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How To Conduct A Successful Remote Recruitment


Remote work has already been adopted nowadays especially since the global pandemic hit. Some companies also start to implement hybrid work-model in which some employees work from home and some work at the office. Just like remote work, work hiring or recruitment has become a common thin in business industry as well. Hiring people through virtual process is no longer a rare thing to choose by employers. However, is it as effective as on-site recruitment

Benefits of remote hiring

Remote hiring is considered beneficial for employers because they now can find many talents without any geographic limitation. They can find the best candidates from any cities, states, and countries. It’s also beneficial for prospective employees because they have a choice of working remotely while owning their dream job. However, remote hiring also carries its own challenges since it affects the position being filled, workplace safety, corporate reputation, and customers trust.

Successful remote hiring

Remote hiring is considered beneficial also because it tends to take less time than regular recruitment process. So here are some strategies to consider to conduct successful remote recruitment:

Optimize your HR team

Make sure that your work team know that remote hiring is here to stay. Encourage them to assess the effectiveness of hiring process. HR workflow does matter for hiring process so identifying potential gaps that can put companies at hiring disadvantages is necessary. Any risk should be mitigated through the right hiring system. Prioritize candidates who are a good fit for your organization’s culture even though they won’t be seeing each other in person. 

Do your due diligence on new hires

You are not able to see the candidates in person so it may put you in disadvantages. However, you can do your diligence to know more about your new hires. Have an identity verification alongside background screening. It’s vital to have a background check that based on the name and demographic details provided. This kind of identification and screening is important to ensure their results are accurate and complete since virtual is more prone to data falsification.

Understand the laws

The regulations may have evolved and impacted the hiring process. Make sure you understand the updated laws so you conduct hiring process without making any violations to the law. Identity verification programs are important but you have to take specific privacy and biometric collection laws into account. By taking the regulations into account, you will conduct hiring process that complies with applicable laws while also treating candidates fairly.

Reset and modernize your hiring processes

Remote hiring may not be new in business industry. However, you may have to reset and modernize your hiring processes. Remote hiring is beneficial because it opens door to more candidates from all over the world. However, it’s a must to always complies to the regulations and laws to every process especially identity verification and background screenings. This way, you can conduct recruitment process that is based on authenticity, safety, and trust. It’s something that’s fair for both you and candidates. 

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