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Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

Praising your employees for their good work is one of the forms of appreciation. When they are being praised for their achievement or good performance, they feel acknowledged. It can help boost their confident so they are not hesitate to do better. However, praising or appreciating one employee for their performance also has its downside which is causing envy within the team. Hence, it is essential to know ho to praise your employees without impacting other team members negatively.

How to praise your employees the right way

When you recognizing your employee’s great performance, the other members in the team might envy and it causes domino effects such as high tension within teamwork. To avoid this kind of trouble, here are some tips to appreciate and praise your employees work properly:

You can try conducting a peer-to-peer award sessions or recognition sessions regularly. It can be a monthly session or quarterly session, anything you see fit. During the sessions, the team verbally recognizes individual whom they saw showcasing the traits they had previously been recognized for. This kind of award session might seems unimportant but it is essential to recognize and appreciate one’s good work while strengthening the bond within the team. 

Keep in mind that you praise your employees for their good work. Hence, you have to remark on project-based wins not personal traits. Their personal traits are not to be praised unless it will cause resentment from other team members. Acknowledge how great your employee’s performance based on the goals or objectives they managed to achieve. You can pay attention to the team as well. A good performance of an individual may come from a good support system from the team as well. 

Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

Your praise should be consistent, fair, and reliable. Consistent praising means you do it on regular basis. It is wrong to praise one individual and not to the others when they are achieving the same goals. Fair praise means you need to give the same level of praise to the relative level of accomplishment. Reliable praise means that every great work deserves a praise.

It is also great to encourage and allow your team members to nominate each other recognition. Team members can nominate and submit their chosen individuals who they think deserve the recognition. Of course, the final decision is in your hand. However, make sure to share some comments of their team members said about them during the announcement. It will be more meaningful for the winner to hear positive comments from their own peers. This is a good way to encourage and build positive teamwork. 

Add some humors when recognizing your employees great work. It is always good to give positive feedback that is encouraging. Do it while also giving constructive criticism. However, try not to do it with a frown on your face. You can add some good humors to make them laugh while receiving feedback. They will feel more relaxed and the others won’t feel envy either. 

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