Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu


The start of summer usually remarks the beginning of most popular season to get a tattoo, and that’s exactly what happened in Canggu, Bali. Under the bright sun, clear sky, and idyllic vibe, tattoo sounds very appealing. It looks gorgeous on our exposed skin and our intuition said that tattoo heals faster when we’re not covered up. Summer in Bali seems like a perfect time to flaunt our gorgeous figure in cool outfits and show off a new tattoo! 

As good as it sounds, however, getting a tattoo in a tropical island with gorgeous beaches lining up the shores has its drawback. You gonna need to devote a great amount of time taking care of your tattoo and sacrifice some lovely things. Here, we’ve covered every important things you need to know if you decide to get tattooed in Canggu, Bali

Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu

Do the Aftercare

Let’s start from the obvious. After getting your tattoo done, your tattoo artist Bali would give you recommendation of ointments to take care of the tattoo. You can purchase the ointments/ creams from the studio or choose one of your preference. Follow the artists’ guidance and repeat the after care process for 3 to 5 times a day. 

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Limit Sun Exposure

Now, we are talking about the sacrifice. What is tropical holiday without sunbathe and walking under the glory of the sun? On a side note, it’s hard to avoid the sunlight when you are in Bali unless you decide to be a devoted villa hermit. If you decide to catch some sun, make sure you apply high SPF lotion especially in the tattooed area. 

Resist the Temptation of Swimming Altogether

Person swimming in the pool
If you have a fresh tattoo, don’t do this

Nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool or splashing the waves on a hot summer. Yet, this is another sacrifice you need to make. Getting a gorgeous tattoo in Canggu means you need to forsaken swimming altogether. For at least two weeks, you need to resist the temptation of soaking in the water. Pools are chemically treated which is bad for fresh inks. Lakes and ocean are not even better—they host billions of bacterias and impurities that potentially cause serious infection. 

Surfing After Getting Tattoo Canggu: Disaster 

Canggu has some of the best beach for surfing—and pretty famous for it! We are talking about the Echo beach, Batu Bolong Beach, and Berawa Beach, with waves for all levels and and less crowds. You need to remember, however, that surfing is basically a double kill for someone who just get tattooed. The combination of sun exposure and ocean water are a sure recipe for disaster. 

Shop for Unscented Soap in in Canggu to Protect the Tattoo

Thanks to the progress of all-natural move, it’s easy to find local, organic unscented soap in Canggu to take care of your new tattoo. Choose one that contain moisturising natural oils base like coconut, almond, or olive oils. Your usual chemical soaps would be too harsh for a fresh tattoo and tend to result in scabbing. 

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