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How To Overcome Resistance When Promoting Products


Running your own business comes with challenges and risks. Sometimes, it comes from anywhere sometimes you have never expected. Hence, building your own resilience as entrepreneur is essential in order to reach your goals. One of the hardest parts of running business is when you introduce your products to your target audience. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to meet resistance from their target audience. And if you have never experienced this, you absolutely will someday. It is important to make yourself a reliable pillar to overcome this situation.

How To Overcome Resistance When Promoting Products

Overcoming resistance when promoting products to clients

It is easy to feel disappointed, sad, and all negativity when you meet resistance during your attempt at promoting your products. Maybe it is not because your product is bad. There maybe some other underlying issues that make you meet such strong resistance, and here are some tips to consider:

Get a full media training

It is important for those who plan to dive into entrepreneurial world to get a full media training. With this training, you learn how to handle questions, how to speak in public, how to overcome situations when holding conversation in professional settings, etc. Full media training is useful to help you more capable of handling PR. After getting a full training, make sure to keep practicing. If there is even small interview that barely benefit your business then go for it. it helps a lot in honing on your pitches. 

Make your own unique stories to attract people

You need great exposure for your business to be known by many people. However, it is not an easy feat to do because sometimes, press is something difficult to control. You don’t know when they will be on your side, helping you with your business or turn their back on you. However, you can start with creating newsworthy stories that will be an interesting topic to talk about. When your stories attract the press, it leads to more coverage. Don’t be afraid to be stand out and have an opinion and do it with conviction. 

Build a passionate consumer base

When you have strong consumer base, it will be easier for you to avoid any resistance when introducing products because they already know your values, mission, and vision. Therefore, it is essential to build consumer base who are passionate and share the same cause, mission, and purpose as you. Gather them and solicit their feedback to make them active participants within the community to deliver your mission. Also, make sure that this community you build is a force of good and or progress in the world. 

Partner up with other brands

Another thing you can do to overcome public resistance is to join forces with other like-minded brands outside your industry. However, partner up only with those who share similar values and passion to give back. By joining forces, you have more resources to make bigger coverage. Gaining more press this way can help a lot to get more consumers who are loyal and share the same passion. 

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