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    Traditional Holiday Drinks To Bring Out Your Festive Spirit

    You probably have known more about foods that often served during holiday seasons. Every country may have different holiday dishes to celebrate holidays.however, many forgot the importance of jingle juices which also have the ability to bring out festive spirit. Holiday drinks are varied but most of them are made to keep the warmth and buzz during celebration. And here are several most popular authentic holiday drinks to lift up your spirit:

    Homemade vanilla Christmas drink Eggnog in glass with grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks on gray stone background.


    This is probably one of the most famous drink many people enjoy during holiday, especially during Christmas. This creamy drink is made with cream or milk, sugar, whipped eggs, and liquor. The frothy texture comes from the whipped eggs. The alcohol used to make this drink varies from rum, brandy, to bourbon. Do not forget the iconic garnishes, cinnamon and nutmeg. 


    Many holiday beverages contain alcohol but not this one. So if you want to take a pause on alcohol intake during a celebration of holiday season, you might consider trying this drink. Julmust comes from Sweden and is categorized into soft drinks. The interesting thing about this drink is root beer-like flavor. This drink is often served during Christmas as well. 


    This is holiday drink popular during festive season. It is made from lemonade and advocaaat, a kind of German/ Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, brandy, and sugar. This is a retro cocktail many people love to enjoy with delightful ingredients to provide warmth to body. 


    This holiday drink is popular in England and an old traditional English beverage. It contains mulled cider made with sugar, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This often served during Christmas since Medieval times. This delicious beverage can be mixed with different fruit juices as well. Added with spices and a little bit of alcohol, this is the perfect drink to cheer for during festive celebration. 


    This is holiday drink popular in Italy, which is an Italian version of eggnog. This drink is made by mixing eggnog or advocaat and brandy. It is best served hot with the whipped cream as additional topping to enrich the flavor. This drink can be found across the country, especially during winter in many ski resorts and Christmas market. 

    Mulled wine

    This is such a delightful drink to be enjoyed during holiday. This drink is made with red wine mulled with various spices, along with raisins, and brandy. This comfort drink is best enjoy during cold season as well. You can remove alcohol to make this drink and you still get the warmth due to the holiday spices added to it. 

    Hot chocolate

    Hot choco will always be the best comfort drink in the world. You can enjoy it without waiting holiday season even. Of course, it is perfect to enjoy hot chocolate in the evening when the weather get chilly. This drink can be made with variety of chocolate such as cocoa powder, shaved or melted chocolate. Then add sugar and warm milk as you need. Put any garnish you love such as marshmallow, whipped cream, or nuts. 

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    Experience Snorkeling in Dinosaurs Head, Nusa Penida

    Snorkeling is a marine tourism activity that many Indonesian tourists are interested in doing while on holiday in Bali. There are many choices of snorkeling locations such as in Amed, Menjangan island, Tulamben, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida island. There is one island in Bali that presents various kinds of exotic natural attractions, “Dinosaurs Head” Nusa Penida. Snorkeling in Dinosaurs Head, Nusa Penida is a magnet for tourists. 

    Experience Snorkeling in Dinosaurs Head, Nusa Penida

    Sea Stream Fairly Calm & Good Visibility for Snorkeling

    The beauty of the natural scenery of Nusa Penida that you can see from the mainland. The beauty of the underwater scenery of Nusa Penida is a magnet for tourists. For now, there are two most effective ways to see the underwater scenery of Nusa Penida. Namely, snorkeling and scuba diving.

    The three Nusa islands are quite close together and separated by only a few miles of seawater. The three Nusa islands are quite close together and are separated by seawater only a few miles. You can not only snorkel in Nusa Penida but also in Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

    Several snorkeling spots on the island of Nusa Penida offer fairly calm sea currents and can change at any time. Visibility is quite good, about 10 – 20 meters during the day, especially during the dry season.

    Nusa Penida Marine Life

    The waters between the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan have very beautiful underwater views. So many international divers are interested in snorkeling or diving in the waters of Nusa Bali.

    There are 296 species of coral reefs and 576 species of reef fish in the waters of Nusa Penida. Good or bad coral reef conditions, depending on the location you dive. However, most of the coral reefs in Nusa Penida are still healthy.

    You can see green turtles, manta rays, and rainbow eels while snorkeling or diving in the sea of Nusa Bali. Frogfish and Mola-Mola.

    Crystal Bay

    Crystal Bay Nusa Penida is a popular tourist destination on the island of Nusa Penida, known for its white sand beaches. Because of its southwesterly location, Crystal Bay is one of the best sites to see the sunset. In addition, Crystal Bay is close to Gamat Bay, which is about a 15-minute drive away.

    The waters of Crystal Bay are ideal for individuals who are just getting started with snorkeling. Because the seas of Crystal Bay are so tranquil, you don’t have to swim far from the shore to experience the splendor of Crystal Bay’s underwater scenery. Crystal Bay is also known for its crystal clear water, which is reflected in its name, making it one of the greatest snorkeling places on Nusa Penida for beginners.

    If you are new to snorkeling, the safest limit for snorkeling in Crystal Bay is to use the benchmark of the boat’s mooring place and never go beyond it.

    Marine Life in Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

    The Mola-Mola fish is one of the marine animals most likely to be seen while snorkeling in Crystal Bay Nusa Penida, however the chances of seeing one are small. Mola-Mola fish can reach a length of 1.8 meters and a weight of 1,000 kg.

    Mola-Mola fish can be found in the waters of Nusa Penida between July and October, at a depth of roughly 30 meters. As a result, the best method to see Mola-Mola in Crystal Bay’s waters is to go scuba diving.

    Manta Point & Manta Bay Nusa Penida

    Manta Point is a place, where you can see manta The greatest sites to swim with manta rays in Nusa Penida, are Nusa Penida and Manta Bay Nusa Penida.

    You’ll need to take a boat to get to Manta Point and Manta Bay Nusa Penida. Manta Point and Manta Bay Nusa Penida are in the center of the ocean.

    The main draw at Manta Point and Manta Bay is the opportunity to watch Manta Rays rather than coral reefs. Because of the snorkeling spots, the seas at Manta Point and Manta Bay are fairly deep and a little choppy.

    Is Snorkeling Near Manta Rays Safe?

    Adult Manta Rays can grow up to 7 meters in length and weigh up to 3 tons.

    When snorkeling with Manta Rays, it’s a good idea to use a snorkeling guide who is more familiar with the Manta Rays’ characteristics in Nusa Penida.

    Teluk Gamat

    Although Gamat Bay is near Crystal Bay, access to the Gamat Bay beachfront is more difficult than access to the Crystal Bay beach.

    Because entry to the Gamat Bay location is a little harder, there aren’t as many visitors to the beach area at Gamat Bay as there are to Crystal Bay. Tourists that want to snorkel or scuba dive are more likely to visit Gamat Bay.

    The ocean currents at Gamat Bay are fairly powerful, thus this is not a place for beginners to snorkel. Looking at the position of the boat parking around the sea waters is the best technique to see the snorkeling site with safe currents in Gamat Bay.

    The marine life you’ll see in the waters of Gamat Bay is almost identical to the marine life you’ll see in the waters of Crystal Bay, however the aquatic life is about 7-8 meters below sea level.

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    How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously

    Stress is one of the most powerful enemies you must fight because it can harm your physical and mental health. Many people fall victim to high level of stress caused by various factors such as work, relationship, finance, etc. Stress should not be kept or underestimated because when it is piled up, it will be harder to manage. 

    How To Manage Your Stress More Consciously

    Managing stress with more conscious

    Stress is sometimes inevitable because we all are human who are going to everyday life and all its issues. However, stress can be managed so that it won’t affect your life badly. By managing stress properly, it is possible for you to achieve holistic health. And these are several tips for you to manage your stress more consciously:

    Keep your body in motion

    Your body needs to stay active to be able to regulate hormone properly. Keep in mind that stress can cause hormonal imbalance. You can use physical exercise as a way to decompress negative feelings. When you keep your body in motion, it will produce endorphins, hormones responsible for improving mood and relieving pain. At the same time, staying active allows your body to suppress the production of cortisol, known as bad hormone that can be triggered by stress. 

    Consider keeping a journal

    If you think you have many ups and downs with your moods while you don’t know the main culprit of it, you can try keeping a journal. You can write anything to help you keep track of yourself. Also, you can pour all emotions and feelings through words you write in the journal. Many people experience significant improvement from it. However, it is important that you not only write things that caused your stress but also things that make you feel grateful everyday. 

    Connect with people

    When you pile up your stress and keep it to yourself, it can be harmful and damaging to yourself. It is important to have people or at least someone you can trust to reach out to. This way, you can prevent yourself from drowning into your negative emotions. Even if you don’t want to talk about what caused your stress, you can simple interact with people such as friends or families to lift up your mood. 

    Do not be afraid to say no 

    Some stressors might be inevitable but there are some of them that you can prevent. You have to learn your limit and boundary. Do not let other people take control of your life and cause you even more stress. Learn to say no and remove anything that can cause you stress. Do not take more than what you can actually handle because every individual has limit. 

    Try relaxing activities

    There are many activities you can try to alleviate your stress. For example, you can try meditation, yoga, or reading books. You don’t have to do it vigorously like oblige yourself to finish one book in a day. Read and do other relaxing activities for 30 or 40 minutes a day and see if it can help you manage your stress better. 

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    How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

    How to Plan Perfect Big Family Getaway in Bali Villas

    Who doesn’t want to spend sunny vacation days in the beautiful Bali? The tropical weather, the stunning beaches, the rolling waves, and the postcard-perfect scenery from its every nooks and crannies makes this island so desirable for vacation. Especially if you take in the leisure days with the family. Choosing family villas in Bali is a smart choice. They come with a slew of advantages that hotel stays rarely do. Combining privacy with comforts and complete resources, villas allow families to spend precious together together while enjoying the conveniences of home.

    However, these trips aren’t without glitches, and they require a little preparation and planning to pull off. Here are some helpful hacks and tips to make a better stay in multi-family vacation rental in Bali. 

    Set Up the Budget

    Are you going to rent a large, 6 bedrooms private villas in Seminyak for example, for extended family getaway? First thing up, set up your budget for the villa rental. Allowing all parties to participate in the vacation rental choosing process will ensure that everyone is happy with the price. There are plenty of Bali family villas budget to choose. Bigger is not always pricier!

    Another option is for the trip planner to choose a location and then contact friends or family to see if they’d want to join in on the adventure. Because the organizer is shouldering the responsibility of planning in this scenario, they have a greater say in the arrangements.

    Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

    Examine the Bali Family Villas Very Carefully

    Not many of vacation rental property owners work full-time on their properties. So, the information you discover in a listing isn’t always accurate, up to date, or true to reality.

    Property images, in particular, can be deceiving; for example, an oceanfront condo may contain beach photos that were not shot from the actual home, or a basement apartment may have a view of the entire house. You can identify such anomalies by reading reviews from previous visitors and contacting the property owner directly.

    More Vacation & Travelling Tips:

    Book Villa Seminyak for a Laid-Back Bali Trip!

    Put Detailed Attention to the Sleeping Arrangements

    You should also be on the lookout for “sleeps X people” numbers that don’t match the amount of bedrooms. If you’re not planning on cramming a couple of people onto a sleep sofa in the living room, these figures should be avoided.

    Plan the Groceries

    Plan the Groceries

    The ability to cook your own food is one of the reason why families love to stay in a villa during their Bali holiday. Rather of eating out or being away from our holiday home, cooking saves you a lot of time and money. Keep the fridge stocked with snacks and drinks. Plan a grocery trip. This reduces the amount of stuff you have to bring, provides a wonderful respite on a road trip, and allows you to sample the local cuisine.

    Select a Rental with Exciting Amenities

    When planning a group trip, choosing a family-friendly vacation rental in Bali with a game room, swimming pool and/or hot tub, bikes, and other entertaining amenities is a great plus. Because entertainment is “built-in” to the setting, it means less packing and planning.

    More Vacation & Travelling Tips:

    Choosing Private Bali Villas for Your Holiday

    Look for Vacation Rental in Bali with Family-Friendly Amenities

    Find a house with a private pool. Swimming is a lot of fun for the kids, and it’s also a lot of fun for the adults of the family! Take a look for vacation rentals with a cinema room, which was a novel experience for everyone. Bunkbeds can be a life-saviour especially if the multi-family has lots of kids and teens. 

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    Important Things To Do Before Raising Capital Through Outside Investors

    Capital is essential for you to grow your business and scale it so that it can reach the fullest potential. And one of the ways many business owners choose to do to raise their capital is by reaching out to outside investors. However, it is not necessarily the most effective way you can do to scale your business. The most important thing to do first is to make sure that your financial is in the right order. 

    Things to do before raising outside capital

    It is important for you to improve your finances and accounting to secure your funding. Only then you can decide whether or not you have tor each out outside investors to scale up your business. And here are important things to do before raising your capitals using the outside sources:

    Improve your business management and operations

    When your business management and operations are not in order, raising capital won’t do anything to it. It won’t correct poor management. Keep in mind that your business’s fundamental and profitability exist with or without outside investment. Treat outside investment as something to help you scale your business and capture greater market share. And when your business management and operation is already good, you can consider scaling your business through outside investors. 

    Make a thorough review of your finances

    Reviewing your finances with professionals is needed so you can look for any issues that need immediate response. If you reach out outside investors with poor finances, or something strange being brought during your meeting with them then it will be a disaster. Before deciding to scaling, make sure that your finances don’t have any issues that affect your business negatively. And a help from professional to review your company’s finance is great because you can make sure you don’t miss anything. 

    Set more realistic goals

    Forecasting is magical because you can predict or estimate how far you can go with your business when you plan on scaling it. However, you need a forecasting in a form of thorough evaluation and reevaluation to know the real situation with your business’s finance and its potential to scale up. It is even better if you do it together with your reliable team. While you can forecast or estimate your business’s future, you should not set your goals too high to reach. Make them reachable through realistic assumptions. 

    Have clear allocation fund

    It is a must for you as business owner to understand the allocation of funds. So you know where the revenue is going and how it benefits your company. This way, you will be able to build strong framework for your finance which makes it more credible in the eyes of outside investors. To know the allocations of funds, you can consider establish documented financial processes. It should include checks and balances. The documents you have can be used to attract outside investors, and make them more confident to trust you and your team will be able to manage the fund they invest in properly.

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    Waigeo Island, Why Should You Go?

    Waisai, the capital of the Raja Ampat Regency, is located on the southern side of Waigeo Island. Waisai has a variety of lodging options, banks and ATMs, cafes, data connections, a hospital, harbor, airport, and government facilities. The town core is a five-minute drive or ojek (motorcycle taxi) ride from the harbor.

    Waigeo Island Indonesia, Why Should You Go?

    If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, fantastic reefs, and untamed wilderness, get out of Waisai! Waigeo’s communities, like those of the other Raja Ampat islands, are located on the coast. The heart of the island is mostly covered with virgin jungle. The woodlands are home to a diverse range of plant and animal life, with biodiversity on par with Raja Ampat’s renowned coastal settings.

    Waigeo island tropical woods are twitcher’s paradise, with the iconic Wilson’s Bird of Paradise being one of just two spots in the world where you may see it.

    However, there’s a lot more to see in Waigeo’s woodlands. There are historic cultural sites, rare mammals such as the Waigeo Cuscus, a diverse array of reptiles, and insects. The lowlands are crisscrossed by large rivers, and the interior’s heights are capped by orchid-draped cloud forests.

    Snorkeling & diving on Waigeo Island

    The southern half of Kabui Bay offers good snorkeling, but West Waigeo Indonesia offers some of the best in Raja Ampat. The reefs surrounding West Waigeo’s isolated islands are unspoiled by day visitors and are truly breathtaking. However, Raja Ampat can be a difficult dive destination, so do your research and find a trustworthy operator.

    Trekking in the jungles around Mayalibit Bay and Waigeo

    Mayalibit Bay is a little-known gem that boasts some genuinely breathtaking views. Especially when passing across the tidally blasted passage that connects the bay to the ocean. Mayalibit’s dark waters protect creatures like the bay’s endangered white dolphins. It’s presently the only site in Raja Ampat where you may view crocodiles if you want to.

    Kabui Bay and Passage

    Between Waigeo’s southwestern shore and Gam Island is Kabui Bay. The southern parts of the bay boast white-sand beaches and beautiful waters, while the northern parts are surrounded by mangroves and packed with karst islands that seem similar to those seen at Wayag.

    Relics related to the origin myth that gave Raja Ampat its name are part of Wawiyai’s cultural heritage. The heights above Wawiyai offer spectacular views of northern Kabui Bay. While the surrounding woodlands are home to a variety of wildlife, bat caves, and ancient burial places.

    Waigeo island phone and internet connection

    It all depends on where you are! Near Waisai, most homestays receive a strong 4G signal and have good internet connections. Others may only get weak and irregular signals, if at all. Location-specific reception information can be found on individual homestay pages.

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    How To Overcome Resistance When Promoting Products

    Running your own business comes with challenges and risks. Sometimes, it comes from anywhere sometimes you have never expected. Hence, building your own resilience as entrepreneur is essential in order to reach your goals. One of the hardest parts of running business is when you introduce your products to your target audience. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to meet resistance from their target audience. And if you have never experienced this, you absolutely will someday. It is important to make yourself a reliable pillar to overcome this situation.

    How To Overcome Resistance When Promoting Products

    Overcoming resistance when promoting products to clients

    It is easy to feel disappointed, sad, and all negativity when you meet resistance during your attempt at promoting your products. Maybe it is not because your product is bad. There maybe some other underlying issues that make you meet such strong resistance, and here are some tips to consider:

    Get a full media training

    It is important for those who plan to dive into entrepreneurial world to get a full media training. With this training, you learn how to handle questions, how to speak in public, how to overcome situations when holding conversation in professional settings, etc. Full media training is useful to help you more capable of handling PR. After getting a full training, make sure to keep practicing. If there is even small interview that barely benefit your business then go for it. it helps a lot in honing on your pitches. 

    Make your own unique stories to attract people

    You need great exposure for your business to be known by many people. However, it is not an easy feat to do because sometimes, press is something difficult to control. You don’t know when they will be on your side, helping you with your business or turn their back on you. However, you can start with creating newsworthy stories that will be an interesting topic to talk about. When your stories attract the press, it leads to more coverage. Don’t be afraid to be stand out and have an opinion and do it with conviction. 

    Build a passionate consumer base

    When you have strong consumer base, it will be easier for you to avoid any resistance when introducing products because they already know your values, mission, and vision. Therefore, it is essential to build consumer base who are passionate and share the same cause, mission, and purpose as you. Gather them and solicit their feedback to make them active participants within the community to deliver your mission. Also, make sure that this community you build is a force of good and or progress in the world. 

    Partner up with other brands

    Another thing you can do to overcome public resistance is to join forces with other like-minded brands outside your industry. However, partner up only with those who share similar values and passion to give back. By joining forces, you have more resources to make bigger coverage. Gaining more press this way can help a lot to get more consumers who are loyal and share the same passion. 

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    The Ultimate Guide to Build A Sustainable Villa in Ubud Bali

    The Ultimate Guide to Build A Sustainable Villa in Ubud Bali

    The little town of Ubud, in the heart of Bali, is one of Asia’s premier sustainability hotspots. This verdant jungle is a lovely blend of traditional tradition and forward-thinking eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s difficult to resist the cultural appeal, gorgeous scenery, and eco-friendliness of Ubud, which is located in the middle of Bali’s lush green jungle. Ubud is also Bali’s spiritual center, and many visitors come here to reconnect with nature while practicing mindfulness. If you own a villa in Ubud and want to appeal to customers who care about the environment, it’s time to make some changes. By making a few modifications, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s some easy way that radically turn your Ubud vacation villas for a more environmentally conscious vacation. 

    Why Sustainability is Good for Both the Nature and Your Villa Ubud Business

    It’s only logical that as a business owner, your primary goal is to increase profits. It is possible to do so while also contributing to eco-tourism and long-term sustainability. If you think that’s a difficult goal to have, you might want to reconsider. Making your vacation rental more sustainable is actually a lot easier than you would think. Today, there are a plethora of options for lodging. Travelers may be spoiled for choice, but if you want your home to stand out, start by making it more environmentally friendly.

    Make Travelers Feels Less Guilty on Their Vacation 

    Holidays don’t have to be a time of overindulgence and waste. Travelers are eager to stay in eco-friendly residences. These characteristics provide them confidence that they’re not adding to their carbon footprint while still enjoying a fun holiday. Sustainable and eco-friendly vacation rental in Ubud are in high demand among holidaymakers. Making your villa Ubud eco-friendly is not only good for business; it also helps Mother Earth leave a smaller carbon imprint, which is good for everyone. Examine your rental to identify where you may save money, help the environment, and potentially lower your risks.

    8 Ways to Build Eco-Friendly Villa in Ubud

    8 Ways to Build Eco-Friendly Villa in Ubud

    Including environmentally friendly methods in your vacation rental facilities will help you save money. Transforming your short-term rental property into something more environmentally conscious is not excessively expensive. Here are some ideas for adding eco-friendly vacation rental facilities to your Ubud vacation rental.

    Change Facilities to Energy-Saving Appliences

    Refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and air conditioners are just a few of the appliances now available in energy-efficient models. Before you buy, check to see if the appliances have the Energy Star label. This means the units can assist save energy without impacting the appliance’s functionality.

    Use LED Bulbs for Lighting

    Use LED Bulbs for Lighting

    Although they are initially more expensive than standard halogen lights, they produce 70 to 90% less heat. These types of bulbs are safer for your guests and less expensive in the long run. LED bulbs have been proven to last up to 17 years if just used for 8 hours per day.

    Put More Real Plants In and Around Your Ubud Villas

    Plants purify indoor air by raising humidity, absorbing pollutants, and creating oxygen, according to studies. They also exude a strong environmentally conscious atmosphere that your guests will appreciate. Take some pictures of your green space to include in your listing. According to Airbnb, “plus” hosts have listed their property as “natural” and “green” thousands of times in the last few years. Plants are where design meets the natural world, where eco-conscious travelers can be found.

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    Switch to Eco-Friendly Toiletries

    Switch to Eco-Friendly Toiletries

    Single-use toiletry goods are damaging and costly vacation rental amenity, according to the hospitality industry. Their purchase lowers revenue, and their manufacture and disposal are harmful to the environment. Switch to refillable soap and lotions containers, organic soap bars, bamboo toothbrush, and bamboo cotton buds. Aim for zero waste! Not only will they look better in your Ubud’s kitchens and bathrooms, but buying in quantity is also better for the environment.

    Source from Locally-Made Goods

    Purchase locally produced goods such as coffee beans, detergents, and soaps, which are unquestionably less expensive than imported brands. When you buy locally, you lower your carbon footprint because you won’t have to drive beyond the area to get your products. You also don’t have to order from online retailers or websites, which saves you money on delivery.

    Save More Water 

    In all of your bathrooms, install low-flow showerheads. Although this sort of showerhead has no effect on water pressure, it can nevertheless save water when compared to normal showerheads. You can save money on your monthly water costs by following these water conservation suggestions, just like you can save money on your energy bills by utilizing energy-efficient equipment.

    Provide Compostable Trash Bags & Composter Outside the Private Villa Ubud

    If you have a yard or a garden on your private villa Ubud, try to incorporate a compost pile. People who are concerned about the environment will undoubtedly be impressed with your vacation rental and may even recommend it to their friends and relatives. Replace conventional plastic garbage bags with compostable biodegradable bags. It takes 3 to 6 months for biodegradable certified compostable garbage bags to disintegrate.

    More Villa & Vacation Rental Business

    Optimising Google Vacation Rental for Your Bali Holiday Villas!

    Have More Recycle Bins Around 

    One of the simplest eco-friendly changes you can make to your house is to install a recycle bin. With a simple sign, visitors will know which materials are acceptable for disposal in the trashcan. It’s a sensible idea to maintain the place clean while also giving your visitors a variety of trash-sorting options. As a result, separate containers for biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable, and food trash should be provided. Your guests will have a clear grasp of how to separate their trash in this manner.

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    Draw The Traffic Back To Your Store After Pandemic

    Slowly, the world is moving back to normal even though nothing will truly be like how it was before and we call it a new normal instead to move on. For brick-and-mortar stores, it is time to draw customer back in so they can open business like usual and let their customer safely shop again. Many people are not getting comfortable with online service where they can shop with only few clicks here and there. Hence, it is pretty challenging for you to draw them back in. And here are some things to consider to successfully increase the traffic of your physical store:

    Improve your customer service

    Today, consumers feel more relatable to brand who deliver impressive customer service, making them feel appreciated and happy. Bringing back customers from the internet world space to your physical store starts with an improve customer service. You don’t have to go for big movements if you cannot afford it yet. Instead, go for small details but matters for your customers such as clean sales area, welcoming smile from staffs, and friendly attitude with professional service.

    Offer special discounts

    When passing through stores, people tend to get drawn into shop that offer special discount. Hence, this can be a good way for you to increase the traffic of your physical store. Make the discount worth your customer’s struggles to come and visit your store in person. By offering special discounts, your customers might get temped to buy multiple products in one visit. 

    Create safe environment for shopping

    This pandemic is slowly contained and people start to move back to normal mobility. However, safety and hygiene are still the main concerns. Hence, you need to improve your hygiene protocol. Make sure to make it clear and meet the standard. Keep your cleaning policy during pandemic even if the situation today is getting better. This way, your customers can see how dedicated you are in creating safe environment for them to shop. 

    Offer special services for direct visit only

    It is such a tempting idea to offer special services that you can only offer through direct visit to your shop. Hence, your customers know that to get it, they have to come and visit your store in person instead. If you also have online platform for your shop, make sure to promote this special offer through it. Hence, people who were about to shop online know about the offer and make their decision. 

    Extend opening and closing hours

    In some cities and regions, the rules have been loosen up so store can operate regularly. And you can go beyond regular hours. Extend your store opening and closing hours so people can make their own decision of when to visit your store. In this pandemic, many customers like to shop in person with less crowd. Hence, extended store hours offer them opportunity to not get bumped into too many other people. However, always make sure that this plan still align with your local laws so you won’t get any troubles in the future.

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    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Padar Island is a small island off the coast of India With its amazing natural environment, Labuan Bajo is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s top islands. The list of things to say about Flores Island’s beauty is infinite. With its amazing natural landscape, this island is one of the greatest tourist locations when sailing Komodo tours. Padar is a small island in Komodo National Park, but it is the park’s third-largest island, and it was once home to the giant dragons that gave the reserve its name. This island is one of the greatest in the Komodo National Park area, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Location & Topography of Padar Island

    Padar Island is the Komodo National Park’s third-largest island. Padar Island, in comparison to Rinca Island, is less well-known. This island, nevertheless, remains a really unusual Indonesian island.

    The island’s morphology is rugged, with deep-sea volcanic mountains and hills that face deep sea bays. Padar has a dry environment, and the island is cover in bushes and grassland trees, producing attractive savannah hill conditions.

    There is also beach sand that is gray and pink in color. Don’t miss out on the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the sea around the island while you’re here.

    This beautiful island is only a short distance from Rinca Island. The Leech Strait is the sole thing that separates Padar and Rinca Island.

    The current in the Leech Strait is extremely powerful. To get to Padar from Labuan Bajo, tourists either rent a boat or use a speed boat.

    Exploring Padar

    If you only have a short time on Padar Island, it will be unsatisfying. To be satisfied while going on Padar island tour, travelers should plan on spending 3 to 4 days there.

    To visit this island as a tourist, you must have extra energy and physical preparedness.

    We are quite fortunate because, despite its location within the Komodo Island National Park, our island is devoid of Komodo dragons.

    As a result, travel can trip without fear. The breathtaking view of the landscape of the green hills is the main attraction on this island.

    Once again, this advice and travels to the lovely Island necessitate not just a strong physique, but also the best mental preparation possible.

    What is the reason for this? You’ll have to travel a long distance to the peak of Padar Island. Uphill trekking with a 45-degree slope will be completed.

    There are no stairs with safety ropes that can be utilized to reach the top of the Gili Padar hill.

    As a result, hikers must use extreme caution when traversing this path. Furthermore, the route is slick, rocky, and even dirty.

    If you wear improper shoes, your chances of slipping increase even more.

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