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Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack


Indonesia features some of the top diving spots in the world. Some are inaccessible by land, while others are located in isolated national parks and protected areas. A popular way to dive and explore these Bali dive destinations is on a Komodo diving liveaboard. Those on their first boat charter Bali should be aware that they will be shut off from land for the duration of the trip. Despite the fact that modern boats supply more than just basic necessities like electricity and food. ou’ll still need to bring certain everyday basics to be clean, healthy, and comfortable.

Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack

Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

Diving Equipment

Apart from tanks, liveaboards rarely supply diving equipment. Nonetheless, renting all of the equipment from your dive facility or dive operator can be readily arranged so that you don’t have to carry any. Many divers, on the other hand, prefer to use their own equipment. Private Bali liveaboard diving is indeed widely available and an opportunity for tourists to find and compare if you want to get diving equipment facilities.

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Prepare 2 wetsuits

Although some may argue that having only one dry wetsuit to put on is more convenient, there is no reason to have two. Check with your diving or tour operator for general weather and temperature information, and bring one wetsuit of appropriate thickness. Extra layers of thermal protection are also a good idea.

Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

Pack your clothes

You don’t need to bring dozens of outfits with you. Bali liveaboard diving is supposed to be restful. While you will be meeting new people on the boat, it is acceptable to dress casually all of the time. You’ll only need a couple of pairs of slacks, t-shirts, your swimsuit, and a warm (fleece) jacket. It’s crucial to remember that, even if the dive sites are in tropical settings, numerous days of diving will cause your body temperature to drop, necessitating the use of a jacket.


If you take medication, make sure you have it with you. When going to some countries, it’s a good idea to bring a copy of the prescription with you, both for resupply and in case the customs agents are curious. Because you will most likely undertake three to four dives each day while on a liveaboard, we strongly advise you to bring antibiotic ear drops. Any scuba diver can have an ear infection, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fantastic dives because of it.

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