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Choosing Private Bali Villas for Your Holiday


When it comes to spend your holiday, Bali is a great destination to go to. Not only it offers charming nature but also because it has the best accommodation you could ask for. The best accommodation would be Bali villas, especially, the private and luxury one. Of course, there are many types of villa you can rent for your holiday in Bali. However, private villa usually offers more than simple accommodation. It is more than a place to stay at during your holiday. It is where you can make the most of your holiday besides tourist attractions of course.

Why private Bali villas?

People, especially travelers choose accommodation based on many considerations. It can be price, size, location, and even the type of serviced offered. As for accommodation in Bali, private villas are more preferable both for solo travelers or those who travel in groups. So here are some reasons why people prefer private villas instead of hotel or hostels to stay at during their holiday in Bali:

  • Price is often the first thing taken into consideration when travelers look for perfect accommodation. If you think villas are more expensive than hotel then you are wrong. It depends on many things and not just as simple as the size of the building. It usually depends on what kind of services you will receives, the facilities you can enjoy, and privilege you gain. Thus, private villas are not only for luxury travelers but also for everyone who seek for more comfortable place to stay at.
  • From service, there is no differences from how the hotels work. In Bali specifically, the service coming from private villas are mostly satisfying for the guests. However, service at private villas are usually more exclusive. It is not only because most of villas accommodate fewer guests than hotels but also because that’s how the way private villas works in giving the best service privately and exclusively. Every penny you spend to rent a private villa in Bali will be just worth it.
  • From staffs matter, private villa usually have in-house staff ready at your service. Desk-front staff, manager, gardener, and cook are ready to provide what you need. There is no need for guests to do mundane things if they don’t want to such as doing laundry or grocery shopping. That’s why staying at private villas in Bali more preferable because everything is ready for you that all you have to do is going out to explore many places in Bali and come back at private villas to take quality rest.
  • Another perk of staying at villas in Bali is that most of them overlooking stunning view. There are villas situated in the middle of rice paddies. Others situated at beachfront, and there are also villas located in the middle of the jungle like most of villas in Ubud. Staying at one of Bali villas means you can choose one of them that suits you the best. You can live off your fantasy of magical holiday in Bali by booking a private villa.
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