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Managing Expectations while Diving in Bali


When it comes to diving, many dive enthusiasts come lured from the bubbly descriptions from commercial dive magazine, depicting all lives and colours on their promoted dive destination. Alternately they saw the beauty of a certain dive sites from reviews that other divers and travelers rave so much in blog, youtube, or other social media channels. Albeit being more honest than company advertising, we cannot deny that that those reviews give certain expectation for people who are going to have a dive trip. Similar problems happens with travelers who wish to dive in Bali. They might have read/ watch amazing reviews about diving in Bali and their expectation just go up above the roof. Too many times, high expectation just end up in disappointment. This is how to manage a more realistic expectation during your dive trip to Bali.

Managing Expectations while Diving in Bali

See What Animals You can Meet While Diving in Bali

Nestled right in the heart of world’s coral triangle, Indonesia was dubbed as one of the best place in the world to enjoy an incredibly rich marine life. Bali, obviously, was one of them. The underwater of this little tropical island is brimming with pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimps, nudibranch and all kind of macro critters along with hundreds species of tropical fishes, turtles, black and white tip reef sharks, and pelagic. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you can see the rare Mola Mola sunfish and Manta Ray. 

However, please remember that all these animals are living in the wild. Means that there are no guarantees to see them during your diving trip in Bali. You might see some barracudas and giant trevally, but you might not see any blacktop white shark. Things like that happens and when they do, do not be too disappointed. 

Realize that Pictures Might be Photoshopped

Realize that Pictures Might be Photoshopped

All that deep blue ocean adorned with vibrant corals and busy fishes in the background might have some little touch on the editing. Though most of Bali’s waters are crystal clear (it’s quite renown for this quality!), not every sites are Instagram-ready. Don’t be too disappointed if your underwater photos comes blurry and foggy. Maybe it’s not the site—maybe it’s just the camera and the editing. 

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Issues with Boats In the Middle of Diving in Bali

Some divers are just not-so-lucky with their dive boats. Sometimes this problem occurs in diving Bali trip, and that can be a bummer. A dysfunctional boat can make the trip very uncomfortable for the divers. The crew will, however, try their best to keep your dives going. When this happens, there’s nothing you can do except taking a deep breathe and later on, filling in a complaint. 

Personal Health Issues Happens

Sometimes the unexpected happens from one’s self. When the boat is working just fine and the site is everything you have expected, your body just decide to suddenly not working. Some divers get the unpleasant Bali’s belly in the middle of the trip, forcing them to drop some dive session in their diving Bali trip. We have seen divers suffers from sudden sinus infection, get injured, or having decompression sickness before. Some health problems can be easily avoided, other times you just need a big heart to accept the situation. 

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