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Should I Considering About the Age of A House Before Buying It?


All of what we have been built before must be had an age. So does the property that may interesting you to be yours. But, why people are less to talk about this before? I have met many people and businessmen but they don’t even bother when not to talk about the age of what they are going to sell.

For me, knowing the age of property is also vital. You can know the value of it if you have known the histories of the property.

Thinking about the age of a house before buying it

If it has been used as the special event in the past by the famous people, its value may increased. But at the same time, knowing the age of property is also to finds out how many changes has it got until today and whether you will need to renovates it later or not.

Today, you can even possible to finds out how old the house is if you have a mortgage. Or you can even knowing it online through searching it online or visiting site like the landregistry.gov.uk if you are at United Kingdom.

Why it is important to know the age of property?

As the age of property are rare to talk about between the buyers and the marketing or selling agents, or even if they will talk about that, there will only a little information to know about.

But basically, knowing the age of a property is also important so you can know all of the advantages and disadvantages the property is bringing.

The first reason why you need to looking for the age of the house you are going to buy is to to know if the used materials for the house are still strong enough to support the building.

Sometimes, there are people who are suggesting that the best and safer maximum age of a house is not longer than 50 years old. Especially when you are at the country or region that is gradually often get an earthquake or the flood and landslide. Then you need the stronger structure for the property.

Secondly, the old age of property may need some important renovation. You may will need to tear down the certain wall in the room and changing it totally by building the new one.

If you will be get the property with such renovation, then it means that you will have to spend more money on your property while you can’t be living comfortably inside for the next days or even weeks because you will need to restore the some parts of the building.

Last but not least, age of the property can also be a clue that will be telling us about the design trend at year it was built. Knowing this, it may will help you to determine whether the structure, design, and all related architectural style aspects are ecological friendly enough for you or not in case you are trying to find the energy-efficient house in town that can make your living become more environmentally friendly as well as economical in the same time.

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