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    The Ultimate Guide to Build A Sustainable Villa in Ubud Bali

    The Ultimate Guide to Build A Sustainable Villa in Ubud Bali

    The little town of Ubud, in the heart of Bali, is one of Asia’s premier sustainability hotspots. This verdant jungle is a lovely blend of traditional tradition and forward-thinking eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s difficult to resist the cultural appeal, gorgeous scenery, and eco-friendliness of Ubud, which is located in the middle of Bali’s lush green jungle. Ubud is also Bali’s spiritual center, and many visitors come here to reconnect with nature while practicing mindfulness. If you own a villa in Ubud and want to appeal to customers who care about the environment, it’s time to make some changes. By making a few modifications, you can reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s some easy way that radically turn your Ubud vacation villas for a more environmentally conscious vacation. 

    Why Sustainability is Good for Both the Nature and Your Villa Ubud Business

    It’s only logical that as a business owner, your primary goal is to increase profits. It is possible to do so while also contributing to eco-tourism and long-term sustainability. If you think that’s a difficult goal to have, you might want to reconsider. Making your vacation rental more sustainable is actually a lot easier than you would think. Today, there are a plethora of options for lodging. Travelers may be spoiled for choice, but if you want your home to stand out, start by making it more environmentally friendly.

    Make Travelers Feels Less Guilty on Their Vacation 

    Holidays don’t have to be a time of overindulgence and waste. Travelers are eager to stay in eco-friendly residences. These characteristics provide them confidence that they’re not adding to their carbon footprint while still enjoying a fun holiday. Sustainable and eco-friendly vacation rental in Ubud are in high demand among holidaymakers. Making your villa Ubud eco-friendly is not only good for business; it also helps Mother Earth leave a smaller carbon imprint, which is good for everyone. Examine your rental to identify where you may save money, help the environment, and potentially lower your risks.

    8 Ways to Build Eco-Friendly Villa in Ubud

    8 Ways to Build Eco-Friendly Villa in Ubud

    Including environmentally friendly methods in your vacation rental facilities will help you save money. Transforming your short-term rental property into something more environmentally conscious is not excessively expensive. Here are some ideas for adding eco-friendly vacation rental facilities to your Ubud vacation rental.

    Change Facilities to Energy-Saving Appliences

    Refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and air conditioners are just a few of the appliances now available in energy-efficient models. Before you buy, check to see if the appliances have the Energy Star label. This means the units can assist save energy without impacting the appliance’s functionality.

    Use LED Bulbs for Lighting

    Use LED Bulbs for Lighting

    Although they are initially more expensive than standard halogen lights, they produce 70 to 90% less heat. These types of bulbs are safer for your guests and less expensive in the long run. LED bulbs have been proven to last up to 17 years if just used for 8 hours per day.

    Put More Real Plants In and Around Your Ubud Villas

    Plants purify indoor air by raising humidity, absorbing pollutants, and creating oxygen, according to studies. They also exude a strong environmentally conscious atmosphere that your guests will appreciate. Take some pictures of your green space to include in your listing. According to Airbnb, “plus” hosts have listed their property as “natural” and “green” thousands of times in the last few years. Plants are where design meets the natural world, where eco-conscious travelers can be found.

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    Switch to Eco-Friendly Toiletries

    Switch to Eco-Friendly Toiletries

    Single-use toiletry goods are damaging and costly vacation rental amenity, according to the hospitality industry. Their purchase lowers revenue, and their manufacture and disposal are harmful to the environment. Switch to refillable soap and lotions containers, organic soap bars, bamboo toothbrush, and bamboo cotton buds. Aim for zero waste! Not only will they look better in your Ubud’s kitchens and bathrooms, but buying in quantity is also better for the environment.

    Source from Locally-Made Goods

    Purchase locally produced goods such as coffee beans, detergents, and soaps, which are unquestionably less expensive than imported brands. When you buy locally, you lower your carbon footprint because you won’t have to drive beyond the area to get your products. You also don’t have to order from online retailers or websites, which saves you money on delivery.

    Save More Water 

    In all of your bathrooms, install low-flow showerheads. Although this sort of showerhead has no effect on water pressure, it can nevertheless save water when compared to normal showerheads. You can save money on your monthly water costs by following these water conservation suggestions, just like you can save money on your energy bills by utilizing energy-efficient equipment.

    Provide Compostable Trash Bags & Composter Outside the Private Villa Ubud

    If you have a yard or a garden on your private villa Ubud, try to incorporate a compost pile. People who are concerned about the environment will undoubtedly be impressed with your vacation rental and may even recommend it to their friends and relatives. Replace conventional plastic garbage bags with compostable biodegradable bags. It takes 3 to 6 months for biodegradable certified compostable garbage bags to disintegrate.

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    Have More Recycle Bins Around 

    One of the simplest eco-friendly changes you can make to your house is to install a recycle bin. With a simple sign, visitors will know which materials are acceptable for disposal in the trashcan. It’s a sensible idea to maintain the place clean while also giving your visitors a variety of trash-sorting options. As a result, separate containers for biodegradable, non-biodegradable, recyclable, and food trash should be provided. Your guests will have a clear grasp of how to separate their trash in this manner.

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    Language Barrier In Business Industry

    The work revolution has significantly happened in this few years. More particularly, the global pandemic has force it to happen even faster so we are in remote work environment today. With this situation, it is more possible for every organization to reach out more global to expand their markets. By aiming for global talent, you can build more potential to expand your business. Meanwhile, some organizations are still in the process of considering this idea of hiring global talent and the major cause is language barrier. 

    Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

    Overcoming language barrier to build global-oriented business

    Language barrier can be a major issue in some occasion. Even during a trip to unfamiliar place, you cannot communicate effectively with language barrier. However, it is not something impossible to solve. Also, the potential you get from going global can be bigger than the hassle coming from language barrier. Language is a major tool for communication but there are many ways in which you can build effective communication even with language barrier. 

    Hunting for skilled resources outside of your resident country can be beneficial even though you must consider many other factors before fully tapping into it. However, do not let language barrier the thing that make you stop from reaching out global resources. It is possible to facilitate open communication policy with the right help and approach. 

    When hiring non-native speakers, there are many factors many organization take into consideration. For example the translator. It is kind of challenging to keep translator around and to be on-hand in every business conversation and meeting. This is indeed a challenging thing to consider. However, keep in mind that technology keeps growing and you should take advantage of it. To handle this problem, you can consider using an AI translator that provide real-time translation to help remove language barriers within global business. You can hold a conversation with non-native speaker employees through virtual meetings without so much hassle. 

    Even though the accuracy of those AI real-time translation is not 100 percent. It has reached to 90 percent so it is not impossible to get to 100 percent accuracy at this pace. You can variety of tools such as Siri or Alexa to help translating the words by identifying the language before translating them into spoken language pretty quick. For small business, this kind of AI real-time translation can help a lot. Integrate technology into the process to make everything goes smoothly. 

    You still need professional conference interpreter for bigger occasions such as global conferences and events. It is also important to remember that the chance of miscommunication or confusion may still occur even when you hire professional interpreter because language has its own nuances and cultural references. However, it should not discourage you to tap into global talent pools because it should not be limited in certain regions or cities as long as the talents have the right skill sets that will benefit your business, especially if you aim for your business to be a multinational corporation with large resources in the global markets. 

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    5 Ideas of Stunning Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    5 Ideas of Stunning Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    Updating outside spaces in your luxury villa rental Bali not only allows visitors to enjoy the property better, but also contributes to its overall appeal. Outdoor areas, when properly-designed, provide an area to share with loved ones as well as a quiet location to enjoy with a book and a beverage. Furthermore, outdoor locations photograph well and give excellent vistas of neighboring countryside. So, if you’re ready to make a statement, here are some ideas for upgrading your outside spaces that guests will love.

    Build Pretty Patio Diners in the Luxury Villa Rental Bali

    One of the great pleasures of travel is dining out. But the finest holiday memories are frequently made at a private table prepared for you and your crew, complete with fresh air, stunning views, and something tasty right off the grill. Whether it’s a fully equipped outdoor kitchen or a dinner table with a view of the ocean, there’s something for everyone.

    Even if your Bali villas don’t perched atop of a hill with wonderful vistas, outdoor dining area is still nice to have. 

    Relaxed Outdoor Sitting Room

    Relaxed Outdoor Sitting Room

    While the living room is the natural meeting place for indoor events, you can create the same comfortable environment outside to entice guests of your to the patio. It’s simple to figure out what furniture items you’ll need if you turn to your living room for ideas. Outdoor sitting, like interior seating, should be comfortable. The focus should be plush couches and chairs (even a sectional, if you have the room!).

    Allow the sun to do the most of the job in terms of lighting. Make use of outside string lights and lanterns at night to provide a pleasant glow. Invest in excellent cushions to cover any furniture made of hard materials like stone, concrete, or wood to make your backyard space seem pleasant. Also, keep sitting pads and furniture covered during bad weather to keep them in good condition.

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    Swim Up Bars 

    Want to go all upscale in your luxury Bali vacation rental? Build a swim up bar. Guests would love the opportunity to booze up and soak in the pool at the same time. Let guests experience the utmost in leisure, which means you don’t want to get out of the water and go to the bar to get a drink. 

    Provide Shades and Covers in Some Corners

    Awnings and umbrellas improve visitor comfort when spending time outside, especially during the warmer months. For added shade, install a retractable awning and place huge umbrellas over tables and chairs. This is especially essential in places with a lot of sun and metal furniture, as metal tends to suck in heat. Everyone benefits from shade since it keeps them cool and shields them from the sun’s damaging rays.

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    Build A Beautiful Path Leading to Your Luxury Bali Villa Rental

    Create a simple way for guests to arrive and depart from your Bali villas from aesthetically arranged garden. Walkways, smooth stone stairs, sidewalks, and wheelchair ramps are all possibilities. Create routes that travel from one place to another, such as from the automobile to the front entrance. As they are not walking over grass, sand, or mud, this provides a safe path for guests and helps to keep things clean.

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    Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

    Bolstering Your Online Brand influence With The Right Customers

    Fighting for consumer attention is now common in business industry. With the rise of internet, it provides easier access. However, it is getting predictable for how social media works today with the competition. Brands with large followings can potentially leverage a larger audience. Meanwhile, smaller brands may need to face even harder fight. 

    How to bolster your online brand influence

    Keep in mind that internet is not limited to social media platforms. It is larger than that so you can take advantage of what’s best for your brand to shine such as content marketing, paid ads, and other online advertising campaigns. The most important thing to do is how to use the right strategies, with the right platforms and tools, to reach out the right customers, so you can increase your online brand influence effectively.

    How to bolster your online brand influence

    Consider leveraging social media platforms

    When it comes to boosting your online brand’s presence, social media is still the king. It is the biggest and most impactful tool for you to leverage to benefit your business. There are different platforms to choose from and you can pick the one that will be able to deliver your message keep in mind to put the best message that reflect your brand’s values. Social media platforms can help garner attention as well as inform your followers of your business’s mission.

    Create your brand ambassadors

    You don’t have to hire influencers or famous celebrities to be your brand ambassadors. You can let your own employees become one by letting them create Twitter account which include their names and the company brand. You can simply let them speak in the name of the brand through their account. Let them interact with the followers in casual or professional ways to create more engagement. It would such a powerful way to boost your online brand’s presence.

    Consider a unique, valuable custom product

    Having a unique, valuable custom product is one of the best and easiest way to be a successful business online. It is because you can be the only one who provide this product so the influence it creates will only come to your brand. However, make sure to plan this well so you won’t just create random product. 

    Serve your customer with hospitality

    Customer experience truly matters for your business. Hence, it is a must to create positive customer experience when your customers doing business with you. Make every online interaction enjoyable for them. As the result, they will tell other people their excellent experience without being asked. They will give positive reviews and testimonials more willingly. 

    Be more active to share without being asked

    You are the expert of what you do so do not hesitate to share what you know because your knowledge is valuable. The audience will appreciate a lot when you do it without even being asked. You can simply leave comments or compliments on posts. Be genuinely helpful and people will come to you willingly and loyally. 

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    5 Cheap Places in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022

    5 Cheapest Place in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022
    Image credit: Instagram @backpackertampan

    Forget Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and Canggu. While those are five hottest places in Bali for tourism, property prices in these areas have sky-rocketed and are almost reserved for the big investors only. Looking for cheap Bali real estate for sale in these area needs endless patience and wide connections. In short, it’s quite difficult especially for first-time investors.

    It’s time to reach to other areas of Bali that are now start to brim with thriving tourism. Like everywhere else, hot and popular locations in Bali are more costly than others. Unless you don’t need to budget at all, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “What’s the cheapest place in Bali to live?”

    Here are our recommendation of top 5 cheap areas to purchase real estate for sale in Bali for your next investment in 2022. 

    Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali 

    Over the last few years, Indonesia has experienced sustained economic development and a moderate but steady increase in the cost of housing. However, local variables play a significant role. The property market in your selected location of Bali may differ significantly from that on the opposite side of the island. That is why some local research is essential to assist you understand the property market in the area where you are considering purchasing a cheap real estate for sale in Bali.  

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    Pererenan, the Next Canggu

    Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali
    Image credit: Instagram @visualaerialservice

    Pererenan Beach, the bookend of the stretch of golden sand of south-west Bali that begins near the airport, is rapidly changing. Villas and other structures sprout amid the fading rice fields, all the way to Tanah Lot road. It will soon be indistinguishable from the Echo Beach neighborhood. The laid-back Pererenan beach, the most northern of the Canggu area’s beaches, is the next target for development. Near the tanned sands and good waves, villas, guesthouses, and beach bars may be found. It’s a short 300-meter walk west from Echo Beach, through sand and rock formations.

    Balangan, Uluwatu’s Cheaper Alternative

    Close to Uluwatu, Balangan is located in southern Bali. It’s one of the greatest surf locations in the area and make huge difference with the neighbouring Seminyak and Canggu that are lined up with beach clubs and nightclubs. Balangan is a great alternative place for living to Uluwatu, which is known for its amazing surf breaks. While the beach is crowded with skilled surfers, families, and wedding couples looking for the perfect’shot,’ the region surrounding Balangan is quite local and calm. Land is still extremely inexpensive, and if your property is not too far from the shore, you will do well!

    Umalas, the Residence Area of Canggu

    Like Canggu, but quieter. Canggu might be the hottest destination in Bali for now. Cool villas, hipster coffee shops, and trendy restaurants all thrives in Canggu. However, the price of Bali real estate in Canggu has soared up in just recent five years. Umalas is your alternative. This area is a hidden gem where everything is untouched and quiet. You’d never guess that this peaceful neighborhood is sandwiched between two of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations: Seminyak and Canggu. A motorbike ride from Umalas to Petitenget in Seminyak or Berawa in Canggu takes only minutes. There are plenty of hip spots for food and beverages, yet the atmosphere is usually peaceful and relaxed: ideal for a luxury villa!

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    Tabanan, Affordable Potential Lands for Sale

    The huge Tabanan region, known as Bali’s rice bowl, is famous for its spectacular rice fields and unspoiled natural landscape. The region, which stretches along the western shore, retains the sense of authentic Bali and draws visitors searching for an off-the-beaten-path experience. The coastal area, which is framed by gorgeous black sand beaches, also has some excellent surf breakers.

    Tabanan offers a fresh alternative of living with authentic Balinese getaway and a way less congested roads than the southern part of Bali. A lot of tourists are looking for escapade in Tabanan to spend days calmed by nature. This make vacation rental in Tabanan quite lucrative, especially when combined with the rising popularity of wooden and bamboo houses. Looking at how this area steadily grow in popular, it’s only wise to invest in cheap Bali real estate for sale in Tabanan now before the prices rise up. 

    Lovina, for Laid Back and Cheap Bali Real Estate for Sale

    Lovina Beach, located around 9 kilometers from Singaraja, the capital city of the Buleleng Regency, is the epitome of tranquillity, where one may experience the real meaning of a laid-back and comfortable existence. 

    This beach is famed for the bottle-nosed dolphins who decides to make this northern coast as their playground. Normally appear in the morning, these dolphins are not afraid with boats and often swim close to them. This fascinating moment is what draws tourists’ attention to Lovina, supporting the local tourism which in turn create a promising environment for vacation rental business. 

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    How To Invest In Positive Company Culture

    Starting your own business makes you face many kind of challenges. However, you will not get started if you keep hesitating. Small businesses have pretty tight competition in the market and there are many factors that can make you fail such as poor marketing strategies, lack of funding, and team collaboration. It is essential to set strategic goals and create company culture that will attract and retain employees who are the vital for your business. 

    How To Invest In Positive Company Culture

    Investing in company culture

    The purpose of investing in company culture is to make your employees feel more valued, appreciated, and gain more sense of growth opportunity. It results in better team collaboration and productivity. It may sound simple but the reality is that is so hard to implement, especially with how fierce the market competition is. You must accommodate your employees’ growing interest in opportunities for growth and work-life balance. And here are some tips to do so properly:

    Determine the core values

    Before identifying core value, you need to know what is included into that term. It includes environmental governance, strategic thinking, innovative leadership, creative problem solving, and open communication. If you have several years of experience working for other companies, you may draw positive and negative attributes to define your own values. Or, you can also asses the company culture by evaluating onboarding process of recruitment so you get the right people to work with. 

    Choose the right people with those core values of yours

    After identifying your own core values, it is time for you to implement them into recruitment process. Hence, you can hire the right people for the right roles. Keep in mind that it is not looking for best people that you should focus on but the right people for the right roles. When recruiting and hiring, use your core values to prioritize your candidate’s specific values, goals, and beliefs. This is the most effective hiring process because you can dive into your candidate’s ability to think strategically, innovate, and advance which contributes to long-term success.

    Build positive culture using benefits

    Implement benefits and create a sense of community among employees to strengthen your company culture. You can use variety of benefits, work-life balance support, and engagement solutions that uplift your employees while also improving collaboration and reducing turnover at the same time. Keep in mind that employee engagement is vital for your company. And so you also need to choose the right platform to accommodate good engagement. This way, you company will be able to recognize, connect, lead, and listen to your employees better. 

    Aligning the benefits with the core values

    Offering benefits to your employees can be an effective way to build positive company culture. However, you need to know which benefits that work. Instead of focusing on your interest, you have to analyze if the benefits can weave properly into the culture and your workforce. Only then you will know if these benefits align with the core values. Your employees will understand that those benefits are also meaningful to you. 

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    Learning More About The Principles Of Risk Management

    When it comes to running your own business, it is considered normal that you manage many kinds of risk on daily basis since you have to make decision for many things. Every decision you take has its own risk. If risk cannot be avoided than at least you need to minimize possible impact so as to not ruin your plan or goals. However, risk management is quite confusing concept especially in the land of startups since founders are all-in on their high-risk projects. 

    Important principles of risk management you should know

    Starting your own business from scratch is already risky because you plan everything in hope that it will work successfully. However, sometimes it can be felt like playing  a game where there is also a factor of luck. Also, you need to calculate the unexpected when it comes to running business. So here are some of the most important principles you should know about to manage risk properly:

    Be an empiricist

    As mentioned earlier that startups are full of surprises. The fact is, startup is more complex than you think. There is no way you can fully understand the mechanics of a market. Accurate prediction is almost impossible because the system itself is very complex.

    You need to anticipate the big outcomes that can be failures or successes. Hence, it is important to allow yourself to be lucky sometimes, and take a  big step. Fortunes happen because of constant hypothesis testing against reality until you land a big win unexpectedly. Hence, it is not your job to become an analyst. Instead, you need to be an empiricist where you constantly run experiments and test ideas such as products or services to the customers. It is best to invest in low money, time, and effort continuously into ideas with big upside potential. 

    Time is your most valuable resource

    It is not recommended for you to make big bet all at once because as a founder, it requires time and effort. Hence, it is best that you make your bets one at a time so you run many experiments one after another. As time is your most valuable resource, you cannot just waste it on a project that doesn’t have a lot of promise. You need to stay involved in the game while constantly testing new approaches and ideas. Do not be stubborn and hide it behind the word ‘resilience’ when you know it doesn’t have any potential to success. 

    Say no to complexity

    Building startup is a little like gambling because you use your pennies to play. However, pennies cannot buy you a lot of complexity and sophistication since your time and effort is limited. If you try to build something overly complicated, remember that it requires too many resources. Complexity often results in failure so investing too much into it doesn’t even make any sense. You may encounter something complex along the way through the project execution and it is common. However, complexity is not something a successful project has from the beginning. 

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    Optimising Google Vacation Rental for Your Bali Holiday Villas!

    Optimising Google Vacation Rental for Your Bali Holiday Villas!

    Have you ever think that Google will give you tremendous benefit for your holiday villas rental in Bali? Google My Business has evolved into a critical tool for promoting your business on the platform. To enhance exposure, attract more potential visitors, and improve your booking rate, publish your vacation rentals on Google My Business. Google Travel has included vacation rentals to its Hotel Search tool in 2020. Both now appear alongside hotels on Google maps and search results. Of course, owners and property managers are now curious as to how they may join in on the fun and have their own vacation rental appear as a listing in the new Google Travel feature’s vacation rental search results. If you want to expand your business, you need to make sure that Google knows about it and that your properties appear in Google Travel searches.

    Why You Should List Your Bali Holiday Villas in Google Vacation Rental

    Connecting vacation rental properties to Google can help vacation rental owners and property managers grow their businesses, diversify revenue streams, and increase brand visibility, to name a few benefits. This new feature has only good things to say about it, and this is what you will get if you start enlisting your Bali holiday villas in Google vacation rental.

    Increased Visibility for Your Vacation Rental

    Increased Visibility for Your Vacation Rental

    Any mention of your vacation rental company provides another reason for potential guests to visit your website. You’re bound to obtain more reservations if you have more traffic, clicks, and mentions. Because Google has about 90% of the search market share in the United States, listing your vacation rental on Google Travel increases your chances of being seen because of their popularity.

    There are a variety of strategies to boost your visibility, including uploading high-quality images and forming collaborations with local businesses, but declaring your fame on Google is a huge one.

    Increased Traffic to Your Website

    Being listed in the Google SERP gives vacation rentals and serviced apartments more exposure for their Google My Business page, allows them to rank higher in organic search results without making major SEO changes, and, perhaps most importantly, allows property managers to be listed before popular vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb in organic search results. This improves direct bookings and eliminates listing site fees, resulting in increased visitors to your website.

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    Get More Direct Booking to Your Bali Holiday Villas

    Get More Direct Booking to Your Bali Holiday Villas

    As the owner of holiday villas in Bali, your primary goal must be more bookings. Better yet, direct booking with no commission fees. Convenient, commission-free bookings are the perfect ideal booking for any vacation rental owner. Fees and commissions are incurred when guests book through large OTAs, like or AirBnB. Unlike its competitors, Google does not charge a fee to list your vacation rental website on their platform, nor do they take a commission on bookings that are redirected to your site.

    Seize the World

    With Google, the world is within one’s hand. The largest search engines doesn’t only get yoy more traffic, but also expose you to the world. Every second, Google handles around 40,000 search inquiries. That’s a lot of foot traffic! You’ll need to think large if you want to reach out to international travelers. Without having to do anything more than link your listing to your vacation rental website, Google Travel puts you on a worldwide scale.

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    How To Plan Effective Marketing With Empathy

    More often than not, companies tend to treat their customers and leads as mere transactions. They tend to forget that they are also a living, breathing human beings. It is important to build effective marketing team which consist of people who have great emotional intelligence. In fact, emotional intelligence should be something the marketing team  strive for in their messaging. 

    Focus more on relationship building than sales

    It is essential for marketing team to focus more on building relationship managing reputation instead of sales. Of course, sales are also important matter business should pay attention to keep moving. However, relationship building and reputation management are elements that can make business las longer. It is important to not overlook humanity in messaging because it is important element to create uniquely personalized user experience. 

    How to establish personal connection with your customers

    It is important to establish personal connection with your customers because it is what forge relationships. Also, it helps cultivate lifelong brand evangelist. Here are things you can do to establish personal connection with your dear customers:

    Establish how customer perceive the business

    It is common for companies to analyze customer behavior so they understand them better how to improve their business. However, they often forget that customers also have their own perception of the business. The way they perceive the business is important to build personal connection. Customer’s perception relates to brand reputation as well. 

    One of the ways to make it true is by highlighting the human side of a business. You can do it by showcasing your employees and the people behind the scene. By showcasing what happens behind the scene, customers will become aware of humanity is still there in the company. They are also able to see the highlight of the company, as well as how talented and compassionate the employees are. 

    Bring empathy into marketing efforts

    Today, customers prefer empathetic companies who focus on providing valuable contents especially during hard times just like the situation with covid-19 pandemic. Companies should be aware that every customer face challenges and struggles in their lives. By promoting unrelated products the customers can’t even afford will only result in failure. Hence, make sure that each of your marketing effort is filled with empathy as a reflection of your brand. Considerate marketing efforts should showcase how your business is aware and empathetic to your customer’s reality. 

    Personalization to meet individual demands and needs

    Empathy and humanity should be incorporated into marketing. And another important key is personalization. It is essential to build open communication with target audiences. However, it is just not a communication that only touches the surface but more like on deep level. Create segments for audiences based on demographics, interests, as well as behaviors. Hence, you will be able to present the best fitted messaging which result in increased engagement and lifelong evangelism. Keep in mind that expensive promo won’t be impactful if it doesn’t apply to what your customers need. 

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    Managing Your Own Bali Property for Rent? How to Prepare It Right

    Managing Your Own Bali Property for Rent

    Owning a Bali property for rent is a cool way to stream a steady second income to your account. However, you cannot just hand your guests the key of the villa and call it a day. Things will not take care of itself—especially if you manage your own villa properties. You must meticulously prepare your villa in advance for guests, many of whom may want the same level of cleanliness and comfort as a hotel. Your professionalism and attention to detail could mean the difference between 1 to 5 stars reviews. The better job you do for preparing the villa, the smoother your guests’ stay and the bigger chance you get for new and returning renters. Here’s eight ways to ensure happy guests and happy owners in rental vacation business.

    #1 A List of House Rules is A Must in Any Bali Property for Rent

    Whether your visitors are from across town or across the nation, they will most likely require some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Prepare a list of crucial information, such as the guest house’s physical address, rubbish and recycling pick-up days, emergency contact information, and security passwords, to assist them. Include instructions to your local grocery shop, hardware store, hair salon, and favorite restaurants and bars for a personal touch. Include any rules-related information. Is there any portion of the house that you can’t go into? Is your villa rental located close to local neighbourhood who will complaint for loud noises after 10 pm? Let your guests know everything before you leave them with the keys.

    #2 Your Version of Master List for Bali Villa Rental Owner

    Prepare an inventory list and guest checklist for your own keep when you are managing your own Bali property for rent. Keeping an inventory isn’t a hint that you don’t trust your visitors. Rather, it’s a means to avoid disagreements about stuff that may have been misplaced, damaged, or even stolen while you were away. Making a checklist ensures that your visitors have all they need to have a pleasant stay. Make a cursory assessment of the house’s primary appliances and furniture, noting their condition. Make a list of any valuables in the house, such as artwork; anything truly irreplaceable should be taken with you or secured away. Consider photographing your home’s rooms before your visitors arrive.

    #3 Deep Cleaning the Villa

    Deep Cleaning the Villa

    Obviously, your Bali property for rent should be spotless and tidy when your visitors arrive. The bathrooms and kitchen, in particular, should be spotless. Clean linens should be used to make the beds. Before their visitors arrive, many hosts engage housecleaning services to complete a thorough cleaning. Many others save money by doing it themselves. When you clean yourself, you have the advantage of being able to ensure that it is done correctly. To make sure you don’t overlook anything, download a printable vacation rental cleaning checklist or write your own version.

    #4 Fix Any Troubles

    Check for any leakage in the house. Make sure the sink is working and the toilet is not clogged. Change any old lamps that show signs of breaking down. Also, make a thorough observation of potential hazards. There should be no evident dangers, such as exposed wires or a sagging step. Your Bali villa Fix anything that could lead to a guest’s injury—and everything that can lost you star reviews.

    #5 Stock Up Your Kitchen

    Stock Up Your Kitchen

    Guests who prefer renting a villa in Bali than booking a hotel want flexibility and freedom. They usually appreciate the opportunity to cook their own dishes and save the budget, especially for travelling families. Therefore, they will really appreciate it when the villa equip them with basic kitchen necessities. Stock your kitchen with a variety of low-cost dinnerware, as well as all of the necessary cooking and baking gadgets. Choose something of durable material, like melamine or wood. They are not only long-lasting, but also come in aesthetic colours. Guests would also love to have simple kitchenware that makes life simpler like microwave, toaster, and coffee makers. Also, make sure to prepare a bottle opener and corkscrew—these small important tools are mostly forgotten in many villas.

    #6 Help Guest Keeping Your Bali Property for Rent Clean

    Let’s face it: mishaps occur. However, if you provide your visitors with the tools they need to clean up after themselves, the damage is less likely to be permanent. Paper towels, all-purpose cleaning spray, air freshener, a vacuum cleaner, mop, dust pan, and broom should all be on hand. Cover your sofas with slipcovers and your bed with mattress coverings. Allow plenty of space for guests to keep their belongings in closets and cupboards.

    #7 Leave Your Contact for Better Guests Experience

    High level of guest satisfaction is critical for successful Bali property rental operation. There’s still the client experience to consider after you’ve booked your guests. Guests frequently inquire about many topics, such as where the blender is located. Where can I find a parking spot? What is the best way for me to get to the pool? What is the procedure for turning on the television or gaming system? Where can I find an excellent restaurant? Where can I get surfboards, bike, and other equipment to rent? You get the idea. So don’t hesitate to leave your contact and be prompt of answering all kind of requests. Remember that you’re in the guest service business and guests like timely and competent service, especially when we are speaking about luxury villa rental in Bali. This, in returns, increases the chances of a positive review that will works in your favour.

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    #8 Get Prepared with Cancellations Rules

    And then there’s the thorny problem of a guest cancellation. If a visitor cancels due to an unforeseen circumstance, you must decide how you want to handle the issue and what is fair to all parties involved, including yourself. A smooth and fair cancellation policy could be an opportunity for the guest to return, as well as receive some nice feedback. In the end, it will be another thing that work for your favour.

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