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    Boosting Your Employees’ Motivation About The Work They Do

    It is every employer’s dream to have their employees self-motivated about the work they do at all times without needing extra boost. However, it tends to be impossible. Even if there are employees who are self-motivated, they are very rare. And it is not because they are less-skilled or talented. It is because we are all human after all. There are times when we feel bored doing what we have been doing for long. Hence, you can help your employees to stay motivated doing their best at work. 

    Boosting Your Employees’ Motivation About The Work They Do

    What to do to keep your employees motivated

    There are many benefits when your employees stay motivated doing what they do. This way, it is possible that you can create positive company culture while boosting your business. So here are several ways you can do to help motivate your employees more excited about the work they do:

    Live by your own values

    You may have expectation of how your employees do their work. However, it is not enough to tell them what you expect from them. You must live by the values yourself instead. Hence, avoid asking employees to do things you are not willing to do. To encourage your employees to do the right thing, you need to model culturally aligned behavior as leader. To put it simply, lead by example. If you want your company to be staffed by hard and smart worker, be a hard and smart worker yourself. They will see you as motivation to as good, if not better. 

    Find out what your employees want from your workplace culture

    Many employees admit they they are willing to leave their current high-paying job to a lower one if the culture is better. Hence, it can be concluded that employees need positive workplace culture to keep themselves motivated. To create such workplace environment, ensure your employees feel safe and cared for. Provide them autonomy and express gratitude for their hard work. Let them know that they are valuable asset in the company, and that they are not to be taken for granted. 

    Treat them as capable, skilled professionals

    Deliver autonomy to your employees so they have freedom to do their work without being intervened too much. In fact, let employees do their work with as little intervention as possible. Treat your employees as capable individuals as well as skilled professionals who know what they are doing. Avoid micromanaging your employees because it is not motivating but draining for them. Trust them to complete their tasks within deadlines. If you need to compromise, make sure to find solution that let both parties meet in the middle.

    Be attentive

    Listen to your employees’ concerns attentively and take actionable steps to address the situation. it is a way to let your employees know that what they say and do does matter. Listening attentively is not about nodding diligently. It is more about how you ask open-ended questions and respond accordingly, and ask for suggestions. Only then you both can engage in two-way conversation.

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    Labuan Bajo Cruise, Avoiding Unreliable Trip Operators 

    Before reaching Komodo National Park, you will dock in Labuan Bajo. This fishing village is the entrance for those who want to enjoy the natural and underwater beauty of Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park functions as a conservation area to protect Komodo dragons. Ancient reptiles are still alive today and only exist in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo cruise is most of tourist choice to reach small and big islands in Komodo National Park.

    Labuan Bajo Cruise, Avoiding Unreliable Trip Operators 

    Labuan Bajo cruise, the best way to meet ancient animals

    Komodo National Park’s opening schedule starts from 07.00 am to 17.00. The ticket price for domestic tourists per person is around 275 thousand rupiahs, while for foreign tourists it is 500 thousand rupiahs. To reach the islands you have to use a boat.

    Most tourists don’t want to bother and immediately take the Labuan Bajo trip package with several choices. The choice of ship prices ranges from the cheapest to the most expensive depending on the tourist budget.

    The attraction of Komodo National Park is not only ancient animals but also beautiful sea views with clear and natural water. 

    Exploring Komodo island

    The wildlife of the giant lizard, Komodo, can be seen on Komodo Island. You will be invited to trek through the forest and climb hills to see the Komodo dragon’s wildlife.

    Rinca Island

    Rinca Island is the next interesting place to visit in Labuan Bajo. The island will provide an extraordinary opportunity to get even closer to Komodo than you would on Komodo Island. This island will provide you with an extraordinary challenge due to its terrain and steepness. You can also choose a shorter path that will take you to the forest where the Komodo dragon lives.

    Pink Beach

    Locals refer to Labuan Bajo’s Pink Beach as the Red Beach. The sea view is lovely and will not bore you. The gradations of red and white sand will transport you to another world. You can also go snorkeling to see the amazing corals and corals.

    Manta Point

    Manta Point is a location in the middle of the sea that offers a unique swimming and snorkeling experience. You can swim with and even touch the Manta Ray. This is one of the most popular attractions in Labuan Bajo.

    Padar Island

    Padar Island has gained popularity in recent years as a result of positive feedback from visitors. The beauty of the hills and the beautiful sunset and sunrise are one of the amazing sights. You can take pre-wedding photos with stunning backdrops here.

    How to pick a credible Labuan Bajo cruise operator?

    Because low prices are frequently deceptive, the first thing to consider is the credibility of the open trip. An open trip, professional or not, as seen on the website page.

    Don’t just look at the travel agent’s website. Pay attention to their social media. Check your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts first.

    It’s not just about having a large number of likes or followers. Most importantly, the engagement that the open trip’s owner develops with his followers. If the interaction is positive and many people give positive feedback, the open trip service can be trusted for its credibility.

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    Mastering The Art Of Closing The Sale

    Mastering The Art of Closing The Sale

    When trying to close an important sale, your final sale presentation plays huge role in the cycle. By being able to close the sale, you may earn a great deal of money. Not only that, you will get more opportunity to advance your professional career. Closing the sale is different from any other part of the sale process itself. Hence, it is vital to know how to master the art of closing the sale properly and successfully and gain many more business opportunities. 

    The right steps to close the sales

    Closing the sales needs to be done step by step properly if you want to optimize he outcomes. And here are important steps you need to make when closing the sale:

    Introduce the sales pitch

    It is something you need to do during the pre-closing approach. Make ample time in doing so since it will help you engage the potential customers and make them feel like hey are part of the process. Use friendly manner when introducing your sales pitch. Don’ forget to put a genuine smile on your face during the process and always close your mouth after asking a question. It is a way you show your prospective customers/clients that you are willing to listen to them and they are given the chance to talk freely. 

    Foster a good customer experience

    Mastering The Art of Closing The Sale

    This is something you need to do during the discovery stage in the sales cycle. Fostering good customer experience can be in a form of asking good questions that designed to gather facts about your client’s business (if they have one), their true feelings, motivations, and problems. Then, provide solutions according to the problems they currently have. This step is important to balance your need for selling your products or services with showing your potential customers why they need your products or services. Let them see the benefit they will get from choosing your products and services. 

    Deliver good presentation

    This step is vital because it is when you have to make sure to deliver effective, efficient, fact-based presentation. Print out and bring copy of your factual presentation for each person in the room. During presentation, keep eye contact to present your point firmly and confidently. Always provide clear solutions on your presentation. 

    Handle objections wisely

    Facing objections is common when you are trying to close sales. At least, your prospective clients or customers will ask various questions before deciding to buy your products or services. They may also voice out their concerns or make some protests. To be ready to face this situation, be more prepared. Write down possible objections or questions and have your answers ready. 

    Make powerful closing words

    You need to deliver powerful and impactful closing words to show your prospective clients or customers that you are providing clear solutions that are valuable and beneficial for them. Make sure to state your closing words with more confidence to remove any possible doubt or objections. This way, you have great potential to close the sales successfully.

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    8 Ways to Maximise the View from Your Cliff House Villa in Jimbaran Bali

    8 Ways to Maximise the View from Your Cliff House Villa in Jimbaran Bali

    The location of a vacation rental is crucial, therefore it seems sense that having a cliff house in Jimbaran with limestone and ocean view would give you a million-dollar view. A house where you can soak up all the beauty of the coast line. Cliff houses are unquestionably some of the most incredible and inspiring. But without proper architecture planning, the vantage view would meant nothing. So here are the best way to take advantage of the breathtaking landscape and increase the value of your Jimbaran villa Bali. 

    Make A Two Story Jimbaran Villa Bali

    Above all, depending on your lot, designing a double-storey home or a split level home is the greatest method to acquire spectacular vistas without impediments. If you want the best views of the houses on your block, or if there are no impediments on your lot, building two floors up is the best option.

    Alternately, you can choose a split level design. The split level designs can help you save money on foundations and provide the impression of a double-storey because obtaining spectacular vistas frequently requires a steep block. A split-level design takes the stress out of retaining, having to fill with soil, or having to excavate your block because it is designed with the slope rather than against it.

    Frame the Jimbaran Bay in A Panoramic View

    Frame the Jimbaran Bay in A Panoramic View

    A radial pattern or a bay window can suggest aesthetically that the perspective is more than just linear if you have a 360-degree view rather than a single-direction view. However, it can also be useful to have broader glass to encompass the perimeter vision of the Jimbaran Bay.

    Frame the View with High-Ceiling Window

    A huge room with high, vaulted ceilings and gabled ends does the trick to frame the magnificent Jimbaran sights. To get the most out of those views, you can also choose a radial design that is directly aimed at the ocean view.

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    Two-Storey Window for Unobstructed View of Jimbaran

    Unquestionably spectacular, two-story windows are a terrific way to break down visual boundaries between you and the outside and should be installed in at least part of your home.

    Remove the black frame and let the window invites you to the dreamy view of the Bay. The glass wall gives the room a unique twist and makes the most of its setting. This is that kind of view is what makes villas in the Jimbaran cliff Bali really special. 

    Expand the View with Mirror Trick

    If you have a beautiful view and are already taking advantage of it with a floor-to-ceiling window, a full-sized mirror will increase the impression even further. This method works particularly well in the restroom, but you can always put the mirror in living room or anywhere else.

    Infinity Pool Fronting the Jimbaran Bay

    Infinity Pool Fronting the Jimbaran Bay

    One of the best way to take advantage of Jimbaran’s cliff view is by installing a breathtaking infinity pool in your Jimbaran villa Bali. The pools’ sides seem to abruptly drop off into the void, giving your guests a chance to soak in the full view by hurling them off a cliff, into the water, or over the edge of a building. Glass walls or waterfall-like overspill troughs are used to create this occasionally dizzying effect in infinity pools, also referred to as zero-edge pools.

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    Employ Centilever Architecture 

    If you are starting from scratch or remodeling an existing structure, a cantilevered space can be used to create a room that hovers in the middle of the view. A cantilevered section of the floor above can enable a smooth transition of glass around the corner in the room below, providing unobstructed views.

    Add A Balcony to Soak Up in the View

    Add A Balcony to Soak Up in the View

    There isn’t much to say about having a balcony linked to your new home, other than that it’s best to have one and in the ideal location when you have a fantastic view. Your private villa Jimbaran Bali would benefit greatly from having a balcony that faces the ocean. Why not make the most of your lifestyle in this lovely side of Bali? You can even put it on the side of your new house if it means matching the exterior.

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    Most Common Hiring Obstacles Faced By Small Businesses

    Small businesses have been facing various obstacles especially in the past two years since the pandemic hit. One of the most common challenges come from hiring process in which they have to manage their human capital well. Today, businesses have picked up and most employers need new hires again. However, hiring might not be as easy for small businesses to execute due to various obstacles. 

    Challenges in hiring process most small business facing today

    Hiring top talents must be what any businesses wish to do. However, it is not as easy for small businesses, especially when they have just recovered from the waves of economic downfall caused by the global pandemic. Here are the most common obstacles in hiring process many small businesses are facing today:

    The market is getting tight

    Unemployment rates has dropped significantly, making the pool of unemployed job candidates get smaller. Your ideal hire might be working somewhere else now. Hence, you need to find a reason for them to quit their job and work for you. Identify them and try to attract them through clear message and make them come to your company. You may also have to offer more competitive employee benefits and work perks to make them interested to work for you. 

    The cost can be too much

    Larger firms can hire op talents because they have sufficient finance to cover the hiring expenses. As for your small business, hiring process can be too costly to afford, leaving you with narrow choice. To overcome this, consider supplement employee salaries with competitive benefits that don’t cost as much. 

    Inclusive culture has been adopted by most employers

    Many employers out there have taken heir steps to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their company culture. They take various initiatives to be more accommodating for their employees. Therefore, it is also time for your small business to make the same priorities by creating a diverse, inclusive workplace that is accommodating all types of employees. 

    Mental health has become priority in other companies

    Many companies have also prioritized their employees’ mental health by providing various initiatives and programs that are helpful for their employees. Hence, many employees and candidates alike are now looking for employers who care about their mental well-being. For small business, it might be challenging to offer comprehensive benefits package that prioritize mental well-being. However, you can build it gradually by including benefits such as flexible work hours, unlimited paid time off, or employee assistance programs. 

    The talents you want reside in larger firms

    It tends to be easier for larger firms to offer various benefit packages for employees, so they can hire top talents to work for them. With your small business, it is probably more challenging to follow what those larger firms did in order to attract top talents. However, you can be more creative about what you can offer. Aside from offering standard employee benefits and competitive pay, consider adding unique fringe benefits by also emphasizing your company’s mission and what makes your company different from the rest.

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    Home Construction Bali: Planning Your Private Pool

    A swimming pool at home would have been wonderful and exciting. Aside from being able to exercise with family, the swimming pool can also be used for relaxation and recovery. When it comes to planning for a swimming pool at home, however, limited land and costs can be a barrier. A minimalist swimming pool is one of the swimming pool designs that are appropriate for a small home yard. Because the minimalist swimming pool’s design prioritizes functions and needs, the cost of building and maintaining it can be tailored to your budget. Many Bali home construction experts build villas or houses with private pools in them. Finding a Bali construction company is not as easy as you might think. Construction planning from an inexperienced contractor will lead you to find many flaws in your home or villa.

    Home Construction Bali: Planning Your Private Pool

    Home construction Bali: Build your minimalist swimming pool

    A swimming pool should have a minimum size of 3 m x 7 m to allow for movement while swimming. It could be a smaller pool, but its purpose is more for bathing than swimming. 

    Because there must be a distance of at least 50 cm around the pool, the ideal pool size is 4 m x 8 m.

    You must also consider the pool’s user. If the user is an adult, make sure that no children use it. Because, of course, the depth used differs from that of the children’s pool. Consulting with the right Bali contractor to help you make sure your pool matches the size of your land.

    Ensure that there is enough electricity.

    A swimming pool requires a pump that rotates water and has a minimum power of 500 watts to keep it clean. Swimming pools also require lighting at night. At least three 100-watt underwater lamps are required for minimum size.

    As a result, homeowners must provide at least 800 watts of power specifically for swimming pools of the above size. Bali architect helps you to ensure that the electrical lines are right and embedded in the walls so that your villa or home looks neat. Imagine a series of wires that are visible in the area of ​​your villa or house to be an unpleasant sight.

    Design services for your villa and home

    Building a house or villa with a private pool does not only require an architect. You need design services so that your house or villa looks beautiful. The design service in Bali aims to place the decorative in the appropriate place. You just need to mention the type of design you want for each room, including the pool area, easy right? Looking for a separate design service, an architect in Bali, or a Bali contractor will be very inconvenient. Make sure you find a one-stop Bali construction company for all the services you need. The construction of a villa or house that is handled with one hand will make it easier for you to monitor. Budget adjustments will be easy for you to do, including if you want to get the best deal. 

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    Crafting The Best Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

    Crafting The Best Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

    To run a business successfully, you need to create the best marketing plan that works effectively. There are so many marketing plans out there but not all of them works for your business. Every business is different and you have to treat your business as unique so you can craft the right plan. Promoting your products and services is part of marketing plan. However, it needs to be done right. You cannot just post something on social media and hope for high profit. 

    How to craft marketing plans that work for your small business

    Marketing plan is essential road map you need to communicate better with your target audience. Hence, you will able to promote your products and services successfully. There are basic to highly detailed marketing plans to use. However, crafting the one that works for your business can be more challenging. Here are things you should do:

    Incorporate five important functions

    You need to tailor marketing plan to fit your business. Hence, make sure to incorporate five important elements into it. They are business goals, key metrics,  strategies, a plan, and reporting. These five elements are vital in an attempt to craft the most effective marketing plan. By leaving one of them, it is highly likely that you are going to fail finding the right marketing plan for your small business. 

    Create executive summary

    This is an overview of your business’s goals, missions, and marketing strategies you want to employ. It is made after you have completed your marketing plan.  This overview is a tool to make sure that you have covered everything. This is only meant to be read so it should be easy to understand with the crucial details inside. 

    Complete mission statement

    Mission statement is not the same as vision statement. It is a statement that encompasses your company ‘s values, and how they relate to your overall goals.it should explain what your company does, things that important to your company, how your company envision its future, the identity of brand, the culture your company will apply, and how company benefits from customers, stakeholders, and employees. 

    Identify target market

    It is vital to identify target market so you know what kind of marketing plan that will work best. Without a defined target audience, your marketing plan will be just a waste of money. Through this  method, you need to find out your target audience’s demographic, needs and interests, shopping behavior, and history purchase. 

    Develop the right pricing strategy

    Price is vital in business because it is one of the big factors that can make or break a deal between a brand and customer. To apply the best marketing plan, you need to see it from pricing point of view as well. Consider your current and projected finances to craft more realistic and beneficial plans for your small business. Through picing strategy, you find out reasonable margin to make profit, market for products or services at your projected price point, potential market share to aim, and costs for marketing and distribution.

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    7 Tips for Better Real Estate Purchasing Experience in Bali

    7 Tips for Better Real Estate Purchasing Experience in Bali

    A little island in Indonesia, Bali is a genuinely unique destination. Anyone visiting this island will fall in love with its white sandy beaches, warm year-round weather, glamorous hotels, a diverse Balinese-Hindu culture, and well-balanced mix of western lifestyle in forms of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and beach clubs. These qualities also make the island a tempting investment and lifestyle option for many expats. People who want to wake up with sunny sky and end the day with gorgeous sunsets, which is why real estate in Bali is always on demand.

    Why Expats are Buying Real Estate in Bali

    Purchasing a beach property can be done for enjoyment, profit, or a combination of the two. Whatever motivates you to make this purchase, consider these seven suggestions to help you make a wise decision. But before you make life-changing investment in Bali real estate, here are some tips to help you purchase better. 

    Take Your Time

    Don’t buy any property in Bali that you see for the first time too soon. We know this seems unusual. Instead, rent for about six months. Living on an island isn’t for everyone. People move to an island hoping to fall in love, but the odds are 50/50. Surfing every afternoon, tropical cocktail, and beach hopping are all part of the dream. You might get a few days of that, but then eventually you’ll have to look for work.

    See What You Can Buy

    Pre-qualify for a loan to determine how much you can afford. Everyone wants an ocean view, but if it’s out of your price range, you can be disappointed. Decide what is most important to you. Bali has a lot of beach areas, and each with its own characteristics. Sometimes securing a great deal of beach house in secluded area means having it 20 miles away from the nearest convenience shop. Decide what is more important you: convenience or privacy?

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    Open A Bank Account in Bali

    Open A Bank Account in Bali

    You’ll almost certainly require a local bank account before you can make a significant buy. You must have one in Bali before you may move any money from your bank account in your original country. You must be extremely organized while shifting money.

    Always Keep Your Expectations in Check. 

    Any expat’s life in Bali will always be a compromise because the the lifestyle would be so different. Buying a new building is frequently the solution for many expats, but forget about fitting a king-size bed. Also, what are deemed necessities in your country may be uncommon in this country. A nice kitchen with a clean refrigerator, convection oven, and work surfaces at a reasonable height are Western luxury that cost a lot of money.

    A Thorough Inspection of the Bali Real Estate

    Hire a professional house inspector with beach property experience. Inspections are not all made equal. A specialized inspection may be recommended depending on the circumstances of the property.

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    Try to Be A Guest Before Deciding, If Possible

    Try to Be A Guest Before Deciding, If Possible

    While a home is on the Bali real estate market, it may still be rented. If that’s the case, now is the time to “test before you buy.” While you make yourself at home for a few days, there’s no better way to check out the views, the proximity to eateries and attractions, or even the amount of street noise. What are your favorite aspects of the property? Would it make a nice tropical Bali villa? What would you make different? Is this a destination you’d want to visit again and again?

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    How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Employees

    It is essential to have a safe working environment since there is always a risk of injury that you should reduce for the well-being of your employees. Safe working environment is vital to ensure the safety of your staffs since they spend hours in working space. The safer your employees are, the healthier they become and the more productive they will be. Workplace safety is not something to undermine especially when your workplace has potential hazards to cause injuries. 

    Tips to create safer workplace for your staffs

    Injuries and illnesses of employees have been occurred in many different types of workplace. It should set strong grounds for business owners to prioritize their employees’ well-beings and and provide safety at all times. Accidents may happen but you can cut down the risk to minimum and none with the right safety plans such as follow:

    Assess workplace risks

    Identify any potential issue that can put your staffs’ well-beings at risk. Conduct a workplace risk assessment properly with standardized procedures. Involve necessary steps in the assessments to ensure you don’t miss anything. You don’t really need to hire professionals to conduct this type of assessments. You can do it together with your reliable teams. By identifying the potential risks, you can resolve any issues that lead to harm. 

    Remove potential hazards

    Even if your office is not factory-like, there are still potential hazards that can cause tripping and slipping for your employees. Prevent this kind of accidents by keeping the pathway clear and organized. Minimize clutter and make sure the floor is always dry. Set slip-free mats on the floors so they stay safe even after cleaning. These kind of mats are efficient, effective, convenient, and affordable to provide as the best solution. 

    Consider safety training program

    This can be such a great idea to create safer working environment for your employees even if your office is considered hazard-free. The safety training program should include what to do in the case of a fire, how to avoid injury when operating complex machine, and how to obtain license to use dangerous tools. If you have dangerous equipment, make sure that everyone int he office know only trained employees should use it. 

    Provide sufficient PPE

    PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is necessary to ensure the safety of your employees at workplace. During the global pandemic, the PPE often include only face masks, medical equipment, hand sanitizer, etc. For workplace safety in general, you need to provide more complete PPE depending on the likelihood of your working environment. For example, you need to equip your employees with heatproof gloves if your working environment involves the use of high-temperature materials.

    Include mental health as part of workplace safety

    When your employees are under stress, it is highly likely for them to perform poorly and cause them injuries due to unclear minds. To tend to their mental well-beings, make sure they take breaks from time to time. It is even better if you can establish workplace mental health policies. 

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    Before Taking Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: What to Know!

    Before Taking Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: What to Know!

    Have you ever had the curiosity of seeing how the life in underwater seems like? Maybe after spending your childhood watching Finding Nemo, Shark Tale, and underwater documentaries on TV, you want to meet all the fishes and see all the colourful corals with your own eyes. After all, the real underwater world is really as—if not more—beautiful as it’s pictured in the shows. If you think it’s time to take scuba diving lessons for beginners and start your ocean adventure, maybe it is! 

    Underneath the surface, there is a whole new universe waiting for you. Even scientists haven’t fully explored it, and it’s awe-inspiring and thrilling. Scuba diving is a true privilege, and it has shown a lot of divers firsthand why we must conserve our oceans.

    Learning Scuba Diving for Beginners: Choosing Scuba School

    Want to say your first hello to Nemo? It’s time to get soaked. Dive facilities may be found all over the world. Popular holiday destination in the tropics like Bali have dozens reputable dive schools in every corner of the island. Aside from having wonderful landscape and vibrant lifestyle, this island sits right in the heart of coral triangle—which guarantee astonishing underwater life. This is great, because you can learn how to dive as you have your holiday. 

    Go to Their Dive Center Before Joining the School

    When choosing a diving school, we would advise going to the dive center first. Prices at any particular destination will not differ significantly, but the atmosphere will. Because you’re entrusting your life to someone else for the first few dives, you must be able to trust them. 

    Take A Look at Their Equipment

    The state of their equipment is also crucial. Your life literally depends on well-maintained equipment, so take a look. Is the neoprene ripped, the straps on the flippers missing, and the regulator tubes cracked? Instead, proceed to the next dive center. Find the best scuba diving school for beginners within your range of budget.

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    PADI or SSI?

    How’s Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Actually Like

    PADI and SSI are the most popular dive organizations, and they both cover the same fundamentals. Unless you intend to become pro, it makes little difference which one you choose, and availability varies widely by location. When choosing a dive center, seek for positive reviews. Ask to meet your instructor and trust your instincts – a reputable school will anticipate the various concerns and queries regarding to scuba diving for beginners and will respond appropriately. Patience is essential. If you’re being hassled, aren’t being taken seriously, or simply don’t like your instructor, you should leave.

    How’s Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Actually Like

    Most schools provide an exploration scuba course, which includes a basic theoretical introduction followed by two dives in the water. This is a fantastic method to practice scuba diving without having to think about the theory or physics, and you can simply get a sense for what it’s like underwater. Many dive shops will let you apply these dives toward your Open Water (OW) brevet, which is the first step in becoming a diver.

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    Is Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners Expensive?

    To be honest, it isn’t the most inexpensive sport on the planet. Scuba equipment, whether rented or purchased, is essential and something you should not compromise on because your life depends on it. However, you don’t have to buy everything at once; you can buy individual pieces and rent the rest as your diving career progresses.

    The cost of scuba lessons for beginners in Bali can be just $299. That’s like only a half of your hotel price during your stay. However, it can cost much more in destinations like Australia or posh resorts. All of these schools will basically teach you the same things about diving, though. But as we previously stated, locate a decent dive center and an instructor you can trust.

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