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Boosting Your Employees’ Motivation About The Work They Do


It is every employer’s dream to have their employees self-motivated about the work they do at all times without needing extra boost. However, it tends to be impossible. Even if there are employees who are self-motivated, they are very rare. And it is not because they are less-skilled or talented. It is because we are all human after all. There are times when we feel bored doing what we have been doing for long. Hence, you can help your employees to stay motivated doing their best at work. 

Boosting Your Employees’ Motivation About The Work They Do

What to do to keep your employees motivated

There are many benefits when your employees stay motivated doing what they do. This way, it is possible that you can create positive company culture while boosting your business. So here are several ways you can do to help motivate your employees more excited about the work they do:

Live by your own values

You may have expectation of how your employees do their work. However, it is not enough to tell them what you expect from them. You must live by the values yourself instead. Hence, avoid asking employees to do things you are not willing to do. To encourage your employees to do the right thing, you need to model culturally aligned behavior as leader. To put it simply, lead by example. If you want your company to be staffed by hard and smart worker, be a hard and smart worker yourself. They will see you as motivation to as good, if not better. 

Find out what your employees want from your workplace culture

Many employees admit they they are willing to leave their current high-paying job to a lower one if the culture is better. Hence, it can be concluded that employees need positive workplace culture to keep themselves motivated. To create such workplace environment, ensure your employees feel safe and cared for. Provide them autonomy and express gratitude for their hard work. Let them know that they are valuable asset in the company, and that they are not to be taken for granted. 

Treat them as capable, skilled professionals

Deliver autonomy to your employees so they have freedom to do their work without being intervened too much. In fact, let employees do their work with as little intervention as possible. Treat your employees as capable individuals as well as skilled professionals who know what they are doing. Avoid micromanaging your employees because it is not motivating but draining for them. Trust them to complete their tasks within deadlines. If you need to compromise, make sure to find solution that let both parties meet in the middle.

Be attentive

Listen to your employees’ concerns attentively and take actionable steps to address the situation. it is a way to let your employees know that what they say and do does matter. Listening attentively is not about nodding diligently. It is more about how you ask open-ended questions and respond accordingly, and ask for suggestions. Only then you both can engage in two-way conversation.

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