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    Tattoo artist Bali: Why it’s Important to Look at Their Portfolio

    A tattoo artist’s portfolio should be among one of the first things you take into consideration when you’re deciding on a design and choosing a tattoo parlor or a studio to be inked in. Especially since you’re going to be inked abroad—possibly if you’ve never been to Bali before. Have a browse at tattoo artists who are based on the island or traveling there. Make sure that you take a good look at a tattoo artist Bali portfolio before you decide on anything. Why is it so important to look at the artist or the studio’s portfolio before you get a tattoo Bali?

    tattoo artist bali on the work

    Not all tattoo artists are willing to do any kind of artworks 

    The artistic endeavor is a deeply personal one. And tattoo artists are no exceptions. Often times, they state this explicitly in their website or the tattoo artist Bali’s social media profile. But some don’t do it. 

    Do your homework and take a look at what your tattoo artists have done throughout their experience. How would you feel if type of design you’re looking to tattoo on your skin is not among their work? Perhaps there’s no such a thing as the best place to get a tattoo in Bali — but who’s the artist whose art speak to you the most? Whom you think would be able to bring the design you’d want to life?

    bali tattoo artist sketching

    Each artist has their own specialization or niche 

    Art is an all-encompassing concept—and the form of such a universal idea will manifest differently in different people. Just like each person has their own thing that they’re good, so does tattoo artists. Sure, they may not be downright bad at a certain style, but you’ll recognize the value of niches and distinct styles once you’ve followed a certain tattoo artist Bali enough. Doing the types of artwork they love most is also an ingredient to an exceptional tattoo.

    Tattoo portfolio: You’ll have an idea how your own tattoo design will turn out 

    If you’ve have an eye on a tattoo artist or studio that does many tattoos of the design you’re looking for, good job. You’ve got a specialist on the design you’re going for. Looking at their portfolio will give you a vivid idea of how your own design will turn out in their care. Talk to the experienced tattoo artist on the island once you have shortlisted your artists. Contact the one with whose art and style connect with you the most. 

    Tattoo Bali: the artists’ portfolio gives you ideas to create unique tattoos of your own

    Just like when you’re looking for tattoo inspirations at various platforms and social media, looking at tattoo artists’ portfolio is a sure way to gain some visual stimulation to help you arrive at a design that you want, or at least, give you some pointers to work with. 

    tattoo bali

    Finding versatile tattoo artists Bali 

    There are certainly plenty of Bali tattoo artists who do pretty much everything from small text tattoo to realistic portraitures. In fact, most artists who work at a studio or a big tattoo parlor are usually willing to do pretty much anything. These artists are generalists, so you’ll need to be more picky on what they’re actually good at. But don’t worry, there are plenty of tattooists who are good at several styles and many types of designs. Congrats if you get to find an awesome, versatile tattoo artist on the island. 

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