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    Draw The Traffic Back To Your Store After Pandemic

    Slowly, the world is moving back to normal even though nothing will truly be like how it was before and we call it a new normal instead to move on. For brick-and-mortar stores, it is time to draw customer back in so they can open business like usual and let their customer safely shop again. Many people are not getting comfortable with online service where they can shop with only few clicks here and there. Hence, it is pretty challenging for you to draw them back in. And here are some things to consider to successfully increase the traffic of your physical store:

    Improve your customer service

    Today, consumers feel more relatable to brand who deliver impressive customer service, making them feel appreciated and happy. Bringing back customers from the internet world space to your physical store starts with an improve customer service. You don’t have to go for big movements if you cannot afford it yet. Instead, go for small details but matters for your customers such as clean sales area, welcoming smile from staffs, and friendly attitude with professional service.

    Offer special discounts

    When passing through stores, people tend to get drawn into shop that offer special discount. Hence, this can be a good way for you to increase the traffic of your physical store. Make the discount worth your customer’s struggles to come and visit your store in person. By offering special discounts, your customers might get temped to buy multiple products in one visit. 

    Create safe environment for shopping

    This pandemic is slowly contained and people start to move back to normal mobility. However, safety and hygiene are still the main concerns. Hence, you need to improve your hygiene protocol. Make sure to make it clear and meet the standard. Keep your cleaning policy during pandemic even if the situation today is getting better. This way, your customers can see how dedicated you are in creating safe environment for them to shop. 

    Offer special services for direct visit only

    It is such a tempting idea to offer special services that you can only offer through direct visit to your shop. Hence, your customers know that to get it, they have to come and visit your store in person instead. If you also have online platform for your shop, make sure to promote this special offer through it. Hence, people who were about to shop online know about the offer and make their decision. 

    Extend opening and closing hours

    In some cities and regions, the rules have been loosen up so store can operate regularly. And you can go beyond regular hours. Extend your store opening and closing hours so people can make their own decision of when to visit your store. In this pandemic, many customers like to shop in person with less crowd. Hence, extended store hours offer them opportunity to not get bumped into too many other people. However, always make sure that this plan still align with your local laws so you won’t get any troubles in the future.

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    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Padar Island is a small island off the coast of India With its amazing natural environment, Labuan Bajo is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s top islands. The list of things to say about Flores Island’s beauty is infinite. With its amazing natural landscape, this island is one of the greatest tourist locations when sailing Komodo tours. Padar is a small island in Komodo National Park, but it is the park’s third-largest island, and it was once home to the giant dragons that gave the reserve its name. This island is one of the greatest in the Komodo National Park area, and it is becoming increasingly popular.

    Padar Island, Exotic Paradise in Komodo National Park

    Location & Topography of Padar Island

    Padar Island is the Komodo National Park’s third-largest island. Padar Island, in comparison to Rinca Island, is less well-known. This island, nevertheless, remains a really unusual Indonesian island.

    The island’s morphology is rugged, with deep-sea volcanic mountains and hills that face deep sea bays. Padar has a dry environment, and the island is cover in bushes and grassland trees, producing attractive savannah hill conditions.

    There is also beach sand that is gray and pink in color. Don’t miss out on the scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities in the sea around the island while you’re here.

    This beautiful island is only a short distance from Rinca Island. The Leech Strait is the sole thing that separates Padar and Rinca Island.

    The current in the Leech Strait is extremely powerful. To get to Padar from Labuan Bajo, tourists either rent a boat or use a speed boat.

    Exploring Padar

    If you only have a short time on Padar Island, it will be unsatisfying. To be satisfied while going on Padar island tour, travelers should plan on spending 3 to 4 days there.

    To visit this island as a tourist, you must have extra energy and physical preparedness.

    We are quite fortunate because, despite its location within the Komodo Island National Park, our island is devoid of Komodo dragons.

    As a result, travel can trip without fear. The breathtaking view of the landscape of the green hills is the main attraction on this island.

    Once again, this advice and travels to the lovely Island necessitate not just a strong physique, but also the best mental preparation possible.

    What is the reason for this? You’ll have to travel a long distance to the peak of Padar Island. Uphill trekking with a 45-degree slope will be completed.

    There are no stairs with safety ropes that can be utilized to reach the top of the Gili Padar hill.

    As a result, hikers must use extreme caution when traversing this path. Furthermore, the route is slick, rocky, and even dirty.

    If you wear improper shoes, your chances of slipping increase even more.

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    Language Barrier In Business Industry

    The work revolution has significantly happened in this few years. More particularly, the global pandemic has force it to happen even faster so we are in remote work environment today. With this situation, it is more possible for every organization to reach out more global to expand their markets. By aiming for global talent, you can build more potential to expand your business. Meanwhile, some organizations are still in the process of considering this idea of hiring global talent and the major cause is language barrier. 

    Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

    Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

    Language barrier can be a major issue in some occasion. Even during a trip to unfamiliar place, you cannot communicate effectively with language barrier. However, it is not something impossible to solve. Also, the potential you get from going global can be bigger than the hassle coming from language barrier. Language is a major tool for communication but there are many ways in which you can build effective communication even with language barrier. 

    Hunting for skilled resources outside of your resident country can be beneficial even though you must consider many other factors before fully tapping into it. However, do not let language barrier the thing that make you stop from reaching out global resources. It is possible to facilitate open communication policy with the right help and approach. 

    When hiring non-native speakers, there are many factors many organization take into consideration. For example the translator. It is kind of challenging to keep translator around and to be on-hand in every business conversation and meeting. This is indeed a challenging thing to consider. However, keep in mind that technology keeps growing and you should take advantage of it. To handle this problem, you can consider using an AI translator that provide real-time translation to help remove language barriers within global business. You can hold a conversation with non-native speaker employees through virtual meetings without so much hassle. 

    Even though the accuracy of those AI real-time translation is not 100 percent. It has reached to 90 percent so it is not impossible to get to 100 percent accuracy at this pace. You can variety of tools such as Siri or Alexa to help translating the words by identifying the language before translating them into spoken language pretty quick. For small business, this kind of AI real-time translation can help a lot. Integrate technology into the process to make everything goes smoothly. 

    You still need professional conference interpreter for bigger occasions such as global conferences and events. It is also important to remember that the chance of miscommunication or confusion may still occur even when you hire professional interpreter because language has its own nuances and cultural references. However, it should not discourage you to tap into global talent pools because it should not be limited in certain regions or cities as long as the talents have the right skill sets that will benefit your business, especially if you aim for your business to be a multinational corporation with large resources in the global markets. 

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    5 Ideas of Stunning Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    5 Ideas of Stunning Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    Updating outside spaces in your luxury villa rental Bali not only allows visitors to enjoy the property better, but also contributes to its overall appeal. Outdoor areas, when properly-designed, provide an area to share with loved ones as well as a quiet location to enjoy with a book and a beverage. Furthermore, outdoor locations photograph well and give excellent vistas of neighboring countryside. So, if you’re ready to make a statement, here are some ideas for upgrading your outside spaces that guests will love.

    Build Pretty Patio Diners in the Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    One of the great pleasures of travel is dining out. But the finest holiday memories are frequently made at a private table prepared for you and your crew, complete with fresh air, stunning views, and something tasty right off the grill. Whether it’s a fully equipped outdoor kitchen or a dinner table with a view of the ocean, there’s something for everyone.

    Even if your Bali villas don’t perched atop of a hill with wonderful vistas, outdoor dining area is still nice to have. 

    Relaxed Outdoor Sitting Room

    Relaxed Outdoor Sitting Room

    While the living room is the natural meeting place for indoor events, you can create the same comfortable environment outside to entice guests of your to the patio. It’s simple to figure out what furniture items you’ll need if you turn to your living room for ideas. Outdoor sitting, like interior seating, should be comfortable. The focus should be plush couches and chairs (even a sectional, if you have the room!).

    Allow the sun to do the most of the job in terms of lighting. Make use of outside string lights and lanterns at night to provide a pleasant glow. Invest in excellent cushions to cover any furniture made of hard materials like stone, concrete, or wood to make your backyard space seem pleasant. Also, keep sitting pads and furniture covered during bad weather to keep them in good condition.

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    Swim Up Bars 

    Want to go all upscale in your luxury Bali vacation rental? Build a swim up bar. Guests would love the opportunity to booze up and soak in the pool at the same time. Let guests experience the utmost in leisure, which means you don’t want to get out of the water and go to the bar to get a drink. 

    Provide Shades and Covers in Some Corners

    Awnings and umbrellas improve visitor comfort when spending time outside, especially during the warmer months. For added shade, install a retractable awning and place huge umbrellas over tables and chairs. This is especially essential in places with a lot of sun and metal furniture, as metal tends to suck in heat. Everyone benefits from shade since it keeps them cool and shields them from the sun’s damaging rays.

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    Build A Beautiful Path Leading to Your Luxury Bali Villa Rental

    Create a simple way for guests to arrive and depart from your Bali villas from aesthetically arranged garden. Walkways, smooth stone stairs, sidewalks, and wheelchair ramps are all possibilities. Create routes that travel from one place to another, such as from the automobile to the front entrance. As they are not walking over grass, sand, or mud, this provides a safe path for guests and helps to keep things clean.

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    Handling Money When Your Business Is Going Well

    Handling your finance while building your own business are challenging. In the beginning, you are struggling to even gain steady income. And when after few years your business taking off, you may be wondering what to do with all the money you have earned with all hard work. Every individual may have their own priorities so they use different approach when it comes to this situation. Some of them pay their debt right away while others try to jump up to meet new supply? Which is right and wrong?

    Basically, there is no really right or wrong in this case. The money you have earned is yours so you can literally do anything you want. However, it is common for business owners and entrepreneurs alike to feel responsible with their spending. They try harder to gain more income in hope of their savings to be overflowing in the next few years. However, it is not only the what really happens and some of them wondering why their savings are just stagnant after working like crazy. So what’s the wrong point here?

    Tips on handling your money when your business going well

    Let go of any guilt or shame just because you cannot handle a large influx of money well. You maybe wondering why you were so good at handling limited money during your struggling days back then. But when you gain an influx of money, you feel blank out of what to do. There is no shame on this because it is normal to experience. Let go of those feelings and focus more on objective things for your finance. The faster you process the excitement and panic of having a good influx, the quicker you find your financial stability.

    Make your own list

    Once you overcome your panic, start making a list of what you are earning and what you are spending. Print the documents if necessary so you can assess them better. Look at your bank statement and credit card statement and start the analysis. When taking notes of your income and spending, do not hurriedly make judgement of what you should and should not be spending money on anything in particular yet. 

    Make another list consists of your desires

    After listing your income and spending objectively, it is time for you to list all your desires. What considered desire is not only about buying new house, car, or high-end items. Your desire also include paying off your debt, building up retirement savings, savings for your kids’ education, or planning on a vacation. With this list, you know what your real goals are, so you don’t confuse anymore on where to channel your money.

    Consider a help from professionals

    If you still don’t really know how to handle your money even after mapping out everything, might as well consider a help from professionals. It can be overwhelming to be an entrepreneur with six-figures (or more) income. Make sure to choose the right financial team to help you save time in managing your money.

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    Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack

    Indonesia features some of the top diving spots in the world. Some are inaccessible by land, while others are located in isolated national parks and protected areas. A popular way to dive and explore these Bali dive destinations is on a Komodo diving liveaboard. Those on their first boat charter Bali should be aware that they will be shut off from land for the duration of the trip. Despite the fact that modern boats supply more than just basic necessities like electricity and food. ou’ll still need to bring certain everyday basics to be clean, healthy, and comfortable.

    Bali Liveaboard Diving And What To Pack

    Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

    Diving Equipment

    Apart from tanks, liveaboards rarely supply diving equipment. Nonetheless, renting all of the equipment from your dive facility or dive operator can be readily arranged so that you don’t have to carry any. Many divers, on the other hand, prefer to use their own equipment. Private Bali liveaboard diving is indeed widely available and an opportunity for tourists to find and compare if you want to get diving equipment facilities.

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    Prepare 2 wetsuits

    Although some may argue that having only one dry wetsuit to put on is more convenient, there is no reason to have two. Check with your diving or tour operator for general weather and temperature information, and bring one wetsuit of appropriate thickness. Extra layers of thermal protection are also a good idea.

    Things To Pack On Bali liveaboard diving

    Pack your clothes

    You don’t need to bring dozens of outfits with you. Bali liveaboard diving is supposed to be restful. While you will be meeting new people on the boat, it is acceptable to dress casually all of the time. You’ll only need a couple of pairs of slacks, t-shirts, your swimsuit, and a warm (fleece) jacket. It’s crucial to remember that, even if the dive sites are in tropical settings, numerous days of diving will cause your body temperature to drop, necessitating the use of a jacket.


    If you take medication, make sure you have it with you. When going to some countries, it’s a good idea to bring a copy of the prescription with you, both for resupply and in case the customs agents are curious. Because you will most likely undertake three to four dives each day while on a liveaboard, we strongly advise you to bring antibiotic ear drops. Any scuba diver can have an ear infection, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fantastic dives because of it.

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    Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

    Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

    Fighting for consumer attention is now common in business industry. With the rise of internet, it provides easier access. However, it is getting predictable for how social media works today with the competition. Brands with large followings can potentially leverage a larger audience. Meanwhile, smaller brands may need to face even harder fight. 

    How to bolster your online brand influence

    Keep in mind that internet is not limited to social media platforms. It is larger than that so you can take advantage of what’s best for your brand to shine such as content marketing, paid ads, and other online advertising campaigns. The most important thing to do is how to use the right strategies, with the right platforms and tools, to reach out the right customers, so you can increase your online brand influence effectively.

    How to bolster your online brand influence

    Consider leveraging social media platforms

    When it comes to boosting your online brand’s presence, social media is still the king. It is the biggest and most impactful tool for you to leverage to benefit your business. There are different platforms to choose from and you can pick the one that will be able to deliver your message keep in mind to put the best message that reflect your brand’s values. Social media platforms can help garner attention as well as inform your followers of your business’s mission.

    Create your brand ambassadors

    You don’t have to hire influencers or famous celebrities to be your brand ambassadors. You can let your own employees become one by letting them create Twitter account which include their names and the company brand. You can simply let them speak in the name of the brand through their account. Let them interact with the followers in casual or professional ways to create more engagement. It would such a powerful way to boost your online brand’s presence.

    Consider a unique, valuable custom product

    Having a unique, valuable custom product is one of the best and easiest way to be a successful business online. It is because you can be the only one who provide this product so the influence it creates will only come to your brand. However, make sure to plan this well so you won’t just create random product. 

    Serve your customer with hospitality

    Customer experience truly matters for your business. Hence, it is a must to create positive customer experience when your customers doing business with you. Make every online interaction enjoyable for them. As the result, they will tell other people their excellent experience without being asked. They will give positive reviews and testimonials more willingly. 

    Be more active to share without being asked

    You are the expert of what you do so do not hesitate to share what you know because your knowledge is valuable. The audience will appreciate a lot when you do it without even being asked. You can simply leave comments or compliments on posts. Be genuinely helpful and people will come to you willingly and loyally. 

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    5 Cheap Places in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022

    5 Cheapest Place in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022
    Image credit: Instagram @backpackertampan

    Forget Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and Canggu. While those are five hottest places in Bali for tourism, property prices in these areas have sky-rocketed and are almost reserved for the big investors only. Looking for cheap Bali real estate for sale in these area needs endless patience and wide connections. In short, it’s quite difficult especially for first-time investors.

    It’s time to reach to other areas of Bali that are now start to brim with thriving tourism. Like everywhere else, hot and popular locations in Bali are more costly than others. Unless you don’t need to budget at all, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “What’s the cheapest place in Bali to live?”

    Here are our recommendation of top 5 cheap areas to purchase real estate for sale in Bali for your next investment in 2022. 

    Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali 

    Over the last few years, Indonesia has experienced sustained economic development and a moderate but steady increase in the cost of housing. However, local variables play a significant role. The property market in your selected location of Bali may differ significantly from that on the opposite side of the island. That is why some local research is essential to assist you understand the property market in the area where you are considering purchasing a cheap real estate for sale in Bali.  

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    Pererenan, the Next Canggu

    Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali
    Image credit: Instagram @visualaerialservice

    Pererenan Beach, the bookend of the stretch of golden sand of south-west Bali that begins near the airport, is rapidly changing. Villas and other structures sprout amid the fading rice fields, all the way to Tanah Lot road. It will soon be indistinguishable from the Echo Beach neighborhood. The laid-back Pererenan beach, the most northern of the Canggu area’s beaches, is the next target for development. Near the tanned sands and good waves, villas, guesthouses, and beach bars may be found. It’s a short 300-meter walk west from Echo Beach, through sand and rock formations.

    Balangan, Uluwatu’s Cheaper Alternative

    Close to Uluwatu, Balangan is located in southern Bali. It’s one of the greatest surf locations in the area and make huge difference with the neighbouring Seminyak and Canggu that are lined up with beach clubs and nightclubs. Balangan is a great alternative place for living to Uluwatu, which is known for its amazing surf breaks. While the beach is crowded with skilled surfers, families, and wedding couples looking for the perfect’shot,’ the region surrounding Balangan is quite local and calm. Land is still extremely inexpensive, and if your property is not too far from the shore, you will do well!

    Umalas, the Residence Area of Canggu

    Like Canggu, but quieter. Canggu might be the hottest destination in Bali for now. Cool villas, hipster coffee shops, and trendy restaurants all thrives in Canggu. However, the price of Bali real estate in Canggu has soared up in just recent five years. Umalas is your alternative. This area is a hidden gem where everything is untouched and quiet. You’d never guess that this peaceful neighborhood is sandwiched between two of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations: Seminyak and Canggu. A motorbike ride from Umalas to Petitenget in Seminyak or Berawa in Canggu takes only minutes. There are plenty of hip spots for food and beverages, yet the atmosphere is usually peaceful and relaxed: ideal for a luxury villa!

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    Tabanan, Affordable Potential Lands for Sale

    The huge Tabanan region, known as Bali’s rice bowl, is famous for its spectacular rice fields and unspoiled natural landscape. The region, which stretches along the western shore, retains the sense of authentic Bali and draws visitors searching for an off-the-beaten-path experience. The coastal area, which is framed by gorgeous black sand beaches, also has some excellent surf breakers.

    Tabanan offers a fresh alternative of living with authentic Balinese getaway and a way less congested roads than the southern part of Bali. A lot of tourists are looking for escapade in Tabanan to spend days calmed by nature. This make vacation rental in Tabanan quite lucrative, especially when combined with the rising popularity of wooden and bamboo houses. Looking at how this area steadily grow in popular, it’s only wise to invest in cheap Bali real estate for sale in Tabanan now before the prices rise up. 

    Lovina, for Laid Back and Cheap Bali Real Estate for Sale

    Lovina Beach, located around 9 kilometers from Singaraja, the capital city of the Buleleng Regency, is the epitome of tranquillity, where one may experience the real meaning of a laid-back and comfortable existence. 

    This beach is famed for the bottle-nosed dolphins who decides to make this northern coast as their playground. Normally appear in the morning, these dolphins are not afraid with boats and often swim close to them. This fascinating moment is what draws tourists’ attention to Lovina, supporting the local tourism which in turn create a promising environment for vacation rental business. 

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    How To Invest In Positive Company Culture

    Starting your own business makes you face many kind of challenges. However, you will not get started if you keep hesitating. Small businesses have pretty tight competition in the market and there are many factors that can make you fail such as poor marketing strategies, lack of funding, and team collaboration. It is essential to set strategic goals and create company culture that will attract and retain employees who are the vital for your business. 

    How To Invest In Positive Company Culture

    Investing in company culture

    The purpose of investing in company culture is to make your employees feel more valued, appreciated, and gain more sense of growth opportunity. It results in better team collaboration and productivity. It may sound simple but the reality is that is so hard to implement, especially with how fierce the market competition is. You must accommodate your employees’ growing interest in opportunities for growth and work-life balance. And here are some tips to do so properly:

    Determine the core values

    Before identifying core value, you need to know what is included into that term. It includes environmental governance, strategic thinking, innovative leadership, creative problem solving, and open communication. If you have several years of experience working for other companies, you may draw positive and negative attributes to define your own values. Or, you can also asses the company culture by evaluating onboarding process of recruitment so you get the right people to work with. 

    Choose the right people with those core values of yours

    After identifying your own core values, it is time for you to implement them into recruitment process. Hence, you can hire the right people for the right roles. Keep in mind that it is not looking for best people that you should focus on but the right people for the right roles. When recruiting and hiring, use your core values to prioritize your candidate’s specific values, goals, and beliefs. This is the most effective hiring process because you can dive into your candidate’s ability to think strategically, innovate, and advance which contributes to long-term success.

    Build positive culture using benefits

    Implement benefits and create a sense of community among employees to strengthen your company culture. You can use variety of benefits, work-life balance support, and engagement solutions that uplift your employees while also improving collaboration and reducing turnover at the same time. Keep in mind that employee engagement is vital for your company. And so you also need to choose the right platform to accommodate good engagement. This way, you company will be able to recognize, connect, lead, and listen to your employees better. 

    Aligning the benefits with the core values

    Offering benefits to your employees can be an effective way to build positive company culture. However, you need to know which benefits that work. Instead of focusing on your interest, you have to analyze if the benefits can weave properly into the culture and your workforce. Only then you will know if these benefits align with the core values. Your employees will understand that those benefits are also meaningful to you. 

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    What to Do Next Summer: Exploring the Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Curious Gentle Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Wondering what other exciting thing to do for your next summer holiday? Why don’t you try swimming with squadron of Manta Rays in Manta Point Nusa Penida, Bali! This area in Bali’s sister island Nusa Penida is globally renowned as one of the best place to see this majestic creature. Their sheer size invokes awe and their friendly nature makes diving with them very heartening. 

    Sunny Trip to Manta Point Nusa Penida Crossing Blue Waters

    Sits on the east side of Bali’s satellite island Nusa Penida, Manta Point is only a short boat trip away. From Sanur (Bali), a speed boat ride takes around 45 minutes, while from Lembongan and Nusa Penida, it takes about 20 minutes. Indonesia is home to some of the most spectacular manta ray colonies in the world. There is no better place to spend your time than diving in this Manta Point Bali, which is nestled in the most idyllic bay on the island. On any one day, there might be up to a dozen manta rays at this spot. It is common for mantas to either eat or be cleaned when you arrive here.

    Curious Gentle Giants in Manta Point Nusa Penida

    What to Do Next Summer: Exploring the Manta Point Nusa Penida

    With wingspan up to seven meters, the Manta Rays earn their title as one of the giants of the ocean. The reef Manta Rays, the species that you’ll mostly see in Manta Point Nusa Penida, could grow to roughly about five meters or more from wing tip to wing tip. Their bigger cousin, the Oceanic Manta, could grow up to seven meters and swim with absolute grace. 

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    Watching the Manta Ray “Fly” in the Ocean

    It’s possible to observe these massive fish up close and personal during the Manta Ray dive or snorkel. The plankton that manta rays feed on is drawn to bright lights, which in turn attracts plankton. Using their jaws open, manta rays glide through the water, filtering plankton out of the ocean. It’s like watching a dance. It’s very uncommon for mantas to practically touch their observers as they smoothly swim, flip and somersault through light beams.

    What You Want to Know About Manta Ray 

    Indonesia is home to two harmless Manta species, although reef mantas are the more common. Non-migratory, reef manta communities consist of several individuals. They inhabit particular regions where they clean and eat, Reef mantas do not travel long distances in search of food. The reef manta rays that live in Nusa Penida are easy to discover. Most dive centers know where to find them! Divers may observe these magnificent rays eating in shallow cleaning stations at our Manta Point dive location. There are several instances where manta rays form “mating trains,” where many males follow a single female, imitating her every action. From time to time enormous manta rays pass by here as well, which is quite exciting!

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    Why This Manta Point Bali Become Famous for Manta Sighting

    Being a creature of habit, Manta Rays also have dedicated feeding stations where they go to eat. These manta rays in Bali began visiting the feeding stations in Nusa Penida to gorge on the plankton that had accumulated in the area. The Nusa Penida itself receive major ocean currents between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, bringing in rich-in-nutrient planktons that serves as dinner feast for the Mantas. The Mantas are coming here to eat the belly full! 

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