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8 Killer Strategies for Villa Owners to Tackle the Low Season

8 Killer Strategies for Villa Owners to Tackle the Low Season

While Bali enjoys the tropical weather all year long, this island do have its rainy season and it’s usually the quietest month on the island. From February to May, the island get a bit wet and there are not a lot of tourists around. Well, except those who doesn’t mind getting wet or those who are already staying in Bali for works. Owner of villas in Seminyak, however, may experience stress during the off-season. It could seem impossible to try to book a space when it seems like no one is interested. Be at ease! Let’s dissect this little monster and figure out how you can get bookings throughout your slowest seasons.

Enlist Your Seminyak Villas to More Vacation Rental Platform

It’s time to diversify and post your property on additional short-term rental websites if you are solely using Airbnb. I advise signing up with VRBO after Airbnb. You can try Indonesian local travel platform like Traveloka,, reddoorz, or the worldwide one like VRBO,,, or FlipKey.

Reduced Rate per Night

Reduced Rate per Night

Although many of us don’t like to hear it, it must be said. Try out various price ranges until you discover one that works. Going 25–50% off your typical pricing is advised. Calculate your results and aim to at least break even. In this situation, having a break-even rental is preferable to having an empty one because Instagram and word-of-mouth are excellent marketing vehicles. Make sure to include the word “Discount” in the title of your offering because it will draw more attention.

Lowering the Minimum Night Policy

A wonderful strategy to encourage visitors to remain for even a single night or two is to reduce your minimum stay while raising the costs. By doing this, it attracts tourists who want to take weekend getaways or last-minute vacations.

Reach Out the Repeat Guests

Depending on their experiences, whether they are first-time or returning visitors, your guests can be one of your biggest marketing tools. They function similarly to an investment that yields a favorable return; the greater the investment, the greater the return.

Give your visitors a cause to take a vacation, and more crucially, a reason to remain at your vacation rental. Include family-friendly nearby activities like hiking and pumpkin picking. Additionally, if you are in a place with few things to do, make sure to direct them to the best local eateries, movie theaters, shopping malls, bowling alleys, etc.

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Research Any Interesting Local Events Around Your Villas in Seminyak

Some local events in Bali sometimes goes unnoticed by the worldwide radar. Discover the area’s events and festivals, then plan activities or provide a special treat for your vacation rental guests to look forward to during the shoulder seasons. For example, you can cover the Kite Festival in Sanur, temple celebration in Seminyak, or art festivals that’s sometimes being held in Seminyak Village. By covering interesting events around Seminyak, travelers would be interested to look for some villas in Seminyak to stay during the event. 

Launch A Special Campaign to Boost Bookings

If you have any suggestions for a campaign to encourage off-season reservations. Great, then! Consider unconventional or distinctive concepts that could result in numerous pages of press coverage.

Contest-based campaigns are the most frequently successful ones. Having said that, advise against merely giving away goods on social media or through a third party. Make sure your goals are crystal clear as well. Establish your KPIs and make sure the campaign is improved to guarantee that you achieve them.

Freshen Up Your Villa

Freshen Up Your Villa

Simple follow-up methods to any of these other suggestions include rearranging your real estate photos or taking brand-new ones. Choose a unique image for your listing’s cover, decide what makes you stand out from the competitors, and emphasize it there. Add “Discount” to your listing title and any other features that set you apart from the competition.

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Offers Some Complimentary Service

You might want to include some extras that might be valuable to any potential visitors. Several ideas are:

  • transport to the airport
  • Free breakfast and refreshments
  • Tickets to an occasion
  • gift certificates for a nearby eatery

Although it might not be expensive to you, it may matter to visitors who are evaluating your hotel against those of your rivals. They will think that their stay is worthwhile in light of all the extra amenities.

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