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Waigeo Island, Why Should You Go?


Waisai, the capital of the Raja Ampat Regency, is located on the southern side of Waigeo Island. Waisai has a variety of lodging options, banks and ATMs, cafes, data connections, a hospital, harbor, airport, and government facilities. The town core is a five-minute drive or ojek (motorcycle taxi) ride from the harbor.

Waigeo Island Indonesia, Why Should You Go?

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches, fantastic reefs, and untamed wilderness, get out of Waisai! Waigeo’s communities, like those of the other Raja Ampat islands, are located on the coast. The heart of the island is mostly covered with virgin jungle. The woodlands are home to a diverse range of plant and animal life, with biodiversity on par with Raja Ampat’s renowned coastal settings.

Waigeo island tropical woods are twitcher’s paradise, with the iconic Wilson’s Bird of Paradise being one of just two spots in the world where you may see it.

However, there’s a lot more to see in Waigeo’s woodlands. There are historic cultural sites, rare mammals such as the Waigeo Cuscus, a diverse array of reptiles, and insects. The lowlands are crisscrossed by large rivers, and the interior’s heights are capped by orchid-draped cloud forests.

Snorkeling & diving on Waigeo Island

The southern half of Kabui Bay offers good snorkeling, but West Waigeo Indonesia offers some of the best in Raja Ampat. The reefs surrounding West Waigeo’s isolated islands are unspoiled by day visitors and are truly breathtaking. However, Raja Ampat can be a difficult dive destination, so do your research and find a trustworthy operator.

Trekking in the jungles around Mayalibit Bay and Waigeo

Mayalibit Bay is a little-known gem that boasts some genuinely breathtaking views. Especially when passing across the tidally blasted passage that connects the bay to the ocean. Mayalibit’s dark waters protect creatures like the bay’s endangered white dolphins. It’s presently the only site in Raja Ampat where you may view crocodiles if you want to.

Kabui Bay and Passage

Between Waigeo’s southwestern shore and Gam Island is Kabui Bay. The southern parts of the bay boast white-sand beaches and beautiful waters, while the northern parts are surrounded by mangroves and packed with karst islands that seem similar to those seen at Wayag.

Relics related to the origin myth that gave Raja Ampat its name are part of Wawiyai’s cultural heritage. The heights above Wawiyai offer spectacular views of northern Kabui Bay. While the surrounding woodlands are home to a variety of wildlife, bat caves, and ancient burial places.

Waigeo island phone and internet connection

It all depends on where you are! Near Waisai, most homestays receive a strong 4G signal and have good internet connections. Others may only get weak and irregular signals, if at all. Location-specific reception information can be found on individual homestay pages.

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