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Language Barrier In Business Industry


The work revolution has significantly happened in this few years. More particularly, the global pandemic has force it to happen even faster so we are in remote work environment today. With this situation, it is more possible for every organization to reach out more global to expand their markets. By aiming for global talent, you can build more potential to expand your business. Meanwhile, some organizations are still in the process of considering this idea of hiring global talent and the major cause is language barrier. 

Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

Language barrier can be a major issue in some occasion. Even during a trip to unfamiliar place, you cannot communicate effectively with language barrier. However, it is not something impossible to solve. Also, the potential you get from going global can be bigger than the hassle coming from language barrier. Language is a major tool for communication but there are many ways in which you can build effective communication even with language barrier. 

Hunting for skilled resources outside of your resident country can be beneficial even though you must consider many other factors before fully tapping into it. However, do not let language barrier the thing that make you stop from reaching out global resources. It is possible to facilitate open communication policy with the right help and approach. 

When hiring non-native speakers, there are many factors many organization take into consideration. For example the translator. It is kind of challenging to keep translator around and to be on-hand in every business conversation and meeting. This is indeed a challenging thing to consider. However, keep in mind that technology keeps growing and you should take advantage of it. To handle this problem, you can consider using an AI translator that provide real-time translation to help remove language barriers within global business. You can hold a conversation with non-native speaker employees through virtual meetings without so much hassle. 

Even though the accuracy of those AI real-time translation is not 100 percent. It has reached to 90 percent so it is not impossible to get to 100 percent accuracy at this pace. You can variety of tools such as Siri or Alexa to help translating the words by identifying the language before translating them into spoken language pretty quick. For small business, this kind of AI real-time translation can help a lot. Integrate technology into the process to make everything goes smoothly. 

You still need professional conference interpreter for bigger occasions such as global conferences and events. It is also important to remember that the chance of miscommunication or confusion may still occur even when you hire professional interpreter because language has its own nuances and cultural references. However, it should not discourage you to tap into global talent pools because it should not be limited in certain regions or cities as long as the talents have the right skill sets that will benefit your business, especially if you aim for your business to be a multinational corporation with large resources in the global markets. 

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