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Bali Real Estate for Lease With Long Tenancy


Umalas area is the gate of bali real estate. You can choose wide range of option start from housing, villa, cottage for any purpose. In addition, some might seek for their first investment, long investment and even retirement.

Furthermore, property demands are reaching its peak point as more development and infrastructure are rising in numbers. The property itself vary diverse characteristic in each of their interior design, architectural, leasehold and its tenancy.

Bali Real Estate

Tenancy agreement is a contract in which you and the landlord settle for the property. It gives you the privilege to live in the property for as long as the terms written. The long tenancy you agreed, means the longer you will stay in the unit.

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Unique Umalas Bali Real Estate

With all of the hot facilities and extraordinary design in one place, these Umalas property standout the most  than other units. This peaceful and uniquely design villa features 4 master bedrooms complete with cozy bathroom in each.

Bali Real Estate

Cover with the building size of 200 sqm and spacious land size of 7.1 are, will give a pleasant living experience.Filled with modern facilities to suit your daily craving. For instance, swimming pool, hot tub, laundry washer, comfy kitchen, gazebo and other main aspect. Moreover, these facilities will provide you the ideal deal for your investment purpose or short term stay.

Meanwhile, this Bali real estate is for lease with long tenancy. The unit are ready for hold for up to 23 years to suit any long term investment. There will be no worry as this bali real estate in Umalas are in great condition, it was built in year of 2016. Moreover, this unit will sustain for a long term and lead you to a memorable livelihood.

Why Consider Lease With Long Tenancy

As the bali real estate market are going upwards, its no suprise that more people request for a longer tenancy. This has been a phenomenon that people are more keen to settle into long tenancy and further many tenants are now offering the same match commitment.

Bali Real Estate

As a result, pre-lease contract increases are written in tenancy agreement to make sure that the leasehold are align with the individual’s budget and maintain the rising market overtime.Several benefit to lease with long tenancy are:

  • Gives you more secure lease
  • Improved credit rate
  • Great mutual relationship between you and landlord
  • Increasement in property valuation
  • Would be an interesting income option
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