wedding catering services in bali
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Tips for Choosing Wedding Catering Services for Your Special Day


Your proposal is accepted or you’ve just accepted one and now your mind’s filled with wedding suits and dresses and whether you should pick a beachfront or a garden wedding in the famed Paradise Island. Now a big part of planning a wedding is food and everything that comes with it. Choosing a wedding catering services in Bali can be something so complex. So where do you start? 

wedding catering services in bali

How many guests you’re going to invite to the wedding? 

One of the main indicators, if not the main indicator, for your budget would be the number of guests you’re going to invite. So before you rush to call the Bali catering services that your friend recommended, make sure that you already have a guest count ready. Or at least, have a rough estimates of them. Without the information of your attendance count, you’re going nowhere if budget is one of your point of discussion. Don’t let your Bali wedding cost skyrockets just because you didn’t have a good estimation on this basic information. 

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Attending the event your wedding catering services handle 

This is a pretty neat tip that all couples and wedding planners should do when possible. This is something that you’re going to need to discuss with your caterers first. 

  • Find out by asking them directly what events they’re catering to in the near future that you can attend. 
  • Meeting the wedding catering services directly (instead of via emails) is the preferred way. 

Attending the event directly would not simply allow you to test-taste their food, but also gives you valuable insights to how they are performing in the moment. Some of the things you should pay attention to when attending events in search of references: 

  • Pay attention to the service the caterers provide. 
  • Are the staff courteous and friendly to guests?
  • How do they handle problems that arise? 

Your job is done when you’ve taken notes of these main points and able to get the overall vibes of the event. So attend when you can and take notes!

Consider a restaurant catering for your wedding 

Choosing wedding catering service that was attached to a restaurant often times is a good idea. A restaurant catering allows you to easily sample their food even without prior inquiry about their event services. When the taste and the presentation of the food is of a primary concern to you, this is an excellent way to have some ideas. If you’re utilizing the help of a Bali wedding planner, then asking them for restaurant suggestions can be a good idea sometimes. 

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Invest in a good service: hospitality matters 

Skimping on a service so you’ll save a few bucks from a cheaper caterer may just bite your back in the end. People who are experienced in event handling would be able to tell you that often times, the service is second to none, often more important the food. The best catering in Bali will realize this and inform you such. So invest on a good hospitality: it doesn’t have to be in a form of numerous staff and an expensive price tag: you simply need to be directly in the know of how their team operates and treats the guests. 

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