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    Meal Styles Catering in Denpasar Bali for Your Wedding

    These days you no longer have only two options of buffet and sit-down dinner to choose when considering Catering Denpasar for your wedding or any events. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends and options that are here to stay for your meal format. 

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    Catering Denpasar meal styles are no longer about buffet vs plated meals 

    Gone long the days where all you have to consider for your wedding meal option is whether you should go the traditional way; a sit-down dinner, or go for a buffet catering instead. These days, the options for serving meals are virtually unlimited. Aside from buffet catering Bali and seated meals, there are options like food trucks (years ago, who would have thought?) and cocktail style reception. Before you pick your catering in Denpasar Bali Bali let’s take a look at each option. 

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    Catering Bali sit down dinner (plated/served meal)

    The option of doing plated, seat-down dinner is classic and it won’t go out of favor anytime soon. It’s the most traditional and the most conventional way of serving meals at weddings and most events. You usually can’t go wrong with it. However, do note that serving staff would be high depending on the number of guests you’re inviting. 

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    Buffet catering Bali 

    The option of going buffet catering Bali is one of the favored options that could even be considered classic compared to the rest of the meal styles we’re discussing here. Buffet is known for its cost-saving benefits. There’s only going to be two staff (3 or 4 if you’re hosting a particularly big event or wedding and require a lot of tables) that will be ready on each long buffet table. You’re going to be able to cut cost on staff fees this way. The cost on food however is a different mater. People tend to get more on their plates when they’re self-serving, so the food cost maybe more on you. 

    Food trucks in weddings 

    For those who have only ever attended the traditional sit-down dinner weddings, food trucks may be downright bizarre. Having food trucks in weddings is certainly one of the most recent developments in wedding catering styles. 

    In Bali however, this type of Bali catering Denpasar service is still quite rare to find. But that does not mean it’s impossible. You simply have to work with the options you’ve got. And this may include talking to the food truck owners and discuss what you have in mind as many of them may not originally consider events like weddings before. 

    Cocktail reception style 

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    In lieu of a full meal, the cocktail reception style serve guests small savory dishes (not quite snacks) — hors d’oeuvre catering menu to your guests. The starters or appetizers are served after the ceremony during the whole event. You might think that skipping the main meal altogether in favor of these small delicacies might be bold. It is. But it’s proven to work wonderfully. Guests would essentially get more varieties of meal compared to when they have a full meal. And those little bites as the event or wedding progress is proven to be healthier. 

    The cocktail reception style for your catering Bali is a highly social format that allows you and your guests to readily mingle for the whole event. It makes way for small talks and a much more casual atmosphere throughout your reception. 

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