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    Choosing Private Bali Villas for Your Holiday

    When it comes to spend your holiday, Bali is a great destination to go to. Not only it offers charming nature but also because it has the best accommodation you could ask for. The best accommodation would be Bali villas, especially, the private and luxury one. Of course, there are many types of villa you can rent for your holiday in Bali. However, private villa usually offers more than simple accommodation. It is more than a place to stay at during your holiday. It is where you can make the most of your holiday besides tourist attractions of course.

    Why private Bali villas?

    People, especially travelers choose accommodation based on many considerations. It can be price, size, location, and even the type of serviced offered. As for accommodation in Bali, private villas are more preferable both for solo travelers or those who travel in groups. So here are some reasons why people prefer private villas instead of hotel or hostels to stay at during their holiday in Bali:

    • Price is often the first thing taken into consideration when travelers look for perfect accommodation. If you think villas are more expensive than hotel then you are wrong. It depends on many things and not just as simple as the size of the building. It usually depends on what kind of services you will receives, the facilities you can enjoy, and privilege you gain. Thus, private villas are not only for luxury travelers but also for everyone who seek for more comfortable place to stay at.
    • From service, there is no differences from how the hotels work. In Bali specifically, the service coming from private villas are mostly satisfying for the guests. However, service at private villas are usually more exclusive. It is not only because most of villas accommodate fewer guests than hotels but also because that’s how the way private villas works in giving the best service privately and exclusively. Every penny you spend to rent a private villa in Bali will be just worth it.
    • From staffs matter, private villa usually have in-house staff ready at your service. Desk-front staff, manager, gardener, and cook are ready to provide what you need. There is no need for guests to do mundane things if they don’t want to such as doing laundry or grocery shopping. That’s why staying at private villas in Bali more preferable because everything is ready for you that all you have to do is going out to explore many places in Bali and come back at private villas to take quality rest.
    • Another perk of staying at villas in Bali is that most of them overlooking stunning view. There are villas situated in the middle of rice paddies. Others situated at beachfront, and there are also villas located in the middle of the jungle like most of villas in Ubud. Staying at one of Bali villas means you can choose one of them that suits you the best. You can live off your fantasy of magical holiday in Bali by booking a private villa.
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    The Recommended Food to Sell In Your Canteen Business at School

    Are you thinking of starting a canteen business at school or on campus? Businesses can start anywhere and anytime, one of them is by opening a canteen at school. Children, surely like snacks, right? Before starting a business, share that you have to know a number of things, such as discussing strategy or not, then the market is elementary, middle school, high school, or college, etc. Then, although for children it sounds “anything can be sold”, but it would be better if you use children’s health too, don’t just sell food because it feels good. This article has collected some foods in the school canteen that can be your reference before starting to sell.

    The Recommended Food to Sell In Your Canteen Business at School

    Fried rice

    Who doesn’t like fried rice? Surely, everyone likes it. How to make fried rice is very simple, you only need rice, onion, and garlic, then served can be adjusted to your creation.

    Instant noodles and meatballs

    Instant noodles are a favorite food. Nothing can match the delicacy of instant noodles. This food is delicious and never makes people bored. The average person who orders instant noodles as lunch, but sometimes there is also someone who wants breakfast using instant noodles. Then, if you have meatball skills, you can also sell meatballs too. If you sell instant noodles and meatballs together, children like to ask for the instant noodles plus meatballs.

    Grilled sausage

    Indeed, the children really like grilled sausages because the grilled sausage tastes really good. If you sell in elementary or middle school, you can divide the long sausage into two or three parts. You don’t need to provide combustion and charcoal, because of course, it’s much more complicated. You can use the Teflon and the stove instead. Provide tomato sauce, chili sauce, mayonnaise, and powder seasonings (such as bbq spices, cheese, pizza, etc.) for the flavor variants. You also should provide sausages in various flavors, such as original, cheese, spicy, and the others.

    Bread and donuts

    If at home do not have breakfast, usually children prefer bread. Besides being practical because it can be carried everywhere, spending bread doesn’t take long. Then the bread is also filling, so it can be a stomach booster until the bell breaks later. You can sell packaged bread that is ready to eat. Usually, this bread consists of various kinds of flavors (chocolate, strawberry, and so on). If you have a roasting, you can also provide toast.

    Besides bread, donuts are also selling well among children, especially those who are in a hurry or don’t want to eat heavily. Donuts taste sweet and delicious, so sometimes someone makes donuts as a dessert.

    Fruit juice and ice blended

    The best-selling food recommendations in the school canteen are fruit juice and ice blended. Usually, fruit juice traders also provide ice blended too, because the ingredients and tools needed are the same, namely water, ice cubes, and blenders. For the fruit, try to always be fresh, because the quality of the fruit will determine the taste of juice too. Then, for ice blended, you can provide drink powder such as Pop Ice, Nescafe, Nutrisari, Milo, and the others. Also, provide a variety of jelly and bubble ice blended toppings.

    Those are some food recommendations for your canteen business at school.

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    Green Travelling with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Being the only place on the world where you can see the last dragon roaming in the wild with unparalleled natural scenery on the surrounding, Komodo has become one of the most-sought destinations for many travelers. But the Komodo dragons won’t be the only thing. Located in Komodo National Park archipelago, Labuan Bajo, Flores, this far-flung destination offers beautiful sailing trip which will last a lifetime. Indonesian modern schooner “phinisi” boats are common choice to travel within the park and taste the beauty of each island. Among these choices, Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo stands among the best choice—and also a great place to practice green travel. You know, to help Komodo stay as pristine and as wild as it firstly found. 

    A Green Approach for Travelling with Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Simple Green Travel Tips to Do in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    Reuse Your Towel

    If you have done your research, you would know that Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo is one of the type of boat in Komodo with hotel-standard facility. That means they would apply the same level of service, which includes changing your towel regularly. Asking for new towels each time means wasting detergent. And when you are sailing on the sea, lots of usage of detergents is obviously not good for the marine environment.  

    Reduce Water & Electricity Consumption on Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

    This should be a path to take whenever you go, but it get especially important on the crise as they usually has limited amount of water and electricity onboard. 

    Be Easy with Soaps and Chemical Liquids

    Generally, cruise line has bed rep for polluting the ocean—especially the mega cruisers. Now, Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo might be more careful on that, regarding their size and and the protected water of the national park. But just as you know, everything on the ship would be flushed right to the ocean—including your bubbles of soaps. As we are still dealing with this waste proble, the best you can do is taking bath moderately!

    Finish Your Meals

    So that there’s no left-over food to be dumped on the sea. 

    Bring Your Own Toiletries

    So that there are no more disposable, one time toothbrushes and hair cap floating on Flores Sea. 

    Use Your Own Water Bottle 

    —or use the one provided by your Komodo cruises abuan Bajo for the rest of the trip. That means refill the water whenever there’s any opportunity instead of getting a new one each time. 

    Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints

    That means resist the urgency of bottling up some of Komodo’s pretty pink beach. Remember, for each bottled sands, you’ll leave the beach less pink for future visitors. 

    When Hiking in Komodo

    Hiking is one of the most popular activity to do in Komodo’s many islands. When hiking, stay on the established tracks and resist the temptation of making a new one unless necessary. You know,let the grasses life in peace. 

    When Diving in Komodo’s Underwater

    Much like hiking, diving and snorkelling is one of the must-do in Komodo, especially as Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo can take you to any dive site you want. Maintaining the health of marine life during the underwater activity, however, is extremely important—whether you are practicing green travel or not. By any means, do not touch the corals when you are diving/ snorkelling or string up the sediments. Your careless curiosity can damage the fragile ecosystem on coral reefs.

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    Offering the Right Price to Buy an Investment Property

    When you are going to by an investment property, it means you will have to deal with the selling agent. However, you also must have known that the price they are quoting is less than what the owner stated.

    Of course it is not illegal because the selling agent will be paid when the sale is made. Buying an investment property is like playing a game. You need the right strategy to win.

    In this case, you want to buy the property at the lowest price.

    Tips when offering and deciding the right price when buying property

    Meanwhile, the selling agent also need higher price than what the owner is willing to take because that’s how they can receive their payment.

    The negotiation process is where you need to be prepared to make the best deal.

    Deciding the right price when buying property

    Buying a property is not as simple as buying candy in a store. It takes time especially in the negotiation process since both the seller and buyer want to get the best deal.

    If you are going to buy an investment property, you need to know more about the pricing beforehand. Thus, you will be more prepared. Here are some tips about pricing in buying an investment property:

    • First thing first, do your research especially if you are going to do it on your own not hiring a buyer’s agent. Your research will help you to buy a property that is worth your money. What you need to research is the market price. Try to search similar homes with the one you are going to look at. Thus, you will know the fair idea of the price. You also needs to know more about the asking price and the sale price. The one that you should focus on during negotiation is the sale price. Meanwhile the asking price is usually used as starting point for negotiation.
    • Another important thing about pricing when it comes to buying an investment property is the valuation. It is important because it is what determines the market value. The strategy you can use regarding to the valuation is to do it prior negotiation. Of course, this is not the most idea strategy since not all seller accept this condition. This may take longer time three or four days but it is worth trying if you really want to get the best deal.
    • Aside from doing your own research and doing valuation, you can also ask some questions to the selling agent during negotiation process. You can ask question related to the asking price. You can ask questions regarding to other offers. Try to find out if the selling agent has made other offers or not. This will help you to know if the vendor serious about selling the property. Next question is about the period of property in the market. Try to find out how long has it been there. And of course, you also need to know the reason why the owner wants to sell the property. This will open chance for you to know how desperate the seller is to sell their house.
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    Where Your Family Will Stay Around the Beach in Bali?

    Bali is one of the big veritable adventure park. You can go almost anywhere and you will have some special things to do with anyone you are bring with. From the top of mountain to the beautiful coral reefs below the surface, you can possible to experience all of them including those who are existed in between or on the land.

    Bali has also been included as one of the top world destination besides, the island itself is actually has been famous to the people in the world since dozens or even more of years ago.

    By knowing that facts, Bali is really recommended as the island that can be used for your family vacation and play ground.

    2 accommodation types for family in Bali that is located around the beach

    But, even though you can make a decision where to go and stay in Bali, there is always one most popular place or location you can take your family there.

    It is to enjoy Bali at the beach and around it while getting all of your beloved family members an accommodation around the beach as well.

    Recommended accommodations for your family to stay around the beach in Bali

    Of all the accommodation types that are existing in Bali, here I won’t talk about reserving the hotel rooms since I am actually getting bored in hearing that.

    Moreover, numbers of hotels are also not so many when you are in Bali. As what I have been seen around before, I think there are more numbers of the other accommodations than the hotels. So, I am not sure if I can inform you about that.

    Therefore, I will try to give you the other alternatives or they could even be your main decision when its come to think about the accommodation for your family around the beach in Bali.

    A. Condos

    One of the best suit type of the building that is provided as the accommodation that can be rented by those who are visiting Bali with family is the condo.

    This is one of the accommodation that can be called as the tropical building at the tropical island of Bali. So that, your family can experience the tropical feelings when staying in here.

    There are also various offers of condo that are available and you can simply choose one that will be best for your family.

    B. Villas

    I can say that villas are the most dominated accommodation in Bali compared to any other types of accommodation in Bali.

    And the same as the condos, villas are also another one option for your family vacation where there will be numbers of bedroom are available in a villa, and are also the best accommodation to stay around the beach.

    That’s why there are terms such as beachfront villas or the ocean view ones, and so on.

    For your family members, the villa’s offers are so many in Bali so the price can be more affordable because of the business competitions.

    Villas themselves are having more bedrooms than the condos and are also can be easily find around the beach in Bali especially at the locations such Kuta, Petitenget, Seminyak, and many more.

    If your family members are quiet many and they are also invited to Bali, you can rent the 8 bedroom villa Seminyak that is located before the beach where you can only walking to it in about 5 minutes or less.

    Both are the accommodations that can be reserved for your family while in Bali and it is not difficult at all to find them both around the beach and start reserving in. Hope you will like the idea I’ve just wrote. Thank you for stopping by.

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    Should I Considering About the Age of A House Before Buying It?

    All of what we have been built before must be had an age. So does the property that may interesting you to be yours. But, why people are less to talk about this before? I have met many people and businessmen but they don’t even bother when not to talk about the age of what they are going to sell.

    For me, knowing the age of property is also vital. You can know the value of it if you have known the histories of the property.

    Thinking about the age of a house before buying it

    If it has been used as the special event in the past by the famous people, its value may increased. But at the same time, knowing the age of property is also to finds out how many changes has it got until today and whether you will need to renovates it later or not.

    Today, you can even possible to finds out how old the house is if you have a mortgage. Or you can even knowing it online through searching it online or visiting site like the landregistry.gov.uk if you are at United Kingdom.

    Why it is important to know the age of property?

    As the age of property are rare to talk about between the buyers and the marketing or selling agents, or even if they will talk about that, there will only a little information to know about.

    But basically, knowing the age of a property is also important so you can know all of the advantages and disadvantages the property is bringing.

    The first reason why you need to looking for the age of the house you are going to buy is to to know if the used materials for the house are still strong enough to support the building.

    Sometimes, there are people who are suggesting that the best and safer maximum age of a house is not longer than 50 years old. Especially when you are at the country or region that is gradually often get an earthquake or the flood and landslide. Then you need the stronger structure for the property.

    Secondly, the old age of property may need some important renovation. You may will need to tear down the certain wall in the room and changing it totally by building the new one.

    If you will be get the property with such renovation, then it means that you will have to spend more money on your property while you can’t be living comfortably inside for the next days or even weeks because you will need to restore the some parts of the building.

    Last but not least, age of the property can also be a clue that will be telling us about the design trend at year it was built. Knowing this, it may will help you to determine whether the structure, design, and all related architectural style aspects are ecological friendly enough for you or not in case you are trying to find the energy-efficient house in town that can make your living become more environmentally friendly as well as economical in the same time.

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    When to Consider a 4-Season Hammock Tarp Camping

    Hammock tarp camping needs some work in planning.

    When going camping with hammock, choosing your very own hammock is only half the battle. You’re going to need to consider several factors, especially when you’re just starting out hammock camping.

    If you’re just starting out and you’re just testing out hammock camping, then it is a great idea to

    Do you need maximum tarp protection?

    A four season hammock tarp offers maximum tarp protection akin to a tent for hammock camping.

    Hammock tarps can be extremely versatile, depending on your needs. It can be a cover for when it is raining and you’re cooking or currently in need of the fire.

    Of course, on top of the tarp’s main function to protect you from the weather and climate when you’re resting in your hammock.

    The 4-season hammock is the largest hammock commonly available in the industry. The 4-season hammock gives you full coverage that is set up to engulf you and your hammock.

    They are designed with a flap that also acts as a door.

    Harsh climate, wind, unpredictable weather, and winter

    4-season hammock tarp

    The number one factor in choosing a tarp for hammock camping would be the need for protection from the elements.

    The asymmetrical hammock and the diamond hammocks, for example, don’t offer you protection to the extent of what a full coverage tarp would.

    Winters would be the main reason why you would need a full coverage tarp for your hammock.

    Researching your hammock camping destination

    Plan, plan, plan.

    Planning is key.

    While over-planning can lead to headache, lack of planning leads to disaster. Researching your destination is extremely important.

    Know that having important information about the entirety of your trip is crucial. For instance, the place you’re going to go hammocking to may have updated their regulations or policy about hammock camping.

    You may not even be allowed hammock-camping anymore. The little things like this can make such a huge impact on your hammocking experience.

    This is also the case when considering hammock tarp camping. Would the weather allows you to have a lighter tarp setup? Or does it require you to absolutely have a 4-season tarp setup?

    For a smooth outdoor experience, there are no more excuses for not researching your destinations well.

    Personal preferences matter a lot

    Even though your destination does not require you to use a 4 season hammock tarp camping, you may find that you need a tarp that provides you with better coverage.

    For instance, privacy is a huge factor that may influence your choice for choosing the tarp. Know your very own preferences. And it may just be that the full 4-season hammock would suit you better when you’re just starting out.

    The feel of a proper tent with the comfort of hammocking

    The full-coverage or 4-season hammock tarp camping offers you the best of both worlds. One of the main concerns of campers thinking of converting to hammocks would be the familiarity of it.

    It may be that you’re going to need a more familiar setup—which may include a 4-season hammock tarp.

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    When to Sell Your Property Business? A Quick Look at the Indicators That Make You Need to Sell Your Real Estate

    Keeping a real estate for a lifetime is a good thing, but there are indicators that might force you to sell your property business. Those indicators might not be clear at first, but they can come up, and they will often force you to sell your estate out. selling a real estate is not a recommended action, especially if you are planning on investing for a long time. There are several things that can force you to sell them, though, and most of those things are things that can happen to you anytime soon. 

    While there is no way of ‘countering’ these causes, you can read this article to prepare yourself about them. By knowing them, perhaps you can mitigate some of the damage before it is done on you, hence reducing your chance of getting bankrupt because of some freak incident. Without further ado, let us begin with the first cause:

    When there is something major happening to you or your family

    The first cause is the most imminent of causes on this list. Major things in life include deaths, childbirth, marriage, relocation, sudden layoff, et cetera. When all of those things happen, you will either be losing your primary source of income (if you got laid off), or you will lack the income to support a new family member (in case of childbirth or adoption). When those things happen, you might want to start selling your real estate to cover any present or future expense. 

    When you finally found a better passive income

    A passive income is an income that comes passively to your wallet. Passively here means it will come to you without you doing anything more than investing in it. Compared to an active income, a passive income is an income with lower risk (depends on your investment and what kind of job you are doing actively) and a lower return. The good thing about passive income is that you do not need to do anything to make money; all you got to do is to keep a watchful eye on your portfolio and you will earn money passively.

    Real estate is a source of passive income, especially if you are renting it to someone else. It is a passive income that can pay well, but that does not mean it is the best-paying passive income out there. Compared to other passive income ‘generators’, owning a real estate requires you to do lots of works (you might need to face the tenants, fix broken things, and many other). Other investment vehicles such as real-estate crowdfunding or even peer-2-peer lending are better alternatives in the long run. 

    Last but not least, when you are no longer sentimental of your real estate

    If you think this is a joke, then you are half-right. Sentiment is not exactly a thing to keep around when you are investing in something, but there are times when you are feeling sentimental about your real estate. Perhaps you have fond memories of that place, making you unable to sell it. There will be times when you will feel jaded of it, though, and that is the time when you should be selling it (especially if it does not provide you with sufficient income). Might not be the thing that will force you to sell your property business, but we want to include it here because there are people who are dead sentimental about their estates (when in turn, selling them can lead to a higher profit for them). 

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    Ways to keep your Business Safe from Lawsuits

    When it comes to keeping a safe business, then, there are several ways that you can do. Definitely, running a business is a thing that can be both fun and challenging. Unfortunately, getting sued is not a fun thing at all and you should avoid running into it- no matter how challenging it is! If not properly dealt with, a lawsuit would leave a huge scar on your company’s reputation. Here, you will be given several ways that you can do.

    Ways to keep your Business Safe from Lawsuits
    • Keep company records that are accurate

    The first example of the things that you should do to keep your business safe from lawsuits is that your company should always keep accurate records. Not only is keeping accurate reports a thing that distinguishes between reputable and non-reputable business but also a way to keep you safe. The reports, by the way, should include the date and time when an agreement is agreed upon and signed as well as every detail of items that are mentioned in every meeting that your company conducts. Every kind of communications is also needed to be documented. In case of a lawsuit occurs, you can utilize these records to defend yourself and your company.

    • Get protection in the form of insurance

    To ensure that it is a safe business, then, having insurance protection is a wise thing to do. Although, well, it would not prevent you from getting a lawsuit issue, it is definitely able to separate the business and personal finances of yours when there are financial strains. By having insurance protection, legal fees, as well as costs caused by liability issues, can be covered. But, you will need to conduct thorough research before choosing an insurance company- find out their respective policies and what they would be able to cover. 

    • Customer service must always be exceptional

    The next thing which may avoid you from having lawsuit issues is to provide satisfying customer service. Well, if you do not provide such a thing, then, there is a chance that a customer of yours might get offended and he/she may take a way to sue you- unless you are able to calm him/her down with your exceptional customer service. Your managers and staffs should receive proper training so that they can deal with the situation and to prevent a lawsuit from happening. 

    • Always be honest and ethical

    Well, the last thing that you need to do is always be honest! When practicing a business, companies must always stick to a straight and unshakable moral compass. This thing is very crucial since you need to build a positive reputation by showing that your company is clean, honest, moral, and ethical. If you bend no rules, then, no one would be willing to bend you in return! Always be professional when dealing with your employees as well as your customers so that the chance you get sued is minimal. Well, that is how you create a safe business! 

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    Property and Business: How the Two Can Relate To Each Other

    When you are talking about property and business, surely you think about the connection between the two, yes? It is normal for people to think about that, especially in an age where even properties can be turned into a sort of business. 

    Property and Business: How the Two Can Relate To Each Other

    There are two ways of explaining the connection between a property and a business: the simple way and the complex way. In today’s article, we will talk about those two ways. Before we can go there, though, we need to first understand what a property is. So without further ado, let us talk a bit about what is property in general:

    A bit about property

    When you heard the word property, your mind must have turned to buildings, right? That kind of thinking is partially right because ‘property’ in a business sense is not exclusive to buildings. When a businessman or businesswoman are exchanging conversation and the word ‘property’ was brought up, the businessman or businesswoman’s assumption on the meaning of that word would not be exclusive to buildings only. 

    They would assume that their partner was talking about the things they have, be it tangible or intangible. Property includes real estate (or buildings, in the common tongue), furniture, equipment, or vehicles. Anything a business owner can get their hands on, it is a property.

    In a sense, it is close to assets, and many have thought that property and assets are both interchangeable when talking about business. This is wrong, though, as assets and property are two different words with two different meanings. The common businessmen would say that they are the same, but those who have studied business deeper will understand that the two are not the same. 

    They are not the same because an asset is like the sub-category of property. To make it simple, everything that is an asset is included as properties, but not all things that are properties are assets. Things like liabilities are seen as properties, and liabilities are certainly not assets. 

    How do properties relate to businesses?

    Like it has been mentioned before, there are two ways of explaining this. For the short one, we will just say that a property is used to determine how successful a businessman or businesswoman is. A business folk who got lots of properties is considered successful because having lots of properties is something that not many businessmen can have.

    For the more complex answer, a property can be used to determine the net worth of a person. In turn, net worth is a sort of indicator that tells how rich a person is. A person’s net worth is determined from the amount of property he or she got minus their liability, and a person’s level of success can be judged from how much net worth they got. For example, Bob earns a US$150,000 from working his butt off at a drilling company. He owned a car worth US$200,000 and a house worth US$350,000. By virtue, his asset is at US$700,000. 

    However, he also needs to pay several loans because Bob earned his capital from loan sharks. The loans measure up to US$500,000, and Bob would need to pay it if he did not want the sharks to freeze his business. This US$500,000 is what businessmen call as a liability. Because counting a net worth requires you to subtract the number of net worth with the number of liability, then the formula would be like this: US$700,000 (Bob’s assets)-US$500,000 (Bob’s liability) =US$200,000 (Bob’s net worth). While Bob got US$700,000 up his sleeve, his real net worth is only at US$200,000. 

    There you have it, folks. While there is an easy way to connect property and business, the more complex way can prove to be a better way of seeing it because it provides transparency and a clear elaboration on a person’s ledger.

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