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Best Holiday Time to Go to Komodo Island!

Best Holiday Time to Go to Komodo Island!
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The beastly dragons that live in Komodo Island has captured the attention of many, sparking curiosity and aspire wilder adventures. Being part of the Indonesia’s Komodo National Park, this little island—along with the neighbouring Rinca Island, is the last place in earth where Komodo Dragons lives in its wild habitat. Going to this little island in the frontier Indonesia is not exactly easy. You need to first take a flight to either Jakarta, the capitol, or Bali, before taking another flight to Labuan Bajo. Then you will need to take a liveaboard to sail around the archipelago and visiting the dragons. For such strenuous (yet highly rewarding!) expedition, one should choose the time to go wisely. 

Dry Season is the Best to Visit the Komodo Island 

Dry Season is the Best to Visit the Komodo Island

In a country where the time of the year is divided into dry and wet season, going on when it’s hot and not raining is definitely a logical choice. The dry season in Indonesia commonly spans from May to September, although it lasts a little longer in the eastern region. Here in Komodo, the dry season could start as early as in the end of March and ends in middle of November.

Going on the dry season gives you the freedom to explore the region in its best nature. You don’t have the constant fear that the rain will ruin the day. The sand at the beaches is sparkling, the water is inviting, and the Komodo is not hiding. You’ll get the best experience and photos from all of it. 

The Two Faces of Komodo During the Dry Season 

The Two Faces of Komodo During the Dry Season
The usually dry and barren Komodo could be this green. Image from Instagram/ @samara.liveaboard

Do you know that the Komodo Island and the neighbouring islands have two moods? One is the dry, brownish savannah and barren lands as we frequently seen in photos. Another is lavish green grasses covering most of the terrains, which is rarely seen by most tourists. You could say that the dry landscape, lasting almost a year long in these region, is the default mood. It’s the result of Flores’ dry climate and what makes it so iconic and different from the rest of Indonesia. The green grasses usually grows during the wet season and last for the first few months after the last rain. It’s rare to see the national park covered in green. If you’re in for something different in Komodo, schedule your trip between the end of March to early May, when the grass is still pretty and luscious. These months also falls at shoulder season when travelling is not as busy and prices haven’t go up as high. 

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Best Holiday for Visiting Komodo Island

By now you would have know that Komodo Island is at its best during May to September. However, would you be available during these times? 

Assuming you are working a typical 9 to 5 office jobs, finding a long enough holiday to escape to Komodo could be quite challenging. Try to look at Easter holidays and see if you could combine the weekends and bank holidays. You could also take your annual leave and set for a summer holiday at Komodo. Another alternative is the Christmas break, though you have to be ready with some rains. However, we are talking about brief rain downfall here in Flores rather than heavy monsoonal downpours. As long as you choose a high-quality liveaboard Phinisi for the journey, you don’t have to worry much about the rain. 

Have you decide any vacation time to explore the exotic Komodo? 

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