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    Mental Preparation Before Running Your Own Business

    People, even successful investors say that starting a business is a hard thing to do. It is the fact that starting business even a small one is very challenging.

    That’s why lots of people failed even before reaching their goal. Some people say that running a business is like playing game. It may be true in some sense. However, running a business is way more complicated because there are many things involved and you have to take into consideration even for the small details.

    You cannot dive into business without any preparation.

    Mentally prepared before starting business

    It is true that money is one of the most important factors for running a business. It is a support you need to grow your business properly. Thus, financially prepared is necessary. However, it is equally important to have your mental prepared.

    Mentally prepared before starting business

    Business world is a tough so you need to make yourself resilient as not to easy to break. Here are tips to prepare yourself mentally for running a business:

    1 – Be ready to fail

    It is important to prepare yourself for the worst. This way, you will do anything to avoid failure. Starting business means you have chance to success as well as fail.

    There are many things to determine the result. However, you will be at advantage if you are mentally prepared for the worst. It will drives you to work harder and smarter.

    It doesn’t mean that you don’t have faith in your skill to be success. However, you need to realize that there are other things that can contribute to the failure. Anticipating all of them is better than live in unrealistic expectations.

    2 – Be ready to face stressor

    Running a business means there will be things that cause you to get stress. It is easy for you to feel drained physically and mentally due to business stress.

    You need to be strong and resilient in dealing with stress because they are inevitable sometimes. Start planning something that can help you deal with stress effectively.

    3 – Build your passion and determination

    As mentioned earlier that running business is challenging. There is high possibility to fail. However, the most challenging thing is not when you fail but when you have to get back up from failure. If you are easy to give up, reaching success is more difficult.

    When you are passionate and determined to run successful business, you will not get broken from one failure. Instead, you will find a way that can make you thrive.

    4 – Learn to build patience

    Running business means you need to interact with others such as business partner or customers. Sometimes, you need to learn to listen. Reaching success through business cannot be achieved overnight as well.

    For some people, they take 5 to ten years before reaching their success. There is no such thing as instant success. The most important thing is to be patient. Dedicate yourself and love what you do to make things easier with your business. Your goal is for your business to thrive in the long run.

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    Creative Graphic Design Company in Bali

    There are benefits of creative graphic design company especially located in Bali for business industry. Today, the business competition in Bali is mostly on the higher level where the new ones are barely can follow along. It is a “red ocean” market especially when many businesses are in tourism lines.

    But, there are always the ways how to deal with all of the exhausted competitions. And today, it is important that your business will have to be “redesigned.”

    Creative graphic design company in Bali

    It is not about rebuilding your old store you have had if there is no necessity for that. But it will all about creating or improving your graphic design assets so your business in Bali can really be noticed.

    Many people are believe that a beautiful brand ambassador woman is the “face” of a company. But, did you know that a logo can be the first sign why your business is noticed by the others? And surely that a logo is built earlier than hiring the brand ambassador.

    Where you can hire the creative graphic design company in Bali?

    Another benefit why the graphic design assets are important for your business in Bali is because the assets are possible to be the long-term assets for your business. They are far different with the brand ambassador that can be change regularly with the other people. Your business logo can also experience the same, but mostly, it won’t be totally different with the previous design.

    Graphic design assets for your business surely not only the logo alone. There are much more than that. Even a neon box in front of the office can be the special signage for the pedestrians or bikers, it will be one of the things why people are remembering about your business as well. It is part of your business’s design asset.

    And to create such signage about your business, to carve the heart of your customers so they keep on thinking about your products or services and not the other offers from different business offices, you will need the creative graphic design company in Bali.

    Creative graphic design company Bali you are going to hire or start talking about your business needs in graphic designing is Kesato & Co. It is a digital company that is serving you such things. You can ask the team to create the creative and branded business design assets as you will need.

    Even, you don’t need to think about what kind of design assets and elements your business will need to build its brand, you will be told by the team what your business will required.

    Later, you will not also worry about how your business will be introduced if you just started the new one some days or weeks ago. With a better and professional graphic design company services in Bali, you have started a new dawn for your own business.

    Last thing you need to realize is that, graphic design is not only about how good your business is represented in design, but it is also a form of communication between your business and your customers. That’s the important point you should keep on remembering.

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    What to Consider Before Buying a Property Investment

    Buying a property for investment is the first major steps in your property investment career. It is crucial step you need to do properly because it affects the fate of your future more or less. By purchasing the right property investment, you will have more chances to gain success. Due to the importance of purchasing the right property, it is common for investors to feel pressured and distressed. Purchasing wrong investment can cost lots of money. Financial loss is not pleasant thing no matter how small it is.

    Buying property investment properly

    Purchasing property investment needs you to think logically. Using personal attachment or feeling won’t help you making the right decision. Seeing everything in objective perspective is important so that your decision is not biased to anything. Asking advice from some experts can be helpful but the final decision is still in your hand. So here are things you need to consider before purchasing any property for your investment:

    Buying property investment properly

    –        First thing first, you need to truly and fully understand what you are getting into. You need to understand the cost in buying an investment. Purchasing an investment is more challenging for new investors. The lack of knowledge and experience can be the real obstacles in making the right decision of what property to buy as promising investment. If you don’t use your personal finance to buy it, you can apply the loan. However, you also need to understand fully about the cost of mortgage repayment. If you think calculating the cost is easy then you need to think again. The calculation might be easy but the number can be unexpected if you didn’t conduct thorough estimation. One of the best things to avoid severe financial loss is to build financial buffer.

    –        The next thing to do before signing any deal of purchasing investment property is seeking advice. Those who are new in property investment, asking advice from the expert is like basic thing to do. When you lack of knowledge and experience, you can rely on professional advice coming from the experts or successful investors. To make successful property purchase, you can seek pit advice from buyer’s agent if not from property strategists. Even though the final decision is still in your hand, you have at least things to consider to make the right decision instead of making baseless one.

    –        What you use to purchase investment can decide whether or not you do it right or wrong. In buying property investment, what you need to use is your head not your heart. It means you need to think logically instead of relying on your personal feelings. Property business is about numbers so calculated steps are necessary. If you follow your feelings, it can lead you to purchase property that you can’t even afford. If you think of long-term investment, you will buy property following your logical thinking. Thus, make sure to open your eyes widely to see the right property to buy and ask your team’s opinion as well.  

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    Komodo Yacht Charter: Peeking the Cabins

    They said that once you light a fire an adventure in your soul, the sparks would never go out. For those whose souls are constantly seeking for adventures, this Indonesia’s breathtaking ‘Lost World’ island would certainly awe them. It’s the Komodo National Park, home of the last of dragons on earth, incredibly rich marine ecosystem, and dozens of emerging jagged islands that seems like cropped out straight from the Jurassic Park. With more than 20 islands and dive sites to explore within the national park, cruising is an obvious choice to see the Komodo’s undulating peaks and coral gardens. And for you who want to get a taste of wildlife beauty in Komodo without leaving creature comfort, let’s take a peek into Komodo yacht charter, one of the luxurious cruise line that you can book in this frontier. 

    Luxury Komodo Yacht Charter: Peeking the Boutique Cabins

    Oceanfront Cabins with Private Balcony

    Essentially, all cabins in liveaboard are oceanfront—you can choose even the cheapest cabins and still get to see the sea through your porthole. Komodo yacht charter, however, offers probably the best lodging to enjoy the cruising trip. On top of cabin classes would be the Master suite, mostly built with wraparound windows, King size bed with fresh linens facing the ocean, and private balcony to enjoy some quiet time. 

    Some people might say that luxurious cabins are not of much value, since “you won’t spend much time inside anyway”. But we still think that the oceanfront master cabins totally worth the splurge. It’s a great way to thank yourself for all your hard work—never underestimate the power of waking up with breathtaking view right on your front glass door. Sitting on the master cabin’s balcony with a good read, good drink, and breathe in the sea air brings a great relief to your tangled mind. If you book 7 days trip or more, there would be a day at the sea when all you want is just relaxing in your room, watching movies, or just to get away from anybody—and needless to say, the master cabin would feel much nicer (and private) than inside cabins. 

    The Grand Suites of Komodo Yacht Charter

    The second class are the upper deck cabins; just as luxurious, minus the balcony and 360º windows. You still have quite large side windows, though, where you can enjoy stunning views and the seascape. Some second class suites feature nice sitting area beneath the window, where you can soak up in Komodo’s natural landscape or have some light reading while waiting for the yacht to anchor. Its super king size bed would hug your body with warmth and comfort in an instant. 

    Third Class Suite

    Peeking into Boutique Luxury Komodo Yacht Charter to Cruise Flores

    Depend on the storey of Komodo yacht charter, the larger one sometimes have another level of suite on their main deck before going on the insides cabin of the lower deck. If there’s any, the third class suite usually still have large windows on part of of the side. You can still easily store your belongings on their double wardrobe, albeit a little more limited than the previous classes. You can share the queen bed with your travel mate or enjoy it for your own. 

    The Suites of Lower Deck

    One thing to remember; despite of the class and locations, all cabins in Komodo yacht charter are always on par with resort standard—if not better. You could expect same comfort and quality of features on lower deck cabins as the upper level’s. The only difference would be the windows and the size of the rooms. All cabins in luxury cruisers have wall-to-wall carpeting, ensuite bathroom, individually controlled air conditioning, storage space, and televisions. 

    Now, some cruisers in devote their lower deck to one type of cabins, while other larger cruisers could divide them into several other classes—from suite, deluxe, to standard. Then again, quality of facilities would remain exactly the same despite of room size and bed size difference 

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    Understanding Timing and Cycle of Property Market

    There are various factors influencing your property investment business. One of them is property market. You must have known that it has its own phase such as downturn, stabilisation, and upturn.

    Understanding the timing and cycle of property market

    Involved in property business means you will likely experience each phase eventually. Of course property market plays significant role in property investment business. However, it is not what can determine your success.

    If you have better understanding about how property market and its timing as well as cycle, it will be easier for you to find opportunities to strike and build great portfolio of your investment.

    Property market, cycle, and timing

    Property market works differently based on the location of the state. Different property market also means different performance. It is also common for investors to focus on property cycle that they tend to forget any other important factors that count.

    Lots of investors wonder whether they miss the cycle due to bad timing, making their strategies don’t work according to the plan.

    First thing first, what you need to understand is different stages in the market cycle. It is important so you can optimise the return of your investment while taking lower risks. When you know more about how the markets work, you can predict where it is heading to.

    Thus, you can make quicker and smarter decision compared to the averages.

    Of course, understanding property market doesn’t guarantee you a 100% success rates in investing because many other factors involved such as timing.

    Timing in property investing is important because you don’t want to buy investment property at the wrong time because it can lead to financial loss. However, successful and smart investors don’t always depend on the timing or cycle poorly in good times.

    The point about property market, cycle, and timing is that they are all important because they are also part of the business.

    It is good and beneficial to understand about how property market works. However, solely depending on it is not healthy for your investment business. Instead of focusing on what happens in the market, it is much better to focus on building your portfolio and planning long-term strategies.

    You can find opportunities quicker than others when you understand more about the market, its cycle, and the best timing. However, you can also create your own opportunities to create wealth regardless the situation in the market.

    The keys are quite simple.

    You need to invest in investment grade property at the right location with local economic growth. You also need to focus on making the time-proven strategies so your investment plan will run smoothly.

    Remember that the cycle keeps changing and the timing is never perfect. If you focus on more important matters just like what has mentioned earlier, the timing of the property cycle won’t affect your investment too much.

    You won’t have to worry about those things because you have been prepared with effective strategies and financial setting to thrive. Don’t wait until the time feels right because it will never come when it comes to investing.

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    Perfect Surf Camp in Australia for Family

    Sometimes, family vacation can be tough ever since there aren’t many family-friendly destinations and travel packages at your recent favourite location to visit. But for the next travel idea, what if you are experiencing a surf camp vacation in Australia with your family?

    A surf camp in Australia while you are in a family vacation may have never been thought of before, but who would have guess that it might be a travel idea your family is actually need. Besides being on water while riding the waves can be fun when you are doing it together with your family members, a surf camp will also be your next educational travel idea that will refreshing your mind instead of making it works harder.

    Perfect surf camp in Australia for family education and fun

    You may are underestimating me by thinking that a surf camp in Australia itself is only for those with surfing experiences for years. Even though they can’t be the professional surfers, they must have been mastering all the basic knowledge and skills or techniques that are needed to be on the surfboard and conquering the waves. In fact, you are wrong if you are thinking so. A really big mistake of thinking.

    How can a surf camp in Australia be the family-friendly travel idea and destination if you have to be the experienced surfers first? And honestly, it is even welcoming all the beginners and surfing enthusiasts even though all they are knowing just the name of the sport surfing itself and no more than that.

    Surf camp in Australia for family in vacation

    Beginner surfers are warm welcomed in a surf camp either you are coming alone or with your family in Australia.

    If you need a proof for that, you can checking out the surf camp Australia package which is “The Family Fun Deal” offered by NomadSurfers.Com where it is located at Coffs Harbour, New South Wales and specially designed for two adults and two kids that are under 18 years old. For me and you, this can be the perfect choice for parents with two kids, isn’t it?

    There are some more packages for family in vacation at different locations, but you can always started it out with the above surf camp location where you are going to stay in the Park Beach Surf Apartment that will pampering your eyes with its beautiful scenery.

    The family fun deal itself can takes up to 7 days with differ and interesting itineraries. You can experience the daily surf-lessons for all levels of surfer and non-surfer if you are requiring it, sunrise surf at the favourable spot in Woolgoolga, visiting local specialty shops, sight-seeing trips, invite your family in eco-tours and many more.

    You can even teach the kids about Kayaking as well if you really wants it. And there are more additional activities for your family to experience ever since you are possible to custom your own trip and itinerary.

    It is a surf camp in Australia that can be a dream of many families out there. And if you can afford and have got times for that, you may have no reasons left not to experience this travel idea sooner.

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    Common Decisions that Could End Up as Blunders and Threaten Your Business

    Humans are called an irrational creature. We tend to simplify anything in our surrounding especially when we have to make choices. We made various choices each day like what time to get up, what we want to eat or when we need to go to the bathroom.

    Most of these cases are decided automatically since we have made these choices frequently. We will not waste energy and the answers are easily generated.

    Some common decisions that can threaten your business

    However, there’s a big problem with automatically decision making. Often, in the end, we felt that we have made the wrong decision. Thankfully, we study and learn as much information as we can in order to make a better decision. These following are the most common errors we usually make on decision making. Avoid these and you will significantly improve your business.

    The Money Loss Fallacy

    This the most error we all make. In many cases, decisions that we have made are final and there’s no turning back. Even if you have lost some amount of money of investment, you should clear your mind and see the situation at hand is not relevant again with the loss.

    You should be a better focus on the present situation and find new options. Take aside the sunk cost you have tasted and see everything in fair-minded.

    Narrow Outlining

    Most people would be repulsive if they face some risks even though the reward could be greater. On the other hand, you might agree if the chances you lose are extremely small. When you are in situations that would be repeated over time, it is better to take one step back and choose to play average games.

    Including emotional Aspect into Decision Making

    Most people ever had this kind of emotional mistake. When you are upset or angry about something, you yourself is considered as the worst decision maker. When you need to make some important decisions but having a terrible mood, you have to hold off for that moment.

    Wait until your emotional feelings cool down and capable to think clearer. This will help you get rid of any unnecessary influences from the outside and allow you to think in a more rational way.

    Preconception Information

    Preconception information is one of the common mistakes in the domains of the behavioral economy and psychological. The expert says that preconception information or confirmation bias can hurt the ability to maintain an open mind thus altering your opinion.

    When you hold a certain belief, you typically will only see the information which confirms your opinion and ignoring other data that tells the contradictory story.

    Ego Dilution

    This is a situation when we are tired physically or mentally, we are bound to think an uncritical way. Some people might see this as merely intuitive sense, but this is the very aspect that mostly causes us to make bad decisions.

    Try to remember the times when you are really exhausted after a long period of the conference.

    These moments are exactly when you are not wanting to think anything hard. Even, you will let your brain to work spontaneously. If your condition is already tired but has to face some challenging decisions, you will rely more on your intuitive sense rather than having it analyzed thoroughly.

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    Private 3 Bedroom Villa Seminyak With A Library

    Have you been read about the 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak with its own library before? I bet, you may have found one or two posts on different sites that may talking about it but not in an exclusive way as what I am doing now.

    I am pretty much understood that when people or travelers are looking for an accommodation, a place to take a rest for awhile, many of them may not specifically requiring that there should be a library, books, nor even a pair of table and comfort chair for reading. But if you can really have such amenities, then they could a pleasure and enjoyment for some people and even yourself.

    Reading while you are staying in 3 bedroom villa Seminyak may not your priority, I am sure about that. But doesn’t mean that you won’t experiencing it at all, right?

    High privacy of 3 bedroom villa Seminyak that allowing you for reading in comfort atmosphere with your family

    When there will be a library, don’t you think that it will be a sign of a soundless and private dwelling place? You can even reduce the hard thinking and keep on reading in a comfort where the 3 bedroom villa Seminyak itself has a large room for that.

    If you don’t trust me in that, see the image below and think about to rent that 3 bedroom villa Seminyak with your family.

    High privacy 3 bedroom villa Seminyak with its own library

    As show on above, the villa or the 3 bedroom penthouse at Seminyak as the management is calling it has a large living room where it is surrounded by the mini-bar, a library, and actually in front of the comfort and long sofa is where the LED-TV is placed on the wall.

    You will also notice that the bookshelf as I am referring it as a library is placed facing the private pool. What could be better than those things? The room will not only a great place to read the books but you may have the other ideas as well. Right outside the room, it will also a great place for having a fresh drinks while watching kids swimming around the 12 meters of the plunge pool.

    This 3 bedroom villa or penthouse at Seminyak is presented by the hu’u Villas Bali. If you haven’t been known about it, you’d better start looking for the information especially when you will need this kind of accommodation while traveling with your family in Bali.

    Renting and staying in this villa with its own library won’t makes it as an educational accommodation, but at least that will be a family and kids friendly accommodation you can get in Bali.

    Anyway, what shown on above image is only what you will experience in the living room. There still some more rooms that can be interesting to be used by your family. Not to mention that the outdoor’s features can also create the better experiences while staying.

    Feel free to visit the site and see how that 3 bedroom villa Seminyak can be your best stop in Bali.

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    The Idea of Creating Wealth through Property Investment

    There are many ways you can do to create and build wealth. Besides, everyone wants financial freedom so it is just right to pursue it in the most effective way. However, the choice is yours. You don’t have to follow others just because they have already achieved their dream of building their wealth.

    How to creating wealth through property investment

    One thing for sure is, property investment can be one of the most effective bridges to build wealth. Of course, it also has its own risks and weighs you need to consider. However, it is so rewarding once you can reach your goal.

    Creating and building wealth by investing in property

    Every investor must have had their on fair share in making mistakes and failures throughout their journey in property investing. When you decide to involve in property business, sometimes mistakes are inevitable. However, making mistake is different from failure. You can make mistake but instead of giving up, you should keep moving on.

    Mistakes are invaluable lessons. The idea of creating wealth through property investment is not something unattainable. There have been proofs of people who succeeded at property investment. They have become successful, wealthy investors and gain their own financial freedom.

    The cash flow in property investing. This is important because you need to maintain the cash flow to be at least balance and run smoothly. However, building wealth won’t do just by relying on the cash flow.

    What you also need to pay attention to is the net worth. It is your asset base that you need to build in order to create and build your wealth. It is done through various stages of course. It is not a simple thing to do either. You need to make sure to place your money in the right property to invest, then try to lower the loan until you can live off your portfolio.

    Building your net worth. Consider your property as your bridge or vehicle to grown and build your net worth. If you own the right property, it will provide you high capital growth which contributes a lot in growing your net worth and building wealth. It is also important for you to secure your income and make it increase gradually. This process may take years so it is also important to build your patience.

    Building wealth is not always about money but also network and relationship. Aside from focusing on how to build and grow your net worth, you also need to value your relationships with valuable people.

    You don’t have to be an all-round investor that is good in everything. Remember that you can work in team consisted of reliable and skillful people. That’s why maintaining and developing network and relationship is important in property investment because it can make the process more efficient.

    Leveraging your time is important too. Instead of trying to do everything by yourself, you should leverage your time by putting it to the best use. Trust your property manager and contractor to do tasks they are good at so that you can focus on other important things.

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    You Should NEVER Take Your Bali Photoshoot Moment at the Crowd Spots!

    I think I’ve had a wrong decision for writing this. But frankly, most of the tourist spots that I have been visited in Bali aren’t really recommended as the photoshoot spots. And again, I can be wrong about that but there are some conditions or circumstances where they are really not the place you have to visit.

    Photoshoot itself is mostly the special moment for you to take pictures. It can’t be as simple as taking your selfie with your own iPhone but it is referring to your Bali photoshoot taken by the professional photographer you have hired before.

    Taking images at tourist spots can be the popular thing to do for many of us. But when its come to your special moment, it can be the thing you should have been avoided.

    You will never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded anymore. Why?

    The first reason why you should never get your Bali photoshoot at the crowded destination is you will spend more of your times. Taking picture itself can be challenging. People may are walking here and there that can be the distraction for the photographer. Image can also be included with people that you won’t them inside the frame where this could leads you to use the extra service for editing and surely there will be money to spend.

    Some people or clients are requiring the images will be as natural as they are, and there should never be the editing process after taking them.

    If you are insisting to take pictures of your special moment at the popular spots, finding the right time and composition can really hard even though you can always try to come earlier before the others. But this may cause the natural lighting for your photoshoot won’t be as maximum as it should.

    Next issue you have to know where the photoshoot can be hard to be taken place at tourist spot is some people aren’t getting comfortable by shooting their self at outdoor with the crowd. It will really need to hire a professional photographer that will encourage you to do some poses as if you are used to be a model of magazine.

    This may sounds weird or funny to telling you that, but we have known that photographer will need you to be so as if you are the professional ones, but you are actually not.

    Even if the photographer won’t be directed to do some weird poses, some people may also feeling shy for wearing the special clothes for the photoshoot. And when you are taking those images in tourist spot in Bali, I think there won’t be any chance for the other people not to make you as their point of view. Just imagine when the pictures taken at the beach by wearing the bride’s and groom’s clothes, you should be deal with your own mental when people are looking at you.

    I don’t try to make this up, but that issue can be happen to some people and even yourself.

    I am sure that all of those issues will be done correctly with some practical ways you have in mind and I will encourage you to do anything possible to get rid of all the issues. But if you can’t really deal with them, you’d better ask the photographer to find somewhere else where you can freely and comfortably when the photoshoot sessions are taken place.

    Anyway, while the image of yours will be taken by the hired photographer, you should also prepare to be fine when people are taking your images by other people as well and they may also secretly uploaded them all in their social media accounts without your permission. That’s the risk when taking your special moment at the crowd and you can’t really hope that the popular spots will be as quiet as you need.

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