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Most Common Hiring Obstacles Faced By Small Businesses


Small businesses have been facing various obstacles especially in the past two years since the pandemic hit. One of the most common challenges come from hiring process in which they have to manage their human capital well. Today, businesses have picked up and most employers need new hires again. However, hiring might not be as easy for small businesses to execute due to various obstacles. 

Challenges in hiring process most small business facing today

Hiring top talents must be what any businesses wish to do. However, it is not as easy for small businesses, especially when they have just recovered from the waves of economic downfall caused by the global pandemic. Here are the most common obstacles in hiring process many small businesses are facing today:

The market is getting tight

Unemployment rates has dropped significantly, making the pool of unemployed job candidates get smaller. Your ideal hire might be working somewhere else now. Hence, you need to find a reason for them to quit their job and work for you. Identify them and try to attract them through clear message and make them come to your company. You may also have to offer more competitive employee benefits and work perks to make them interested to work for you. 

The cost can be too much

Larger firms can hire op talents because they have sufficient finance to cover the hiring expenses. As for your small business, hiring process can be too costly to afford, leaving you with narrow choice. To overcome this, consider supplement employee salaries with competitive benefits that don’t cost as much. 

Inclusive culture has been adopted by most employers

Many employers out there have taken heir steps to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in their company culture. They take various initiatives to be more accommodating for their employees. Therefore, it is also time for your small business to make the same priorities by creating a diverse, inclusive workplace that is accommodating all types of employees. 

Mental health has become priority in other companies

Many companies have also prioritized their employees’ mental health by providing various initiatives and programs that are helpful for their employees. Hence, many employees and candidates alike are now looking for employers who care about their mental well-being. For small business, it might be challenging to offer comprehensive benefits package that prioritize mental well-being. However, you can build it gradually by including benefits such as flexible work hours, unlimited paid time off, or employee assistance programs. 

The talents you want reside in larger firms

It tends to be easier for larger firms to offer various benefit packages for employees, so they can hire top talents to work for them. With your small business, it is probably more challenging to follow what those larger firms did in order to attract top talents. However, you can be more creative about what you can offer. Aside from offering standard employee benefits and competitive pay, consider adding unique fringe benefits by also emphasizing your company’s mission and what makes your company different from the rest.

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