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Traditional Holiday Drinks To Bring Out Your Festive Spirit


You probably have known more about foods that often served during holiday seasons. Every country may have different holiday dishes to celebrate holidays.however, many forgot the importance of jingle juices which also have the ability to bring out festive spirit. Holiday drinks are varied but most of them are made to keep the warmth and buzz during celebration. And here are several most popular authentic holiday drinks to lift up your spirit:

Homemade vanilla Christmas drink Eggnog in glass with grated nutmeg and cinnamon sticks on gray stone background.


This is probably one of the most famous drink many people enjoy during holiday, especially during Christmas. This creamy drink is made with cream or milk, sugar, whipped eggs, and liquor. The frothy texture comes from the whipped eggs. The alcohol used to make this drink varies from rum, brandy, to bourbon. Do not forget the iconic garnishes, cinnamon and nutmeg. 


Many holiday beverages contain alcohol but not this one. So if you want to take a pause on alcohol intake during a celebration of holiday season, you might consider trying this drink. Julmust comes from Sweden and is categorized into soft drinks. The interesting thing about this drink is root beer-like flavor. This drink is often served during Christmas as well. 


This is holiday drink popular during festive season. It is made from lemonade and advocaaat, a kind of German/ Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, brandy, and sugar. This is a retro cocktail many people love to enjoy with delightful ingredients to provide warmth to body. 


This holiday drink is popular in England and an old traditional English beverage. It contains mulled cider made with sugar, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. This often served during Christmas since Medieval times. This delicious beverage can be mixed with different fruit juices as well. Added with spices and a little bit of alcohol, this is the perfect drink to cheer for during festive celebration. 


This is holiday drink popular in Italy, which is an Italian version of eggnog. This drink is made by mixing eggnog or advocaat and brandy. It is best served hot with the whipped cream as additional topping to enrich the flavor. This drink can be found across the country, especially during winter in many ski resorts and Christmas market. 

Mulled wine

This is such a delightful drink to be enjoyed during holiday. This drink is made with red wine mulled with various spices, along with raisins, and brandy. This comfort drink is best enjoy during cold season as well. You can remove alcohol to make this drink and you still get the warmth due to the holiday spices added to it. 

Hot chocolate

Hot choco will always be the best comfort drink in the world. You can enjoy it without waiting holiday season even. Of course, it is perfect to enjoy hot chocolate in the evening when the weather get chilly. This drink can be made with variety of chocolate such as cocoa powder, shaved or melted chocolate. Then add sugar and warm milk as you need. Put any garnish you love such as marshmallow, whipped cream, or nuts. 

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