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    Establishing Your Brand Identity

    When it comes to business, the competition is so fierce hence you need to all be prepared. and now, many businesses are moving from physical establishment to online store. Aside from the digital growth, the global pandemic has also contributed to this movement in this industry. When you try to establish your brand presence in online community, it is important to have distinct personality to make your audience be able to distinguish you from others. However, brand identity is not something to establish in a day or two. It takes time and effort. 

    Establishing Your Brand Identity

    How to establish your brand identity for successful business

    Thriving in online business is not that impossible if you know key ingredients to reach your objectives. Building and developing your brand identity is one of your to-do-list if you want your brand to be planted deeply in the mind of many people. Here are some important element to help you establish your brand identity successfully:

    Think about your brand value

    Brand value is the first thing you need to think and consider when trying to establish brand identity. Your core values are crucial to define your company in the eyes of your team members and customers. Value factors are to be used to elaborate the proper principles and truths that truly define the purpose of your business. for example, technology company might pick simplicity as one of their goals. It should have positive effect and goal both to your employees and customers. 

    Know what you trying to accomplish 

    The point of considering your brand value is to make sure you know what you are trying to accomplish with your business. When you know exactly what your goals are, it will be easier for you to establish value worth that showcase on the platforms you use to let audience see you. 

    Define your brand voice

    Define your brand voice

    Brand voice is another important element when it comes to establishing brand identity. However, it is highly advised to go with more distinct colors. You can define your brand voice to make it more unique in the eyes of your customers. For example, you can set compassionate and helpful voice when speaking to customers on blog posts, social media, or your main website. 

    Think of how you want customer to perceive you 

    To decide which brand voice you want to use to your customer, you can consider how do you want your customers to perceive you. Remember that just because one business successfully go for a friendly and approachable brand voice doesn’t mean it will work to all kind of business. You can choose more playful, sassy brand voice if you think it is more possible and give off unique color to your brand voice. 

    Be consistent in using imagery across the platforms

    Hence, your brand will be more distinguishable. To do this, you must pick your logo, mascot, color and font scheme when creating your brand. You need to formulate all together to work as you wish it to be. Certain signs or symbols of your brand can ingrained in your customers mind that they will immediately recognize it when they see it in any platform. Furthermore, digital presence is important to establish brand identity of your business.

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    Managing Expectations while Diving in Bali

    When it comes to diving, many dive enthusiasts come lured from the bubbly descriptions from commercial dive magazine, depicting all lives and colours on their promoted dive destination. Alternately they saw the beauty of a certain dive sites from reviews that other divers and travelers rave so much in blog, youtube, or other social media channels. Albeit being more honest than company advertising, we cannot deny that that those reviews give certain expectation for people who are going to have a dive trip. Similar problems happens with travelers who wish to dive in Bali. They might have read/ watch amazing reviews about diving in Bali and their expectation just go up above the roof. Too many times, high expectation just end up in disappointment. This is how to manage a more realistic expectation during your dive trip to Bali.

    Managing Expectations while Diving in Bali

    See What Animals You can Meet While Diving in Bali

    Nestled right in the heart of world’s coral triangle, Indonesia was dubbed as one of the best place in the world to enjoy an incredibly rich marine life. Bali, obviously, was one of them. The underwater of this little tropical island is brimming with pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimps, nudibranch and all kind of macro critters along with hundreds species of tropical fishes, turtles, black and white tip reef sharks, and pelagic. It’s also one of the few places in the world where you can see the rare Mola Mola sunfish and Manta Ray. 

    However, please remember that all these animals are living in the wild. Means that there are no guarantees to see them during your diving trip in Bali. You might see some barracudas and giant trevally, but you might not see any blacktop white shark. Things like that happens and when they do, do not be too disappointed. 

    Realize that Pictures Might be Photoshopped

    Realize that Pictures Might be Photoshopped

    All that deep blue ocean adorned with vibrant corals and busy fishes in the background might have some little touch on the editing. Though most of Bali’s waters are crystal clear (it’s quite renown for this quality!), not every sites are Instagram-ready. Don’t be too disappointed if your underwater photos comes blurry and foggy. Maybe it’s not the site—maybe it’s just the camera and the editing. 

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    Issues with Boats In the Middle of Diving in Bali

    Some divers are just not-so-lucky with their dive boats. Sometimes this problem occurs in diving Bali trip, and that can be a bummer. A dysfunctional boat can make the trip very uncomfortable for the divers. The crew will, however, try their best to keep your dives going. When this happens, there’s nothing you can do except taking a deep breathe and later on, filling in a complaint. 

    Personal Health Issues Happens

    Sometimes the unexpected happens from one’s self. When the boat is working just fine and the site is everything you have expected, your body just decide to suddenly not working. Some divers get the unpleasant Bali’s belly in the middle of the trip, forcing them to drop some dive session in their diving Bali trip. We have seen divers suffers from sudden sinus infection, get injured, or having decompression sickness before. Some health problems can be easily avoided, other times you just need a big heart to accept the situation. 

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    Building Productive Entrepreneurial Energy

    To be a successful entrepreneur is no easy. The journey to reach goals is often challenging and that’s why not all entrepreneurs can achieve success instantly. More often that not, entrepreneurs are seen as confident, successful people who know what they want and to do. However, the reality might goes deeper than that. Entrepreneurs are human so it is normal to experience negative feeling or emotions. For example, not all entrepreneurs are naturally assertive and decisive. Some of them might have to go to the long process of conquering their own self-doubt before making decision confidently. 

    Navigating self-doubt to productive entrepreneurial energy

    You cannot just expect yourself to be instantly confident all the time once you decide to become an entrepreneur. However, it is important to improve yourself to be better. Self-doubt is one of the many challenges entrepreneurs can conquer. In fact, you can defeat self-doubt and build more positive entrepreneurial energy so you can create better product and deliver better service. How to do it?

    Keep in mind that you are not the only one who experiencing self-doubt or fear. Those are natural feeling of human being. Many people, entrepreneurs or not are experiencing those feelings. However, it is important to focus more on how to improve yourself to be better rather than isolating yourself thinking that you are alone. 

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    When you feel self-doubt or fear, most of the common factor is other people say about you. Hence, you start questioning and doubting yourself. Keep in mind that every individual has their own way to navigate life. Thus, always focus on your own life and stop comparing yourself to others. Besides, you don’t really know the behind story of people you think superior or more successful than you. They might have gone through what you are going through as well.

    Try to focus more on your achievement even if it is not world-shattering one. Try to remember what you have achieved in the past and how you could do it at the time. Hence, you can make another plan for your future to make another achievement worth celebration. If you focus more on your failures without trying to find the real problems and solutions, you will only sabotage yourself. 

    Long term targets are important for entrepreneurs. They are like a map you can use to guide you to the right path because your destination is clear. However, it can be frustrating when you realize that how long it takes to achieve them. It results in self-doubt and fear of failure. Therefore, you can also set short term goals beside the long term ones. Those can be sued to keep self-doubt at bay.

    It is often said that entrepreneurs should plan everything thoroughly to avoid mistakes. However, sometimes there are inevitable things you have no control in. Making mistake doesn’t make you a failure. Instead of succumb to self-doubt, you can focus more on how to react to those mistakes so you can do better in the future.

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    Best Villas in Bali Popular Moments

    Best Villas in Bali isn’t just the spot to get back after work and call your day off. Theres a lot of moment you could capture while in the villa to make your day memorable. Moreover, if you decide for a short or longterm stay within the vacation or living.

    Best Villas in Bali | Swimming Pool

    Even so, vacation isnt always defined by the activities that you do in outdoor and going to another place. Thus, you could still enjoy a vacation in theme of indoor activities, staycation and relaxation treat. So theres always a way to make the most out of best villas in bali to catch a memorable for you.

    With only a comfortable room and serene environment, it can completely outfit the type staycation you want. Clearly it gives you a robust energy until the rest of the day. So here are the popular moment to spend in villa:

    Get a Tan

    Get your skin a new colour always a great idea. If you get bored with the current appereance, get a tan while staycation in villa is a solid choice. With a place over the pool, mocktail beside your chair and a direct sun, might be an exceptional moment in your life.

    Tranquility in Best Villas in Bali

    By the chance that you seek for a tranquil and serene experience, staycation in the villa will sort it out. Bali property can bring those in a second without the need to worry any issue.

    Best Villas in Bali | Lounge

    Moreover, the famous balinese vibes and ambience will bring you and family to a new level of experience. Surround with natural ecosystem and vegetation anywhere which makes it more magical. You will be stunned on how you realize this staycation moment can be this good without the need of going outdoor. In addition, the uniqueness and character is very strong that you may not find it elsewhere but in best villas in bali.

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    Gathering in Spacious Garden

    Most of bali property offers a spacious garden in order to suit any type of event and gathering within the unit. With a spacious spot, you could arrange any kind of event to live up the moment with your loved ones.

    However, its never a bad idea to decorate your garden during the event to make it more special. Theres plenty stuff you could put with the help of your family to give a sense of luxury in the agenda. With more space available in garden, means a more spot for additional attendees to your event.

    Spend Your Moment in This Best Villas in Bali

    Enclosed in a beauty breeze are of Batu Bolong, Canggu. This villa offers 4 bedroom and 5 stylish bathroom with solid construction and brand new. Cover in approximately 280 sqm building. It includes both close or open living room and dining, which leading to 4mx10m swimming pool and garden. Moreover,  feature with lounge in the Gazebo area and by the pool.

    Best Villas in Bali | Bedroom

    You will guarantee with a tremendous moment while staying in this villa. Theres nothing will go wrong to pick this best villas in bali as your destination. Enquire this villa now for the November deal and ideal price, also it includes the return on investment report to help you deci

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    Tips To Save Some Space In Your Luggage For Travel

    Dragging large suitcase for a trip sounds exhausting already, it is not pleasant. Even if you are planning for a long trip, you can still pack light and more efficiently. There are many risks of packing too many stuffs in your luggage. First, you will highly likely spend extra because there are more expenses to expect such as paying for porter, baggage fees, airport trolley fees, etc. Also, there are risks of you getting injured because of moving heavy luggage throughout the trip especially if you make multi-destination travel. 

    Tips To Save Some Space In Your Luggage For Travel

    Saving some space in your luggage 

    Thus, it is always safe to pack light. To do so, you need to make sure that your suitcase has needed space to pack all necessary items you need for smooth travel. You can follow some of these hacks to save some space in your luggage so you can pack and travel light. 

    Avoid packing largest wearable items

    If you still need it for your trip, wear them instead of packing it inside your luggage. Some of largest and heaviest items are jeans and boots. You can wear them and you will stay comfortable because the temperature at the airport or inside the plane is relatively cold anyway. Wearing thin clothes may bring you more disadvantages.

    Laundry tools are unnecessary 

    Avoid packing unnecessary stuffs such as laundry items. To wash your clothes, you can use your old soap in the sink in your hotel room. Or, you can also get your laundry done with cheap price even if it is overseas. If you bring only few clothes, it will be necessary to wash them for changes. However, soap provided by hotel and a sink are enough to wash your clothes clean. 

    Shared items to minimise luggages

    Shared items to minimise luggages

    If you travel with companion be it family or friends, you can share items to pack. For example, you don’t have to bring all toiletries from your toilet at home. Instead, split shareable items with your travel buddies. Or, you can also buy them in your destinations especially if you have long travel and need bulkier products to last longer. 

    Being prepared is necessary

    However, relying on ‘just in case’ won’t make your travel easier. In fact, it will only make you pack unnecessary things. For example, you don’t need to pack all medicines you ‘may’ need. Just bring necessary medications that you truly need especially if you have specific need for regular medication treatment. Regular medicines such as for cough, cold, or fever are usually available in every pharmacy in every country.

    Take travel size items 

    Leave your bulky perfume and take travel size ones. Also, avoid packing chunky jewellery since it is not that necessary for a trip. However, you can consider buying ones in your destinations. It means you contribute to the local economy as well. For entertainment, you can opt for small headset instead of bulky headphones. It still serve the same but headset can at least save some space in your luggage for you to pack more necessary items. 

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    Four Incredible Beach Resort in Nusa Dua to Stay!

    Nestled in the south corner of Bali, the Nusa Dua has often been overlooked by many mainstream tourists coming to Bali. Indeed, it might not be lined up with trendiest cafes and handout spots of Canggu, hippest nightclub of Seminyak, or thick cultural vibes of Ubud. Nusa Dua, however, shines  the most on its pretty, white sands beaches that spreads along the peninsula. This south pocket of Bali is probably one of the most serene area in the island which is best enjoyed for a morning walk, biking around, and having a peaceful stay. It’s no wonder that one of the extraordinary things is Nusa Dua is the astounding beach resort that lines up the coastal line. Imagine having white-golden sandy steps right in the backyard of impressive, world-class hotels. Here are our best picks of glorious beach resorts destinations for your luxurious retreats. 

    The Amarterra Beach Resort Bali Nusa Dua – MGallery 

    The Amarterra Beach Resort Bali Nusa Dua - MGallery

    As part of the renown MGallery Hotel Collection, the Amarterra Villas Bali Nusa Dua arises as a beautiful oasis within the heart of Nusa Dua. Situated close to the beach, the 39 luxury private pool villas in this complex offers an unparalleled boutique resort experience. Each villas beautifully captures refined elements of Balinese living and architectures. Amarterra is the perfect gateway for honeymooners or travelers who seek for quiet place to escape all the hustles and bustles of the world. 

    The St. Regis Bali Resort 

    The St. Regis Bali Resort

    Getting down to the hallmark definition of tropical paradise, the St. Regis Bali Resort is almost completely surrounded by water and lush tropical trees. Not just a beach resort of Nusa Dua, the St. Regis resort promises the opulence of live, a taste of the elite of the world. The moment guests entered this exclusive resort, they will instantly greeted by extensive blue pools that goes all around the premise. Stay at their beachfront world-class suites for an idyllic holiday. 

    Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Beach Resort

    Holiday Inn Nusa Dua Beach Resort

    Taking advantage of its position at the sparkling waterfront of Tanjung Benoa, the Holiday Inn Nusa Dua beach resort gives you uninterrupted scenes of lapping ocean waves. The private white beach sands promise a tranquil outbreak you’ve long deserve. Blissful relaxation starts at the Tea Tree spa, where licensed therapists ready to give you a natural pampering and rejuvenation your body truly deserves. Being the perfect family retreat is the core of Holiday Inn Nusa Dua. Every facilities at the resort is aimed to cater family needs and designed to be kid-friendly. Unlike any other resorts, kids are VIP guests here! Not only that they have their own kids-club to spend time and have fun, they also have their own kids-themed room at the resort!

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    The Revivo Wellness Retreat 

    The Revivo Wellness Retreat

    Just as the name suggest, wellness retreat is the true essence of this luxury resort. Unlike other beach resorts in Nusa Dua, Revivo is well settled amidst the breezy hills of the peninsula. here scenic villas at this resort is surrounded with dense tropical forest that’s truly refreshing to look at and the Indian ocean downhill. Taken from a latin word meaning “I’ll leave again”, the Revivo Nusa Dua aim to help guests to improve their emotion, physics, and mental health back to the prime. A range of wellness program inspired by Balinese’s ancient healing traditions is the main menu on this resort. Join them on yoga, pilates and holistic medicine treatments for a refreshed body and soul. 

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    Visual Elements For Your Marketing Strategy

    Virtual elements are not something new to be used in marketing for any kind of business. There have been many proofs that visual content can attract more people to buy products or services. However, many marketing pros also say that balance is critical in providing virtual content. When you use too much imagery, it makes your audience hard to focus on the most important thing. Your design will also looks messier. 

    Providing visual elements to the contents in marketing

    One of the most tools used for marketing is content. Providing high quality content can be challenging. However, the technology today allows us to explore or creativity in graphic design. You can provide any visual elements to the content that will be used for marketing strategy. While the purpose of inserting visual elements to the content is to gain more attention, it should be followed with the intention to make your audience get the message and value of your brand. 

    Marketing Strategy
    Photo by Campaign Creators

    Therefore, it is essential to focus on your target audience. Make sure that any visual elements you put in the content is suitable for your target audience, not only represent your brand. You must have noticed that particular visual styles may attract particular audiences more. If it is hard to decide the appropriate style, choose the imagery that won’t make your target audience decipher your message.

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    Another important purpose of using visual elements to the content is to amplify or enhance the value of it. For example, putting the image of your product beside the description can be too ordinary. You can create more impact by putting the image of your previous customer or your ambassador holding your products instead. 

    When you decide to ass visual elements in your content marketing, make sure to keep their high quality. Blurry images or low definition photos can ruin the mood of your target audience. They may think your brand is not as worthy as they thought. It is simple factor but very impactful. Also, avoid using stock photography. Create your own assets of visual contents. 

    It is highly advised to use visual content that will be compatible with any digital platform. Thus, your contents will be visible and accessible to be opened in any platforms be it your website or social media. You have to asses if the visual elements will be easy on the eyes from mobile screen as well as computer screen. 

    Feature people as your visual element in your content. This is a great strategy to make your target audience feel more connected with your brand. You can provide pictures of people enjoying your products in various situations. 

    Make sure that the visual elements you use is relevant tot he content itself. Choose visual elements that resonate well with the message of the content. Also, create a visual content that can draw more engagement from your target audience. It is highly advised as well to keep your content short and sweet. There is no need to put so many images in one content.

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    Bali Real Estate for Lease With Long Tenancy

    Umalas area is the gate of bali real estate. You can choose wide range of option start from housing, villa, cottage for any purpose. In addition, some might seek for their first investment, long investment and even retirement.

    Furthermore, property demands are reaching its peak point as more development and infrastructure are rising in numbers. The property itself vary diverse characteristic in each of their interior design, architectural, leasehold and its tenancy.

    Bali Real Estate

    Tenancy agreement is a contract in which you and the landlord settle for the property. It gives you the privilege to live in the property for as long as the terms written. The long tenancy you agreed, means the longer you will stay in the unit.

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    Unique Umalas Bali Real Estate

    With all of the hot facilities and extraordinary design in one place, these Umalas property standout the most  than other units. This peaceful and uniquely design villa features 4 master bedrooms complete with cozy bathroom in each.

    Bali Real Estate

    Cover with the building size of 200 sqm and spacious land size of 7.1 are, will give a pleasant living experience.Filled with modern facilities to suit your daily craving. For instance, swimming pool, hot tub, laundry washer, comfy kitchen, gazebo and other main aspect. Moreover, these facilities will provide you the ideal deal for your investment purpose or short term stay.

    Meanwhile, this Bali real estate is for lease with long tenancy. The unit are ready for hold for up to 23 years to suit any long term investment. There will be no worry as this bali real estate in Umalas are in great condition, it was built in year of 2016. Moreover, this unit will sustain for a long term and lead you to a memorable livelihood.

    Why Consider Lease With Long Tenancy

    As the bali real estate market are going upwards, its no suprise that more people request for a longer tenancy. This has been a phenomenon that people are more keen to settle into long tenancy and further many tenants are now offering the same match commitment.

    Bali Real Estate

    As a result, pre-lease contract increases are written in tenancy agreement to make sure that the leasehold are align with the individual’s budget and maintain the rising market overtime.Several benefit to lease with long tenancy are:

    • Gives you more secure lease
    • Improved credit rate
    • Great mutual relationship between you and landlord
    • Increasement in property valuation
    • Would be an interesting income option
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    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm with Your Team Members

    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm With Your Team Members

    There has been major shift to how we live today especially after the pandemic. During the crisis, we are forced to make necessary measure to ensure the safety of everyone. As business leaders, instructing your team members or employees to work from home is a big decision because it comes with many consequences. Working remotely has various logistical challenges. Brainstorming process can be more challenging if you don’t know how to optimize it.

    Efficient virtual brainstorm

    Virtual brainstorm is not a new practice or approach for some businesses. It has been conducted with various purposes. If you just experienced it now, you may get overwhelmed with how the way it works. You might be wondering if it is how face-to-face brainstorm works. Here are some tips for effective and efficient virtual brainstorm with your team members:

    Plan your virtual white-boarding

    Through your white-boarding, you plan everything out from the big topic to the details you want to discuss during the brainstorming. The plan is like a guide for you to carry the entire process. This can help you to stay in the lane. Therefore, you can always get back in track whenever you are distracted during the brainstorm. Make sure that you plan everything to the final things.

    Always come with one original idea or more

    Efficient Virtual Brainstorm With Your Team Members

    It is essential to include specific session goal for every virtual brainstorm you conduct. Then, make sure to link them to relevant research or imagery. Also, make sure that everyone in the brainstorm event feel engaged. Encourage them to participate and speak up about the generated solution or ideas. Participation from each participant in the meeting can lead to more ideas to born.

    Feel the difference

    Like it or not, you must feel the difference between direct and virtual brainstorm even you can still see their faces. The usual structures have changed as well and you have to get used to it as well as your team members. To make it easier for everyone, it is important to build comfortable environment. Thus, warming up with icebreakers to start the meeting. It can be in any forms of icebreakers you choose. It doesn’t have to be something deep. You can choose something simple yet meaningful and fun.

    See what tools you can use

    Try to incorporate virtual tools to support the brainstorming process and make it more efficient. Many tools are useful to gather information provided by every participant in real time without disturbing the process itself. The use of virtual tools also make it easier for every participant to engage directly throughout the entire process.

    Try to be more accommodating to your team members

    Encourage your team members to speak up more and provide their ideas. Even if you don’t seem to agree with their ideas, listen to them first instead of interrupting. Find some important from their ideas such as the potentials, concerns, pluses, as well as overcome. Those elements are important to find out the an idea can be used or not. Quickly dismissing your team members’ idea might do more harm than good.

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    Choosing the Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    A beach holiday with sun and relaxation can really make a big difference in your attitude as a whole family. It is essential to go to the beach with your family, take advantage of the benefits, collect happy and beautiful memories together and enjoy. However, finding the right Bali family resort for holiday with your loved ones was never an easy tasks. With so many resorts in this beautiful island, how can you pick up the right one? Look up on our tips on finding the perfect resort where both parents and the kids can enjoy some relaxing time together. 

    See Bali family resort with kids special packages

    A lot of resorts in Bali focus on grown-up fun. Beachfront infinity pools, pool bars, private clubs, and other adult things. If you want to look for family-friendly beach resort, search up resorts that have kids-special packages/ facilities. For this reason, the Holiday Inn Bali family resort in Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua is more than just a spectacular hotel suitable for the whole family. This resort knows what to make kids happy in a holiday; kids pool, kids club, nautical-themed kids room, and kids-eat-free packages that would be just perfect for family trip. Every aspect tells you that children are welcome and that the resort is making sure you and your family have a good time. 

    Are There Any Kids Entertainment Available?

    Look for a good all-inclusive family resort that takes kids “entertainment to another level and watch your kids smile from ear to ear. You may not feel comfortable bringing very young children, but you should look no further than the Nudi beach in Holiday Inn Bali family resort, one of the best beach for children. Here you can take the kiddos for surfing, sand-play, or checking out the enormous variety of wildlife and birds nearby. The purpose of staying here is to enjoy the child-friendly beach, where good and safe swimming for beginners is the best protection for swimming beginners. 

    An Activity-Packed Resort

    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    If you choose a Bali family resort with all-inclusive offers with many activities, it is a great way to burn a lot of energy and make the children happy. You may have difficulty convincing your children to leave the all-inclusive resort’s pool complex, so you should be sure that the hotel is child-friendly and pet-friendly if you decide to bring your dog or cat with you. 

    Choose Family Resort that’s Close to Attractions

    If you are planning a fun holiday with your family, you will want to choose the right accommodation for your needs. Choose a beach hotel that offers you access to a variety of activities and activities within walking distance of your hotel. During your stay, you may want to be able to shop for souvenirs and necessities, so choose a resort that offers several convenient restaurants on site. Guests at the Landmark also don’t have to travel far to eat, and the resort’s restaurants and bars are within walking distance of the hotel’s main entrance. 

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    How To Choose The Right Bali Family Resort for Holiday With Family

    Parents can meanwhile take part in one of the many activities at the Holiday Inn Bali family resort or simply enjoy the tranquility of a normal adult – just in the pool. The children of this child-friendly all-inclusive resort will love the beach, the pool and of course the great food and drinks. Large beach hotels for families offer fun activities and many basics, so you can enjoy yourself with little effort. Some resorts offer shallow beaches for the whole family, with incredible nanny service that provides families with one or two nannies included in the room rate. You can do all the work yourself by choosing the best all-inclusive family holiday without doing too much footwork or research.

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