You Should NEVER Take Your Bali Photoshoot Moment at the Crowd Spots!


I think I’ve had a wrong decision for writing this. But frankly, most of the tourist spots that I have been visited in Bali aren’t really recommended as the photoshoot spots. And again, I can be wrong about that but there are some conditions or circumstances where they are really not the place you have to visit.

Photoshoot itself is mostly the special moment for you to take pictures. It can’t be as simple as taking your selfie with your own iPhone but it is referring to your Bali photoshoot taken by the professional photographer you have hired before.

Taking images at tourist spots can be the popular thing to do for many of us. But when its come to your special moment, it can be the thing you should have been avoided.

You will never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded anymore. Why?

The first reason why you should never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded destination is you will spend more of your times. Taking picture itself can be challenging. People may are walking here and there that can be the distraction for the photographer. Image can also be included with people that you won’t them inside the frame where this could leads you to use the extra service for editing and surely there will be money to spend.

Some people or clients are requiring the images will be as natural as they are, and there should never be the editing process after taking them.

If you are insisting to take pictures of your special moment at the popular spots, finding the right time and composition can really hard even though you can always try to come earlier before the others. But this may cause the natural lighting for your photoshoot won’t be as maximum as it should.

Next issue you have to know where the photoshoot can be hard to be taken place at tourist spot is some people aren’t getting comfortable by shooting their self at outdoor with the crowd. It will really need to hire a professional photographer that will encourage you to do some poses as if you are used to be a model of magazine.

This may sounds weird or funny to telling you that, but we have known that photographer will need you to be so as if you are the professional ones, but you are actually not.

Even if the photographer won’t be directed to do some weird poses, some people may also feeling shy for wearing the special clothes for the photoshoot. And when you are taking those images in tourist spot in Bali, I think there won’t be any chance for the other people not to make you as their point of view. Just imagine when the pictures taken at the beach by wearing the bride’s and groom’s clothes, you should be deal with your own mental when people are looking at you.

I don’t try to make this up, but that issue can be happen to some people and even yourself.

I am sure that all of those issues will be done correctly with some practical ways you have in mind and I will encourage you to do anything possible to get rid of all the issues. But if you can’t really deal with them, you’d better ask the photographer to find somewhere else where you can freely and comfortably when the photoshoot sessions are taken place.

Anyway, while the image of yours will be taken by the hired photographer, you should also prepare to be fine when people are taking your images by other people as well and they may also secretly uploaded them all in their social media accounts without your permission. That’s the risk when taking your special moment at the crowd and you can’t really hope that the popular spots will be as quiet as you need.

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