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    Best Beginners Tips to Stay Relax During Scuba Diving

    For those who just starting their path on scuba diving, you would feel that everything about diving is against your nature. The water pressure allows you to float instead of fully affected by the gravity pull. You are breathing underwater. You are fighting strong push of currents—or forced to avoid it while trying to move forward. Your vision is kinda distorted. Everything about diving is against our childhood instinct and it could be a shock for everyone who just learn to move underwater. And between those all, you need to remember every technique to breathe, to dive, and to safely operate all the equipment. It’s totally okay to feel nervous during your first sessions of scuba diving for beginners. Here’s our best tips to stay relax and perform scuba diving successfully. 

    Best Beginners Tips to Stay Relax During Scuba Diving

    Don’t Fight the Water

    When you are not used to get surrounded by water for a extended period of time, your natural instinct would tell you to stay upright. Just as you normally do in the land. If you aware that your body is doing this, quickly adjust your position. Embrace the changes of being in the underwater is the best things beginners can do during their first few scuba diving. It’s especially important as you are learning all the basics; getting in and outs, ascending and descending, and tuning the buoyancy control. You will feel it’s easier to stay as streamlined as your instructor when you don’t try to fight the water. 

    Know When You Start Panicking and Quickly Try to Get Back to Your Senses

    Panic attack can be seriously dangerous for scuba divers. Not only it cloud your judgement, it also triggers a sudden an powerful surge of fear. And for scuba beginners, fear is a strong reason to flight immediately from the situation. When you get panic, you are prone to get drowned, injuries, lung expansion, and eventually, accidental death.  

    During the dive training, learn to embrace all changes and behaviour of dive. The best scuba diving for beginners tips is knowing how control your own feeling. If you feel like tipping over during your dive training, that’s okay. You won’t hurt yourself. Stay relax and think about what to do next. Getting nervous would just get your body tensed up—which help nothing. 

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    The Most Important Tips for Scuba Diving Beginners: Don’t Stop Breathing

    No matter what you do, don’t stop breathing. When you misplaced your equipment, keep breathing. If you lose sight of your dive buddy, keep breathing. Seeing astonishing marine creature for the first time underwater, keep breathing. Feeling sudden anxiety and panic attack? Concentrate on your breathing. Seriously. Many troubles happen just because divers accidentally hold their breath. 

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    Manta Point Nusa Penida For Diving and Snorkeling Experience

    Manta Ray is one of the most favorite attractions for divers and snorkelers who come to visit Bali. Bali itself is an island that has so many area specialize in particular objects. As to see Manta Ray, tourists should cross the sea from Bali to get to Manta Point Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida is another island in Bali Province that is located not far away from the island of Bali. It can be reached within 30-40 minutes by boat from Sanur wade. Since there are quite a large amount of Manta Rays founded in the waters of Nusa Penida, the area was inviting scientist’s attention and was then identified as a critical area for Manta Ray itself and for other marine biodiversity. Therefore, in 2010 the area was established as a conservation area that is called Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. 

    After its foundation as a conservation site, Nusa Penida has attracted more tourists than ever. Hence, the area gets more income for its maintenance. This income, however, can also be used for managing the little damage caused by the tourists. Moreover, the Manta Point has also brought people’s attention to take care and be aware of the animal warfare issue through education and tourism activities. On top of that, the socio-economic sector will also get the benefits by providing local guides and hospitalities to the tourists. But, what exactly can tourists do in the conservation area of Manta Point Nusa Penida? There two best ways to meet and greet the Manta Rays. 

    Manta Point Nusa Penida For Diving and Snorkeling Experience

    Diving at Manta Point Nusa Penida

    Most people coming to Manta Point are looking for the Mantas living in Nusa Penida waters.They are looking for experience to swim closely with this graceful, magnificent giant. For this reason, they would choose to dive instead of snorkel. You can explore the underwater life more deeply during your diving Manta Point Bali experience. In order to see more things under the water, there are also more pieces of equipment needed when diving at Manta Point Nusa Penida. For that very reason, some people would prefer the next alternative below. 

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    And How’s the Snorkeling?

    Thank God diving is not the only way to see Manta Rays because, under some conditions, some people are not able and allowed to dive. Tourists will also get no less fun experience when they snorkel with the Manta Ray. In fact, the sea bottom is not really deep, it is only 12 to 18 meters from the surface. If you are lucky, you can even see the big fish approaching the surface at Manta Point Nusa Penida.

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    The Physical Benefits of Enrolling the Kids to A Surf Camp

    When the sea is glowing beautifully from the sun, it’s must be summer. That means surf is on the season and school holiday is just around the corner. Honestly, surfing is one of the coolest way to spend summer—whether you are an adult or a child. Not many kids know how to surf, and if your kids actually do, they are undoubtedly among the coolest kids on the block. Instead of letting your little peanuts be a couch potato, you can try to give them something super awesome to do. Joining a surf summer camp for kids. And this is how the world of wave riding can positively impact the kiddos. 

    The Physical Benefits of Enrolling the Kids to A Surf Camp

    Kids Surf Camp is Essentially A Sport for the Whole Body

    One thing for sure: surfing is a whole body workout that also effectively burns calories as well. When kids are paddling their way to the waves, they are using their arm and stomach muscles. They are pushing themselves forward with their legs. They are maintaining the balance with their back and upper body. A lot of movement is happening al at once and it barely feel like exercising in the gym. It feel more like having fun in the water!

    Kids Will Have Better Balance and Coordination

    Aside of swimming, the topmost skill anyone need to master surfing is maintaining perfect balance and body coordination. It’s the first thing the kids will learn at the surf camp. On surf class, children will learn how to balance themselves on swaying surf boards and how to coordinate their body to maintain that balance. Mastering the art of coordination will help them in other sport and aspects of life, such as riding bicycles, walking in narrow pathway, gymnastic, sailing a paddle board, or later in their life, diving. Surfing basically open them to many fun and possibilities!

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    A Definite Stress Relievers

    Surfing releases a lot of endorphins, the happy hormone that give you a natural euphoria. After months of studying, schools, and homework, surfing can lift up their daily stress and bring them the happiness again. In the meantime, spending the morning in kids surf camp gives them a healthy dose of vitamin D that’s good for their growth. The fun of surfing could improve their mood and give them awesome memories to remember.

    Kids Surf Camp Helps Them Sleep Better

    If your kids has trouble sleeping, surfing can greatly improve their sleep quality. Who won’t get tired after spending a whole day in the beach, exercising in the water? They will get to bed straight after dinner. A quality sleep help to improve their development and growth. They’ll probably get some centimeter taller at the end of the summer holiday!

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    17 essential items for your awesome Komodo Liveaboard trip

    Forgetting something that you probably need during your trip on Komodo Liveaboard is something awful and you should avoid that. So, please do pack your essentials at least a couple days before your trip and re-check them a day before your departure. To make it easier for you, here is the list of what you should bring for an awesome liveaboard sailing experience in the frontier Flores. 

    The Necessities for Komodo Liveaboard Trip

    Sunscreen — to protect you from sunburn and keep your skin tone even. 

    Sunglasses — to have a UV and blue-light protection for your eyes and to have a comfortable vision, indeed. 

    Footwears — there are trekking and hiking areas, as well as beaches, you will visit during your Komodo Liveaboard trip, so make sure to bring your hiking and or your running shoes. Meanwhile, flip flop is a mandatory one. 

    Tissue and Antibacterial Wipes — to remove the dirt and prevent disease from spreading bacteria.

    Toiletries and Makeup Kit — to groom yourself and look stunning throughout the trip.

    Microfiber Towela trip with Liveaboard in Komodo, Flores, enables you to dive, snorkel or just swim as much as you wish to. Consequently, you always need to dry yourself afterwards. A microfiber towel dries faster and very easy to pack. 

    Medicines — If you consider cigarettes as your medication, then bring them!

    Snacks — lots of activities and adventures will set your tummy very often in an appetite-mode.

    Small Dry Bags — to store and keep your electronic devices dry. 

    Water Bottle — to reduce the use of plastics and save the planet.

    Swimsuits — are the main point of this Ultimate Komodo Liveaboard Trip.

    Light Apparels — for your own comfort since you will move a lot in warm temperatures of tropical islands. 

    Warm Apparels — bring only one pair of warm clothes for unexpected cold nights.

    Laundry Bag — to separate the used and dirty clothes from the clean ones. 

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    Electronic Devices and their Accessoires — these should include your mobile phone, laptop, underwater camera, headphones, compatible power adapter and charger. 

    Important Documents — put your ID, passport, diving licence and other documents and cards in one water-resistant travel pouch. 

    Some Cash — you will be going to some islands where ATMs are hardly to be found. So, you should bring enough money for the whole trip. 

    Diving and snorkeling equipment — Well, should you bring them on board? Know that they are heavy and the airlines you are about to fly with might charge you a high over baggage price. Instead of paying unnecessary expenses and moving heavy stuffs all around the trip, you can simply rent them from the liveaboard company. Make sure that your liveaboard have diving and snorkel equipment rents though, before deciding to leave these goodies home.

    Pack these whole things in possibly one suitcase or bag only. This is a boat trip and you will not want to overpack, right?

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    Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: First Time at the Sea

    Seems like just yesterday you show up for your first open water course and soon you are going to roll to the open sea. It’s time to put all scuba diving lessons for beginners you have learn into practice. You feel nervous. Excited. Impatient at what you’re going to see once you plunge underwater. However, it’s a big task to remember all the techniques you have hardly mastered while everything under the blue water is trying to distract you. Unlike your open water training, diving in the ocean would be a completely different experience. 

    Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners to Remember in the Ocean 

    Adjust with the Moving Water 

    During the dive training, you have grown used to breathe through regulator and over under the water. However, you might be be too accustomed with the safety of still water in the pool. When you dive to the ocean, you will realise that the water is, indeed, actually moves. Relax, don’t panic. This is another scuba diving skills for beginners you need yet to acquire. The ocean moves with waves and currents, and you’ll need few adjustment before you can truly sense the currents’ shifts. Your dive instructor would likely take you to easy dive site with low current strength such as Bali’s Tulamben. If you think you can’t handle the movement, stick to your dive master, swim close to something, or swimming close to the bottom. 

    Breathe Slowly

    It’s easy to panic and forget all your scuba diving lesson for beginners when you are suddenly thrown in borderless ocean. A lot of beginners get rush of panic attack and suddenly forget how to breathe. The key is to remain calm. Don’t let mental block hinder your way. Get over your fears. You are going to be okay. 

    Clear the Mask

    It gets super annoying when water starts to enter your eye mask and cut your vision. Most inexperienced divers get preoccupied and panicked quickly. Once again, stay calm. Take slower breathe. Practice on exhaling the water out of the eye mask. Don’t get too panicky when little water leak in, sometimes it’s better to just let it be! Let your eyes perceive the breathtaking beauty of the newly discovered underwater world!

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    Think Before Moving

    As water is 800 times denser than air, you will experience weightlessness under the water. Suddenly, the bulky diving equipments don’t feel as heavy as before. But you need to think of your movement in the open sea, as too much movement will tire you faster and waste more air. 

    Rise Carefully

    This is another thing scuba diving lessons for beginners that you can only learn by practice. Rise from the ocean is different than submerging from pool. You need to be aware of passing boats and potentially run into dangerous sea creatures. When you have make sure everything is safe, rise slowly. Rising too quickly could cause sudden pressure change which consequently hurt your lungs. Rise slower than the column of bubbles from your exhalation breathing. 

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    5 Humble Advices When Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

    Scuba diving holidays for beginners are perfect. But there is one issue that most of the travellers should deal with their self. It is about to control their own not to go too far in doing something.

    Scuba diving holidays sounds like a journey you will have never being bored. There must always be some beautiful things under the water that will make you being amazed. Surely the lined up coral reefs along with the small and big creatures are beautiful, but as the beginners, they will also need to realise that diving can also be as dangerous as it never been expected before.

    Therefore, there should be the things that can be used to remind the beginner scuba divers about what they should have known before. Surely that there are the purposes of doing this especially to make their underwater holidays not only possible to watch the beauty of the sea at its best, but also to safe their own life and environment as a whole.

    Important things and advices when scuba diving holidays for beginners

    In my humble opinions, what I will to share with you may have been covered by the others before. But, you may want to know some of what you have not been told. There may also some things you have been forgotten about scuba diving holidays you’ve read somewhere, so, be this post will recall your memories about them as well.

    The first advice I can give you is that beware of the sunscreen or the sunblock you are using. Even, not only for the scuba diving holidays for beginners, this message will also for all of us who are in love with the beaches and sea.

    If you have not heard about the nature phenomenon at the sea you are at or no oil spills from the tanker information but you are seeing the oil on the surface of the water, big chance that it is caused by the sunscreen the others are using. And that can really be the threat for our nature.

    Important humble advices when scuba diving for beginners you have to know and realise

    Therefore, you will need to know which the environmentally-friendly sunscreen to use and I think there have been so many such products you can find online.

    Even though this will be your first scuba diving holidays and you are the totally beginners, you’d better start your adventure responsibly since the beginning. We can still have fun and enjoy the beauty of underwater without harming what have been growing there.

    The next important advice I am going to tell you is that, holidays are always great to be started by gaining more information of what you are going to do, where it will be, who you are going with or which one will accompany you along the way, etc.

    For example, if you are going to experience the scuba diving holidays for the first time, then start learning more about it. Getting to know what kind of diving you are in and what gears will be needed and how to use them will be the very useful starts and surely will be most recommended by everyone.

    You will also need more references about the scuba diving operator you are going to use. Start knowing how the team’s track records are, how professional the scuba diving instructors are, what are the lessons they are going to give you so you will prepare yourself and anything relate to all of it.

    Don’t you think that knowing the threats that can harm yourself while scuba diving is also the wise thing to do since you are the first person who are take the responsibility of yourself. The scuba diving master or instructor may help you with that as well, but you’d better prepare them all yourself and see how everything is going under the water.

    The last thing I would love to advice you when going for the scuba diving holidays for beginners is never think about getting into the real open water if you have never been experienced what the scuba diving is really like.

    I will always admiring that the best scuba diving vacations for beginners should always be started in the pool. Surely that will sounds like amateur but who care with that, moreover, we are talking about being the beginners here, right?

    Doing it directly in the sea may sounds tempting and many dive operators are even offering that and skip the pool lessons. But surely that you will also feel more safer to started all in the pool to start getting used to wear the gears and swim around.

    I ain’t an expert in this, but surely that you’ve got the main points of the scuba diving advices for beginners that I just told you, haven’t you?

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    Komodo Yacht Charter: Peeking the Cabins

    They said that once you light a fire an adventure in your soul, the sparks would never go out. For those whose souls are constantly seeking for adventures, this Indonesia’s breathtaking ‘Lost World’ island would certainly awe them. It’s the Komodo National Park, home of the last of dragons on earth, incredibly rich marine ecosystem, and dozens of emerging jagged islands that seems like cropped out straight from the Jurassic Park. With more than 20 islands and dive sites to explore within the national park, cruising is an obvious choice to see the Komodo’s undulating peaks and coral gardens. And for you who want to get a taste of wildlife beauty in Komodo without leaving creature comfort, let’s take a peek into Komodo yacht charter, one of the luxurious cruise line that you can book in this frontier. 

    Luxury Komodo Yacht Charter: Peeking the Boutique Cabins

    Oceanfront Cabins with Private Balcony

    Essentially, all cabins in liveaboard are oceanfront—you can choose even the cheapest cabins and still get to see the sea through your porthole. Komodo yacht charter, however, offers probably the best lodging to enjoy the cruising trip. On top of cabin classes would be the Master suite, mostly built with wraparound windows, King size bed with fresh linens facing the ocean, and private balcony to enjoy some quiet time. 

    Some people might say that luxurious cabins are not of much value, since “you won’t spend much time inside anyway”. But we still think that the oceanfront master cabins totally worth the splurge. It’s a great way to thank yourself for all your hard work—never underestimate the power of waking up with breathtaking view right on your front glass door. Sitting on the master cabin’s balcony with a good read, good drink, and breathe in the sea air brings a great relief to your tangled mind. If you book 7 days trip or more, there would be a day at the sea when all you want is just relaxing in your room, watching movies, or just to get away from anybody—and needless to say, the master cabin would feel much nicer (and private) than inside cabins. 

    The Grand Suites of Komodo Yacht Charter

    The second class are the upper deck cabins; just as luxurious, minus the balcony and 360º windows. You still have quite large side windows, though, where you can enjoy stunning views and the seascape. Some second class suites feature nice sitting area beneath the window, where you can soak up in Komodo’s natural landscape or have some light reading while waiting for the yacht to anchor. Its super king size bed would hug your body with warmth and comfort in an instant. 

    Third Class Suite

    Peeking into Boutique Luxury Komodo Yacht Charter to Cruise Flores

    Depend on the storey of Komodo yacht charter, the larger one sometimes have another level of suite on their main deck before going on the insides cabin of the lower deck. If there’s any, the third class suite usually still have large windows on part of of the side. You can still easily store your belongings on their double wardrobe, albeit a little more limited than the previous classes. You can share the queen bed with your travel mate or enjoy it for your own. 

    The Suites of Lower Deck

    One thing to remember; despite of the class and locations, all cabins in Komodo yacht charter are always on par with resort standard—if not better. You could expect same comfort and quality of features on lower deck cabins as the upper level’s. The only difference would be the windows and the size of the rooms. All cabins in luxury cruisers have wall-to-wall carpeting, ensuite bathroom, individually controlled air conditioning, storage space, and televisions. 

    Now, some cruisers in devote their lower deck to one type of cabins, while other larger cruisers could divide them into several other classes—from suite, deluxe, to standard. Then again, quality of facilities would remain exactly the same despite of room size and bed size difference 

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    Perfect Surf Camp in Australia for Family

    Sometimes, family vacation can be tough ever since there aren’t many family-friendly destinations and travel packages at your recent favourite location to visit. But for the next travel idea, what if you are experiencing a surf camp vacation in Australia with your family?

    A surf camp in Australia while you are in a family vacation may have never been thought of before, but who would have guess that it might be a travel idea your family is actually need. Besides being on water while riding the waves can be fun when you are doing it together with your family members, a surf camp will also be your next educational travel idea that will refreshing your mind instead of making it works harder.

    Perfect surf camp in Australia for family education and fun

    You may are underestimating me by thinking that a surf camp in Australia itself is only for those with surfing experiences for years. Even though they can’t be the professional surfers, they must have been mastering all the basic knowledge and skills or techniques that are needed to be on the surfboard and conquering the waves. In fact, you are wrong if you are thinking so. A really big mistake of thinking.

    How can a surf camp in Australia be the family-friendly travel idea and destination if you have to be the experienced surfers first? And honestly, it is even welcoming all the beginners and surfing enthusiasts even though all they are knowing just the name of the sport surfing itself and no more than that.

    Surf camp in Australia for family in vacation

    Beginner surfers are warm welcomed in a surf camp either you are coming alone or with your family in Australia.

    If you need a proof for that, you can checking out the surf camp Australia package which is “The Family Fun Deal” offered by NomadSurfers.Com where it is located at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales and specially designed for two adults and two kids that are under 18 years old. For me and you, this can be the perfect choice for parents with two kids, isn’t it?

    There are some more packages for family in vacation at different locations, but you can always started it out with the above surf camp location where you are going to stay in the Park Beach Surf Apartment that will pampering your eyes with its beautiful scenery.

    The family fun deal itself can takes up to 7 days with differ and interesting itineraries. You can experience the daily surf-lessons for all levels of surfer and non-surfer if you are requiring it, sunrise surf at the favourable spot in Woolgoolga, visiting local specialty shops, sight-seeing trips, invite your family in eco-tours and many more.

    You can even teach the kids about Kayaking as well if you really wants it. And there are more additional activities for your family to experience ever since you are possible to custom your own trip and itinerary.

    It is a surf camp in Australia that can be a dream of many families out there. And if you can afford and have got times for that, you may have no reasons left not to experience this travel idea sooner.

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    Private 3 Bedroom Villa Seminyak With A Library

    Have you been read about the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak with its own library before? I bet, you may have found one or two posts on different sites that may talking about it but not in an exclusive way as what I am doing now.

    I am pretty much understood that when people or travelers are looking for an accommodation, a place to take a rest for awhile, many of them may not specifically requiring that there should be a library, books, nor even a pair of table and comfort chair for reading. But if you can really have such amenities, then they could a pleasure and enjoyment for some people and even yourself.

    Reading while you are staying in 3 bedroom villa Seminyak may not your priority, I am sure about that. But doesn’t mean that you won’t experiencing it at all, right?

    High privacy of 3 bedroom villa Seminyak that allowing you for reading in comfort atmosphere with your family

    When there will be a library, don’t you think that it will be a sign of a soundless and private dwelling place? You can even reduce the hard thinking and keep on reading in a comfort where the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak itself has a large room for that.

    If you don’t trust me in that, see the image below and think about to rent that 3 bedroom villa Seminyak with your family.

    High privacy 3 bedroom villa Seminyak with its own library

    As show on above, the villa or the 3 bedroom penthouse at Seminyak as the management is calling it has a large living room where it is surrounded by the mini-bar, a library, and actually in front of the comfort and long sofa is where the LED-TV is placed on the wall.

    You will also notice that the bookshelf as I am referring it as a library is placed facing the private pool. What could be better than those things? The room will not only a great place to read the books but you may have the other ideas as well. Right outside the room, it will also a great place for having a fresh drinks while watching kids swimming around the 12 meters of the plunge pool.

    This 3 bedroom villa or penthouse at Seminyak is presented by the hu’u Villas Bali. If you haven’t been known about it, you’d better start looking for the information especially when you will need this kind of accommodation while traveling with your family in Bali.

    Renting and staying in this villa with its own library won’t makes it as an educational accommodation, but at least that will be a family and kids friendly accommodation you can get in Bali.

    Anyway, what shown on above image is only what you will experience in the living room. There still some more rooms that can be interesting to be used by your family. Not to mention that the outdoor’s features can also create the better experiences while staying.

    Feel free to visit the site and see how that 3 bedroom villa Seminyak can be your best stop in Bali.

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    Green Travelling with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Being the only place on the world where you can see the last dragon roaming in the wild with unparalleled natural scenery on the surrounding, Komodo has become one of the most-sought destinations for many travelers. But the Komodo dragons won’t be the only thing. Located in Komodo National Park archipelago, Labuan Bajo, Flores, this far-flung destination offers beautiful sailing trip which will last a lifetime. Indonesian modern schooner “phinisi” boats are common choice to travel within the park and taste the beauty of each island. Among these choices, Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo stands among the best choice—and also a great place to practice green travel. You know, to help Komodo stay as pristine and as wild as it firstly found. 

    A Green Approach for Travelling with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Simple Green Travel Tips to Do in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Reuse Your Towel

    If you have done your research, you would know that Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo is one of the type of boat in Komodo with hotel-standard facility. That means they would apply the same level of service, which includes changing your towel regularly. Asking for new towels each time means wasting detergent. And when you are sailing on the sea, lots of usage of detergents is obviously not good for the marine environment.  

    Reduce Water & Electricity Consumption on Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    This should be a path to take whenever you go, but it get especially important on the crise as they usually has limited amount of water and electricity onboard. 

    Be Easy with Soaps and Chemical Liquids

    Generally, cruise line has bed rep for polluting the ocean—especially the mega cruisers. Now, Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo might be more careful on that, regarding their size and and the protected water of the national park. But just as you know, everything on the ship would be flushed right to the ocean—including your bubbles of soaps. As we are still dealing with this waste proble, the best you can do is taking bath moderately!

    Finish Your Meals

    So that there’s no left-over food to be dumped on the sea. 

    Bring Your Own Toiletries

    So that there are no more disposable, one time toothbrushes and hair cap floating on Flores Sea. 

    Use Your Own Water Bottle 

    —or use the one provided by your Komodo cruises abuan Bajo for the rest of the trip. That means refill the water whenever there’s any opportunity instead of getting a new one each time. 

    Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints

    That means resist the urgency of bottling up some of Komodo’s pretty pink beach. Remember, for each bottled sands, you’ll leave the beach less pink for future visitors. 

    When Hiking in Komodo

    Hiking is one of the most popular activity to do in Komodo’s many islands. When hiking, stay on the established tracks and resist the temptation of making a new one unless necessary. You know,let the grasses life in peace. 

    When Diving in Komodo’s Underwater

    Much like hiking, diving and snorkelling is one of the must-do in Komodo, especially as Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo can take you to any dive site you want. Maintaining the health of marine life during the underwater activity, however, is extremely important—whether you are practicing green travel or not. By any means, do not touch the corals when you are diving/ snorkelling or string up the sediments. Your careless curiosity can damage the fragile ecosystem on coral reefs.

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