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    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm with Your Team Members

    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm With Your Team Members

    There has been major shift to how we live today especially after the pandemic. During the crisis, we are forced to make necessary measure to ensure the safety of everyone. As business leaders, instructing your team members or employees to work from home is a big decision because it comes with many consequences. Working remotely has various logistical challenges. Brainstorming process can be more challenging if you don’t know how to optimize it.

    Efficient virtual brainstorm

    Virtual brainstorm is not a new practice or approach for some businesses. It has been conducted with various purposes. If you just experienced it now, you may get overwhelmed with how the way it works. You might be wondering if it is how face-to-face brainstorm works. Here are some tips for effective and efficient virtual brainstorm with your team members:

    Plan your virtual white-boarding

    Through your white-boarding, you plan everything out from the big topic to the details you want to discuss during the brainstorming. The plan is like a guide for you to carry the entire process. This can help you to stay in the lane. Therefore, you can always get back in track whenever you are distracted during the brainstorm. Make sure that you plan everything to the final things.

    Always come with one original idea or more

    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm With Your Team Members

    It is essential to include specific session goal for every virtual brainstorm you conduct. Then, make sure to link them to relevant research or imagery. Also, make sure that everyone in the brainstorm event feel engaged. Encourage them to participate and speak up about the generated solution or ideas. Participation from each participant in the meeting can lead to more ideas to born.

    Feel the difference

    Like it or not, you must feel the difference between direct and virtual brainstorm even you can still see their faces. The usual structures have changed as well and you have to get used to it as well as your team members. To make it easier for everyone, it is important to build comfortable environment. Thus, warming up with icebreakers to start the meeting. It can be in any forms of icebreakers you choose. It doesn’t have to be something deep. You can choose something simple yet meaningful and fun.

    See what tools you can use

    Try to incorporate virtual tools to support the brainstorming process and make it more efficient. Many tools are useful to gather information provided by every participant in real time without disturbing the process itself. The use of virtual tools also make it easier for every participant to engage directly throughout the entire process.

    Try to be more accommodating to your team members

    Encourage your team members to speak up more and provide their ideas. Even if you don’t seem to agree with their ideas, listen to them first instead of interrupting. Find some important from their ideas such as the potentials, concerns, pluses, as well as overcome. Those elements are important to find out the an idea can be used or not. Quickly dismissing your team members’ idea might do more harm than good.

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    Choosing the Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    A beach holiday with sun and relaxation can really make a big difference in your attitude as a whole family. It is essential to go to the beach with your family, take advantage of the benefits, collect happy and beautiful memories together and enjoy. However, finding the right Bali family resort for holiday with your loved ones was never an easy tasks. With so many resorts in this beautiful island, how can you pick up the right one? Look up on our tips on finding the perfect resort where both parents and the kids can enjoy some relaxing time together. 

    See Bali family resort with kids special packages

    A lot of resorts in Bali focus on grown-up fun. Beachfront infinity pools, pool bars, private clubs, and other adult things. If you want to look for family-friendly beach resort, search up resorts that have kids-special packages/ facilities. For this reason, the Holiday Inn Bali family resort in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua is more than just a spectacular hotel suitable for the whole family. This resort knows what to make kids happy in a holiday; kids pool, kids club, nautical-themed kids room, and kids-eat-free packages that would be just perfect for family trip. Every aspect tells you that children are welcome and that the resort is making sure you and your family have a good time. 

    Are There Any Kids Entertainment Available?

    Look for a good all-inclusive family resort that takes kids “entertainment to another level and watch your kids smile from ear to ear. You may not feel comfortable bringing very young children, but you should look no further than the Nudi beach in Holiday Inn Bali family resort, one of the best beach for children. Here you can take the kiddos for surfing, sand-play, or checking out the enormous variety of wildlife and birds nearby. The purpose of staying here is to enjoy the child-friendly beach, where good and safe swimming for beginners is the best protection for swimming beginners. 

    An Activity-Packed Resort

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    If you choose a Bali family resort with all-inclusive offers with many activities, it is a great way to burn a lot of energy and make the children happy. You may have difficulty convincing your children to leave the all-inclusive resort’s pool complex, so you should be sure that the hotel is child-friendly and pet-friendly if you decide to bring your dog or cat with you. 

    Choose Family Resort that’s Close to Attractions

    If you are planning a fun holiday with your family, you will want to choose the right accommodation for your needs. Choose a beach hotel that offers you access to a variety of activities and activities within walking distance of your hotel. During your stay, you may want to be able to shop for souvenirs and necessities, so choose a resort that offers several convenient restaurants on site. Guests at the Landmark also don’t have to travel far to eat, and the resort’s restaurants and bars are within walking distance of the hotel’s main entrance. 

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    Does the Bali Family Resort Brings Fun to You, Too?

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    Parents can meanwhile take part in one of the many activities at the Holiday Inn Bali family resort or simply enjoy the tranquility of a normal adult – just in the pool. The children of this child-friendly all-inclusive resort will love the beach, the pool and of course the great food and drinks. Large beach hotels for families offer fun activities and many basics, so you can enjoy yourself with little effort. Some resorts offer shallow beaches for the whole family, with incredible nanny service that provides families with one or two nannies included in the room rate. You can do all the work yourself by choosing the best all-inclusive family holiday without doing too much footwork or research.

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    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    There are advantages and disadvantages of work from home. Many find it more challenging and some other find it easier to do. Regardless, working from home is considered to be the most effective solution due to the pandemic situation we are all facing today. Distractions during work may appear anytime and anywhere whether you work from home or office. However, many find themselves get easily distracted while working from home because it is a personal space not professional one. It makes them have difficulty to draw the line.

    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    Overcoming distraction when working from home

    Distractions of works can be in many forms. It can come from within yourself, from others, or due to certain circumstances. If you succumb to the distraction, it may just take control over your productivity. Thus, it is essential to deal with distractions and here are several tips to consider:

    Consistency in work mode

    Do not change your work mode even when you do it from home. If usually you go directly to your office without doing any housework, keep the habit. If you start doing your housework before starting your work, it may make you harder to get into the transition. You may end up feeling exhausted before work day even started. Thus, stick to your regular work schedule so it gives you a sense of normal working experience.

    A clear separation

    Draw clear line between professional and personal life. Make yourself at ‘no disturb’ mode when work day. If you live with other occupants at home, inform them your work schedule so they know not to disturb you. Or, you can also put your phone in silent mode so you won’t always be curious to find notifications.

    Make difference in work mode

    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    It is recommended to change your clothes when you are in work mode. You don’t have to wear formal work clothes. However, it is best to avoid wearing pajamas during work day. You can dress in something comfortable but not something you are going to wear to bed. Even simple things as clothes can give you a sense of professionalism, making you stay focus on your work.

    Work day planning

    Plan your day in advance including the time to take a break or have a snack. You can also prepare your meals in advance so you won’t waste too much time thinking of what to eat and making it. You can prepare your meals in the morning before doing your work. Or, you can prepare the snacks the night before. During your work days, you can just grab your meals or snacks without cutting too much of work time.

    Set timers

    You can also set timers so you have a deadline to finish every task you have to complete. This way, you won’t waste your time doing unnecessary things. You will focus on the deadline and make your work as efficient as possible. It may take great self-discipline to get used to effective and productive work mode at home. However, intentional focus and solid plan can help a lot to make it easier to accomplish.

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    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    Flores, a little archipelagic region far in the eastern border of Indonesia has recently been rising into fame and that’s for good reason. The remote and barren islands are home of the last colony of dinosaurs—whops, we meant the last dragons on earth. The Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) that has been roaming the earth since five million years ago. Flores’s little islands that scattered within the Komodo National Park radiate irresistible rustic charm with its hilly terrain, open grassland, pristine cave lake, stark white beaches, and a rare pink beach. However, Flores is more than the national park. The mainland is also overflowing with natural beauties—volcanic mountain, the ever changing three coloured crater lake, megalithic sites, and hundred years-old traditional village. Exploring the mainland Flores as well as the exotic national park on a Labuan Bajo tour is a must if you have some spare time on the holiday.

    Seeing the Dragons is A Must on Labuan Bajo Tour

    What is Labuan Bajo tour without seeing the dragons? Head to Komodo Island or Rinca Island to see these living fossils. Remember, they are not anything related to the dinosaurs—albeit looking very much like one.

    An Adventurous Hike to Padar Island

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

    There’s no way you embark on Komodo liveaboard for the Labuan Bajo sailing trip and all if you missed out the sensational Padar Island. That one island that keep appearing on travel blogs and social media feeds. Take a trek to this stunning island and get unparalleled panoramic landscape at its top hills. Padar would easily be the highlight of any traveller—and you won’t be able to escape from its charm.

    Labuan Bajo Tour Under-land: Plunge to the Ultra Rich Ocean

    The Komodo National Park might be barren from Indonesia’s typical lush plants on its terrain, but wait until you see the underwater. Don your snorkel or dive gears and take a plunge to the ocean. Be surprised—cause you are going to enter a whole different world. In contrast from the dry lands above, the underwater is bustling with thousands of colourful fishes, vibrant corals, sea fans, turtles, and all sorts of marine life living in unspoiled saltwater environment. Do not ever end a Flores trip without at least one dip to the ocean or you’ll regret it for life.

    Sunrise at Kelimutu’s Three Colored Lake

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    Once the sailing trip ends, head to Flores mainland and hike the majestic Kelimutu mountain for sunrise. Seriously, sunrise here is magical. As the sun lights the surrounding, you’ll see three lakes each beam in distinct colour. All the lakes changes hue at any given day—so what you see today won’t be the same with what other see a week before or even in the day after.

    Labuan Bajo Tour to Ancient Villages

    Flores is quite isolated from the rest of Indonesia, so many of the tribes are able to preserve their ancient traditions. There are at least three ancient villages in Flores that’s worth to see on your Labuan Bajo tour; Bena Village, Bajawa, and Wae Rebo. Some are even still practicing their megalithic belief and do the rituals on thousand years old megalithic site!

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    Swim at Rangko Cave

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

    Want another otherworldly dip? Head to Rangko Cave and find a stunning natural pond with crystal clear water. The pool is located near the mouth of the cave which allows plenty of sun lights to come in, lightening up the whole saltwater lake. This is the coolest place to swim.

    Refresh on Cunca Wulang Waterfall

    The spectacular cunca wulang will refresh any tired soul on the journey. Jump off the cliff into the water. You won’t be able to resist the splash of waters and the beautiful turquoise pool underneath the waterfall.

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    How Diversity Is Good For Your Business

    It is often that we feel more comfortable living in our own bubbles. We feel safer knowing that we are surrounded by familiarity all the time. However, it won’t get you anywhere especially when you are running a business. In fact, diversity is essential for your business growth and development. Being afraid of diversity will make you stay at the same place because you know less and scared more. 

    Diversity and successful business

    Diversity and success can come hand in hand. In fact, it has proved that work environment with more diversity in the matter of gender, race, backgrounds have higher chance to be more effective. 

    It is important to be aware that running business means you need quality leadership. One of the things that can ruin it is inability to accept diversity. When you isolate yourself from diversity, your mind will be closed. You will only make baseless assumptions or just based on what you know from your experience living in a bubble. It will bring you to hard times when you are faced with different challenges. 

    When a business leader has a mind to learn the concept of diversity, their mind work wonderfully because they see things from different perspectives. Their knowledge is not stagnant either, thus they can find solutions from many sources even with various method. When you lead a team consists of people from different gender, race, or background, you learn something new everyday. The diversity brings more knowledge. It can improve your critical and creative thinking as well.

    Leading a team with members from different background may cause some differences or even clash. However, it is something you can learn from. You know every member of your team with different opinion has their own reasons. Different opinions don’t mean bad. It might inspire you to find solution that is more diverse or effective. You can listen to every different opinion and engage them with your own thoughts. 

    It is often for people to make assumptions based on race, age, gender, and so on. It influence the decision to choose or hire, who to promote, or who to sponsor. If we keep believing that being surrounded by same-minded people is a way to success, then we should start rethinking and reevaluating ourselves. Commonality can be achieved even between people with great differences. 

    As a leader, you have to determine the common goal and common interests in achieving goals together. It should be something that can make even different people work together well. By accepting and understanding the important of diversity, we can drive innovation and increase revenue even more. Diversity in business does more good than harms. 

    It is challenging to handle a team with different backgrounds. To make it work, you need the right recipe for the communication to be as direct as effective as possible. To do so, you need to be brave to expand your horizon, encourage your team to speak and share their opinion more, and be respectful.

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    How To get the best villas in Bali cheap for expensive tastes?

    The budget is limited but wants a vacation to Bali? Who is not familiar with the popularity of the Island of the Gods with all its uniqueness and beauty. Traveling is becoming a common trend because people feel the need to rest properly from routine life. Finding villas in Bali is one of the trends to enjoy luxury holidays and privacy with inexpensive innovative trends. What is interesting about the best villas? The availability of trained staff ranging from standard services to high quality services in the best possible way. 

    A comfort best villas in Bali, the best for relaxing your day

    Bali villas are no less luxurious than the most expensive five-star luxury hotels because they offer more privacy, space, and freedom. Best villas in Bali are a cheaper option than using resort hotels because there is no extra service for each of your visits. Using a villa is definitely more economical and a perfect choice than in a crowded hotel, where you don’t get privacy outside your private room. But at a lower cost, you can get something more than you paid for a luxury hotel for more space and privacy. 

    Best Trend villas in Bali cheap from travel agents

    travel agency to find best villas in Bali

    Villas in Bali are no longer something expensive and make your wallet drained. The trend of cheap rental villas is growing very fast. Your travel agent can help get the villas cheap, luxurious, and comfortable. Free bulletins from several travel agents usually offer cheap villa rentals for the short or long term. It is very possible for you to get special offers at travel and holiday outlets.

    Review of villa visitors

    Usually, the villa owner always asks guests to fill out a review regarding satisfaction when the villa rental ends. Visitor reviews make it easy for you to choose the best villas in Bali cheap with comfort, service, and luxurious amenities. Each villa offers services and facilities that are not much different. You will find a private swimming pool in each of the villas, a spacious garden, a semi-outdoor dining room, and a spacious bedroom.

    Rent best villas in Bali when low season

    This is normal when the high season all prices will increase. The best price of villas in Bali is also no exception having increased. You are lucky if you can find villas during the high season. You should be able to see when the high season and low season in Bali. If you can only take a vacation in high season, look for the best villa rental in Bali well before the holidays arrive. In low season, don’t worry because you can find the best special villas in Bali super special.

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    The Importance Of Strategy For Innovation In Your Business

    strategy innovation

    Innovation is one of the most important keys for successful business. With innovation, your business will keep moving and growing. However, innovation won’t work without the right strategies being applied to it. Thus, strategy and innovation is linked to one another. Innovation is not always brilliant or promising. Innovation also contains risks you need to calculate. If you use the right strategy, you can minimize the impact of the risk or reduce the risk itself. Thus, the innovation do your business good.

    Implementing innovation with strategy

    Your business needs to keep growing because being left behind will only make it difficult to achieve success. And that’s when you need innovation to keep your business alive and thrive. However, it is not only finding innovation that matters for your business growth. Applying the right strategy to the innovation you found is just as important. 


    First thing first, you have to define the innovation. You need to find how this innovation can help your business to grow even better. The types of ideas you find from innovations should be analyzed and calculated. Thus, you will find out how that innovation produce ideas resulting in significant margins and revenue gains. Every business may define the innovation differently. For some business, innovation might be unique in order to compel to their customers. Every business also evolves their definition of innovation over the times. You need to review and fine-tune your definition of innovation. 


    After defining your innovation, you have to know how to manage it. It means, you try to find out how to make it successful by establishing the right team to increase the innovation in your business. In establishing the right team, you need to select the right people to work with. You also need to decide the role of the team following the innovation you find. The best role for the team is to facilitate or incubate the innovation. It is also possible for your team to have double role in both facilitating and incubating innovation. 


    When your team functions to facilitate innovation, they must assist other business units in their innovation efforts. It can be between your business units and external partners. Advancing across multiple divisions is what your team should do in fulfilling their role as facilitator of innovation. When your team’s role is to incubate innovation, they have to develop breakthrough ideas from the beginning till the end. This is one of the hardest roles of team when it comes to managing innovation. However, this process is necessary to make sure the innovation works wonderfully to your business. 


    Then, it is also important to measure the innovation. In this matter, you need to use metric to measure more accurately. Aside from measuring, metrics can also diagnose and improve innovation. That’s why it is essential. Through metrics, you will be able to identify many possible issue that can affect your business. The metrics also serve as learning opportunities during the entire process of innovation.

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    Interior Furniture Yogyakarta Benefits of Teakwood Furniture

    furniture yogyakarta

    Beyond its use as interior furniture Yogyakarta the famed teak is known as the most preferred timber for boat-making for centuries. Teak wood has become one of the most valuable resources for virtually any kind of wood-working. And teak furniture is no doubt one of the most desirable kinds. The durability of teakwood does not only come from the solid hardwood itself, but also from the teak’s oil and rubber content. Teak naturally produces oil and rubber, and what differentiates it from most other timber is the fact that this natural content stays to protect the wood even when the teak has been properly kiln dried. 

    Teak is perfect for interior furniture Yogyakarta and outdoor

    home furniture yogyakarta

    The natural oil content and rubber that stays even after the wood has been completely dried makes teak wood perfect for outdoor furniture. It does not need to be protected with finishes or similar treatment in order to achieve this. Indoor furniture using teakwood is known for its durability and lightness, and the fact that the wood would be more or less immune to infestation.

    This makes teak wood one of the most pest resistant and weatherproof wood to be discovered by mankind. Its usage for outdoor furniture is much loved, and the usage for interior furniture yogyakarta is an investment that will last you more than a lifetime. 

    Teak wood furniture is low-maintenance

    As what we’ve touched in the previous passage, teakwood requires little to no treatment, unlike virtually every other wood. There is no coating necessary. While most other wood requires at least an annual treatment in order to make it weather-proof, all you have to do with teakwood is sparse cleaning. When cost is considered in this matter, it’s easy to see that the expenses otherwise used for annual furniture treatment (not to mention, the time) is considerable. And that teak wood’s initial high price can easily be a smarter option thanks to the less maintenance it requires. 

    An investment that last a lifetime 

    interior furniture yogyakarta

    Buying furniture isn’t just about creating a temporary space for you to be replaced in a couple of years or a decade. When it comes to teakwood interior furniture Yogyakarta remind yourself that this is an investment of a lifetime. Teakwood are known to last more than a lifetime, making it a perfect heirloom furniture piece. 

    However, not all teak are created equal. The source of the rubber and oil content found most is within the heartwood of teak. This is how teak is graded, and those that are graded A are those made of the heartwood of teak. This is the most durable part of the timber that you’d want to invest in. 

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    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Nusa Dua offers a bubble of Bali haven that you won’t find the islands’ busier parts. This gated region, while not entirely secluded, is quite exclusive with luxurious hotels, private beaches, and emptier streets. It’s clean, quiet, beautiful, and very neat. The Nusa Dua is just 30 minutes away from the famous tourist hub Kuta and yet you’ll find it totally like a different world. You don;t have to wiggle your way to get a spot in the beach or shopping in crowded markets. Nusa Dua basically consist of 5 star accommodations, small shopping centres, water sports centres, nice restaurants, and cultural shows. You can even easily pass a week just in the proximity of your Nusa Dua resort and still getting everything you want. Nusa Dua is definitely recommended if youw want some peaceful time in Bali and here’s aeveything you need to know how to make your Nusa Dua stay even more wholeseme.

    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Book Nusa Dua Resort with Airport Shuttle

    Quality service is the middle name of most Nusa Dua resort and the best of them usually have airport shuttle service. Nusa Dua is not far from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport and the shuttle fee is usually affordable. This means you don’t have to worry about taxi scams or refusing offers. You can just roll on from the departure get and proceed to your awesome holiday.

    Nusa Dua is Good Pretty Much All Year Round

    It’s hard to go wrong in Bali. The island is basically a good destination all year long. It can be a bit rainy from December to March but generally the weather is humid and hot. The hottest months will be May to October when the sun is plenty and the sky is clear.

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    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Nusa Dua is the fancy part of Bali and lots or luxury resorts there take the matters seriously. On common Nusa Dua resort, you will find a private beach where you can bask in the sun without being disturbed. During the hottest time of the day, you might want to soak up in its clear blue swimming pools overlooking the ocean while sipping your favourite tropical drink. Maybe you want to start your day with proper exercise in the resort’s gym and don’t want to skip it even on holiday. More than that, you can enjoy cooking class, golf club, Balinese ritual class/ ceremony, or just biking around the resort. They do know how to splurge you with comfort and experienec even without you going out of the neighborhood.

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    The Importance Of Financial Management For Your Small Business

    When you run your own business, the responsibility lies on you. It is an ultimate responsibility that you have to take if you decide this path. Running a successful business regardless of the size is very much challenging as much as it’s promising. Surviving in the first four years can be the hardest period in your career but it’s worth it once you pass it through. One of the most important things to lead successful business is financial management and its fundamentals. 

    Business operation with the right financial management

    The fundamentals of financial management are essential for the success of your business regardless of its size. In the financial management, there are important keys you should know about to help you operate your small business better.

    The Importance Of Financial Management For Your Small Business

    Never take financial management easy

    Financial management is not something minor or thing you can easily neglect. It is also not a thing you should underestimate with. You don’t need to do your own counting though. What you can do is to learn how to manage with regular financial statements produced by your professional accountant. Thus, hiring reliable and trusted accountant is a must if you want your business to operate properly. 

    Financial management is the foundation of your business

    It is a basic to learn about financial management before starting a business. It is even more urgent thing to do when you don’t have a background related to business management. However, the main purpose of learning the basic fundamental of financial management is to make you understand how it works. It doesn’t necessarily make you the one who produce the data/financial statements. As mentioned earlier, you can recruit professional accountant to do so. 

    Monitor your inventory levels

    Monitoring your your business inventory levels then matching it to the projected sales as well as receivables and cash is also essential in your financial management. It is fundamental for a successful business operation in term of financial management. It is also essential for the owner of the business to balance the short and long-term capital sources using the right formula. 

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    Learn how to identify and targeting impediments

    It is also important to learn how to develop your hawk-eye in identifying and targeting impediments to profitability. This way, you will be able to notice them even from miles away and ready to take actions quickly. Developing this ability will help you become a more decisive and rationale entrepreneur. It is good for you because hesitation often causes more troubles. 

    Pay attention to cash management

    In financial management, cash management is one of the most important factors to pay attention to. You need to ensure that you have enough cash to cover for your business at least for 12 months. Thus, you have backup just in case unfortunate things happen to your business. This way, your business still have chance to survive. 

    Increase business financial performance

    Increasing your business financial performance is not an easy challenges to tackle. You need to develop your own skill in financial management while hiring the best talent to help you. Not to mention that you need to dedicate your time in monitoring every progress. 

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