How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?


After quite some creative process time, you finally laid your choice on a specific tattoo design. You have a deep thought about the design. The tattoo surely represent your mind and personality in the inside. You have search the right studio tattoo in Bali and the right artist whose expertise match with your design. The last thing you need to do now is making the appointment and sit on that chair.

However, there’s one thing you might haven’t think yet. How much time you need to spent to get your dream tattoo? This is especially important as you are going to pay the tattoo artist per hour spent working on the tattoo. A lot of factor—including the artists experience and working speed—affect the duration. It could be the style of the tattoo, the amount of intricate details on the designs, the amount of colour, tattoo placement on the body, and your own skin type. In this article, we are going to have rough estimation of time needed to create a tattoo. Stay tune and find the estimation for your dream tattoo!

Tattoo Time Estimation on Bali Tattoo Studio

How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?

Tiny Tattoo

This cute little tattoo rise as a huge trend in tattoo industry. Most of tiny tattoos made with simple monochrome lines, though some are coloured. Due to its simplicity, tiny tattoos only require just one time visit to complete. It takes only about 15 to 30 minutes—experts could even execute a single star tattoos on just 5 minutes. However, expect to pay for an hour of session, except the artists give you a special discount. 

A Small Quote

Calligraphy and lettering is a special art. It needs a steady hands and strong control to perform homogenous letters. Lettering tattoos might seems simple, but it actually involve lot of small details. Letter style, size, colours, placement, and length of the quote play a huge part when it come to lettering tattoo. It consist of delicate lines bending and crossing each other. Not all studio tattoo in Bali can perform a decent lettering quotes. A simple lettering consist of one to two words could take 45 mins to 1 hour to finish. Longer quotes like biblical paragraph could take 2 hours+ to have done. 

Medium Sized Black Grey Tattoo

Black and grey tattoo is one of the most requested style in many Bali tattoo studio! Medium sized tattoo is measured by approximately 6sq inch, and usually take 1-1,5 hours to finish. If you add one or two colour to the tattoo, the time could double up to 2.5 hours. This tattoo would be finished quicker if requested in popular, easy-access part of the body like the sleeve, arm, thigh, sternum, and shoulder. Expect to have longer session if you did it in more challenging part of the bodies. 

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Full Sleeve Tattoos

The sleeve has large “canvas” to fill. A modern simple line art tattoo sleeve could take 1 to two hours without colour. With lots of colour, layers, and detail, a single sleeve tattoos could have taken 6-8 hours, which usually is divided in two sittings. 

Full Back Tattoos

A full back tattoo usually takes on new school, realism, traditional, or neo traditional style. Most full back tattoo incorporate lots of intricate details, inter-tangled designs, or colours. A full back tattoos usually take a multiple visit to the Bali tattoo studio. It takes none less than 10 hours to finish. 

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