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Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home


There are advantages and disadvantages of work from home. Many find it more challenging and some other find it easier to do. Regardless, working from home is considered to be the most effective solution due to the pandemic situation we are all facing today. Distractions during work may appear anytime and anywhere whether you work from home or office. However, many find themselves get easily distracted while working from home because it is a personal space not professional one. It makes them have difficulty to draw the line.

Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

Overcoming distraction when working from home

Distractions of works can be in many forms. It can come from within yourself, from others, or due to certain circumstances. If you succumb to the distraction, it may just take control over your productivity. Thus, it is essential to deal with distractions and here are several tips to consider:

Consistency in work mode

Do not change your work mode even when you do it from home. If usually you go directly to your office without doing any housework, keep the habit. If you start doing your housework before starting your work, it may make you harder to get into the transition. You may end up feeling exhausted before work day even started. Thus, stick to your regular work schedule so it gives you a sense of normal working experience.

A clear separation

Draw clear line between professional and personal life. Make yourself at ‘no disturb’ mode when work day. If you live with other occupants at home, inform them your work schedule so they know not to disturb you. Or, you can also put your phone in silent mode so you won’t always be curious to find notifications.

Make difference in work mode

Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

It is recommended to change your clothes when you are in work mode. You don’t have to wear formal work clothes. However, it is best to avoid wearing pajamas during work day. You can dress in something comfortable but not something you are going to wear to bed. Even simple things as clothes can give you a sense of professionalism, making you stay focus on your work.

Work day planning

Plan your day in advance including the time to take a break or have a snack. You can also prepare your meals in advance so you won’t waste too much time thinking of what to eat and making it. You can prepare your meals in the morning before doing your work. Or, you can prepare the snacks the night before. During your work days, you can just grab your meals or snacks without cutting too much of work time.

Set timers

You can also set timers so you have a deadline to finish every task you have to complete. This way, you won’t waste your time doing unnecessary things. You will focus on the deadline and make your work as efficient as possible. It may take great self-discipline to get used to effective and productive work mode at home. However, intentional focus and solid plan can help a lot to make it easier to accomplish.

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