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    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    Excellent customer service is one of important keys for your business to thrive. It helps your brand to build trust with your customers. It is easy for customers to turn their heads to other brands once they experience poor customer service. Hence, quality product is not the only factors that can lead you to successful business. More importantly, customer service that is delivered with quick response is what customers want. 

    How not to delay your customer service response

    Responding to inquiries quickly is important. Of course, satisfactory resolutions are also essentials in customer service. However, sometimes resolutions is poor in some situations. The only thing that can save your customer service is at least the fast response. 

    One of the problems with small business is that it is not easy to deliver quick response keep the staffs on hand for 24/7. That is why most of small businesses opt for outsourcing where they sign a contract with remote support companies. This way, they will have teams as well as scripts to handle support. Minimizing delays is essential when it comes to delivering excellent customer service. Responding as quick as possible is your goal. 

    Delivering Quick Response With Your Customer Service Team

    There are many ways you can do to reduce delays in customer service delivery. For example, you can opt for multiple channels instead of relying only on one channel. Too few options of channels will only result in long queue which also result in delay. The more support channels you have, the faster you will be able to respond to customer inquiries. 

    Various channels you can try to establish to improve your customer service performance include social media, phone support, live chat, support agents, and direct tickets. Make sure that those channels are always available and active. They are accessible platforms to gather customer inquiries so you have quicker responses to deliver. 

    Customer inquiries can be overwhelming especially when they are jumbled randomly. Hence, it is best to try organize and filter them. Funneling customer inquiries to the right people make it your customer service also more efficient. Make sure that each channel you establish has each method to filter inquiries efficiently to the appropriate team to respond quickly. 

    Communicate clearly with your customers so they know what to expect with their inquiries. Every company may have work differently. Make sure that you let your customers know how long you need to help them. For example, phone support is essential and you don’t want to put your customers on hold for too long than necessary. Tell them how long you need before calling them back clearly and commit to it. 

    You can also promote self-service to your customers. It allows them to be follow the guide you have given depending on their issues. It allows them to self-diagnose and find useful steps to solve their issues. This way, customers don’t have to wait until they get response from you. However, make sure establish system and plans that will be helpful for your customers and their problems. 

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    Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    There are plenty of reasons to visit Papua. Located in eastern Indonesia, Papua is known for its beautiful destinations, both on land and in the sea. Being the second-largest island in the world, Papua is filled with exciting things to see and places to go that will make any holiday there a memorable event. Adventure travelers are drawn to beautiful nature hikes, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, or kayaking. The exotic island is also an important spot in terms of culture. Visiting Papua is on the top of many people’s wish list. So, before you go and book your Papua trip, this guide will show you the best things you can do in Papua.

    Papua Trip to Raja Ampat is a must

    Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat is one of the most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia. Much of Raja Ampat is covered in untouched rainforest and you will find wide stretches of white sand that back on the crystal seas teeming with marine life. The stunning island is well known for its many different tourist attractions all around the world. However, snorkeling and diving are the prime attraction on the island. Here, you can swim with colorful marine life. For instance, manta rays or sharks. The amazing coral reef here is also largely untouched and is a must-see. Besides marine life, you can find exotic birds on the island. Your Papua trip isn’t complete without visiting Raja Ampat Island.

    Goa Jepang

    Located to the north of the Kota Biak, Goa Jepang is a place of historical interest that would have been used in the Second World War as a place for Japanese soldiers to hide. Aside from the history, Goa Jepang is quite attractive to travelers due to its strategic location. It is located near to a local beach, so travelers can drop by to the stunning beach either after or before exploring the Goa Jepang later.

     Papua Trip, Everything You Need to See

    Cendrawasih Bay

    Cendrawasih Bay is a large marine park made of a large number of islands and a rich marine environment. Many travelers come here for hiking, trekking, diving, and watching the exotic birds. However, one of the famous things to do in this bay is swimming with the whale sharks.

    Lorentz National Park

    Lorentz National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia. The Park is the largest protected area in Southeast Asia. It is also the home of a popular mountain called Puncak Jaya. Moreover, 123 mammalian species and 630 species of bird have been recorded in this National Park.

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    Visit Base G beach on your Papua trip

    Located in the western of Jayapura, Base G Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Jayapura. The beach is quiet and has white sand, making this stunning beach a fitting place for you who want to relax in peace and release all the stress. If you’re in Papua, make sure to visit Base-G Beach.

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    How to Get the Most Out Of Real Estate Investing Like a Real Business

    How to Get the Most Out Of Real Estate Investing Like a Real Business

    Real estate investing is challenging and rewarding. However, the best thing about it is that real estate investing is basically for anyone. Basically, anyone can start real estate investing even without having degree or license. Anyone can invest in amount they like as little or as much. In addition, there is no set amount of time of when they should be successful. Therefore, real estate investing is interesting. There is no ultimate rule of how to be a successful real estate investor. Everyone can start their investing in their way. Even though there are some basic steps or fundamentals of how to do it properly, every investor has ultimate right to decide everything. 

    Treating your real estate investing like a business properly

    Every investor has different goals in running their real estate investing. Some investors focus on closing deals regularly every months and others focus more on earning high profit from every deal they close. However, the main focus here is closing deals and it i one of your ways to treat real estate investing like a business as it should be. Treating it like a hobby won’t get you far. Here is what you should do to treat real estate investing like a real business and get the most out of it:

    Define your purpose for your investment

    Define your purpose for your investment

    Make a defined system for what you will do to your investing. No matter how small you start in real estate investing, you still need to treat it like a business. If you are able to make a defined system, even your small starter can turn into huge deal. System is one of the most important factors to lead you to success. By having system, you will know what kind of properties you want to invest in and what you will do to it. You will also be able to evaluate every new deals coming your way. By having defines system, you can avoid bad deals.

    Networking on your business

    Business relies on networking a lot. Thus, you should grow your contact list if your aim is to treat your investing like a business. For real estate investor, growing contact list is like a basic thing to do. It also needs to be done constantly. Just because you have many contacts in your list doesn’t mean you need to stop adding it. It is also important to keep in touch with your contacts to build solid business relationship. Developing contact list can be done in many ways. You can get local contacts by phone calling or attending local networking meeting. 

    Proactive marketing

    Marketing is also important for real estate investing to succeed. Instead of waiting for deals to come, you can reach them out by being proactive in the marketing field. You can use everything you have to promote your investing such as social media, networking meetings, or real estate investment clubs. Of course, marketing can also cost you amount of money sometimes, but it will worth it. Generating leads is important to help you keep moving forward because you have deals to close. 

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    Experience Komodo Cruise to Exotic Indonesia Islands for the First Time

    Experience Komodo Cruise to Exotic Indonesia Islands for the First Time

    Have you ever been curious of having cruise holiday and wandered around the quiet and pristine waters in Indonesia? This archipelagic country stretch on the equator line, spanning over Indian Ocean and Pacific ocean. The result is fantastic landscape, highly diverse flora and fauna, rich and colourful marine life, and dozens of world class surf spots in unexplored waters. Exploring the wondrous Indonesia islands is the dream of many adventurers—but the trend of Indonesia sailing trip might be first popularised by Komodo cruise. 

    Komodo Cruise — Where Everything Started

    Komodo Cruise — Where Everything Started

    The land of dragon is getting more and more popular ever since it was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Travelers flock to Flores to see the majestic, prehistoric Komodo Dragons—that now only live at Komodo and Rinca Islands—and visiting neighbouring islands where the superb sceneries and pristine beaches are. Naturally, you would need a Komodo cruise to visit all of these gorgeous destinations. There’s something about hopping into a journey to remote destinations and enjoying unspoiled beauty of the raw nature. 

    Sailing to Other Indonesia Island with Komodo Cruise 

    The popularity of sailing adventure in Flores soon spreads to the neighbouring destinations. Peole start exploring the opportunity of embarking on adventures to the Banda and Spice Islands, the underwater paradise Raja Ampat, the underwater garden Wakatobi, and surfing wonderland Sumba. Question: can Komodo cruise reach these destination? The answer is yes! A lot of sailing agencies in Komodo do have trips to Raja Ampat and other stunning islands in Indonesia. 

    Cruising for Diving 

    Cruising for Diving

    The liveaboard travelling that are so popular in Indonesia right now were first made in the mainstream by divers. Being able to sail, sleep, and eat in a boat while visiting multiple dive sites in one trip sized down all the hassles of diving in open seas in just one trip. It’s not surprising then to see Komodo cruise trips that are just dedicated to visit all the best sites to dive in Indonesia!

    More Komodo Travelling Stories:

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    Finding the Best Surf Destination 

    Bali might be the most famous island for surfing in Indonesia, but having huge crowds means surfers need to battle lineups with other hundreds of surfers on popular breaks. Some surfers decide to take surfing adventures to the next level. Now many yachts and cruises offers liveaboard trips to Sumba, Mentawai, and other undisturbed surf-breaks, in search for world class waves. 

    Finding the Right Cruise for You 

    As liveaboard sailing trip to remote Indonesia islands now sits in many travelers’ bucket list, the variety of ships are getting more diverse. You can find small ships of various size to sail Komodo or other islands at any day. However, selecting a seaworthy and safe vessels should always be your priority. 

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    Transitioning Office Work Environment To Remote Work

    While many businesses are starting to prepare themselves to return to work at the office, there are also some who consider the opposite. Some businesses consider permanent remote work after finding the efficiency of remote work to their business force. If it is also your plan for this year, you may have to start with the preparation. This is such a big decision. It is just as big as your preparation to return to office work. 

    How to seamlessly transfer your team to work remotely

    With various vaccines that are being approved, there is hope for many businesses to return to their office. Meanwhile, some others plan to continue with their remote work environment. However, transferring your company to remote work permanently is not something easy to deliver. Here are things to consider to do so successfully:

    First thing first, it is a must to ask fro feedback and opinion from the members of the board before deicing to permanently change your business operation into remote work. Also, you need to know whether or not your employees agree to this decision. It is possible for a split to happen. Some employees may wish to stay working from while the others are craving to return to the office. Make sure that everyone is informed when the decision is made. 

    Also, make sure that everyone in your company knows why you make such decision. Give them reasons why it is more beneficial for everyone to work remotely. After making sure that everyone is on the same page, you need to provide the right facilities or tools to help your team working seamlessly from home. For example, load your team with required access, software, and hardware. This way, your team can corporate network and database seamlessly. 

    Create a schedule that allow workforce to flow smoothly. One of the biggest challenges of remote work is scheduling and maintaining established communication. Hence, make sure that the schedule planned contained all obligatory planning meetings be it daily, weekly, or monthly. You have to ensure that the schedule set the time for regular reporting on the progress. It may sound a lot of work but it is essential for smooth remote work. 

    Remote work is possible because the advance of technology. Many modern software for business makes remote work runs easier for employees as well as business owners. Hence, it is important to provide the right tools for your employees be it for individual, collaborative, or management works. The tools should be trusted and reliable to ensure the management and communication run seamlessly. 

    Anticipate possible mistakes and challenges of permanent remote work. You might have learned few things after experiencing remote work in your organization. You can identify possible mistakes and how they can affect your remote workforce. This way, you can start planning for the right solutions to prevent and deal with those possible mistakes. Technical problem can be varied from time to time during remote work. Make sure you have the solutions for them in advance instead of waiting until they happen. 

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    Book Villa Seminyak for a Laid-Back Bali Trip!

    A trip to Bali makes for the perfect tropical vacation. With white-sand beaches, warm people, captivating spiritual energy, and exotic sunsets. Seminyak is one of Bali’s most popular holiday destinations, where the top draws are its magnificent beaches and chilled-out vibes. Many checklists are made before planning a perfect Seminyak trip, but one item that takes precedence over everything else is suitable accommodation. At Seminyak, you will find many different accommodation choices, from luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly villas. Villa Seminyak is a popular accommodation choice for travelers. So, if you’re thinking about planning your holiday in Seminyak, then you’re certainly in the right place! 

    Villa Seminyak, What to Do Around

    Seminyak is an excellent place for travelers who want to escape their daily routine. As Seminyak has a long stretch of stunning beach, it also has some good surf. You also can rent a board and ride the waves or stick to sunbathing. You can chill out on a lounge chair during the day and grab a drink and some food!

    There is no denying that one of the best things about Seminyak is the delicious food. From breakfasts to dinners, there are a ton of restaurant options to choose from. These serve cuisines ranging from healthy vegetarian, Indonesian dishes, Italian pizzas, huge salad bowls, and more. Not only are the delicious taste, but the restaurants in Seminyak are all beyond Instagrammable. One thing you shouldn’t miss is to go shopping. Moreover, it has a wide variety of shops, including furniture stores, boutique clothing stores, markets, and art galleries. 

    How to pick the perfect villa?

    Of course, choosing the perfect Villa Seminyak depends on your personal preferences and the type of vacation you have in mind. Here are the essential things to consider when selecting an ideal villa for your dream holiday. 

    It would be perfect if you thought about the distance from the villa to the main street. While on holiday, we enjoy taking in the stunning scenery far away from our hectic everyday life. But, you might want to come to see the beautiful sunset, getting a Balinese massage or shopping. Therefore, choose a Villa Seminyak in a location that suits your needs and own preferences.

    Picking the best view from the villa is a must. Be sure to check that your villa has a great view of relaxing, unwinding, and having an unforgettable holiday. It is a perfect idea to pick a villa with views of the sea to make the most of the location’s scenery for beautiful sunrise and sunsets. 

    How about the private pool? Being close to the sea is a good idea, but the private swimming pool is a very welcome addition. You will enjoy the swimming pool for an early morning swim to refresh yourself during the heat of the day on the trip. 

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    Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

    Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

    Praising your employees for their good work is one of the forms of appreciation. When they are being praised for their achievement or good performance, they feel acknowledged. It can help boost their confident so they are not hesitate to do better. However, praising or appreciating one employee for their performance also has its downside which is causing envy within the team. Hence, it is essential to know ho to praise your employees without impacting other team members negatively.

    How to praise your employees the right way

    When you recognizing your employee’s great performance, the other members in the team might envy and it causes domino effects such as high tension within teamwork. To avoid this kind of trouble, here are some tips to appreciate and praise your employees work properly:

    You can try conducting a peer-to-peer award sessions or recognition sessions regularly. It can be a monthly session or quarterly session, anything you see fit. During the sessions, the team verbally recognizes individual whom they saw showcasing the traits they had previously been recognized for. This kind of award session might seems unimportant but it is essential to recognize and appreciate one’s good work while strengthening the bond within the team. 

    Keep in mind that you praise your employees for their good work. Hence, you have to remark on project-based wins not personal traits. Their personal traits are not to be praised unless it will cause resentment from other team members. Acknowledge how great your employee’s performance based on the goals or objectives they managed to achieve. You can pay attention to the team as well. A good performance of an individual may come from a good support system from the team as well. 

    Appreciating Your Employees Without Causing Negative Impact To The Team

    Your praise should be consistent, fair, and reliable. Consistent praising means you do it on regular basis. It is wrong to praise one individual and not to the others when they are achieving the same goals. Fair praise means you need to give the same level of praise to the relative level of accomplishment. Reliable praise means that every great work deserves a praise.

    It is also great to encourage and allow your team members to nominate each other recognition. Team members can nominate and submit their chosen individuals who they think deserve the recognition. Of course, the final decision is in your hand. However, make sure to share some comments of their team members said about them during the announcement. It will be more meaningful for the winner to hear positive comments from their own peers. This is a good way to encourage and build positive teamwork. 

    Add some humors when recognizing your employees great work. It is always good to give positive feedback that is encouraging. Do it while also giving constructive criticism. However, try not to do it with a frown on your face. You can add some good humors to make them laugh while receiving feedback. They will feel more relaxed and the others won’t feel envy either. 

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    Leyla Liveaboard – How To Prepare For Sailing Trip

    Leyla Liveaboard

    A perfect holiday doesn’t get any better than sailing the mesmerizing blue waters to the remote destination on a Leyla liveaboard. This liveaboard holiday is something which everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime. The beauty of the remote destination and the numerous hidden beaches which can only be reached by liveaboard are just a few of the reasons why a liveaboard holiday is something everyone should try out.

    What type of liveaboard are you after?

    When it comes to the right choice of the liveaboard it is important to determine what type of holiday style you want. If your priority is to have a lot of space on deck in one of the most comfortable phinisi in Indonesia, Leyla liveaboard may be just right for you. Leyla offers luxury boats to travel around Indonesia’s Archipelago with a touch of classic and elegant style. This type of boat has one cabin with a double bed and two single beds. There are also two cabins with a double bed with a single bed. Furthermore, another cabin with a double bed. This classic boat not only offers a shared boat but also possible for private charter. It is an ideal boat for a long trip, where you could see the stunning landscape of the remote destination.

    Some tips to prepare for a sailing holiday with Leyla liveaboard

    Bring your duffle bag. What most travelers should look out for is overpacking. Make sure to keep things simple and don’t make the big mistake of bringing too many items. Remember, the storage space on a boat is limited. Bring your duffle bags, because the bag can be stored under your bed. Moreover, they can be folded up when you are not in use, which will save you some space.

    Leyla Liveaboard

    Pack the right clothes. When sailing to a tropical destination, be sure that you pack shorts and pack light-colored shirts. Pack your cotton clothes, because it absorbs perspiration well and keeps your temperature cool. Make sure to bring a summer dress, sweater, and several swimsuits.

    Prepare the first aid kit. Don’t let your Leyla liveaboard trip be ruined because of small emergencies. Make sure to bring your First Aid Kit aboard with you. Pack your first-aid kit stocked with items like cold pills, Band-Aids, painkillers, and seasickness remedies.

    Bring some entertainment on board. The liveaboard holiday is a great way to unwind, escape, and relax. Bring your camera, playing cards, and board games during this sailing trip.

    Grooming Kit. Sun protection is a must. Make sure to bring high SPF sunscreen, especially if you’re sailing in hot weather. Most liveaboards provide body wash, soap, shampoo, but if you wish to bring your trusted essential brands, you may do so. Don’t forget to pack these essentials  in a travel-size container.

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    Miscommunication That Blocks Team Success

    Miscommunication That Blocks Team Success

    When it comes to teamwork, one of the most crucial key for success is good communication. That’s why miscommunication can be the weakness point of a team. Building and maintaining good communication is not easy. However, it is not that impossible either. It needs efforts from everyone in the team. Any relationship has higher chance for success with good communication. 

    Miscommunication prevents a team from achieving success

    Professional setting like in the workplace doesn’t stop miscommunication from happening. Even though everyone behave professionally, miscommunication often happen due to various reasons. Here are types of miscommunication most common to happen in workplace that you can avoid, and how to fix them properly.

    Time zone mixups in remote team

    Teams who are working remotely have more challenges in communication. It is easier to cause miscommunication even caused by small thing such as timezone differences and mixups. The acronyms for different time zones are easily mixed-ups. To fix this type of miscommunication encourage your team to attach time zone to every meeting they schedule. Or, ask them to print out as well as post a chart on their wall. 

    Poor phrasings seem like not a big deal

    Poor phrasings seem like not a big deal

    However, it can cause huge problems in the team. It is not only when communicating verbally but also in written. Project specifications that are poorly phrased can lead to misunderstanding, errors, and more need for clarification. Therefore, it is best to encourage everyone to speak and write using clear words and phrasings as to not cause any misunderstanding. 

    Unclear expectation

    Unclear expectation when charging your team with a task can cause miscommunication. The result of this type of communication is the products that don’t look like what you have expected from the beginning. You cannot blame everything on your team if you didn’t set clear expectation from the beginning. Hence always set expectation clearly along with the purposes of the project. Also, you can use success metrics if the expectation of certain project is more measurable. 

    Unproductive accusation

    Unproductive accusation is the type of miscommunication often happens in workplace. Blaming each other won’t solve the problems and only create tension between the team. Hence, always encourage your team to develop their own accountability. Hence, they will learn that every individual has to be responsible for consequences of every action they take. Owning up to their own mistake is a form of accountability. Also, it is important for you as a leader to create an environment where every team members feel comfortable include in admitting their shortcomings. 

    Refuse to talk

    When team choose to keep silent then there won’t be any productivity. It may only cause misunderstanding and failure. hence, always encourage your team to talk it out. When a member has something to say or something they feel doubt about, encourage them to speak up. Also, bad behaviors are usually easier to be swept under the rug when everyone choose silence. Therefore, good communication is also a key to maintain discipline and good work ethic especially in professional setting. 

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    Getting Into Komodo Diving Liveaboard As Single Traveler: A Tips

    Getting Into Komodo Diving Liveaboard As Single Traveler: A Tips

    Going out to remote waters for underwater explorations such as the Komodo, Indonesia, is always exciting. But as a scuba diver, you might find it rather difficult to find companions to go with on scuba diving trip. Unlike a regular travelling trip where anyone can join, not everyone can dive—or certified high enough to go on Komodo diving trip. Sometimes going on adventurous scuba diving trip means going on solo travel. But no need to worry. Here are our best tips for solo divers; from choosing Komodo diving liveaboard to finding friends onboard.   

    Try Looking for Komodo Diving Liveaboard with Single Cabins

    Try Looking for Komodo Diving Liveaboard with Single Cabins

    Going solo on liveaboard trip is never a problem. True, diving liveaboard usually have cabins arranged for two—much like hotels. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have your own cabin. When you’re planning the dive trip, try looking for Komodo diving liveaboard that have single room. These singles were built for divers who value privacy, but not much of a space. Not all of us can relax very well with a stranger, you know.

    Opt for Private Cabin Supplements if You Can Afford It

    People are quick to assume that solo divers are budget backpackers, when not everyone is essentially so. Some of us value freedom of space quite highly, too. However, not everyday we can find diving liveaboard with single cabins. If you cannot deal with sharing the cabin with anyone else, try to look for single supplements. Many boats allows singles to have the privilege of double room cabins with 30% – 100% charge. 

    Try Shared Cabin Arrangements

    Try Shared Cabin Arrangements

    One of the pleasure of going solo on dive trip is meeting new friends onboard and having the flexibility to go along with anyone. If you don’t mind sharing a room with complete strangers, shared cabin arrangements would be perfect. In fact, bunkbed and quad rooms on Komodo diving liveaboard are often occupied with solo travelers! Not only that it’s cheaper, but it also open rooms for further friendship among the likeminded people. 

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    Make Friends with Fellow Passengers on Komodo Diving Liveaboard

    Being a single divers on Komodo diving liveaboard could be quite intimidating at first, but it can be very rewarding. Solo divers are prone to loneliness—but being alone actually makes you more open and available for socialise. The liveaboard settings also gives plenty of time for natural socialisation to bloom. The gathering for dive briefing and meal time, the prep time before the dives, and those moments after a dive session is the best for small talk! Help someone who struggles with their dive gears. Ask someone when you need help tying up your wetsuit. Ask other divers if this is their first time diving in this Komodo dive site. Everything can be a conversation starter! Also, try to join others during the down time; at the lounges or sundeck with a cold beer at hand. Don’t stress it out and it won’t be long before you start to make new friends onboard!

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