When to Consider a 4-Season Hammock Tarp Camping


Hammock tarp camping needs some work in planning.

When going camping with hammock, choosing your very own hammock is only half the battle. You’re going to need to consider several factors, especially when you’re just starting out hammock camping.

If you’re just starting out and you’re just testing out hammock camping, then it is a great idea to

Do you need maximum tarp protection?

A four season hammock tarp offers maximum tarp protection akin to a tent for hammock camping.

Hammock tarps can be extremely versatile, depending on your needs. It can be a cover for when it is raining and you’re cooking or currently in need of the fire.

Of course, on top of the tarp’s main function to protect you from the weather and climate when you’re resting in your hammock.

The 4-season hammock is the largest hammock commonly available in the industry. The 4-season hammock gives you full coverage that is set up to engulf you and your hammock.

They are designed with a flap that also acts as a door.

Harsh climate, wind, unpredictable weather, and winter

4-season hammock tarp

The number one factor in choosing a tarp for hammock camping would be the need for protection from the elements.

The asymmetrical hammock and the diamond hammocks, for example, don’t offer you protection to the extent of what a full coverage tarp would.

Winters would be the main reason why you would need a full coverage tarp for your hammock.

Researching your hammock camping destination

Plan, plan, plan.

Planning is key.

While over-planning can lead to headache, lack of planning leads to disaster. Researching your destination is extremely important.

Know that having important information about the entirety of your trip is crucial. For instance, the place you’re going to go hammocking to may have updated their regulations or policy about hammock camping.

You may not even be allowed hammock-camping anymore. The little things like this can make such a huge impact on your hammocking experience.

This is also the case when considering hammock tarp camping. Would the weather allows you to have a lighter tarp setup? Or does it require you to absolutely have a 4-season tarp setup?

For a smooth outdoor experience, there are no more excuses for not researching your destinations well.

Personal preferences matter a lot

Even though your destination does not require you to use a 4 season hammock tarp camping, you may find that you need a tarp that provides you with better coverage.

For instance, privacy is a huge factor that may influence your choice for choosing the tarp. Know your very own preferences. And it may just be that the full 4-season hammock would suit you better when you’re just starting out.

The feel of a proper tent with the comfort of hammocking

The full-coverage or 4-season hammock tarp camping offers you the best of both worlds. One of the main concerns of campers thinking of converting to hammocks would be the familiarity of it.

It may be that you’re going to need a more familiar setup—which may include a 4-season hammock tarp.

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