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The Recommended Food to Sell In Your Canteen Business at School


Are you thinking of starting a canteen business at school or on campus? Businesses can start anywhere and anytime, one of them is by opening a canteen at school. Children, surely like snacks, right? Before starting a business, share that you have to know a number of things, such as discussing strategy or not, then the market is elementary, middle school, high school, or college, etc. Then, although for children it sounds “anything can be sold”, but it would be better if you use children’s health too, don’t just sell food because it feels good. This article has collected some foods in the school canteen that can be your reference before starting to sell.

The Recommended Food to Sell In Your Canteen Business at School

Fried rice

Who doesn’t like fried rice? Surely, everyone likes it. How to make fried rice is very simple, you only need rice, onion, and garlic, then served can be adjusted to your creation.

Instant noodles and meatballs

Instant noodles are a favorite food. Nothing can match the delicacy of instant noodles. This food is delicious and never makes people bored. The average person who orders instant noodles as lunch, but sometimes there is also someone who wants breakfast using instant noodles. Then, if you have meatball skills, you can also sell meatballs too. If you sell instant noodles and meatballs together, children like to ask for the instant noodles plus meatballs.

Grilled sausage

Indeed, the children really like grilled sausages because the grilled sausage tastes really good. If you sell in elementary or middle school, you can divide the long sausage into two or three parts. You don’t need to provide combustion and charcoal, because of course, it’s much more complicated. You can use the Teflon and the stove instead. Provide tomato sauce, chili sauce, mayonnaise, and powder seasonings (such as bbq spices, cheese, pizza, etc.) for the flavor variants. You also should provide sausages in various flavors, such as original, cheese, spicy, and the others.

Bread and donuts

If at home do not have breakfast, usually children prefer bread. Besides being practical because it can be carried everywhere, spending bread doesn’t take long. Then the bread is also filling, so it can be a stomach booster until the bell breaks later. You can sell packaged bread that is ready to eat. Usually, this bread consists of various kinds of flavors (chocolate, strawberry, and so on). If you have a roasting, you can also provide toast.

Besides bread, donuts are also selling well among children, especially those who are in a hurry or don’t want to eat heavily. Donuts taste sweet and delicious, so sometimes someone makes donuts as a dessert.

Fruit juice and ice blended

The best-selling food recommendations in the school canteen are fruit juice and ice blended. Usually, fruit juice traders also provide ice blended too, because the ingredients and tools needed are the same, namely water, ice cubes, and blenders. For the fruit, try to always be fresh, because the quality of the fruit will determine the taste of juice too. Then, for ice blended, you can provide drink powder such as Pop Ice, Nescafe, Nutrisari, Milo, and the others. Also, provide a variety of jelly and bubble ice blended toppings.

Those are some food recommendations for your canteen business at school.

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