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Choosing Statement Pieces for Living Room Furniture


Furniture statement piece helps bring your living room to life. Make a point to design living room furniture Yogyakarta with one. is A statement piece, when chosen right, won’t only make the piece stood out, but also unify other furniture pieces around it as well. But choosing a piece of living room furniture can be tricky. Must you choose something bold? What about the consideration of your own preferences and style? 

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Living room furniture Yogyakarta 

Before buying any living room furniture and ending up splurging on items that end up cluttered, start by defining your living room first and foremost. What’s the most important piece of furniture that you often use in your previous home or apartment? It’s also important to rethink the ultimate purpose of your living room. 

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Other things to consider is the permanent fixture of your room and other defining structure of your home itself. Is your living room in an open floor space and is combined with your kitchen? How should you turn this arrangement into your advantage when determining the statement piece of your living room? Having a clear idea of this would give you an easier time in determining the best statement piece of your living room. 

Don’t start with choosing the statement pieces 

Here’s the thing; even if your goal is to pick a solid statement piece for your living room, don’t start with browsing through sofas or quirky coffee tables first. Immediately choosing furniture would extremely limit your options. So don’t do that. Instead, look around your living room and take note. 

Start from the ground up; choose your floor. Whether you want rugged floor, marble floor, or hardwood, decide it first before you choose any kind of furniture pieces and make it your statement piece in your living room. 

Defining the focal point of your living room 

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A statement piece is not unlike a focal point in a room; that’s something that anyone looking to design their own home should take note of. So look around your living room Yogyakarta; particularly for its permanent fixtures. Do you have a fireplace in your living room? A permanent fixture is often made a focal point of a room. 

Work with your room’s permanent fixture and your living room furniture in order to create an all-encompassing aesthetic that sets the tone of your room. Statement furnitures are often described as bold pieces; but in reality, it could be something simple and timeless, but made special by the clever arrangement of the room itself by playing with the focal point and permanent fixtures of your living room structure. 

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Ideally, a statement piece is something that’s also functional as well. This is why many statement pieces in a living room is often a sofa. But what if there’s a piece of decor that you absolutely love and would like to have as a statement piece as well? Combine your decor – an aesthetic piece, with a piece of a statement furniture to create the unifying aesthetic. 

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