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Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

There are plenty of reasons to visit Papua. Located in eastern Indonesia, Papua is known for its beautiful destinations, both on land and in the sea. Being the second-largest island in the world, Papua is filled with exciting things to see and places to go that will make any holiday there a memorable event. Adventure travelers are drawn to beautiful nature hikes, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking. The exotic island is also an important spot in terms of culture. Visiting Papua is on the top of many people’s wish list. So, before you go and book your Papua trip, this guide will show you the best things you can do in Papua.

Papua Trip to Raja Ampat is a must

Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. Much of Raja Ampat is covered in untouched rainforest and you will find wide stretches of white sand that back on the crystal seas teeming with marine life. The stunning island is well known for its many different tourist attractions all around the world. However, snorkeling and diving are the prime attraction on the island. Here, you can swim with colorful marine life. For instance, manta rays or sharks. The amazing coral reef here is also largely untouched and is a must-see. Besides marine life, you can find exotic birds on the island. Your Papua trip isn’t complete without visiting Raja Ampat Island.

Goa Jepang

Located to the north of the Kota Biak, Goa Jepang is a place of historical interest that would have been used in the Second World War as a place for Japanese soldiers to hide. Aside from the history, Goa Jepang is quite attractive to travelers due to its strategic location. It is located near to a local beach, so travelers can drop by to the stunning beach either after or before exploring the Goa Jepang later.

 Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

Cendrawasih Bay

Cendrawasih Bay is a large marine park made of a large number of islands and a rich marine environment. Many travelers come here for hiking, trekking, diving, and watching the exotic birds. However, one of the famous things to do in this bay is swimming with the whale sharks.

Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia. The Park is the largest protected area in Southeast Asia. It is also the home of a popular mountain called Puncak Jaya. Moreover, 123 mammalian species and 630 species of bird have been recorded in this National Park.

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Visit Base G beach on your Papua trip

Located in the western of Jayapura, Base G Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Jayapura. The beach is quiet and has white sand, making this stunning beach a fitting place for you who want to relax in peace and release all the stress. If you’re in Papua, make sure to visit Base-G Beach.

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