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    The Importance of Taking Your Vacation Days

    There has been reports stated that the majority of workers neglected their vacation days. Those days were left unused and the most common reasons is the fear of returning with more works to be done. Others also didn’t take their vacation days as they are supposed to do because they fear of appearing to be more replaceable to their superior. However, it is highly suggested for you to take advantage of your vacation days. Besides, those days are there for you to use. It is what can help you to stay sane because pressure of works can be unbearable sometimes especially when you have been stuck for a very long time dealing with pile of work. Your body and mind deserve to earn happiness aside from well-deserved salary. 

    Why you should take your vacation days

    Vacation days are as valuable as any other things because they can help improve your happiness. Vacation days can help lift up your mood and spirit. Don’t expect your return from vacation to face something horrible. There are high chance that you will return with new spirit and motivation to work better. Positive mood will help improve your productivity after all. Why is it so important to take your vacation days?

    Humans need rest. Period.

    Having few days free from all responsibilities and pressure can do you good. It help relieve your stress. It is a great time for you to take few days off and be free to do everything you want. It is great idea to have a vacation to natural places. Nature is good for your body and mind. It has healing and soothing elements. Getting out of your office and spending few days exploring forested or agricultural lands can benefit your body physically and mentally. 

    vacation taking a time to rest

    Nothing to lose. More things to give yourself

    Another reason why you should not neglect your vacation days is because there is nothing to lose. You are not going to lose anything by giving yourself a time to relax. Besides, it is only for a few days during your weekend. You are not going to miss any major things around your work environment. You don’t have to travel abroad if you are afraid returning with exhausted body. You can go to travel destinations that are not too far or those you can reach with a short flight. 

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    A time to catch up

    Making connection to your old friends during your vacation day is a good idea. It is because human connection is good for your well-being in general. It can help maintain your blood pressure, improve your immune system to fight against particular diseases such as cancer, as well as lower your risk of having depression. If you don’t have old friends you can meet up during vacation days, you can just travel to a place and meet new people during your trip. You can make connection with them. It help improve your humanity. It also improve your social and communication skills, along with your open-mindedness. As the result, you will return with more positivity inside your body and mind because you feel more happiness, joy, and confidence. 

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    Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo: What to Pack on a Liveaboard

    Packing for your highly anticipated Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo can be a chore; but it can also be something you look forward to if you know what you’re doing. While going on a cruise is another form of travel, there are some significant differences that you’re going to have to adjust to, on top of trying not to overpack in general! So how do you pack for an upcoming Komodo boat trip across the majestic Flores seas? 

    komodo flores tour

    Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo: protect your important items in water-resistant bags 

    While you usually do this only for your toiletries, now it’s time to protect most of your items in materials that are water-resistant, or completely water-proofed. Water resistant bags are essential mostly to protect your stuff from splashes. And although you wouldn’t get your laptop anywhere near water, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

    komodo cruises labuan bajo pink beach

    Other important items that you may want to protect in water-resistant or water-proofed bags are your passport and other required identity documents. Don’t forget to have a couple of copies for emergency (loss or stolen)!

    Bring your very own personal care items 

    Be aware that during your Labuan Bajo Flores cruise, you’re going to live on the seas full-time. This automatically means that you won’t get any of the comfort and conveniences you have when you are ashore—some things that you just didn’t realize you’ve taken for granted. There won’t be any shops that you can go to if you’d like to buy some personal items. 

    labuan bajo cruises trekking

    If you’re not a fan of bringing your own toiletries during travels (and many people don’t because of how easy it is obtaining them on their destination), you may want to consider that during your trip in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo. Prepare for travel-sized toiletries, lotions, sunscreens, medications, and whatever you may need because you can’t expect to easily obtain them in your destination. The Flores and Komodo islands in themselves are remote areas, so even if you’re inland, if you need to find a particularly specific item, it’s going to be very difficult. 

    Never underestimate seasickness during a cruise!

    Although some people who got seasick inherited it, virtually anyone could get seasick. Seasickness could attack anyone whose immune system is not at its best state. So don’t take your chances! During your Labuan Bajo cruise, bring some seasickness supplement and medications when necessary. You don’t want to ruin your Flores tour thanks to lack of foreseeable preparations. Puking isn’t fun!

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    Pack attires appropriate for your scheduled activities in Flores 

    While clothes are things you certainly wont’ forget, what you need to ask yourself is, are you bringing the right clothes? How do you conclude that you’re packing the right clothes for your Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo anyway? 

    packing tropical destinations indonesia

    A rule of thumb is that you need to pack your clothes according to the activities and the itineraries you’re going to have in your destination. 

    • A dress or a button up shirt for a nice dinner with your friends or your partner aboard. 
    • Swimsuit for when you go ashore or if the impulse to snorkel strikes. 
    • Dive suits if you dive! But you don’t need to be told that. 
    • Loose-fitting shirts for a casual day out and a day of trekking. Indonesia is a tropical country and the heat can be unforgiving, don’t underestimate good quality breathable clothing! 

    Remember that living aboard on a cruise often means limited spaces. Aside from living spaces, this of course extends to storage spaces as well. If you ended up not wearing some things (or many things) that you’ve packed, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate how you pack for vacations. 

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    Can You Become An Entrepreneur While Still In College?

    Business experts and practitioners agree that starting as early as possible contribute to the successful of entrepreneurs. However, it must be a crazy to handle college life while attempting to explore entrepreneurship. Assignments, exams, and classes take so much time of college students. Therefore, starting their own business sounds too much. Well, it is not entirely true because there are so many college students who are brave to start building their own business. They challenge themselves to handle studies with becoming entrepreneur at the same time. It is not easy for sure because more challenges to come.

    Becoming entrepreneur while still being a college student 

    The best thing to start business as early as possible is that you have more time to make mistakes and fix them. You also have more passion to drive you through any challenges. It is indeed challenging to balance college life and entrepreneurship. Both requires time dedication and hard work. So how is it possible for you to start your own business from college?

    Chance to Differentiate Yourself from the Peers

    Starting your own business means you have more chances to differentiate yourself from the crowds especially your college peers. Thousands of students graduate from the same universities every years. They have read the same books, been given the same lessons, taken the same tests, and taught by the same professors. Starting your own business from college is a great idea because it means you aim for not only graduating but also practicing and implementing things you have learned. 

    So Many Potentials as A Weapon

    Another reason why starting your entrepreneurship from college is good idea is because so many potentials you can use as weapon. Many companies target college students because they are full of fresh, creative ideas, as well as execute effective strategies to break through the market. You can use all your potential to start your own business instead. When you start your business from college, you will require many skills at relatively young age. Those are great contribution for you to reach success in life even when one day you choose another career path instead of staying on entrepreneurship road. 

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    More Chance to Become Successful

    You have more chance to become successful entrepreneur even when you are being a college student because you don’t have to worry about who to go to seek professional advice. You have professors at your fingertips and you know where to find them. You can ask for advice from professors. They are great resources. You don’t have to ask only to the professors who teach you at class. You can try seeking for advice from other professors as long as they are willing to. 

    More Social Environment to Take Advantage Of

    Starting business from college also means you have social environment you can take advantage of. There are students you can have conversation with to gain unlimited feedback for your business.  You also can include them to experiment some projects. There are also talented, skillful, smart students you can ask for help such as designing quality business website, creating logos, etc. College is a great place to build reputation and value of your brand.

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    Best Beginners Tips to Stay Relax During Scuba Diving

    For those who just starting their path on scuba diving, you would feel that everything about diving is against your nature. The water pressure allows you to float instead of fully affected by the gravity pull. You are breathing underwater. You are fighting strong push of currents—or forced to avoid it while trying to move forward. Your vision is kinda distorted. Everything about diving is against our childhood instinct and it could be a shock for everyone who just learn to move underwater. And between those all, you need to remember every technique to breathe, to dive, and to safely operate all the equipment. It’s totally okay to feel nervous during your first sessions of scuba diving for beginners. Here’s our best tips to stay relax and perform scuba diving successfully. 

    Best Beginners Tips to Stay Relax During Scuba Diving

    Don’t Fight the Water

    When you are not used to get surrounded by water for a extended period of time, your natural instinct would tell you to stay upright. Just as you normally do in the land. If you aware that your body is doing this, quickly adjust your position. Embrace the changes of being in the underwater is the best things beginners can do during their first few scuba diving. It’s especially important as you are learning all the basics; getting in and outs, ascending and descending, and tuning the buoyancy control. You will feel it’s easier to stay as streamlined as your instructor when you don’t try to fight the water. 

    Know When You Start Panicking and Quickly Try to Get Back to Your Senses

    Panic attack can be seriously dangerous for scuba divers. Not only it cloud your judgement, it also triggers a sudden an powerful surge of fear. And for scuba beginners, fear is a strong reason to flight immediately from the situation. When you get panic, you are prone to get drowned, injuries, lung expansion, and eventually, accidental death.  

    During the dive training, learn to embrace all changes and behaviour of dive. The best scuba diving for beginners tips is knowing how control your own feeling. If you feel like tipping over during your dive training, that’s okay. You won’t hurt yourself. Stay relax and think about what to do next. Getting nervous would just get your body tensed up—which help nothing. 

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    The Most Important Tips for Scuba Diving Beginners: Don’t Stop Breathing

    No matter what you do, don’t stop breathing. When you misplaced your equipment, keep breathing. If you lose sight of your dive buddy, keep breathing. Seeing astonishing marine creature for the first time underwater, keep breathing. Feeling sudden anxiety and panic attack? Concentrate on your breathing. Seriously. Many troubles happen just because divers accidentally hold their breath. 

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    How To Review Your Business Performance Efficiently

    It is important to conduct performance review of your business. Most importantly, you have to review the performance of your employees. They are your valuable resource and you have to know which one of them work diligently and contribute highly to your business. It will also help you to determine the next plan to grow your business better and bigger. The problem is, performance review can be a very stressful process in business. Every business owners or managers might use different techniques to conduct this kind of review to get to know their employees better. You can also set or adjust particular technique that fits your work environment and value. 

    Things to do to review your employee performance

    Running your own business means there are many things to handle at one and it can be daunting. However, the bigger your business grow, the more employees you hire. It means you should conduct performance review to know their qualities and growth at work. How to make it less stressful to do?


    Setting expectation throughout the years can be a great way to have stressful performance review. You can schedule meeting quarterly. Then, you meet your employees to review their performance so far. If your employees are not really talking, you can get feedback from colleagues instead. Keep in mind that not all employees are comfortable or able to talk about themselves freely. Thus, some others are harder to review. That’s why you should set expectation throughout the years and talk to their colleagues to get the feedback you need for the review. 

    employee reviews

    Scheduled Review

    Try a friendly-review where your employees are directly involved in the process. This is called collaborative effort. You can ask your employees to sit and talk about the business and how it has grown so far. You can make your own observation during the talk while letting your employees to be part of the success of the business. It is important to make your employees feel included into the business and its positive growth. It can motivate them to work better. 

    Establish goals early on

    You can also try to establish goals early so you can make performance review easier, more effective, as well as manageable. Establish goals in the beginning of the year. During that period, you can monitor your employees every few weeks to know their progress. This is great way to know how far or close they have been to the goal. Therefore, it can lessen the point of surprises at the end of the year. The result will be more predictable and controllable. 


    You can create your own way to do it efficiently an effectively. Instead of working yourself to the bone doing the review, you can give your employees performance book to note their successes for the year.  This is effective and more importantly fun both for you and your employees. They will be able to monitor and review themselves to know how far they have grown or what areas they should improve. At the end of the year, you can plan celebration and strategies to grow your business better together. 

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    Tattoo artist Bali: Why it’s Important to Look at Their Portfolio

    A tattoo artist’s portfolio should be among one of the first things you take into consideration when you’re deciding on a design and choosing a tattoo parlor or a studio to be inked in. Especially since you’re going to be inked abroad—possibly if you’ve never been to Bali before. Have a browse at tattoo artists who are based on the island or traveling there. Make sure that you take a good look at a tattoo artist Bali portfolio before you decide on anything. Why is it so important to look at the artist or the studio’s portfolio before you get a tattoo Bali?

    tattoo artist bali on the work

    Not all tattoo artists are willing to do any kind of artworks 

    The artistic endeavor is a deeply personal one. And tattoo artists are no exceptions. Often times, they state this explicitly in their website or the tattoo artist Bali’s social media profile. But some don’t do it. 

    Do your homework and take a look at what your tattoo artists have done throughout their experience. How would you feel if type of design you’re looking to tattoo on your skin is not among their work? Perhaps there’s no such a thing as the best place to get a tattoo in Bali — but who’s the artist whose art speak to you the most? Whom you think would be able to bring the design you’d want to life?

    bali tattoo artist sketching

    Each artist has their own specialization or niche 

    Art is an all-encompassing concept—and the form of such a universal idea will manifest differently in different people. Just like each person has their own thing that they’re good, so does tattoo artists. Sure, they may not be downright bad at a certain style, but you’ll recognize the value of niches and distinct styles once you’ve followed a certain tattoo artist Bali enough. Doing the types of artwork they love most is also an ingredient to an exceptional tattoo.

    Tattoo portfolio: You’ll have an idea how your own tattoo design will turn out 

    If you’ve have an eye on a tattoo artist or studio that does many tattoos of the design you’re looking for, good job. You’ve got a specialist on the design you’re going for. Looking at their portfolio will give you a vivid idea of how your own design will turn out in their care. Talk to the experienced tattoo artist on the island once you have shortlisted your artists. Contact the one with whose art and style connect with you the most. 

    Tattoo Bali: the artists’ portfolio gives you ideas to create unique tattoos of your own

    Just like when you’re looking for tattoo inspirations at various platforms and social media, looking at tattoo artists’ portfolio is a sure way to gain some visual stimulation to help you arrive at a design that you want, or at least, give you some pointers to work with. 

    tattoo bali

    Finding versatile tattoo artists Bali 

    There are certainly plenty of Bali tattoo artists who do pretty much everything from small text tattoo to realistic portraitures. In fact, most artists who work at a studio or a big tattoo parlor are usually willing to do pretty much anything. These artists are generalists, so you’ll need to be more picky on what they’re actually good at. But don’t worry, there are plenty of tattooists who are good at several styles and many types of designs. Congrats if you get to find an awesome, versatile tattoo artist on the island. 

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    Reasons Why You Need Financial Audit

    Most people certainly understand the importance of checkups. However, please also note that not only does health require an examination, but also that financial conditions become an important thing to check regularly. This financial verification activity is often performed by people concerned about their financial situation, because of the risk of financial problems that may arise suddenly. By conducting regular financial controls, you can immediately predict what problems might threaten financial conditions. In the same vein as the medical examination, a financial balance sheet is useful in determining whether there are indications that might interfere with financial conditions in the future. In addition, you can also immediately plan actions to overcome the signs of financial problems.

    Do You Have Good Finance Management?

    Having an abundant salary does not necessarily free you from the risk of financial problems. Despite the high salary, it is possible that the way of managing finances is poorly done. You may have spent too much on things that are actually less important. The possibility of bankruptcy will also occur if this continues to be done as a result of the lack of financial control. By carrying out a financial balance sheet, you can record everything related to finance and wealth. Many things can be known, such as the number of assets owned, whether there is debt to be repaid, and the direction in which the flow of financial flows in financial controls evolves.

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    Know all the income and expenses

    Some of you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of money you have to pay for every month. In fact, some of you may also think that the amount of their income is not proportional to the amount of their expenses. It may be that when you have just received your pay check, the amount of the expenses has “managed” to absorb most of the income. If you’re feeling this way right now, one of the reasons may be that you never checked the financial situation. Financial statements are useful for summarizing all types of expenses and current income.

    The Next Step: Financial Controls

    By carrying out financial controls, you will of course be able to easily know what expenses have been used to drain income. This can certainly provide important information on how to better manage finances. In addition to knowing basic expenses such as paying bills and daily needs, expenses for secondary and tertiary needs, as well as for refreshing activities, you can immediately find out by carrying out a financial control. This can certainly provide an explanation of the needs that make the income “lost” so far. Therefore, try to make regular financial statements to know all the income and expenses you have each month.

    Once you know the amount of income and expenses, you will have better control over finances. You will also have an idea of ​​the ability to manage and set aside residual income.

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    Manta Point Nusa Penida For Diving and Snorkeling Experience

    Manta Ray is one of the most favorite attractions for divers and snorkelers who come to visit Bali. Bali itself is an island that has so many area specialize in particular objects. As to see Manta Ray, tourists should cross the sea from Bali to get to Manta Point Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is another island in Bali Province that is located not far away from the island of Bali. It can be reached within 30-40 minutes by boat from Sanur wade. Since there are quite a large amount of Manta Rays founded in the waters of Nusa Penida, the area was inviting scientist’s attention and was then identified as a critical area for Manta Ray itself and for other marine biodiversity. Therefore, in 2010 the area was established as a conservation area that is called Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. 

    After its foundation as a conservation site, Nusa Penida has attracted more tourists than ever. Hence, the area gets more income for its maintenance. This income, however, can also be used for managing the little damage caused by the tourists. Moreover, the Manta Point has also brought people’s attention to take care and be aware of the animal warfare issue through education and tourism activities. On top of that, the socio-economic sector will also get the benefits by providing local guides and hospitalities to the tourists. But, what exactly can tourists do in the conservation area of Manta Point Nusa Penida? There two best ways to meet and greet the Manta Rays. 

    Manta Point Nusa Penida For Diving and Snorkeling Experience

    Diving at Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Most people coming to Manta Point are looking for the Mantas living in Nusa Penida waters.They are looking for experience to swim closely with this graceful, magnificent giant. For this reason, they would choose to dive instead of snorkel. You can explore the underwater life more deeply during your diving Manta Point Bali experience. In order to see more things under the water, there are also more pieces of equipment needed when diving at Manta Point Nusa Penida. For that very reason, some people would prefer the next alternative below. 

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    And How’s the Snorkeling?

    Thank God diving is not the only way to see Manta Rays because, under some conditions, some people are not able and allowed to dive. Tourists will also get no less fun experience when they snorkel with the Manta Ray. In fact, the sea bottom is not really deep, it is only 12 to 18 meters from the surface. If you are lucky, you can even see the big fish approaching the surface at Manta Point Nusa Penida.

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    Activities Involved In Business Development

    Business development is strategic value, idea, plan, as well as set of activity to develop a business and make it better in the long run. Business development is a long-term value, so it is not as simple as it looks. Running your own business means you set a destination to reach. When you have arrives in your destination, you can choose to stay or set new destination. When you choose to execute business development plans, it means you set new destination for your business to reach. It is a good thing because along with growing your business, you also grow yourself to be more experienced, matured, and strong-willed. 

    Business development strategies 

    Developing your business to make it on another level of success is a great idea. It is not simple thing to execute because there are things to consider such as the current state of your business, market situation, financial setting, customers’ needs, and many more.  In addition, the market is known for its easily shifting dynamics. You cannot just rush your business development plan. Here are activities you should do in the matter of business development.

    Activities Involved In Business Development

    Setting Clear and Valuable Goals

    As mentioned above, when you determine to develop your business, it means you have to set bigger goals. You have to set long-term goals. You have to know where you want your business to be in five years. Set your own objectives. You can set goals like expanding products line up, increasing revenue to specific numbers, developing human resources, and many more. Make the goals clear and valuable for your business. Then, don’t forget to share them with relevant people in your business so everyone can be in the same page. By sharing them, you also open the gate to make plan together.

    Conducting analysis of the market and competitors

    Developing business means you have your own goals to reach. However, market is crucial factor you need to count in, as well as competitors. You have to understand the current state of the market dynamic. You also have to analyze your competitors to some extent. Date you should collect from the research include the products, price, promotion, and placement. This type of information will help you find out what you have to do to make better plans.

    Assessing the direction and threats of your own business

    You have to know the current state of your own business in order to develop nit into something bigger and better. If you don’t know about it, you cannot measure how far you have developed it after running the plan. SWOT analysis is highly advised to know about your business’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This way, you will be able to make objective evaluation of your business. 

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    Mapping out your plan in the paper

    It is important to pour your ideas down in writing instead of let them bottled up in your heads. Putting your business development ideas in the paper will help you get concrete view of what should and should not do. Your strategies will look clearer and you will be able to make the right decision. 

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    The Physical Benefits of Enrolling the Kids to A Surf Camp

    When the sea is glowing beautifully from the sun, it’s must be summer. That means surf is on the season and school holiday is just around the corner. Honestly, surfing is one of the coolest way to spend summer—whether you are an adult or a child. Not many kids know how to surf, and if your kids actually do, they are undoubtedly among the coolest kids on the block. Instead of letting your little peanuts be a couch potato, you can try to give them something super awesome to do. Joining a surf summer camp for kids. And this is how the world of wave riding can positively impact the kiddos. 

    The Physical Benefits of Enrolling the Kids to A Surf Camp

    Kids Surf Camp is Essentially A Sport for the Whole Body

    One thing for sure: surfing is a whole body workout that also effectively burns calories as well. When kids are paddling their way to the waves, they are using their arm and stomach muscles. They are pushing themselves forward with their legs. They are maintaining the balance with their back and upper body. A lot of movement is happening al at once and it barely feel like exercising in the gym. It feel more like having fun in the water!

    Kids Will Have Better Balance and Coordination

    Aside of swimming, the topmost skill anyone need to master surfing is maintaining perfect balance and body coordination. It’s the first thing the kids will learn at the surf camp. On surf class, children will learn how to balance themselves on swaying surf boards and how to coordinate their body to maintain that balance. Mastering the art of coordination will help them in other sport and aspects of life, such as riding bicycles, walking in narrow pathway, gymnastic, sailing a paddle board, or later in their life, diving. Surfing basically open them to many fun and possibilities!

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    A Definite Stress Relievers

    Surfing releases a lot of endorphins, the happy hormone that give you a natural euphoria. After months of studying, schools, and homework, surfing can lift up their daily stress and bring them the happiness again. In the meantime, spending the morning in kids surf camp gives them a healthy dose of vitamin D that’s good for their growth. The fun of surfing could improve their mood and give them awesome memories to remember.

    Kids Surf Camp Helps Them Sleep Better

    If your kids has trouble sleeping, surfing can greatly improve their sleep quality. Who won’t get tired after spending a whole day in the beach, exercising in the water? They will get to bed straight after dinner. A quality sleep help to improve their development and growth. They’ll probably get some centimeter taller at the end of the summer holiday!

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