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5 Cheap Places in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022

5 Cheapest Place in Bali to Buy Real Estate for Sale in 2022
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Forget Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, and Canggu. While those are five hottest places in Bali for tourism, property prices in these areas have sky-rocketed and are almost reserved for the big investors only. Looking for cheap Bali real estate for sale in these area needs endless patience and wide connections. In short, it’s quite difficult especially for first-time investors.

It’s time to reach to other areas of Bali that are now start to brim with thriving tourism. Like everywhere else, hot and popular locations in Bali are more costly than others. Unless you don’t need to budget at all, you’re undoubtedly wondering, “What’s the cheapest place in Bali to live?”

Here are our recommendation of top 5 cheap areas to purchase real estate for sale in Bali for your next investment in 2022. 

Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali 

Over the last few years, Indonesia has experienced sustained economic development and a moderate but steady increase in the cost of housing. However, local variables play a significant role. The property market in your selected location of Bali may differ significantly from that on the opposite side of the island. That is why some local research is essential to assist you understand the property market in the area where you are considering purchasing a cheap real estate for sale in Bali.  

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Pererenan, the Next Canggu

Looking for Cheap Real Estate for Sale in Bali
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Pererenan Beach, the bookend of the stretch of golden sand of south-west Bali that begins near the airport, is rapidly changing. Villas and other structures sprout amid the fading rice fields, all the way to Tanah Lot road. It will soon be indistinguishable from the Echo Beach neighborhood. The laid-back Pererenan beach, the most northern of the Canggu area’s beaches, is the next target for development. Near the tanned sands and good waves, villas, guesthouses, and beach bars may be found. It’s a short 300-meter walk west from Echo Beach, through sand and rock formations.

Balangan, Uluwatu’s Cheaper Alternative

Close to Uluwatu, Balangan is located in southern Bali. It’s one of the greatest surf locations in the area and make huge difference with the neighbouring Seminyak and Canggu that are lined up with beach clubs and nightclubs. Balangan is a great alternative place for living to Uluwatu, which is known for its amazing surf breaks. While the beach is crowded with skilled surfers, families, and wedding couples looking for the perfect’shot,’ the region surrounding Balangan is quite local and calm. Land is still extremely inexpensive, and if your property is not too far from the shore, you will do well!

Umalas, the Residence Area of Canggu

Like Canggu, but quieter. Canggu might be the hottest destination in Bali for now. Cool villas, hipster coffee shops, and trendy restaurants all thrives in Canggu. However, the price of Bali real estate in Canggu has soared up in just recent five years. Umalas is your alternative. This area is a hidden gem where everything is untouched and quiet. You’d never guess that this peaceful neighborhood is sandwiched between two of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations: Seminyak and Canggu. A motorbike ride from Umalas to Petitenget in Seminyak or Berawa in Canggu takes only minutes. There are plenty of hip spots for food and beverages, yet the atmosphere is usually peaceful and relaxed: ideal for a luxury villa!

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Tabanan, Affordable Potential Lands for Sale

The huge Tabanan region, known as Bali’s rice bowl, is famous for its spectacular rice fields and unspoiled natural landscape. The region, which stretches along the western shore, retains the sense of authentic Bali and draws visitors searching for an off-the-beaten-path experience. The coastal area, which is framed by gorgeous black sand beaches, also has some excellent surf breakers.

Tabanan offers a fresh alternative of living with authentic Balinese getaway and a way less congested roads than the southern part of Bali. A lot of tourists are looking for escapade in Tabanan to spend days calmed by nature. This make vacation rental in Tabanan quite lucrative, especially when combined with the rising popularity of wooden and bamboo houses. Looking at how this area steadily grow in popular, it’s only wise to invest in cheap Bali real estate for sale in Tabanan now before the prices rise up. 

Lovina, for Laid Back and Cheap Bali Real Estate for Sale

Lovina Beach, located around 9 kilometers from Singaraja, the capital city of the Buleleng Regency, is the epitome of tranquillity, where one may experience the real meaning of a laid-back and comfortable existence. 

This beach is famed for the bottle-nosed dolphins who decides to make this northern coast as their playground. Normally appear in the morning, these dolphins are not afraid with boats and often swim close to them. This fascinating moment is what draws tourists’ attention to Lovina, supporting the local tourism which in turn create a promising environment for vacation rental business. 

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