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    Choosing the Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    A beach holiday with sun and relaxation can really make a big difference in your attitude as a whole family. It is essential to go to the beach with your family, take advantage of the benefits, collect happy and beautiful memories together and enjoy. However, finding the right Bali family resort for holiday with your loved ones was never an easy tasks. With so many resorts in this beautiful island, how can you pick up the right one? Look up on our tips on finding the perfect resort where both parents and the kids can enjoy some relaxing time together. 

    See Bali family resort with kids special packages

    A lot of resorts in Bali focus on grown-up fun. Beachfront infinity pools, pool bars, private clubs, and other adult things. If you want to look for family-friendly beach resort, search up resorts that have kids-special packages/ facilities. For this reason, the Holiday Inn Bali family resort in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua is more than just a spectacular hotel suitable for the whole family. This resort knows what to make kids happy in a holiday; kids pool, kids club, nautical-themed kids room, and kids-eat-free packages that would be just perfect for family trip. Every aspect tells you that children are welcome and that the resort is making sure you and your family have a good time. 

    Are There Any Kids Entertainment Available?

    Look for a good all-inclusive family resort that takes kids “entertainment to another level and watch your kids smile from ear to ear. You may not feel comfortable bringing very young children, but you should look no further than the Nudi beach in Holiday Inn Bali family resort, one of the best beach for children. Here you can take the kiddos for surfing, sand-play, or checking out the enormous variety of wildlife and birds nearby. The purpose of staying here is to enjoy the child-friendly beach, where good and safe swimming for beginners is the best protection for swimming beginners. 

    An Activity-Packed Resort

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    If you choose a Bali family resort with all-inclusive offers with many activities, it is a great way to burn a lot of energy and make the children happy. You may have difficulty convincing your children to leave the all-inclusive resort’s pool complex, so you should be sure that the hotel is child-friendly and pet-friendly if you decide to bring your dog or cat with you. 

    Choose Family Resort that’s Close to Attractions

    If you are planning a fun holiday with your family, you will want to choose the right accommodation for your needs. Choose a beach hotel that offers you access to a variety of activities and activities within walking distance of your hotel. During your stay, you may want to be able to shop for souvenirs and necessities, so choose a resort that offers several convenient restaurants on site. Guests at the Landmark also don’t have to travel far to eat, and the resort’s restaurants and bars are within walking distance of the hotel’s main entrance. 

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    Does the Bali Family Resort Brings Fun to You, Too?

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    Parents can meanwhile take part in one of the many activities at the Holiday Inn Bali family resort or simply enjoy the tranquility of a normal adult – just in the pool. The children of this child-friendly all-inclusive resort will love the beach, the pool and of course the great food and drinks. Large beach hotels for families offer fun activities and many basics, so you can enjoy yourself with little effort. Some resorts offer shallow beaches for the whole family, with incredible nanny service that provides families with one or two nannies included in the room rate. You can do all the work yourself by choosing the best all-inclusive family holiday without doing too much footwork or research.

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    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    There are advantages and disadvantages of work from home. Many find it more challenging and some other find it easier to do. Regardless, working from home is considered to be the most effective solution due to the pandemic situation we are all facing today. Distractions during work may appear anytime and anywhere whether you work from home or office. However, many find themselves get easily distracted while working from home because it is a personal space not professional one. It makes them have difficulty to draw the line.

    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    Overcoming distraction when working from home

    Distractions of works can be in many forms. It can come from within yourself, from others, or due to certain circumstances. If you succumb to the distraction, it may just take control over your productivity. Thus, it is essential to deal with distractions and here are several tips to consider:

    Consistency in work mode

    Do not change your work mode even when you do it from home. If usually you go directly to your office without doing any housework, keep the habit. If you start doing your housework before starting your work, it may make you harder to get into the transition. You may end up feeling exhausted before work day even started. Thus, stick to your regular work schedule so it gives you a sense of normal working experience.

    A clear separation

    Draw clear line between professional and personal life. Make yourself at ‘no disturb’ mode when work day. If you live with other occupants at home, inform them your work schedule so they know not to disturb you. Or, you can also put your phone in silent mode so you won’t always be curious to find notifications.

    Make difference in work mode

    Dealing With Distractions While Working From Home

    It is recommended to change your clothes when you are in work mode. You don’t have to wear formal work clothes. However, it is best to avoid wearing pajamas during work day. You can dress in something comfortable but not something you are going to wear to bed. Even simple things as clothes can give you a sense of professionalism, making you stay focus on your work.

    Work day planning

    Plan your day in advance including the time to take a break or have a snack. You can also prepare your meals in advance so you won’t waste too much time thinking of what to eat and making it. You can prepare your meals in the morning before doing your work. Or, you can prepare the snacks the night before. During your work days, you can just grab your meals or snacks without cutting too much of work time.

    Set timers

    You can also set timers so you have a deadline to finish every task you have to complete. This way, you won’t waste your time doing unnecessary things. You will focus on the deadline and make your work as efficient as possible. It may take great self-discipline to get used to effective and productive work mode at home. However, intentional focus and solid plan can help a lot to make it easier to accomplish.

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    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    Flores, a little archipelagic region far in the eastern border of Indonesia has recently been rising into fame and that’s for good reason. The remote and barren islands are home of the last colony of dinosaurs—whops, we meant the last dragons on earth. The Komodo Dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) that has been roaming the earth since five million years ago. Flores’s little islands that scattered within the Komodo National Park radiate irresistible rustic charm with its hilly terrain, open grassland, pristine cave lake, stark white beaches, and a rare pink beach. However, Flores is more than the national park. The mainland is also overflowing with natural beauties—volcanic mountain, the ever changing three coloured crater lake, megalithic sites, and hundred years-old traditional village. Exploring the mainland Flores as well as the exotic national park on a Labuan Bajo tour is a must if you have some spare time on the holiday.

    Seeing the Dragons is A Must on Labuan Bajo Tour

    What is Labuan Bajo tour without seeing the dragons? Head to Komodo Island or Rinca Island to see these living fossils. Remember, they are not anything related to the dinosaurs—albeit looking very much like one.

    An Adventurous Hike to Padar Island

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

    There’s no way you embark on Komodo liveaboard for the Labuan Bajo sailing trip and all if you missed out the sensational Padar Island. That one island that keep appearing on travel blogs and social media feeds. Take a trek to this stunning island and get unparalleled panoramic landscape at its top hills. Padar would easily be the highlight of any traveller—and you won’t be able to escape from its charm.

    Labuan Bajo Tour Under-land: Plunge to the Ultra Rich Ocean

    The Komodo National Park might be barren from Indonesia’s typical lush plants on its terrain, but wait until you see the underwater. Don your snorkel or dive gears and take a plunge to the ocean. Be surprised—cause you are going to enter a whole different world. In contrast from the dry lands above, the underwater is bustling with thousands of colourful fishes, vibrant corals, sea fans, turtles, and all sorts of marine life living in unspoiled saltwater environment. Do not ever end a Flores trip without at least one dip to the ocean or you’ll regret it for life.

    Sunrise at Kelimutu’s Three Colored Lake

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Labuan Bajo Tour to Have!

    Once the sailing trip ends, head to Flores mainland and hike the majestic Kelimutu mountain for sunrise. Seriously, sunrise here is magical. As the sun lights the surrounding, you’ll see three lakes each beam in distinct colour. All the lakes changes hue at any given day—so what you see today won’t be the same with what other see a week before or even in the day after.

    Labuan Bajo Tour to Ancient Villages

    Flores is quite isolated from the rest of Indonesia, so many of the tribes are able to preserve their ancient traditions. There are at least three ancient villages in Flores that’s worth to see on your Labuan Bajo tour; Bena Village, Bajawa, and Wae Rebo. Some are even still practicing their megalithic belief and do the rituals on thousand years old megalithic site!

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    Swim at Rangko Cave

    The Ultimate Flores Overland Tour to Have!

    Want another otherworldly dip? Head to Rangko Cave and find a stunning natural pond with crystal clear water. The pool is located near the mouth of the cave which allows plenty of sun lights to come in, lightening up the whole saltwater lake. This is the coolest place to swim.

    Refresh on Cunca Wulang Waterfall

    The spectacular cunca wulang will refresh any tired soul on the journey. Jump off the cliff into the water. You won’t be able to resist the splash of waters and the beautiful turquoise pool underneath the waterfall.

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    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Nusa Dua offers a bubble of Bali haven that you won’t find the islands’ busier parts. This gated region, while not entirely secluded, is quite exclusive with luxurious hotels, private beaches, and emptier streets. It’s clean, quiet, beautiful, and very neat. The Nusa Dua is just 30 minutes away from the famous tourist hub Kuta and yet you’ll find it totally like a different world. You don;t have to wiggle your way to get a spot in the beach or shopping in crowded markets. Nusa Dua basically consist of 5 star accommodations, small shopping centres, water sports centres, nice restaurants, and cultural shows. You can even easily pass a week just in the proximity of your Nusa Dua resort and still getting everything you want. Nusa Dua is definitely recommended if youw want some peaceful time in Bali and here’s aeveything you need to know how to make your Nusa Dua stay even more wholeseme.

    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Book Nusa Dua Resort with Airport Shuttle

    Quality service is the middle name of most Nusa Dua resort and the best of them usually have airport shuttle service. Nusa Dua is not far from Ngurah Rai Internasional Airport and the shuttle fee is usually affordable. This means you don’t have to worry about taxi scams or refusing offers. You can just roll on from the departure get and proceed to your awesome holiday.

    Nusa Dua is Good Pretty Much All Year Round

    It’s hard to go wrong in Bali. The island is basically a good destination all year long. It can be a bit rainy from December to March but generally the weather is humid and hot. The hottest months will be May to October when the sun is plenty and the sky is clear.

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    While in Bali: Away from the World at Nusa Dua Resort

    Nusa Dua is the fancy part of Bali and lots or luxury resorts there take the matters seriously. On common Nusa Dua resort, you will find a private beach where you can bask in the sun without being disturbed. During the hottest time of the day, you might want to soak up in its clear blue swimming pools overlooking the ocean while sipping your favourite tropical drink. Maybe you want to start your day with proper exercise in the resort’s gym and don’t want to skip it even on holiday. More than that, you can enjoy cooking class, golf club, Balinese ritual class/ ceremony, or just biking around the resort. They do know how to splurge you with comfort and experienec even without you going out of the neighborhood.

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    How to Have Scuba Diving Holiday in Bali with Non-Divers!

    When the love of your life doesn’t share your love to the ocean, arranging a couple holiday could be a little bit complicated. Maybe they do, but some major reasons prohibits them to explore the depth of the ocean. Either way, the two of you would need a lot of compromises to make. You need not only think about then type of diving you want to do and all sort of the dive planning, but also how to keep your partner happy and genuinely enjoying their holiday. Luckily, Bali Indonesia is one of the perfect place in the world to cater both moods. Divers would love the warm water, high marine diversity, and plethora of dive sites to choose during the scuba diving Bali holiday. Meanwhile, the non-diving partner would enjoy historical temples, cultural immersion, good foods, all kind of amusement parks, and of course, a good deal of shopping spree. 

    How to Have Scuba Diving Holiday in Bali with Non-Divers!

    But before you go, here are some important things you need to think of to ensure a happy holiday  to satisfy your ocean-loving souls and your non-diving partner!

    Stay in All Inclusive Resorts to Have Easier Scuba Diving Bali Holiday

    The majority of hotels and villas in Bali is accommodating for all kind of holiday. Divers would have an easy life as most dive centre in the island provide gear rents and pick ups. Traveler would find it just as familiar as usual. But if you choose to have a scuba diving Bali holiday in more remote island like Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, or Gili, you might want to consider an all-inclusive dive resort. While you’re busy admiring the unspoiled remote sites, there might be not enough thing to entertain your partner. However, an all-inclusive resort might have good coffee, sumptuous restaurant, in-house spa, or health, wellness and cultural activities to spend the day.  

    Introduce Your Partner for the Fun Snorkeling

    If your partner is a confident swimmer, great! You can share the joy of sightseeing the underwater life together with snorkeling. Who knows, the taste of ocean life might ignite their interest in scuba diving. But if they don’t, that’s perfectly okay. Just leave them be and don’t push it too much. 

    Establish Your Dive Times

    When you are travelling with a non-diving partner, you need to know how to divide your time equally. No one in this holiday should feel like not having enough. Plan your dive times and establish the schedule. Make sure you have at least 50% of the holiday time to be enjoyed together with your partner. If you schedule every waking moment blowing bubbles, your partner might feel being left out and end up resenting you. 

    Find Entertainments 

    How to Have Scuba Diving Holiday in Bali with Non-Divers!

    It’s important to keep checking in to your partner’s happiness when you don’t share the same activities. Only leave when you have make sure that your partner has something fun to do when you’re gone underwater. You can also make effort to drop them in their favourite temples or shopping station before embarking to your scuba diving Bali session of the day. A trip to the seven temples at famous Lempuyangan Temple, for example, will guarantee that you’re not missed during your bottom times in Amed’s Pyramid. 

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    Plan for Land Excursion Together 

    Make a conscious effort to spend the holiday together. While you and your partner can have fun times separately, it’s important to spend a quality time together. You come together for this holiday together, after all. 

    Loving the boat Life? Sign Up for Scuba Diving Bali LiveaboardTrip

    If you plan to visit a multiple dive destinations during your scuba diving Bali holiday, liveaboard is the best option! You get to reach remote destinations and reach it early, while your partner could find amusing activities at the boat. it’s not difficult to enjoy time alone in liveaboard. The cabins are spacious and the sundecks are comfortable. Some liveaboard even have massage therapist onboard! And when you’re busy with turtles and sharks down below, your partner could enjoy kayaking, stand up paddling, or yoga. 

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    The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit

    It’s most likely that people who loves water and travel are just bound to love snorkel. Indonesia’s Komodo National Park is, apparently, one of the best place in the world to do so. The Komodo is just a perfect combination of rugged wild adventure in the surface and colourful coral garden under the water. The islands might seems arid and dry (which is a charm on itself), but life burst beneath the blue ocean. Aside of the dragons, Komodo is famously known for super clear water, vast and colourful coral garden, wall reeds, Manta Ray, turtles, and big fishes. Snorkeling in Komodo National Park is one of tourists’s favourite activity to do in this remote frontier especially for those who aren’t qualified for diving. Here are just some of Komodo’s stunning snorkeling spots that will surely steal your heart. 

    Manta Point, Most Famous Komodo Snorkeling Spot

    The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit

    If the giant carnivorous Komodo Dragons is the main star of the lands, we have the giant and graceful Manta Ray as the celebrity underwater. Manta Rays just love the currents and temperature of Komodo and they have several cleaning stations around. The most famous is Manta Point near Taka Makassar, where squadrons of “flying” Manta are seen frequently. It’s probably the shallowest Manta Ray sighting spot, as the Mantas usually loves deeper water. The Mantas love to go around to Manta Point in the morning and feed on planktons trapped in the shallow water. Here the water is flat and the current is decent, which make it perfect for snorkelers.

    China Shop, the Hidden Gem

    The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit

    Not many people knows China Shop and that’s why it’s an absolute hidden gem! Not many liveaboard include the China Shop in their itinerary. Only chartered yachts and specialised diving liveaboard visit the China Shop, and that makes the spot is almost devoid of mainstream divers. The China Shop consist of hundreds of meters pristine reefs resting in shallow depth and it’s brimming with life! Manta Rays often visit this channel to feed and many sea turtles are seen hanging around at the reefs. Sometimes sharks are seen patrolling around, while the reefs down below is busy with macro life. The China Shop is definitely an underrated, yet one of the best spot for snorkeling in Komodo. 

    Batu Bolong, the Aquarium Reef 

    The Best Komodo Snorkeling Sites You Should Visit

    No one can talk about diving and snorkeling Komodo without mentioning the Batu Bolong. Batu Bolong literally means a rock with a hole on it, which is the actual landmark of the site. At the surface, all you see is a small rock submerging to the sea. Below the water, the rock is actually a giant rock reef which goes deep to 70 meters into the blue. A dive in Batu Bolong will instantly make others pale in comparison. The Batu Bolong was like as if all sort of marine life has a congregation meeting and never leave. This one particular site house one of the most immaculate reefs in the park and just exploring with colours and life! The reef is dense with hard and soft sponges while massive colony of orange anthias is making fish explosion around the reef. It’s also a favourite place for tunas, giant trevallies, and sometimes, dolphin which make this site even more stunning. 

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    Boat Charter Komodo: Exploring Kalong Island

    When you embark on an adventure to Komodo National Park you probably only expecting Komodo to be the only unique creature that you might find on land. But there’s a small island located near the border of Komodo National Park called Kalong Island. Usually, when you went with Boat Charter Komodo, they will take you there for a short trip before entering Komodo Island.

    Exploring Kalong Island while in Boat Charter Komodo

    Visiting Kalong Island via Boat Charter Komodo is the simplest way

    Kalong in the Javanese language means Bat. You might already guess why the island is called that by now, but yeah… the reason Is that there’s a large population of bats inhabiting this island. Other than bats, there’s also a group of dangerous animals like snakes roaming the island. Therefore, going to this island by yourself is certainly not safe.

    That’s why you will need a guide while traveling the island, and the cost for one day can reach IDR 3 million. Considering there’s not much to explore on the island, it’s really not worth spending that much on one day. So alternatively you can join a trip with boat charter Komodo and the fee for the guide is already included in the package, it’s more convenient that way and you can also guarantee to get a professional guide.

    What’s to see in Kalong Island?

    Kalong Island is surrounded by mangrove forests, and the bats can be seen on the trees during daylight shielding themselves from the heat of the sun. But do we come all the way here just to see bats hiding in the trees? Of course not. Well, there are some bats that already flying around at noon but the real attraction begins after sundown, at around 6 PM.

    By that time, you can hear faintly the bats are making a screeching sound to communicate with each other. And after a while, hundreds of them start flying from the trees into the skies. These bats are flying towards Flores island, where there are lots of fruit trees and plantation to get food, and then into the Komodo Island.

    You can enjoy the sight of this unique phenomenon near the shores or in the boat. You can even request the captain to adjust the boat to get a better view. I mean, where else can you see a swarm of bats flying in the sky while enjoying your drinks right?

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    Other activities to Do with Boat Charter Komodo

    Other activities to Do with Boat Charter Komodo

    Aside from its population of bats, this island also has a good snorkeling and diving spots. Like Manta Point, there are population of jellyfish in the area. Although not as beautiful as other diving spots, the sight of jellyfish swimming through the coals can truly be a sight to behold.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Witness yourself the magnificent Kalong Island and make your holiday something to remember! Contact Boat Charter Komodo nearby and prepare to meet these flying creatures dancing through the night sky!

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    Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo: What to Pack on a Liveaboard

    Packing for your highly anticipated Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo can be a chore; but it can also be something you look forward to if you know what you’re doing. While going on a cruise is another form of travel, there are some significant differences that you’re going to have to adjust to, on top of trying not to overpack in general! So how do you pack for an upcoming Komodo boat trip across the majestic Flores seas? 

    komodo flores tour

    Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo: protect your important items in water-resistant bags 

    While you usually do this only for your toiletries, now it’s time to protect most of your items in materials that are water-resistant, or completely water-proofed. Water resistant bags are essential mostly to protect your stuff from splashes. And although you wouldn’t get your laptop anywhere near water, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

    komodo cruises labuan bajo pink beach

    Other important items that you may want to protect in water-resistant or water-proofed bags are your passport and other required identity documents. Don’t forget to have a couple of copies for emergency (loss or stolen)!

    Bring your very own personal care items 

    Be aware that during your Labuan Bajo Flores cruise, you’re going to live on the seas full-time. This automatically means that you won’t get any of the comfort and conveniences you have when you are ashore—some things that you just didn’t realize you’ve taken for granted. There won’t be any shops that you can go to if you’d like to buy some personal items. 

    labuan bajo cruises trekking

    If you’re not a fan of bringing your own toiletries during travels (and many people don’t because of how easy it is obtaining them on their destination), you may want to consider that during your trip in Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo. Prepare for travel-sized toiletries, lotions, sunscreens, medications, and whatever you may need because you can’t expect to easily obtain them in your destination. The Flores and Komodo islands in themselves are remote areas, so even if you’re inland, if you need to find a particularly specific item, it’s going to be very difficult. 

    Never underestimate seasickness during a cruise!

    Although some people who got seasick inherited it, virtually anyone could get seasick. Seasickness could attack anyone whose immune system is not at its best state. So don’t take your chances! During your Labuan Bajo cruise, bring some seasickness supplement and medications when necessary. You don’t want to ruin your Flores tour thanks to lack of foreseeable preparations. Puking isn’t fun!

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    Pack attires appropriate for your scheduled activities in Flores 

    While clothes are things you certainly wont’ forget, what you need to ask yourself is, are you bringing the right clothes? How do you conclude that you’re packing the right clothes for your Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo anyway? 

    packing tropical destinations indonesia

    A rule of thumb is that you need to pack your clothes according to the activities and the itineraries you’re going to have in your destination. 

    • A dress or a button up shirt for a nice dinner with your friends or your partner aboard. 
    • Swimsuit for when you go ashore or if the impulse to snorkel strikes. 
    • Dive suits if you dive! But you don’t need to be told that. 
    • Loose-fitting shirts for a casual day out and a day of trekking. Indonesia is a tropical country and the heat can be unforgiving, don’t underestimate good quality breathable clothing! 

    Remember that living aboard on a cruise often means limited spaces. Aside from living spaces, this of course extends to storage spaces as well. If you ended up not wearing some things (or many things) that you’ve packed, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate how you pack for vacations. 

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