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The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

Flores, a little archipelagic region far in the eastern border of Indonesia has recently been rising into fame and that’s for good reason. The remote and barren islands are home of the last colony of dinosaurs—whops, we meant the last dragons on earth. The Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) that has been roaming the earth since five million years ago. Flores’s little islands that scattered within the Komodo National Park radiate irresistible rustic charm with its hilly terrain, open grassland, pristine cave lake, stark white beaches, and a rare pink beach. However, Flores is more than the national park. The mainland is also overflowing with natural beauties—volcanic mountain, the ever changing three coloured crater lake, megalithic sites, and hundred years-old traditional village. Exploring the mainland Flores as well as the exotic national park on a Labuan Bajo tour is a must if you have some spare time on the holiday.

Seeing the Dragons is A Must on Labuan Bajo Tour

What is Labuan Bajo tour without seeing the dragons? Head to Komodo Island or Rinca Island to see these living fossils. Remember, they are not anything related to the dinosaurs—albeit looking very much like one.

An Adventurous Hike to Padar Island

The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

There’s no way you embark on Komodo liveaboard for the Labuan Bajo sailing trip and all if you missed out the sensational Padar Island. That one island that keep appearing on travel blogs and social media feeds. Take a trek to this stunning island and get unparalleled panoramic landscape at its top hills. Padar would easily be the highlight of any traveller—and you won’t be able to escape from its charm.

Labuan Bajo Tour Under-land: Plunge to the Ultra Rich Ocean

The Komodo National Park might be barren from Indonesia’s typical lush plants on its terrain, but wait until you see the underwater. Don your snorkel or dive gears and take a plunge to the ocean. Be surprised—cause you are going to enter a whole different world. In contrast from the dry lands above, the underwater is bustling with thousands of colourful fishes, vibrant corals, sea fans, turtles, and all sorts of marine life living in unspoiled saltwater environment. Do not ever end a Flores trip without at least one dip to the ocean or you’ll regret it for life.

Sunrise at Kelimutu’s Three Colored Lake

The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

Once the sailing trip ends, head to Flores mainland and hike the majestic Kelimutu mountain for sunrise. Seriously, sunrise here is magical. As the sun lights the surrounding, you’ll see three lakes each beam in distinct colour. All the lakes changes hue at any given day—so what you see today won’t be the same with what other see a week before or even in the day after.

Labuan Bajo Tour to Ancient Villages

Flores is quite isolated from the rest of Indonesia, so many of the tribes are able to preserve their ancient traditions. There are at least three ancient villages in Flores that’s worth to see on your Labuan Bajo tour; Bena Village, Bajawa, and Wae Rebo. Some are even still practicing their megalithic belief and do the rituals on thousand years old megalithic site!

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Swim at Rangko Cave

The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

Want another otherworldly dip? Head to Rangko Cave and find a stunning natural pond with crystal clear water. The pool is located near the mouth of the cave which allows plenty of sun lights to come in, lightening up the whole saltwater lake. This is the coolest place to swim.

Refresh on Cunca Wulang Waterfall

The spectacular cunca wulang will refresh any tired soul on the journey. Jump off the cliff into the water. You won’t be able to resist the splash of waters and the beautiful turquoise pool underneath the waterfall.

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