17 essential items for your awesome Komodo Liveaboard trip


Forgetting something that you probably need during your trip on Komodo Liveaboard is something awful and you should avoid that. So, please do pack your essentials at least a couple days before your trip and re-check them a day before your departure. To make it easier for you, here is the list of what you should bring for an awesome liveaboard sailing experience in the frontier Flores. 

The Necessities for Komodo Liveaboard Trip

Sunscreen — to protect you from sunburn and keep your skin tone even. 

Sunglasses — to have a UV and blue-light protection for your eyes and to have a comfortable vision, indeed. 

Footwears — there are trekking and hiking areas, as well as beaches, you will visit during your Komodo Liveaboard trip, so make sure to bring your hiking and or your running shoes. Meanwhile, flip flop is a mandatory one. 

Tissue and Antibacterial Wipes — to remove the dirt and prevent disease from spreading bacteria.

Toiletries and Makeup Kit — to groom yourself and look stunning throughout the trip.

Microfiber Towela trip with Liveaboard in Komodo, Flores, enables you to dive, snorkel or just swim as much as you wish to. Consequently, you always need to dry yourself afterwards. A microfiber towel dries faster and very easy to pack. 

Medicines — If you consider cigarettes as your medication, then bring them!

Snacks — lots of activities and adventures will set your tummy very often in an appetite-mode.

Small Dry Bags — to store and keep your electronic devices dry. 

Water Bottle — to reduce the use of plastics and save the planet.

Swimsuits — are the main point of this Ultimate Komodo Liveaboard Trip.

Light Apparels — for your own comfort since you will move a lot in warm temperatures of tropical islands. 

Warm Apparels — bring only one pair of warm clothes for unexpected cold nights.

Laundry Bag — to separate the used and dirty clothes from the clean ones. 

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Electronic Devices and their Accessoires — these should include your mobile phone, laptop, underwater camera, headphones, compatible power adapter and charger. 

Important Documents — put your ID, passport, diving licence and other documents and cards in one water-resistant travel pouch. 

Some Cash — you will be going to some islands where ATMs are hardly to be found. So, you should bring enough money for the whole trip. 

Diving and snorkeling equipment — Well, should you bring them on board? Know that they are heavy and the airlines you are about to fly with might charge you a high over baggage price. Instead of paying unnecessary expenses and moving heavy stuffs all around the trip, you can simply rent them from the liveaboard company. Make sure that your liveaboard have diving and snorkel equipment rents though, before deciding to leave these goodies home.

Pack these whole things in possibly one suitcase or bag only. This is a boat trip and you will not want to overpack, right?

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