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Home Construction Bali: Planning Your Private Pool


A swimming pool at home would have been wonderful and exciting. Aside from being able to exercise with family, the swimming pool can also be used for relaxation and recovery. When it comes to planning for a swimming pool at home, however, limited land and costs can be a barrier. A minimalist swimming pool is one of the swimming pool designs that are appropriate for a small home yard. Because the minimalist swimming pool’s design prioritizes functions and needs, the cost of building and maintaining it can be tailored to your budget. Many Bali home construction experts build villas or houses with private pools in them. Finding a Bali construction company is not as easy as you might think. Construction planning from an inexperienced contractor will lead you to find many flaws in your home or villa.

Home Construction Bali: Planning Your Private Pool

Home construction Bali: Build your minimalist swimming pool

A swimming pool should have a minimum size of 3 m x 7 m to allow for movement while swimming. It could be a smaller pool, but its purpose is more for bathing than swimming. 

Because there must be a distance of at least 50 cm around the pool, the ideal pool size is 4 m x 8 m.

You must also consider the pool’s user. If the user is an adult, make sure that no children use it. Because, of course, the depth used differs from that of the children’s pool. Consulting with the right Bali contractor to help you make sure your pool matches the size of your land.

Ensure that there is enough electricity.

A swimming pool requires a pump that rotates water and has a minimum power of 500 watts to keep it clean. Swimming pools also require lighting at night. At least three 100-watt underwater lamps are required for minimum size.

As a result, homeowners must provide at least 800 watts of power specifically for swimming pools of the above size. Bali architect helps you to ensure that the electrical lines are right and embedded in the walls so that your villa or home looks neat. Imagine a series of wires that are visible in the area of ​​your villa or house to be an unpleasant sight.

Design services for your villa and home

Building a house or villa with a private pool does not only require an architect. You need design services so that your house or villa looks beautiful. The design service in Bali aims to place the decorative in the appropriate place. You just need to mention the type of design you want for each room, including the pool area, easy right? Looking for a separate design service, an architect in Bali, or a Bali contractor will be very inconvenient. Make sure you find a one-stop Bali construction company for all the services you need. The construction of a villa or house that is handled with one hand will make it easier for you to monitor. Budget adjustments will be easy for you to do, including if you want to get the best deal. 

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