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How to Grow Your Luxury Villa Rental Brand in Bali

How to Grow Your Luxury Villa Rental Brand in Bali

Have you always wanted to own your own vacation rental company? Or are you hoping to make improvements to the one you already have in 2021? Having a luxury vacation rental in Bali is different from having a regular villa rental. There are certain values that gives your property that luxurious feel—from elegant designs of the villa to the opulent service you might offer. Growing a brand of luxurious vacation house needs a lot of work—and here’s the strategy. 

The Key of Luxury Villa Rental in Bali: Rarity and Scarcity

In order for the luxury vacation rental marketing plan to be successful, rarity and scarcity must be effectively managed, particularly when it comes to distribution and yield management. A luxury vacation home’s worth is determined by its appropriate ratio of rarity and scarcity. This requires tact to handle. The relationship between distribution, occupancy, and yield management is quite delicate.

Provide A High-Quality Welcoming Basket

Start by giving the guest a warm welcome message, and include a guide with recommendations for restaurants and things to do in the area. Nine out of 10 times, guests staying at short-term rentals want to experience life as a local. This is the initial way to let guest experience the luxury in your Bali villa rental.

Who doesn’t love a nice welcome present? This is the part where you can get creative. You might want to leave your guests a local specialty like a bottle of wine, some snacks, or even a little souvenir to remind them of their wonderful stay at your property. It’s a small gesture, but it will make a massive difference to your guests and might even help you to get that 5-star review.

Invest in A Smart Home Technology

One thing that instantly lift up the feel of a house in this modern era is smart home technology. You haven’t yet gotten on the smart home bandwagon. We think it’s about time you did! Every owner of a holiday rental MUST have smart home technology in 2021. They not only increase the value of your property, which is greatly valued by your visitors, but they also safeguard it, which makes running a vacation rental business much simpler.

Making life easier for your visitors is as easy as installing smart locks. They are transforming how landlords and property managers maintain the satisfaction of their visitors. Nobody has to be concerned about key loss ever again. Our visitors only need to look at their phones and enter the supplied key when using smart locks. It really is that simple!

Make Sure to Provide Ample of Outdoor Area in Your Vacation Home

Make Sure to Provide Ample of Outdoor Area in Your Vacation Home

Know what people truly look for when they are vacationing in Bali? It’s the tropical sun! Give your guests space to enjoy the outdoor in ultimate privacy. It’s the beautiful backyard and vast pool area that set a luxury rental apart from the regular ones. Guests are looking for luxury villa rental in Bali with private pool, so make sure to highlight that. 

Create a little oasis in your backyard that guests will love and never want to leave. Make sure to get some high-quality outdoor furniture that offers enough space for everyone to sit or lay by the pool. You also want to provide nice pool towels and consider having an outdoor kitchen area where they can grill food without leaving the relaxing space you have created. 

Complete the House with Luxury Items

When we’re on vacation, don’t we all prefer to indulge in a little extra luxury? A small additional investment in a few upscale facilities for your visitors will go a long way. We don’t want you to go broke, but you might consider to provide a Nespresso coffee machine or a high-end blenders. 

Provide A Babysitting Service On-Demand

Especially for families with younger children, finding out about available childcare options in the area will help all aspects of the vacation go more smoothly. Let guests once again feel the luxury service that come in your villa rental with on-demand baby sitters or information about daycare that can allow guests to go out for the evening with confidence.

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A Different Strategy to Market Your Luxury Bali Villas

In luxury, marketing is first about communicating value, not generating direct sales. Travellers are seeking a form of social elevation in a luxury vacation home, and therefore, logically, the property must represent a social status that is higher than their own.

This also explains the relationship between a luxury vacation home and its guest, which is that of dominance and respect. Every aspect of a luxury vacation rental’s marketing operation should be creating extreme value, so that the presumed price is always higher than the actual price itself. The better we are at communicating this, the more value we create, and therefore, more higher-margin bookings will be generated as a result.

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