from this meeting. What could be better than providing elegant rooms at Nusa Dua Resorts for one or two nights? Business owners are known to lavish their relationships with gifts in order to maintain the relationship, and this is how you can do it correctly.

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    A Gift for Business Relationships

    Who says business meetings can’t be enjoyable? We believe that business meetings should include elements of retreat and adventure. Time is more efficiently invested, in our opinion, when your guests feel well-treated. Giving your guests the sheer luxury of seaside relaxation in Nusa Dua Resorts is one way to treat them and lead the meeting to a fruitful conclusion.

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    Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    There are plenty of reasons to visit Papua. Located in eastern Indonesia, Papua is known for its beautiful destinations, both on land and in the sea. Being the second-largest island in the world, Papua is filled with exciting things to see and places to go that will make any holiday there a memorable event. Adventure travelers are drawn to beautiful nature hikes, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking. The exotic island is also an important spot in terms of culture. Visiting Papua is on the top of many people’s wish list. So, before you go and book your Papua trip, this guide will show you the best things you can do in Papua.

    Papua Trip to Raja Ampat is a must

    Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. Much of Raja Ampat is covered in untouched rainforest and you will find wide stretches of white sand that back on the crystal seas teeming with marine life. The stunning island is well known for its many different tourist attractions all around the world. However, snorkeling and diving are the prime attraction on the island. Here, you can swim with colorful marine life. For instance, manta rays or sharks. The amazing coral reef here is also largely untouched and is a must-see. Besides marine life, you can find exotic birds on the island. Your Papua trip isn’t complete without visiting Raja Ampat Island.

    Goa Jepang

    Located to the north of the Kota Biak, Goa Jepang is a place of historical interest that would have been used in the Second World War as a place for Japanese soldiers to hide. Aside from the history, Goa Jepang is quite attractive to travelers due to its strategic location. It is located near to a local beach, so travelers can drop by to the stunning beach either after or before exploring the Goa Jepang later.

     Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    Cendrawasih Bay

    Cendrawasih Bay is a large marine park made of a large number of islands and a rich marine environment. Many travelers come here for hiking, trekking, diving, and watching the exotic birds. However, one of the famous things to do in this bay is swimming with the whale sharks.

    Lorentz National Park

    Lorentz National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia. The Park is the largest protected area in Southeast Asia. It is also the home of a popular mountain called Puncak Jaya. Moreover, 123 mammalian species and 630 species of bird have been recorded in this National Park.

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    Visit Base G beach on your Papua trip

    Located in the western of Jayapura, Base G Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Jayapura. The beach is quiet and has white sand, making this stunning beach a fitting place for you who want to relax in peace and release all the stress. If you’re in Papua, make sure to visit Base-G Beach.

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