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Tips To Save Some Space In Your Luggage For Travel


Dragging large suitcase for a trip sounds exhausting already, it is not pleasant. Even if you are planning for a long trip, you can still pack light and more efficiently. There are many risks of packing too many stuffs in your luggage. First, you will highly likely spend extra because there are more expenses to expect such as paying for porter, baggage fees, airport trolley fees, etc. Also, there are risks of you getting injured because of moving heavy luggage throughout the trip especially if you make multi-destination travel. 

Tips To Save Some Space In Your Luggage For Travel

Saving some space in your luggage 

Thus, it is always safe to pack light. To do so, you need to make sure that your suitcase has needed space to pack all necessary items you need for smooth travel. You can follow some of these hacks to save some space in your luggage so you can pack and travel light. 

Avoid packing largest wearable items

If you still need it for your trip, wear them instead of packing it inside your luggage. Some of largest and heaviest items are jeans and boots. You can wear them and you will stay comfortable because the temperature at the airport or inside the plane is relatively cold anyway. Wearing thin clothes may bring you more disadvantages.

Laundry tools are unnecessary 

Avoid packing unnecessary stuffs such as laundry items. To wash your clothes, you can use your old soap in the sink in your hotel room. Or, you can also get your laundry done with cheap price even if it is overseas. If you bring only few clothes, it will be necessary to wash them for changes. However, soap provided by hotel and a sink are enough to wash your clothes clean. 

Shared items to minimise luggages

Shared items to minimise luggages

If you travel with companion be it family or friends, you can share items to pack. For example, you don’t have to bring all toiletries from your toilet at home. Instead, split shareable items with your travel buddies. Or, you can also buy them in your destinations especially if you have long travel and need bulkier products to last longer. 

Being prepared is necessary

However, relying on ‘just in case’ won’t make your travel easier. In fact, it will only make you pack unnecessary things. For example, you don’t need to pack all medicines you ‘may’ need. Just bring necessary medications that you truly need especially if you have specific need for regular medication treatment. Regular medicines such as for cough, cold, or fever are usually available in every pharmacy in every country.

Take travel size items 

Leave your bulky perfume and take travel size ones. Also, avoid packing chunky jewellery since it is not that necessary for a trip. However, you can consider buying ones in your destinations. It means you contribute to the local economy as well. For entertainment, you can opt for small headset instead of bulky headphones. It still serve the same but headset can at least save some space in your luggage for you to pack more necessary items. 

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