What Should You Prepare for Tulamben Diving


The once quiet fishing town in the northeast coast of Bali is now become one of the busiest diving hub in the island. The Tulamben, though still a small village in off the beaten path Bali, is one of the most famous dive site in the island as it house nine incredible dive sites underneath the surface. Tulamben diving is also a must for beginners who just complete their Open Water certification. The USAT Liberty and Coral Garden are among the most ideal site for diving beginners as it offers wreck attraction, beautiful coral formation, and lively marine life in such shallow depth. Other sites in Tulamben includes the breathtaking Drop Off, the mesmerising Seraya Secret for brimming with macro life,  expansive coral garden at Kubu Monkey, the Canyon, Batu Belah, and the Batu Kelebit which famous for its deep dives. 

What Should You Prepare for Tulamben Diving

It’s totally a not a surprise if Tulamben diving appears on the must-do list on many divers who come to Bali. The fantastic wrecks and sheer amount of variety diving in Tulamben are enough reasons. Besides, the quiet and calm neighbourhood makes a perfect relaxing gateway for the family. If you plan to have Tulamben for your upcoming dive holiday, here’s what you need to know. 

It’s Gonna be A Long Trip to Tulamben Diving Village

Tulamben is 3 hours away from Kuta or Canggu, and 2 hours away from Sanur or Denpasar area. You will drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city to Balinese forests, rice fields, and small villages. It’s going to be a long drive, so if you drive by yourself make sure you have enough energy for that.

What Should You Prepare for Tulamben Diving

Have Your Snacks and Personal Medicine Stocked Up

Let’s be honest. Tulamben village is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere with very few convenience stores around. Some of the locals open mini shops, but the price could be a bit higher and the variations are kinda limited. Our best advice is stock up everything you need—snacks, medicine, mosquito repeller, shampoo, and any other thing in the city. 

Arrange Your Tulamben Diving Trip

There are two ways to dive in Tulamben. Firsts, you sign up for a day trip or multiple day Tulamben diving trip with a dive centre in Sanur, Kuta, or anywhere in the city and have everything under their care. Or you can arrange your own trip to Tulamben, stay for several days, book your own lodging, and dive with your buddy. Make sure you talk to the locals as they usually have insider tips to get on and around Tulamben. The village has lots of choices of accommodation. From budget to luxury beachfront resort, find something that suits your needs. 

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Avoid December to March—Plan Your Flight from Now

Basically, Tulamben diving is available for all year round. However, you might want to avoid December to March as this is the monsoon season and the water can get a bit murky from the rain.  The best time to dive in Tulamben is from April to November. The weather is all sunny and the visibility can reach up to 30 meters. 

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