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Leyla Liveaboard – How To Prepare For Sailing Trip

Leyla Liveaboard

A perfect holiday doesn’t get any better than sailing the mesmerizing blue waters to the remote destination on a Leyla liveaboard. This liveaboard holiday is something which everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the remote destination and the numerous hidden beaches which can only be reached by liveaboard are just a few of the reasons why a liveaboard holiday is something everyone should try out.

What type of liveaboard are you after?

When it comes to the right choice of the liveaboard it is important to determine what type of holiday style you want. If your priority is to have a lot of space on deck in one of the most comfortable phinisi in Indonesia, Leyla liveaboard may be just right for you. Leyla offers luxury boats to travel around Indonesia’s Archipelago with a touch of classic and elegant style. This type of boat has one cabin with a double bed and two single beds. There are also two cabins with a double bed with a single bed. Furthermore, another cabin with a double bed. This classic boat not only offers a shared boat but also possible for private charter. It is an ideal boat for a long trip, where you could see the stunning landscape of the remote destination.

Some tips to prepare for a sailing holiday with Leyla liveaboard

Bring your duffle bag. What most travelers should look out for is overpacking. Make sure to keep things simple and don’t make the big mistake of bringing too many items. Remember, the storage space on a boat is limited. Bring your duffle bags, because the bag can be stored under your bed. Moreover, they can be folded up when you are not in use, which will save you some space.

Leyla Liveaboard

Pack the right clothes. When sailing to a tropical destination, be sure that you pack shorts and pack light-colored shirts. Pack your cotton clothes, because it absorbs perspiration well and keeps your temperature cool. Make sure to bring a summer dress, sweater, and several swimsuits.

Prepare the first aid kit. Don’t let your Leyla liveaboard trip be ruined because of small emergencies. Make sure to bring your First Aid Kit aboard with you. Pack your first-aid kit stocked with items like cold pills, Band-Aids, painkillers, and seasickness remedies.

Bring some entertainment on board. The liveaboard holiday is a great way to unwind, escape, and relax. Bring your camera, playing cards, and board games during this sailing trip.

Grooming Kit. Sun protection is a must. Make sure to bring high SPF sunscreen, especially if you’re sailing in hot weather. Most liveaboards provide body wash, soap, shampoo, but if you wish to bring your trusted essential brands, you may do so. Don’t forget to pack these essentials¬† in a travel-size container.

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