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    Focusing Your Marketing to Target Millennials

    Specify your target for marketing can be a good way to improve your business because then you have specific audience you can focus into. It is no doubt that there are various consumers out there with different needs and interests. However, it is impossible to satisfy every customer. One of the best way is to approach particular group of consumers where you can focus your marketing with. Millennials are promising audience for business because like it or not, they are a very different generation with different thinking and way of consume. If you want your brand to appear more appealing to millennials, you should accommodate how they think and consume. 

    Targeting millennials for your business marketing

    Millennials have largest demographic in the world especially in the United States which make up to a third of the country’s population. Thus, targeting them for your business marketing is not bad idea. In fact, it is promising. The special tendency of millennials is that they know what they want. Here are some tips to optimize your marketing strategies in targeting millennials.

    Focusing Your Marketing to Target Millennials

    More on Mobile

    Improve mobile experience because millennials are generation who have been familiar with digital technology. They use digital device to do lots of tasks in their daily life. Thus, make sure to create mobile experience so you are more accessible to millennials. You can optimize your landing pages for mobile so they can load faster even through mobile. Make sure to create a clear call-to-action as well to give your millennial customers good experience. 

    Brand Personality

    When it comes to digital natives, millennials are the first generation. They have been familiar with web and social media. Thus, they are used to searching something relevant through them. Therefore, you need to find marketing strategy where your brand can be relevant and attract their interest. Brand personality is important factor to appeal millennials. It is even more impactful if you can create marketing strategy with relevancy that can drive millennials to engage more. Make sure to create a brand that can communicate well with them. 

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    Social Media

    Choose the right place where you can deliver marketing strategy in the most effective ways. There are various online platforms you can choose. However, social media is one of the most powerful tools for attracting millennials. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are example of the places where millennials spend their time the most. You can try building online community using social media to introduce your brand to millennials in more communicative ways. 

    Specific Segments

    Millennials tend to have particular buying pattern you can analyze. Thus, they don’t have move through life stages in traditional ways. Instead of focusing on their life stages, you need to focus more on targeting specific population segment of them. Choose specific segment that is relevant to a specific social identity, especially the one that also fits your brand personality. For example, you can choose a segment based off lifestyle. Brand personality is important for millennials because they are more willing to choose a brand that reflects an image they want to convey about themselves. 

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    Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu

    The start of summer usually remarks the beginning of most popular season to get a tattoo, and that’s exactly what happened in Canggu, Bali. Under the bright sun, clear sky, and idyllic vibe, tattoo sounds very appealing. It looks gorgeous on our exposed skin and our intuition said that tattoo heals faster when we’re not covered up. Summer in Bali seems like a perfect time to flaunt our gorgeous figure in cool outfits and show off a new tattoo! 

    As good as it sounds, however, getting a tattoo in a tropical island with gorgeous beaches lining up the shores has its drawback. You gonna need to devote a great amount of time taking care of your tattoo and sacrifice some lovely things. Here, we’ve covered every important things you need to know if you decide to get tattooed in Canggu, Bali

    Important Things to Take Notes After Getting Tattoo in Canggu

    Do the Aftercare

    Let’s start from the obvious. After getting your tattoo done, your tattoo artist Bali would give you recommendation of ointments to take care of the tattoo. You can purchase the ointments/ creams from the studio or choose one of your preference. Follow the artists’ guidance and repeat the after care process for 3 to 5 times a day. 

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    Limit Sun Exposure

    Now, we are talking about the sacrifice. What is tropical holiday without sunbathe and walking under the glory of the sun? On a side note, it’s hard to avoid the sunlight when you are in Bali unless you decide to be a devoted villa hermit. If you decide to catch some sun, make sure you apply high SPF lotion especially in the tattooed area. 

    Resist the Temptation of Swimming Altogether

    Person swimming in the pool
    If you have a fresh tattoo, don’t do this

    Nothing better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool or splashing the waves on a hot summer. Yet, this is another sacrifice you need to make. Getting a gorgeous tattoo in Canggu means you need to forsaken swimming altogether. For at least two weeks, you need to resist the temptation of soaking in the water. Pools are chemically treated which is bad for fresh inks. Lakes and ocean are not even better—they host billions of bacterias and impurities that potentially cause serious infection. 

    Surfing After Getting Tattoo Canggu: Disaster 

    Canggu has some of the best beach for surfing—and pretty famous for it! We are talking about the Echo beach, Batu Bolong Beach, and Berawa Beach, with waves for all levels and and less crowds. You need to remember, however, that surfing is basically a double kill for someone who just get tattooed. The combination of sun exposure and ocean water are a sure recipe for disaster. 

    Shop for Unscented Soap in in Canggu to Protect the Tattoo

    Thanks to the progress of all-natural move, it’s easy to find local, organic unscented soap in Canggu to take care of your new tattoo. Choose one that contain moisturising natural oils base like coconut, almond, or olive oils. Your usual chemical soaps would be too harsh for a fresh tattoo and tend to result in scabbing. 

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    Tips for Choosing Wedding Catering Services for Your Special Day

    Your proposal is accepted or you’ve just accepted one and now your mind’s filled with wedding suits and dresses and whether you should pick a beachfront or a garden wedding in the famed Paradise Island. Now a big part of planning a wedding is food and everything that comes with it. Choosing a wedding catering services in Bali can be something so complex. So where do you start? 

    wedding catering services in bali

    How many guests you’re going to invite to the wedding? 

    One of the main indicators, if not the main indicator, for your budget would be the number of guests you’re going to invite. So before you rush to call the Bali catering services that your friend recommended, make sure that you already have a guest count ready. Or at least, have a rough estimates of them. Without the information of your attendance count, you’re going nowhere if budget is one of your point of discussion. Don’t let your Bali wedding cost skyrockets just because you didn’t have a good estimation on this basic information. 

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    guests at bali wedding beach

    Attending the event your wedding catering services handle 

    This is a pretty neat tip that all couples and wedding planners should do when possible. This is something that you’re going to need to discuss with your caterers first. 

    • Find out by asking them directly what events they’re catering to in the near future that you can attend. 
    • Meeting the wedding catering services directly (instead of via emails) is the preferred way. 

    Attending the event directly would not simply allow you to test-taste their food, but also gives you valuable insights to how they are performing in the moment. Some of the things you should pay attention to when attending events in search of references: 

    • Pay attention to the service the caterers provide. 
    • Are the staff courteous and friendly to guests?
    • How do they handle problems that arise? 

    Your job is done when you’ve taken notes of these main points and able to get the overall vibes of the event. So attend when you can and take notes!

    Consider a restaurant catering for your wedding 

    Choosing wedding catering service that was attached to a restaurant often times is a good idea. A restaurant catering allows you to easily sample their food even without prior inquiry about their event services. When the taste and the presentation of the food is of a primary concern to you, this is an excellent way to have some ideas. If you’re utilizing the help of a Bali wedding planner, then asking them for restaurant suggestions can be a good idea sometimes. 

    catering decor setup in bali

    Invest in a good service: hospitality matters 

    Skimping on a service so you’ll save a few bucks from a cheaper caterer may just bite your back in the end. People who are experienced in event handling would be able to tell you that often times, the service is second to none, often more important the food. The best catering in Bali will realize this and inform you such. So invest on a good hospitality: it doesn’t have to be in a form of numerous staff and an expensive price tag: you simply need to be directly in the know of how their team operates and treats the guests. 

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    How to Convey Professionalism in Business

    Professionalism is important quality your business should have in order to create positive flow between coworkers as well as with customers. It is also crucial to build brand and credibility. That’s why a business that has more professional look to it is more attracting to customers. Professionalism is one aspect to show accountability as well as credibility which make people trust you. No matter how small your business is, professionalism needs to be built and conveyed the right way. Then, your business will keep progressing positively.

    Show professionalism in business

    One of the most important keys for successful business is treating your business like a business. To do it, you need to adopt professionalism in every aspect of your business including relationship with customers, teammates, as well as business partners. Professionalism needs to be conveyed clearly to show that your company is credible and accountable. Here are some tips to convey professionalism in business.

    How to Convey Professionalism in Business

    Professionalism is more than smart dress. You can convey professionalism through how you speak. Making conversation is inevitable when running business. You need to speak during meeting, negotiation, or even when communicating with customers. It is important to hold meaningful conversation in business. Speaking professionally can avoid conflict that can jeopardize the business especially when one takes it to heart. Thus, make sure to speak only about business and don’t include personal things into conversation especially when it can offend the others.

    You also needs to show professionalism through your brand. One of the reason why you need to build professionalism is to create positive brand. To do so, you need to make your brand look professional which results in positive response from customers and business partners. You can start by developing logo, attracting clients through engaging events, and many more. Those might be simple gestures but the impact is powerful for your brand.

    Another way you can convey professionalism in business is by using technology. Savvy business owner won’t let their unfamiliarity to technology stops them from improving. Instead, they will try to familiarize themselves with technology and use it to the fullest once they figure out how to use it. You can use technology to show your professionalism. You don’t have to too big in this action. You can star by designing official website for your business. Trust web designer to create powerful website with professional look and features so your potential customers and business partners will have great experience.

    Management and structure is also what you can use to show professionalism in business. When you run your business with the right management, you are already in the right path because everything is planned and in order. You also need to create structure where you can delegate responsibility to your teammates efficiently and result in improved production. Through the right management and structure, everything is systematized well. This will results in the best qualities of products and services to meet your customer’s expectation. When you have that quality, it won’t hard to gain trust from people including business partners as well as customers.

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    Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners: First Time at the Sea

    Seems like just yesterday you show up for your first open water course and soon you are going to roll to the open sea. It’s time to put all scuba diving lessons for beginners you have learn into practice. You feel nervous. Excited. Impatient at what you’re going to see once you plunge underwater. However, it’s a big task to remember all the techniques you have hardly mastered while everything under the blue water is trying to distract you. Unlike your open water training, diving in the ocean would be a completely different experience. 

    Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners to Remember in the Ocean 

    Adjust with the Moving Water 

    During the dive training, you have grown used to breathe through regulator and over under the water. However, you might be be too accustomed with the safety of still water in the pool. When you dive to the ocean, you will realise that the water is, indeed, actually moves. Relax, don’t panic. This is another scuba diving skills for beginners you need yet to acquire. The ocean moves with waves and currents, and you’ll need few adjustment before you can truly sense the currents’ shifts. Your dive instructor would likely take you to easy dive site with low current strength such as Bali’s Tulamben. If you think you can’t handle the movement, stick to your dive master, swim close to something, or swimming close to the bottom. 

    Breathe Slowly

    It’s easy to panic and forget all your scuba diving lesson for beginners when you are suddenly thrown in borderless ocean. A lot of beginners get rush of panic attack and suddenly forget how to breathe. The key is to remain calm. Don’t let mental block hinder your way. Get over your fears. You are going to be okay. 

    Clear the Mask

    It gets super annoying when water starts to enter your eye mask and cut your vision. Most inexperienced divers get preoccupied and panicked quickly. Once again, stay calm. Take slower breathe. Practice on exhaling the water out of the eye mask. Don’t get too panicky when little water leak in, sometimes it’s better to just let it be! Let your eyes perceive the breathtaking beauty of the newly discovered underwater world!

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    Think Before Moving

    As water is 800 times denser than air, you will experience weightlessness under the water. Suddenly, the bulky diving equipments don’t feel as heavy as before. But you need to think of your movement in the open sea, as too much movement will tire you faster and waste more air. 

    Rise Carefully

    This is another thing scuba diving lessons for beginners that you can only learn by practice. Rise from the ocean is different than submerging from pool. You need to be aware of passing boats and potentially run into dangerous sea creatures. When you have make sure everything is safe, rise slowly. Rising too quickly could cause sudden pressure change which consequently hurt your lungs. Rise slower than the column of bubbles from your exhalation breathing. 

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    Showcasing Honesty in Business

    Honesty is one of the most important qualities to run a business. It is related to other important things such as trust, accountability, reputation, etc. however, honesty is also one of the most challenging trait to practice especially in business industry. It is because people involved in business often have their own agenda to reach their own goals. It leads them to do everything they can to reach their goal. However, honesty is not only about doing the right things. It is also about building work culture that is positive, healthy, and open. That’s why honesty is influential aspect in business. 

    How to showcase honesty in business 

    There are many ways you can do to highlight honesty when running a business. More importantly, it is important for you to lead by example so that your employees can understand more how to practice positive work culture built in honesty. Here are some ways for you to showcase honesty when running business.

    Showcasing Honesty in Business

    Display the values of the companies that built in honesty as one of its main foundation and principles. You need to make and write statement that highlights the kind of values you want your employees to embody. It is important for you to highlight honesty through recruitment, thus, the candidates understand form the beginning how you view honesty in your company value. You need to make sure that you only hire people that share the same values. Honesty and integrity can be the topics you ask during recruitment. 

    You can also encourage work culture built in honesty through effective, open communication. You need to find a way to highlight honesty in the way you communicate with others. To do so, you need to give the examples how to use include honesty in your daily practice such as always informing your employees about company information and avoid leaving them hanging. You need to keep your employees informed of at least basic company operations. 

    Showcasing honesty in workplace can also be done by building positive, healthy work culture. Instead of perfectionism, it is more important and significant to adopt honesty in building positive work culture. When you too focus on perfect works, it is easier for your employees to hide the truth just because they don’t want to deal with consequences for being imperfect. Showcasing honesty can be done by creating safe environment where trust is the element that matters. By showcasing honesty, objective, open feedback can be gain. As the result, it can create healthier relationship that benefits everyone including the business itself. 

    You can also showcase honesty when running business through displaying an example. For example, you can highlight employees who display honesty. By pointing out examples for other team members, it is easier for them to learn how to practice honesty. The use of role model is more effective in showcasing honesty in workplace. Discussing the significance of honesty within working environment is important. It benefits your business because it can help building healthy, positive working environment which give positive impacts to business in general as well. 

    You can also showcase honesty when running business through displaying an example. For example, you can highlight employees who display honesty. By pointing out examples for other team members, it is easier for them to learn how to practice honesty. The use of role model is more effective in showcasing honesty in workplace. Discussing the significance of honesty within working environment is important. It benefits your business because it can help building healthy, positive working environment which give positive impacts to business in general as well. 

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    How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?

    After quite some creative process time, you finally laid your choice on a specific tattoo design. You have a deep thought about the design. The tattoo surely represent your mind and personality in the inside. You have search the right studio tattoo in Bali and the right artist whose expertise match with your design. The last thing you need to do now is making the appointment and sit on that chair.

    However, there’s one thing you might haven’t think yet. How much time you need to spent to get your dream tattoo? This is especially important as you are going to pay the tattoo artist per hour spent working on the tattoo. A lot of factor—including the artists experience and working speed—affect the duration. It could be the style of the tattoo, the amount of intricate details on the designs, the amount of colour, tattoo placement on the body, and your own skin type. In this article, we are going to have rough estimation of time needed to create a tattoo. Stay tune and find the estimation for your dream tattoo!

    Tattoo Time Estimation on Bali Tattoo Studio

    How Long Does A Tattoo Takes on Bali Tattoo Studio?

    Tiny Tattoo

    This cute little tattoo rise as a huge trend in tattoo industry. Most of tiny tattoos made with simple monochrome lines, though some are coloured. Due to its simplicity, tiny tattoos only require just one time visit to complete. It takes only about 15 to 30 minutes—experts could even execute a single star tattoos on just 5 minutes. However, expect to pay for an hour of session, except the artists give you a special discount. 

    A Small Quote

    Calligraphy and lettering is a special art. It needs a steady hands and strong control to perform homogenous letters. Lettering tattoos might seems simple, but it actually involve lot of small details. Letter style, size, colours, placement, and length of the quote play a huge part when it come to lettering tattoo. It consist of delicate lines bending and crossing each other. Not all studio tattoo in Bali can perform a decent lettering quotes. A simple lettering consist of one to two words could take 45 mins to 1 hour to finish. Longer quotes like biblical paragraph could take 2 hours+ to have done. 

    Medium Sized Black Grey Tattoo

    Black and grey tattoo is one of the most requested style in many Bali tattoo studio! Medium sized tattoo is measured by approximately 6sq inch, and usually take 1-1,5 hours to finish. If you add one or two colour to the tattoo, the time could double up to 2.5 hours. This tattoo would be finished quicker if requested in popular, easy-access part of the body like the sleeve, arm, thigh, sternum, and shoulder. Expect to have longer session if you did it in more challenging part of the bodies. 

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    Full Sleeve Tattoos

    The sleeve has large “canvas” to fill. A modern simple line art tattoo sleeve could take 1 to two hours without colour. With lots of colour, layers, and detail, a single sleeve tattoos could have taken 6-8 hours, which usually is divided in two sittings. 

    Full Back Tattoos

    A full back tattoo usually takes on new school, realism, traditional, or neo traditional style. Most full back tattoo incorporate lots of intricate details, inter-tangled designs, or colours. A full back tattoos usually take a multiple visit to the Bali tattoo studio. It takes none less than 10 hours to finish. 

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    What Makes Teamwork Matters to Your Business

    One of the reasons why people start their own business is to achieve financial freedom. As selfish as it sounds, it is valid because you deserve it especially when you are willing to work harder than others. However, starting and running your own business doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own.

    You need a teamwork to help growing your business efficiently. It won’t lessen your credibility in running business.

    What makes teamwork important in your business

    In fact, it shows how strategic you are in running your business efficiently with the right resources. Work hard is crucial but work smart can make it different because you aim with precise.

    The importance of teamwork for your business

    Some people say that you will work efficiently when you work alone because you won’t get involved in intervention from others. However, working in team gives more efficiency. Sure you can run your business alone but for how far? If you aim for bigger achievements, you need to know that teamwork is very resourceful to use.

    One of the most important elements to achieve success in running your own business is cooperation and it can only be achieved when you have reliable teamwork. Working together with others who have different skills and background may sound challenging.

    However, it won’t be a hassle if you share the same vision and goal. Every member of your team has potential to help growing the business. You can share ideas and experiences which benefit your business because you won’t stuck in limited thinking.

    Through teamwork, you can broaden your business’s horizon.

    You see, working on your own means you only have one perspective of your business. However, you will be able to broaden horizons when more perspectives and ideas are shared between teammates. It means, you have better opportunities improve your business so it can results positively.

    Production is one of the most important elements in business because it is related to your customers directly.

    If you want to keep up with your customer’s demand, you need to improve the productivity of your business. If you have too much workload, you may not be able to handle them properly because of you have your own limit.

    However, you can share the workload with your teammates so the process goes more efficiently. Besides, every individual has different approaches in solving problems.

    Thus, it can help generating more ideas as well as solutions into the frame which benefit your business.

    Running a business doesn’t mean you are on top of the world that you stop learning. You will forever need to learn no matter how successful you are in your business.

    Through teamwork, you have the opportunity to learn without going anywhere. By learning, you will always have opportunity to improve yourself and your business.

    Every individual has different experience, method, and ideas. You can learn many things through your teammates.

    Besides, teamwork is also great to develop positive company culture. However, keep in mind that you need to build effective communication to build good, reliable teamwork.

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    5 Humble Advices When Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

    Scuba diving holidays for beginners are perfect. But there is one issue that most of the travellers should deal with their self. It is about to control their own not to go too far in doing something.

    Scuba diving holidays sounds like a journey you will have never being bored. There must always be some beautiful things under the water that will make you being amazed. Surely the lined up coral reefs along with the small and big creatures are beautiful, but as the beginners, they will also need to realise that diving can also be as dangerous as it never been expected before.

    Therefore, there should be the things that can be used to remind the beginner scuba divers about what they should have known before. Surely that there are the purposes of doing this especially to make their underwater holidays not only possible to watch the beauty of the sea at its best, but also to safe their own life and environment as a whole.

    Important things and advices when scuba diving holidays for beginners

    In my humble opinions, what I will to share with you may have been covered by the others before. But, you may want to know some of what you have not been told. There may also some things you have been forgotten about scuba diving holidays you’ve read somewhere, so, be this post will recall your memories about them as well.

    The first advice I can give you is that beware of the sunscreen or the sunblock you are using. Even, not only for the scuba diving holidays for beginners, this message will also for all of us who are in love with the beaches and sea.

    If you have not heard about the nature phenomenon at the sea you are at or no oil spills from the tanker information but you are seeing the oil on the surface of the water, big chance that it is caused by the sunscreen the others are using. And that can really be the threat for our nature.

    Important humble advices when scuba diving for beginners you have to know and realise

    Therefore, you will need to know which the environmentally-friendly sunscreen to use and I think there have been so many such products you can find online.

    Even though this will be your first scuba diving holidays and you are the totally beginners, you’d better start your adventure responsibly since the beginning. We can still have fun and enjoy the beauty of underwater without harming what have been growing there.

    The next important advice I am going to tell you is that, holidays are always great to be started by gaining more information of what you are going to do, where it will be, who you are going with or which one will accompany you along the way, etc.

    For example, if you are going to experience the scuba diving holidays for the first time, then start learning more about it. Getting to know what kind of diving you are in and what gears will be needed and how to use them will be the very useful starts and surely will be most recommended by everyone.

    You will also need more references about the scuba diving operator you are going to use. Start knowing how the team’s track records are, how professional the scuba diving instructors are, what are the lessons they are going to give you so you will prepare yourself and anything relate to all of it.

    Don’t you think that knowing the threats that can harm yourself while scuba diving is also the wise thing to do since you are the first person who are take the responsibility of yourself. The scuba diving master or instructor may help you with that as well, but you’d better prepare them all yourself and see how everything is going under the water.

    The last thing I would love to advice you when going for the scuba diving holidays for beginners is never think about getting into the real open water if you have never been experienced what the scuba diving is really like.

    I will always admiring that the best scuba diving vacations for beginners should always be started in the pool. Surely that will sounds like amateur but who care with that, moreover, we are talking about being the beginners here, right?

    Doing it directly in the sea may sounds tempting and many dive operators are even offering that and skip the pool lessons. But surely that you will also feel more safer to started all in the pool to start getting used to wear the gears and swim around.

    I ain’t an expert in this, but surely that you’ve got the main points of the scuba diving advices for beginners that I just told you, haven’t you?

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    Be Aware Of The Risks Of Frequent Business Trips

    Travelling a lot can be a gift or a curse. It can be fun but also risky because of the consequences you may suffer at the end. Those who travel less frequent may envy hose who travel a lot because frequent flying sounds like a dream comes true.

    Risks of frequent business trips

    However, travelling is not always rainbow and sunshine. There are risks as well as consequences that the fliers should face. Travelling with the purpose of relaxing or spending holiday might be exciting. However, it is different from business trips when your work is your priority. It is even worse when you have to do it frequently due to professional demands.

    The risks of frequent business trips

    Having frequent business trips is not a pleasant thing because it often carries more stress than fun. Business trip can be enjoyable as well when you have time to enjoy the trip aside from professional tasks. It can be a gift because you can escape from your four wall room. However, doing it frequently put you in high risks instead of the otherwise.

    Frequent business trips can make you age faster. It is not just because the jet lag or crossing different time zones constantly. Jet lag may seem harmless if you experience it not too often. However, experiencing it constantly can cause negative effects including memory impairment, confusion, and other things that can cause you to age faster.

    It is often that you forget where you are or what time it is when you wake up not in your own home. When this happens frequently due to frequent business trips, your health is at risk.

    Frequent business trips can also cause mood swings and anxiety which make your stress even worse. You get stress due to the pile of work and task you have to accomplish during your business trips.

    However, jet lag can make it worse because your mood is in constant roller coaster. It can be due to constant sleep deprivation that your mood swing uncontrollably. These situations just put your mental health at risk. When you are constantly fatigue, tired, anxious, stress, and disoriented, your mind can be easily damaged.

    Keep in mind that business trips can also weaken your immune system. Your body is forced to adjust and adapt frequently which is not healthy at all. Your body’s cycle is constantly getting disrupted so it is expected that your immune system gets weaker.

    It makes your body work harder to fight infection, virus, or illness. In addition, your body is more at risk for radiation exposure because it happens more frequent at higher altitudes.

    Frequent business trips might not kill you immediately. However, it can slowly break you down. It not only your physical health that is at risk but also your mental health.

    What you have to do is to find balance. If you cannot avoid frequent travel, try to balance it with healthy lifestyle. It is also highly advised to adopt positive habits to keep your mental health safe even when you have to go through frequent business trips.

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