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Experience Komodo Cruise to Exotic Indonesia Islands for the First Time

Experience Komodo Cruise to Exotic Indonesia Islands for the First Time

Have you ever been curious of having cruise holiday and wandered around the quiet and pristine waters in Indonesia? This archipelagic country stretch on the equator line, spanning over Indian Ocean and Pacific ocean. The result is fantastic landscape, highly diverse flora and fauna, rich and colourful marine life, and dozens of world class surf spots in unexplored waters. Exploring the wondrous Indonesia islands is the dream of many adventurers—but the trend of Indonesia sailing trip might be first popularised by Komodo cruise. 

Komodo Cruise — Where Everything Started

Komodo Cruise — Where Everything Started

The land of dragon is getting more and more popular ever since it was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Travelers flock to Flores to see the majestic, prehistoric Komodo Dragons—that now only live at Komodo and Rinca Islands—and visiting neighbouring islands where the superb sceneries and pristine beaches are. Naturally, you would need a Komodo cruise to visit all of these gorgeous destinations. There’s something about hopping into a journey to remote destinations and enjoying unspoiled beauty of the raw nature. 

Sailing to Other Indonesia Island with Komodo Cruise 

The popularity of sailing adventure in Flores soon spreads to the neighbouring destinations. Peole start exploring the opportunity of embarking on adventures to the Banda and Spice Islands, the underwater paradise Raja Ampat, the underwater garden Wakatobi, and surfing wonderland Sumba. Question: can Komodo cruise reach these destination? The answer is yes! A lot of sailing agencies in Komodo do have trips to Raja Ampat and other stunning islands in Indonesia. 

Cruising for Diving 

Cruising for Diving

The liveaboard travelling that are so popular in Indonesia right now were first made in the mainstream by divers. Being able to sail, sleep, and eat in a boat while visiting multiple dive sites in one trip sized down all the hassles of diving in open seas in just one trip. It’s not surprising then to see Komodo cruise trips that are just dedicated to visit all the best sites to dive in Indonesia!

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Finding the Best Surf Destination 

Bali might be the most famous island for surfing in Indonesia, but having huge crowds means surfers need to battle lineups with other hundreds of surfers on popular breaks. Some surfers decide to take surfing adventures to the next level. Now many yachts and cruises offers liveaboard trips to Sumba, Mentawai, and other undisturbed surf-breaks, in search for world class waves. 

Finding the Right Cruise for You 

As liveaboard sailing trip to remote Indonesia islands now sits in many travelers’ bucket list, the variety of ships are getting more diverse. You can find small ships of various size to sail Komodo or other islands at any day. However, selecting a seaworthy and safe vessels should always be your priority. 

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