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    Optimising Google Vacation Rental for Your Bali Holiday Villas!

    Optimising Google Vacation Rental for Your Bali Holiday Villas!

    Have you ever think that Google will give you tremendous benefit for your holiday villas rental in Bali? Google My Business has evolved into a critical tool for promoting your business on the platform. To enhance exposure, attract more potential visitors, and improve your booking rate, publish your vacation rentals on Google My Business. Google Travel has included vacation rentals to its Hotel Search tool in 2020. Both now appear alongside hotels on Google maps and search results. Of course, owners and property managers are now curious as to how they may join in on the fun and have their own vacation rental appear as a listing in the new Google Travel feature’s vacation rental search results. If you want to expand your business, you need to make sure that Google knows about it and that your properties appear in Google Travel searches.

    Why You Should List Your Bali Holiday Villas in Google Vacation Rental

    Connecting vacation rental properties to Google can help vacation rental owners and property managers grow their businesses, diversify revenue streams, and increase brand visibility, to name a few benefits. This new feature has only good things to say about it, and this is what you will get if you start enlisting your Bali holiday villas in Google vacation rental.

    Increased Visibility for Your Vacation Rental

    Increased Visibility for Your Vacation Rental

    Any mention of your vacation rental company provides another reason for potential guests to visit your website. You’re bound to obtain more reservations if you have more traffic, clicks, and mentions. Because Google has about 90% of the search market share in the United States, listing your vacation rental on Google Travel increases your chances of being seen because of their popularity.

    There are a variety of strategies to boost your visibility, including uploading high-quality images and forming collaborations with local businesses, but declaring your fame on Google is a huge one.

    Increased Traffic to Your Website

    Being listed in the Google SERP gives vacation rentals and serviced apartments more exposure for their Google My Business page, allows them to rank higher in organic search results without making major SEO changes, and, perhaps most importantly, allows property managers to be listed before popular vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb in organic search results. This improves direct bookings and eliminates listing site fees, resulting in increased visitors to your website.

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    Get More Direct Booking to Your Bali Holiday Villas

    Get More Direct Booking to Your Bali Holiday Villas

    As the owner of holiday villas in Bali, your primary goal must be more bookings. Better yet, direct booking with no commission fees. Convenient, commission-free bookings are the perfect ideal booking for any vacation rental owner. Fees and commissions are incurred when guests book through large OTAs, like or AirBnB. Unlike its competitors, Google does not charge a fee to list your vacation rental website on their platform, nor do they take a commission on bookings that are redirected to your site.

    Seize the World

    With Google, the world is within one’s hand. The largest search engines doesn’t only get yoy more traffic, but also expose you to the world. Every second, Google handles around 40,000 search inquiries. That’s a lot of foot traffic! You’ll need to think large if you want to reach out to international travelers. Without having to do anything more than link your listing to your vacation rental website, Google Travel puts you on a worldwide scale.

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    How To Plan Effective Marketing With Empathy

    More often than not, companies tend to treat their customers and leads as mere transactions. They tend to forget that they are also a living, breathing human beings. It is important to build effective marketing team which consist of people who have great emotional intelligence. In fact, emotional intelligence should be something the marketing team  strive for in their messaging. 

    Focus more on relationship building than sales

    It is essential for marketing team to focus more on building relationship managing reputation instead of sales. Of course, sales are also important matter business should pay attention to keep moving. However, relationship building and reputation management are elements that can make business las longer. It is important to not overlook humanity in messaging because it is important element to create uniquely personalized user experience. 

    How to establish personal connection with your customers

    It is important to establish personal connection with your customers because it is what forge relationships. Also, it helps cultivate lifelong brand evangelist. Here are things you can do to establish personal connection with your dear customers:

    Establish how customer perceive the business

    It is common for companies to analyze customer behavior so they understand them better how to improve their business. However, they often forget that customers also have their own perception of the business. The way they perceive the business is important to build personal connection. Customer’s perception relates to brand reputation as well. 

    One of the ways to make it true is by highlighting the human side of a business. You can do it by showcasing your employees and the people behind the scene. By showcasing what happens behind the scene, customers will become aware of humanity is still there in the company. They are also able to see the highlight of the company, as well as how talented and compassionate the employees are. 

    Bring empathy into marketing efforts

    Today, customers prefer empathetic companies who focus on providing valuable contents especially during hard times just like the situation with covid-19 pandemic. Companies should be aware that every customer face challenges and struggles in their lives. By promoting unrelated products the customers can’t even afford will only result in failure. Hence, make sure that each of your marketing effort is filled with empathy as a reflection of your brand. Considerate marketing efforts should showcase how your business is aware and empathetic to your customer’s reality. 

    Personalization to meet individual demands and needs

    Empathy and humanity should be incorporated into marketing. And another important key is personalization. It is essential to build open communication with target audiences. However, it is just not a communication that only touches the surface but more like on deep level. Create segments for audiences based on demographics, interests, as well as behaviors. Hence, you will be able to present the best fitted messaging which result in increased engagement and lifelong evangelism. Keep in mind that expensive promo won’t be impactful if it doesn’t apply to what your customers need. 

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    Managing Your Own Bali Property for Rent? How to Prepare It Right

    Managing Your Own Bali Property for Rent

    Owning a Bali property for rent is a cool way to stream a steady second income to your account. However, you cannot just hand your guests the key of the villa and call it a day. Things will not take care of itself—especially if you manage your own villa properties. You must meticulously prepare your villa in advance for guests, many of whom may want the same level of cleanliness and comfort as a hotel. Your professionalism and attention to detail could mean the difference between 1 to 5 stars reviews. The better job you do for preparing the villa, the smoother your guests’ stay and the bigger chance you get for new and returning renters. Here’s eight ways to ensure happy guests and happy owners in rental vacation business.

    #1 A List of House Rules is A Must in Any Bali Property for Rent

    Whether your visitors are from across town or across the nation, they will most likely require some time to adjust to their new surroundings. Prepare a list of crucial information, such as the guest house’s physical address, rubbish and recycling pick-up days, emergency contact information, and security passwords, to assist them. Include instructions to your local grocery shop, hardware store, hair salon, and favorite restaurants and bars for a personal touch. Include any rules-related information. Is there any portion of the house that you can’t go into? Is your villa rental located close to local neighbourhood who will complaint for loud noises after 10 pm? Let your guests know everything before you leave them with the keys.

    #2 Your Version of Master List for Bali Villa Rental Owner

    Prepare an inventory list and guest checklist for your own keep when you are managing your own Bali property for rent. Keeping an inventory isn’t a hint that you don’t trust your visitors. Rather, it’s a means to avoid disagreements about stuff that may have been misplaced, damaged, or even stolen while you were away. Making a checklist ensures that your visitors have all they need to have a pleasant stay. Make a cursory assessment of the house’s primary appliances and furniture, noting their condition. Make a list of any valuables in the house, such as artwork; anything truly irreplaceable should be taken with you or secured away. Consider photographing your home’s rooms before your visitors arrive.

    #3 Deep Cleaning the Villa

    Deep Cleaning the Villa

    Obviously, your Bali property for rent should be spotless and tidy when your visitors arrive. The bathrooms and kitchen, in particular, should be spotless. Clean linens should be used to make the beds. Before their visitors arrive, many hosts engage housecleaning services to complete a thorough cleaning. Many others save money by doing it themselves. When you clean yourself, you have the advantage of being able to ensure that it is done correctly. To make sure you don’t overlook anything, download a printable vacation rental cleaning checklist or write your own version.

    #4 Fix Any Troubles

    Check for any leakage in the house. Make sure the sink is working and the toilet is not clogged. Change any old lamps that show signs of breaking down. Also, make a thorough observation of potential hazards. There should be no evident dangers, such as exposed wires or a sagging step. Your Bali villa Fix anything that could lead to a guest’s injury—and everything that can lost you star reviews.

    #5 Stock Up Your Kitchen

    Stock Up Your Kitchen

    Guests who prefer renting a villa in Bali than booking a hotel want flexibility and freedom. They usually appreciate the opportunity to cook their own dishes and save the budget, especially for travelling families. Therefore, they will really appreciate it when the villa equip them with basic kitchen necessities. Stock your kitchen with a variety of low-cost dinnerware, as well as all of the necessary cooking and baking gadgets. Choose something of durable material, like melamine or wood. They are not only long-lasting, but also come in aesthetic colours. Guests would also love to have simple kitchenware that makes life simpler like microwave, toaster, and coffee makers. Also, make sure to prepare a bottle opener and corkscrew—these small important tools are mostly forgotten in many villas.

    #6 Help Guest Keeping Your Bali Property for Rent Clean

    Let’s face it: mishaps occur. However, if you provide your visitors with the tools they need to clean up after themselves, the damage is less likely to be permanent. Paper towels, all-purpose cleaning spray, air freshener, a vacuum cleaner, mop, dust pan, and broom should all be on hand. Cover your sofas with slipcovers and your bed with mattress coverings. Allow plenty of space for guests to keep their belongings in closets and cupboards.

    #7 Leave Your Contact for Better Guests Experience

    High level of guest satisfaction is critical for successful Bali property rental operation. There’s still the client experience to consider after you’ve booked your guests. Guests frequently inquire about many topics, such as where the blender is located. Where can I find a parking spot? What is the best way for me to get to the pool? What is the procedure for turning on the television or gaming system? Where can I find an excellent restaurant? Where can I get surfboards, bike, and other equipment to rent? You get the idea. So don’t hesitate to leave your contact and be prompt of answering all kind of requests. Remember that you’re in the guest service business and guests like timely and competent service, especially when we are speaking about luxury villa rental in Bali. This, in returns, increases the chances of a positive review that will works in your favour.

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    #8 Get Prepared with Cancellations Rules

    And then there’s the thorny problem of a guest cancellation. If a visitor cancels due to an unforeseen circumstance, you must decide how you want to handle the issue and what is fair to all parties involved, including yourself. A smooth and fair cancellation policy could be an opportunity for the guest to return, as well as receive some nice feedback. In the end, it will be another thing that work for your favour.

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    How Businesses Learn The Lessons Of The Crisis

    There are many lessons we can learn from the pandemic. There are only few businesses that can survive the crisis during the pandemic. Meanwhile, the future is still uncertain. No one knows when this pandemic will end for good. Instead of wondering things like that, it is more beneficial for your business to learn the lessons of the crisis and navigate your business to the success you aim. 

    How Businesses Learn The Lessons Of The Crisis

    Prepare your business for the future

    The future is something unclear even though we can make prediction based on our calculation. No one knew that the year of 2020 would be such a disaster. And the impact is still going on. We have been forced to worked from home and practiced social distancing to stay safe. Many businesses went down due to the lack of preparation for the crisis. Hence, it is always better to be prepared regardless how our prediction of the future is. 

    Learning lessons of the crisis for business to thrive

    There are many lessons business owners and leaders can learn from the crisis caused by the covid-19. and here are several of them you can focus on to improve your business:

    The need for speed

    Make sure to deliver the need for speed because the pace of change was already accelerated but the crisis fasten the process. You need to make sure that your business is able to respond more quickly and work with agility more than before. 

    Be more confident to experiment

    Rapid change and information will force you to be more confident to experiment in an inexpensive, quick way. When you keep hesitating on your effort to experiment, it will be hard for our business to move forward. You may not find the solution or strategies that best fitted for your business in the end. 

    Make bold investment

    Same as being more confident to experiment, it is also important for you to make bold investment. Do not be afraid to invest in new ways of working for example. You may not see the impact right away but it may be your life safer when you face another crisis in the future. You will be steps ahead from your competition as well. 

    Get the right people for their roles

    It is very essential that you hire the right people. However, it is more crucial to put them in the right roles. The pace of change has become faster and you need to find balance to continue working your best. By putting the right people in the right roles, the chance of your overall organizational success increases. 

    Maintain communication and teach more skills

    Communication is key in the times of uncertainty. In the next decade, uncertainties and disruptions will leave people feeling unsettled. Hence, establish good communication practice to provide reassurance to your employees. Also, teach them new cognitive strategies and behaviors beside digital skills. This way, your employees will learn better how to adapt and navigate through the crisis. They are more prepared with their skills to face any challenges in the future. 

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    What To Ask Before Making A Franchise Of Your Business

    What To Ask Before Making A Franchise Of Your Business

    Seeing growth of your business must be more than just exciting because it feels like you have accomplished something with what you have been working so hard for. Franchising is one of the forms of how business grow. Growing your business by franchising regionally or nationally can be a good decision but make sure to do the evaluation beforehand. 

    It is important not to be in a rush when you decide to franchise. There are many factors to consider because franchising is like running an entire different business than the business being franchised. Hence, it is not so simple to make a franchise of your business and make it successful. Here are important questions you should ask yourself before deciding to make a franchise:

    Does your business have wider market to grow?

    Market research is the foundation of business model. It is something your must rely on when running business and franchising. Find out if there is any opportunity for your business to grow outside its existing location. Also, make sure that there is demand that exist in the market. This way, you can exactly target the right location to fill a need from many people expecting your product or service. 

    Can your business be easily replicated?

    It is important that you make thorough evaluation of how your business is replicated if you make franchise. You need to evaluate the ability to apply your branding, marketing, sales, as well as operational system successfully across multiple locations. When you find franchisees who meet the criteria of your evaluation, the chance to make successful franchise becomes higher. 

    Understand the cost of sharing your business information

    How comfortably are you with the new leadership system?

    Opening a franchise means you will have to navigate your leadership with different role and responsibility. You need to shift your mindset because your responsibility as an owner of a franchise system is different than as the owner of a business you have built. You have to help your franchisees because they are putting their faith in your vision. Your support will be needed by your franchisees. Hence, you will have to help them navigate to the right direction with the business because their success is your success too. 

    Is the story of your business intriguing?

    Story can be one of the keys for successful business. And growing your business through franchising means you will need intriguing stories to attract people. You don’t have to make up such tragic stories. Just make sure you have something to explain why your business was founded, the value of your business, and what commitment your business provide to customers. Those are important selling elements that can build customers interest and loyalty. 

    A franchise can grow successfully if its franchisees don’t lack the fundamental belief in the brand’s value. Franchising is not an easy decision to make for every business owner. Taking the next step with your business without jeopardizing what you have already built is very challenging. Hence, always take a hard look before deciding to make a franchise. 

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    What You Need to Know Before Buying A Beach Villa in Bali

    What You Need to Know Before Buying A Beach Villa in Bali

    Have you ever went to Bali, stay at a nice seaside cottage, and cannot stop thinking about how beautiful your days were once you got back home? Many travelers dream about owning their own piece of heaven in this tropical island. Maybe you have considered buying a nice beach villa Bali for your leisure. Perhaps you’ve had enough of paying exorbitant rental fees. Or your family requires more space than a hotel or a reasonably priced vacation rental can provide. Or perhaps you simply want a space where your family can congregate whenever it is convenient. You might even have consider renting out the vacation property when you’re not using it out to earn some income. In famous vacation destination like Bali, this may transform the house into a big money maker.

    A vacation home in Bali can be purchased for a variety of reasons and in a variety of locations. But, like with any large financial choice, there’s a lot to consider before making a commitment.

    Know the Indonesian Laws for Purchasing A Beach Villa Bali 

    You don’t have to be a superstar to own a beach villa in Bali. However, Indonesia has quite a firm restriction on foreign ownership. Indonesian land and property are fiercely guarded. Many international investors prefer to acquire property in other Southeast Asian countries since the laws are numerous and the process is opaque. Indonesia, on the other hand, is considering making modifications to its foreigner property ownership restrictions. They hope to attract more international investors, and the procedure may become easier and less hazy in the future decade. Foreigners cannot own freehold property in Bali or the rest of Indonesia at the time, but there are numerous titles available that allow them to use, lease, or create properties in Bali and the rest of Indonesia.

    Know the Rights: Hak Milik, Hak Pakai, and Hak Sewa for Properties in Bali

    Know the Rights- Hak Milik, Hak Pakai, and Hak Sewa for Properties in Bali

    Hak Milik is a freehold title and the most powerful title available. Only Indonesian citizens and business can use this title. Hak Pakai is the highest title available to foreigners. It’s a mechanism devised by the Indonesian government to provide foreigners exclusive usage of Hak Milik land. The purchaser of Hak Pakai receives a separate certificate of title in their name. The initial term is 25 years, however you can extend it up to 70 years on several occasions. If you want to sell your property to another foreign buyer, Hak Pakai is transferrable. It’s worth noting that a foreigner can only possess one Hak Pakai property at any given time. Another good alternative for foreigners looking to invest in real estate is to lease property known as Hak Sewa. The length of a lease can range from one to fifty years. It is normally agreed upon in advance with the property owner.

    Decide Your Purpose

    This has an impact on the type of property you acquire, where you buy it, and how you manage your company. If you want a vacation cottage that you can use during the school holidays and rent out at other times of the year, your approach to property selection will be significantly different than if your primary purpose is to make money.

    Knowing Your Target Market

    You also need to decide who your ideal customer is if you want to rent our your beach villa Bali. Families are likely to be your target market if you have a large residence. Meanwhile, you can advertise a cozy one-bed cottage, on as a romantic getaway.

    If you want to charge top prices in any business, you must provide a high-quality product. This could entail paying a little more to upgrade old fixtures and fittings and install fast Wi-Fi, or providing unique touches like a welcome package of locally sourced food.

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    Prepare Yourself for the Financing

    It can be tough to obtain financing for a vacation house. It can be tough to obtain financing for a vacation house. Lenders offer higher mortgage rates and require larger down payments for a second house than they would for a primary residence. Real estate is a non-liquid investment. It might be tough to sell a home quickly, especially if you are foreigners in Bali. Many financial advisors advise against purchasing a vacation house — or any real estate for that matter — unless you intend to keep it for at least five years.

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    Does Influencer Marketing Give Positive Impact To Your Business?

    Does Influencer Marketing Give Positive Impact To Your Business

    The answer to that question is yes. Influencer marketing is seen as one of the most effective strategies in business now. However, it doesn’t mean that the impact will be long-lasting. It depends on the strategy for the continuation. Before talking about the impact, let’s talk about who or what is influencer. 

    Why influencer marketing can give positive impact for your business

    Many think that influencers are the one who have big following on social media. Or, they are the ones with blue tick on their account. However, someone can be an influencer without all of that. More important factors that play to the roles are a person’s eminence and affluence. Those factors like the blue tick or large numbers of followers are just secondary elements influencer can use to boost the impact. 

    Influencer today is about authenticity, sincerity, and dependability. However, that makes it even harder to define who influencer is. If those elements are what count to be influencer, then anyone can be an influencer as long as they can play an active role in business decision-making which ultimately leads to purchase when their circle of trust is indestructible. So the simple definition of influencer is those who are able to create a circle of trust that someone can have faith in. 

    Why influencer marketing can give positive impact for your business

    This leads to how influencer marketing can give positive impact to your business. However, it is only when you do it right. For example, just because you choose an influencer to promote your product doesn’t mean your sales are going to increase all of a sudden. If there is no relevance, authenticity or sincerity then the strategy is bound to fail. 

    For example, you cannot just rope a famous model to promote your burger because your customers and his/her circle will question why their favorite model doing so knowing that this type of food is something they should not or will never consume in reality. Therefore, the large number of followers or the blue tick don’t even help in this case because there is no authenticity, sincerity and relevance.

    It is important to remember that purchase decision include involve a lot of dynamics such as social, political, economic, market fluctuations, as well as the concept of the circle of trust. Also remember what Seth Godin said that people do not buy goods and services but relations, stories, and magic. 

    You need to make sure to choose the right influencer to market your product or service. Not only that, it needs to be done strategically with concept and plan. Choose influencer that your potential customers can trust. Today, consumers use many references to see what rbands they are going to choose. They often make purchase after seeing influencer use a product on their platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram. 

    Many consumers also find references from blogs. They read reviews from blog they trust before making decision whether to purchase or not. Also remember that consumers today are very smart and they know which one to trust. 

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    Sustaining Your Small Business Through Actionable Plans

    Sustaining Your Small Business Through Actionable Plans

    Pandemic makes any business struggle a lot with so many disruption. Vaccine is started to distribute all over the world but the challenges still there for business owners. However, hope is already in sight. Many small business owners specifically look forward to more practical solutions. There are many things to handle such as increasing revenue, building online presence, creating engaging marketing strategy, etc. 

    How to sustain your small business with more actionable strategies

    The situation with the global pandemic has brought us fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Many small business owners have given up due to the pressure. Some are barely surviving and waiting for the situation to get better. If you are small business owner and you are struggling to sustain it, here are some actionable strategies you can consider:

    Build your digital presence

    Explore the options you have and get started. Today, it is essential to pivot and adjust. If your business is not already digital, you need to start learning and adapting with it now. It is predicted that even if the global pandemic ends, the impacts of it will remain included customer’s buying habit. Build your brand image with unique personality to attract more customers. Find ideas that help improve your customers’  buying experience. 

    Thinking about taking loans?

    How to sustain your small business with more actionable strategies

    Taking loans can be your solutions especially if your main problem is your financial resource. However, it is also important for you to make thorough estimation and calculation to ensure that you won’t face major financial problem in the future especially with the uncertain situation like now. If you are planning to get loan, you can find out if you are eligible. Then you can apply and make sure to put it to solid use. 

    Low-interest financial support

    If you wary taking a loan then you may try different alternatives to get financial support because of the high interest, find the one with low interest. Find financial support that gives you more leniency so you can be more confident in using it to solid use. It will hep a lot in keeping your small business afloat. Financial security is important thing to consider especially when you plan to take loans during uncertain times. 

    Diversify your revenue

    Diversifying your revenue resources is also important for your small business to sustain. Both online and offline revenue stream need to work and thrive. You can try collaborations, add some additional sales channels, offer complimentary products, etc. For example, you can offer complimentary product along with the tutorials how to use it and live chats. It can result in more engaging customers. You can also add more options of service that your customers will like such as local delivery or curbside pickup. Those strategies can result in more robust revenue stream. 

    Focus on your existing customers

    Gaining new customers can give your small business a needed boost to grow. However, sustainability is more correlated with your existing customers. Those are the ones who are likely to to repurchase. Hence, make sure to deepen your connection with them. Make adjustment to fit their needs and wants if necessary. 

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    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    Excellent customer service is one of important keys for your business to thrive. It helps your brand to build trust with your customers. It is easy for customers to turn their heads to other brands once they experience poor customer service. Hence, quality product is not the only factors that can lead you to successful business. More importantly, customer service that is delivered with quick response is what customers want. 

    How not to delay your customer service response

    Responding to inquiries quickly is important. Of course, satisfactory resolutions are also essentials in customer service. However, sometimes resolutions is poor in some situations. The only thing that can save your customer service is at least the fast response. 

    One of the problems with small business is that it is not easy to deliver quick response keep the staffs on hand for 24/7. That is why most of small businesses opt for outsourcing where they sign a contract with remote support companies. This way, they will have teams as well as scripts to handle support. Minimizing delays is essential when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. Responding as quick as possible is your goal. 

    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    There are many ways you can do to reduce delays in customer service delivery. For example, you can opt for multiple channels instead of relying only on one channel. Too few options of channels will only result in long queue which also result in delay. The more support channels you have, the faster you will be able to respond to customer inquiries. 

    Various channels you can try to establish to improve your customer service performance include social media, phone support, live chat, support agents, and direct tickets. Make sure that those channels are always available and active. They are accessible platforms to gather customer inquiries so you have quicker responses to deliver. 

    Customer inquiries can be overwhelming especially when they are jumbled randomly. Hence, it is best to try organize and filter them. Funneling customer inquiries to the right people make it your customer service also more efficient. Make sure that each channel you establish has each method to filter inquiries efficiently to the appropriate team to respond quickly. 

    Communicate clearly with your customers so they know what to expect with their inquiries. Every company may have work differently. Make sure that you let your customers know how long you need to help them. For example, phone support is essential and you don’t want to put your customers on hold for too long than necessary. Tell them how long you need before calling them back clearly and commit to it. 

    You can also promote self-service to your customers. It allows them to be follow the guide you have given depending on their issues. It allows them to self-diagnose and find useful steps to solve their issues. This way, customers don’t have to wait until they get response from you. However, make sure establish system and plans that will be helpful for your customers and their problems. 

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    How to Get the Most Out Of Real Estate Investing Like a Real Business

    How to Get the Most Out Of Real Estate Investing Like a Real Business

    Real estate investing is challenging and rewarding. However, the best thing about it is that real estate investing is basically for anyone. Basically, anyone can start real estate investing even without having degree or license. Anyone can invest in amount they like as little or as much. In addition, there is no set amount of time of when they should be successful. Therefore, real estate investing is interesting. There is no ultimate rule of how to be a successful real estate investor. Everyone can start their investing in their way. Even though there are some basic steps or fundamentals of how to do it properly, every investor has ultimate right to decide everything. 

    Treating your real estate investing like a business properly

    Every investor has different goals in running their real estate investing. Some investors focus on closing deals regularly every months and others focus more on earning high profit from every deal they close. However, the main focus here is closing deals and it i one of your ways to treat real estate investing like a business as it should be. Treating it like a hobby won’t get you far. Here is what you should do to treat real estate investing like a real business and get the most out of it:

    Define your purpose for your investment

    Define your purpose for your investment

    Make a defined system for what you will do to your investing. No matter how small you start in real estate investing, you still need to treat it like a business. If you are able to make a defined system, even your small starter can turn into huge deal. System is one of the most important factors to lead you to success. By having system, you will know what kind of properties you want to invest in and what you will do to it. You will also be able to evaluate every new deals coming your way. By having defines system, you can avoid bad deals.

    Networking on your business

    Business relies on networking a lot. Thus, you should grow your contact list if your aim is to treat your investing like a business. For real estate investor, growing contact list is like a basic thing to do. It also needs to be done constantly. Just because you have many contacts in your list doesn’t mean you need to stop adding it. It is also important to keep in touch with your contacts to build solid business relationship. Developing contact list can be done in many ways. You can get local contacts by phone calling or attending local networking meeting. 

    Proactive marketing

    Marketing is also important for real estate investing to succeed. Instead of waiting for deals to come, you can reach them out by being proactive in the marketing field. You can use everything you have to promote your investing such as social media, networking meetings, or real estate investment clubs. Of course, marketing can also cost you amount of money sometimes, but it will worth it. Generating leads is important to help you keep moving forward because you have deals to close. 

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